Custom Esports Tournament Platform For StarCraft-2

Equipped with 8+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, GammaStack provides top-notch custom esports tournament platform for Star-craft-2.

    First-rate Custom Esports Tournament Platform for StarCraft-2

    GammaStack brings you first-rate custom esports tournament platform for StarCraft-2 that comes loaded with diverse features, various tools, and several the latest functionalities, all designed to entice your audience and render splendid gameplay. Over the years, we have equipped and empowered enterprises of various sizes across the globe to render maximum benefits and skyrocket their revenue by providing them top-notch custom esports tournament platform for StarCraft-2

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    Perks of Our Custom Esports Tournament Platform For StarCraft-2

    Requirement Based Customizations

    We enable you to get the solution designed as per your needs. From every feature to every tool present in the platform, we provide you complete freedom to customize it as per your enterprise goals.

    Cost-effective Solutions

    We deliver solutions at extremely cost-effective prices that enable you to make the most of every cent, every penny that you spend.

    Multiple Device Support

    Our solutions can be accessed via various devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc which gives your users the freedom to use the software solution from the devices they find convenient.

    Own Your IP

    Want to own your intellectual property? GammaStack gives you the choice of owning everything, every document, every design, every source code file, and every GitHub account.

    Quick Launch Time

    In order to help you get started quickly, we deliver all the solutions in the given time frame so that you can launch the solution as per the market trends.

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    Major StarCraft-2 Tournaments


    WardiTV Spring Championship

    WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #6

    WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #6

    WardiTV 2020

    WardiTV 2020

    OSC Championship Season 7

    OSC Championship Season 7

    GPL 2018 - Grand Finals

    Cheeseadelphia XI

    Copa América 2019 Season 3

    Copa América 2019 Season 3

    WESG 2019 - China Qualifier

    WESG 2019 - China Qualifier

    Master's Coliseum 4

    Master's Coliseum 4


    GPL 2018 - Grand Finals

    Primary Features of Our Custom Esports Tournament Platform For StarCraft-2

    Comprehensive Game Lobby

    Our game lobby enables admins to manage diverse aspects and various parameters of the platform without any hassle.

    Hassle-free Tournament Creation

    Admins can now easily create, manage, and promote several aspects of the tournament without any hassle with our tournament creation and management tools.

    Live Scores

    Our reliable and trusted third party integrations fetch all the filtered and accurate data and render the live scores in the platform itself.

    Follow and Followers Module

    Enabling the users on your platform to follow their favorite news, players, communities and form a strong community of players on your platform.

    Live Streaming Software Integration

    Give a boost to the excitement and thrill of gaming with live streaming software integration. We provide software integrations for YouTube Gaming, Twitch.TV, Azubu, etc.

    Diverse Tournament Formats

    Our StarCraft-2 platform supports several tournament formats such as eliminator, round-robin, bracket, and many more.


    Increase the excitement of the game by displaying all the data regarding the top players on the platform with leaderboards. Give away rewards, points, badges and so much more and boost the player participation.

    Participant Management Tool

    Our participant management tool enables the admins on the platforms to seamlessly manage participants.

    Robust Back Office Admin

    Admins can now manage every activity from the backend and ensure the safety and security on the platform with our robust back-office admin.

    Diverse Regions Supported

    Our custom esports tournament platform for StarCraft-2 is supported in diverse areas such as The United States, Oceania, Asia, Africa, Russia, Europe, and many more.

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    Diverse StarCraft-2 Modes

    Story Campaign

    Story Campaign

    This game mode possesses Zerg, Terran and Protoss campaigns and is tailored specifically for new gamers.

    Versus Mode

    This is one of the multiplayer modes which enables players to compete against human players with 4vs4, 3vs3 and 2vs2 game modes.
    Versus Mode
    Co-Op Missions

    Co-op Missions

    This game mode caters to the needs of intermediate as well as new players and grand missions can be played by players looking for social interaction.

    Custom and Arcade Games

    Players can access a wide range of custom games and can also make their custom games via StarCraft-2 editor.
    Custom And Arcade Games

    Additional Features of Our Custom Esports Tournament Platform For StarCraft-2

    An array of Esports Production Tools

    SEO Friendly Platforms

    Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

    Trusted Third-party Solution Provider

    Comprehensive Dashboards

    Comprehensive Dashboards

    Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing Module


    Diverse Esports Production Tools

    Reliable Third-party Integrations

    Responsive Platforms

    Custom Esports Tournament Mobile App Development for StarCraft-2

    There is no doubt that mobile applications enable businesses and enterprises of various sizes to gain more visibility and enhance their brand awareness on the web. And we at GammaStack enable you to achieve the same. With years of experience in building robust mobile applications, we help you boost your user base with our Android as well as iOS mobile application development services. We enable business not only to enhance user experience but also enable them to capture the excitement on the mini-screens.

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    Process We Follow to Deliver First-rate Solutions

    Idea Analysis

    We are always eager to hear your big and innovative ideas. This is the phase where we discuss every small or big aspect of your idea and refine the possibilities.

    Design and Development

    This is the phase where the design and development teams take over and customize your platform as per your enterprise goals. All the features and software solutions are integrated to meet your needs.


    Only when our clients are one hundred percent satisfied with the solution, we deploy it. All the solutions are delivered within the pre-decided deadline and are ready to use.


    After analyzing ideas, we research for days and gather all the resources and optimal solutions ideal for your requirements and goals.


    Our QA team performs thorough and exhaustive testing on the developed platform and all the phases and features are tested one by one rigorously.

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    Robust backend
    Highly skilled professionals

    Why is GammaStack

    8+ years of iGaming experience
    Feature-loaded platforms.

    Armed with years of experience, highly skilled professionals with experience and expertise in several areas of esports and a rich clientele spread across the globe, GammaStack brings you best-in-industry custom esports tournament platform for StarCraft-2 that is designed to be user-friendly and boost the gaming experience. We take up the complete process and take care of all the aspects so that your solution can be launched without any hassle.

    Awards and mentions

    Silicon India Company of the Year
    Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
    3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
    Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
    Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
    Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
    Rising Star 2019 Award
    Premium Usability 2019 Award


    Gaming Laboratory International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
    General Data Protection Regulation


    U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Florida State Golf Association INC
    All India Gaming Federation

    Data Partners

    Stats Api Integration
    Betradar API Integration
    Goal Serve API Integration
    Exe Feed API Integration
    Fantasy Data API Integration
    Sportradar API Integration
    LSports API Integration
    Slotegrator API Integration

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