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White Label Online Casino Software

A comprehensive, ready-to-launch and cost effective White Label Online Casino Software solution for quick launch of your own online casino.

  • 8000+ Games
  • 50+ Top Tier Providers
  • Ready to use Payment Options
  • 25 Casino Themes for Website
  • Single API Integration
  • Additional Customization
  • White Label Crypto Casino Software

Stand Out from your Competitors with the best White Label Casino Solution

White label online casino software by GammaStack can be a one-stop solution for those who aim at rolling out a new casino within a quick span of time and at comparatively reasonable costs. Developing online casino software from scratch can be a time-consuming process for those who plan to get launched in the casino industry quickly. But opting for our white label platform can save your time as well as efforts as you can quickly get a feature-rich and ready-to-go software which only requires finishing touches for giving it the look and feel of your brand & doing the other customizations, if required. The inherent flexibility of our white label solution makes it the most economic and time-saving casino platform.

Components of our White Label Online Casino Package

Bet - Gammastack

8000+ Exciting
Casino Games

Enhanced Gaming Experience for your Users

50+ Top Tier Game Providers

Sports Betting Software - Engaging UI

Website Themes

Custom Web Designs

Web Designs

Gammastack Seamless Payment Options

Payment Options

Major Cryptocurrencies Support - Fantasy Sports Software Development in Paris

Major Cryptocurrencies

Custom Feature Development

Custom Feature

ServiceNow Development - Integration and Optimization


Soccer Betting Software Multi-language Support


Fantasy Sports Software On-Demand Customisation

24/7 Technical

Task Allocation


Gammastack Hosting Services


Gammastack Flexible Bonus System

Flexible Bonus

Pool Betting Software - User-Friendly Interface

User Interface

Trending Casino Gaming Features

Trending Casino
Gaming Features

Gammastack Easy to Use CMS

Easy to

Advantages of our White Label Online Casino Software

Fully Operational Online Casino System

Our white label casino software is a comprehensive platform that comes with all the necessary features that facilitate smooth gaming operations for your users.

Time Saviour

Our market ready white label online casino software can help you in saving your valuable time that you might spend on getting the platform developed from scratch but our ready to launch software is capable of making rapid market entry.

Rapid Market Entry

Since the software does not involve the time consuming development process and is perfectly ready to be launched just by giving the final touches of brand specific customizations. Thus it is capable of making fast market entry.

Seamless Languages Integration

Our white label casino platform comes integrated with multiple languages compatibility that makes it perfect for being accessed by the audiences from different geographic locations.

Quality Gaming Content from Top-Notch Providers

We are connected with some of the well known and reliable game providers of industry thus we can integrate high quality gaming content in the platform.

Marketing Tools

Our platform possesses multiple marketing and promotion tools such as bonus and referral system, email marketing tools, etc that make it quite easier for you to promote your platform and engage more users for it.

Engaging and Custom Gaming Interface

The gaming interface of our white label casino software is highly engaging, intuitive and can be customized as per your preferred theme.

Tailor Made Payment Options

Our platform comes with multiple payment options that make it convenient for your users to do the transactions in a safe and hassle free manner.

Secure Platform

Blockchain integration brings transparency and fairness to the platform and its unhackable and decentralized nature ensures your users about the security of their personal and financial data.

Exciting Online Casino Games Supported on our Platform

Features Supported in our Online Casino Software

Monitoring & Management

- Admin Dashboar
Admin Dashboard enables you to monitor and manage all the crucial gaming activities on the platform.

- Game Management
The admin manages all the casino games integrated in the platform and keeps an eye on the fairness of the gaming operations.

- Player Management
You can manage and monitor all the players and their gaming accounts on your white label casino software.

- Transactions Management
The admin also gets access to keep an eye on the flow of payment including withdrawal and deposit of funds in the platform.

Promotional Module

-Bonus System
A bonus system in our software is present for boosting the playing spirit of players and enhancing retention rate of users on your platform.

-Lotteries and Jackpots
Lotteries and tournaments are another promotional way for engagement of players on your platform by enticing them with amazing lottery and tournament contests.

-Email Marketing Tools
You can also send the promotional offers and other crucial updates to the users through email.

Payment System

-Multiple Payment Gateways
An array of payment gateways are integrated in our white label casino software for making transactions smooth for you.

-Major Cryptocurrencies Support
Almost all the major cryptocurrencies are supported on our white label casino software including Bitcoin, Ripples, etc.

Casino Game Operations Module

-Player Status
Admin can get the status updates of gaming activities of each and every player on the platform including their scorings, winnings ,etc.

-Random Number Generator
A fair and efficient RNG or random number generator module is integrated in our white label casino software for ensuring fair casino gameplay for your players.

-Auto Play
Your players get the feasibility of having automated gameplay with an auto opponent on our platform.

Security and Safety

-Player KYC Process
You can keep a complete track of your player’s activities in a comprehensive manner. The operations that you can do include adjustment of balances, giving bonuses, stopping suspicious player accounts from operations, insights regarding player’s preferences, KYC documents, etc.

-Access Roles and Rights
An exclusive set of the access rights will be given to the administrators of the casino and all of them will be provided with two factor authentication for accessing back office.

-Anti-Fraud Module
An anti fraud module is integrated in our white label casino platform for ensuring the secure casino operations on our platform.

-Risk Management
A risk management module detects, analyzes and fixes the risks that arise in the platform.

-Reporting Engine
A reporting engine is present in our white label casino platform through which your players can report to the admin if they face any issue in the platform.

Additional Features

-Chat and Messaging
The chat and messaging feature in our white label casino software enables your players to have in-game communication with each other.

-Engaging User Interface
A highly intuitive, easy to navigate and engaging user interface is present in our white label online casino software.

-Betting Option
The betting feature adds more value to our casino platform as it gives the flexibility to your players for placing bets along with casino gaming on the platform.

Need More Features?

Our Post-Launch Support and Maintenance Services

Bug Fixing

Bug Fixing

We value our clients and always hold their back even after the successful delivery of software to them. Our testers guide you and fix the bugs that may arise in the online casino platform after the launching.

Gammastack Periodic Updates

Periodic Updates

Our team constantly stays updated about the industry trends and thus notify you and guide you about the on-going trending technologies and other aspects related to the casino industry.

Soccer Betting Software On-demand Customization

Comprehensive Support

Our support and maintenance team provides you comprehensive and precise guidance related to the features, usage, updates and other crucial things about the online casino software.

Other Exclusive Online Casino Software Solutions

Online Casino Betting Solution

Our online casino betting solution is an exclusive and exciting solution that makes your users capable of placing bets in parallel to the exciting gaming experience.

Fantasy Casino Platform

The fantasy casino platform offered by us is an all new gaming approach that can prove to be an enticing concept for gaming enthusiasts..

Blockchain Casino Software

The blockchain casino solution that we offer is a transparent and highly secure casino gaming solution offered by us.

Cryptocurrency Integrated Casino Software / Crypto Casino Software

Our cryptocurrency integrated casino software provides your users the feasibility to perform rapid and more secure transactions.

Bitcoin Casino Software

Our bitcoin casino white label software is an amazing solution that supports bitcoin transactions which are popular as well as highly safe thereby enabling you to earn the reliability and trust of your users.

TRON Casino Dapp Solution

TRON casino DApp software comes with decentralized nature and uses smart contracts for managing digital transactions in a convenient manner

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Our White Label Online Casino Mobile App Development

Nowadays, the majority of gaming enthusiasts are preferring mobile devices for the convenient gaming experience. Thus it becomes a necessary aspect for the online casino businesses to opt for the feature rich white label casino apps that can enhance the success of their business. We offer the best in class and highly engaging online casino mobile application for 

iOS App Development - Gammastack
Android App Development - Gammastack

Streamlined White Label Casino Software Development Process

Gammastack Brainstorming

1. Brainstorming

All the requirements of clients are gathered as well as properly analyzed by our professional team of experts.

White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing

6. Testing

Our testers check, analyse and fix all the potential bugs in the online casino software and make it perfect for use.

Gammastack Project Planning

2. Project Planning

After brainstorming about the project, the entire project is planned in a stepwise manner.

Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA

7. Business Environment Set Up

We also guide you for the set up of the suitable business environment for your online casino software.

White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing

3. Customizations in Design

Our designers customize the design of the white label casino platform and give it the feel and look of your brand with the perfect touch of realism.

Gammastack Email Marketing Tools

8. Marketing Support

Our marketing experts help you in optimizing the platform with the necessary marketing aspects to make it stay ahead of competitors.

Gammastack API Integration

4. Gaming API Integration

We are connected with around 8000 gaming providers and can integrate the API of any of the gaming content opted by you.

Final Launch - Fantasy Sports Software

9. Final Launch

Ultra modern white label online casino software is ready to go live !

White Label Rugby Betting Software On-Demand Customizations

5. On-Demand Customizations

Our team of developers do all the on demand customizations and add all the additional features in the platform as per your requirements.

Streamlined White Label Casino Software Development Process

Gammastack Brainstorming



Gammastack Project Planning


Project Planning

White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing


Customizations in Design

Gammastack API Integration


Gaming API Integration

White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing


On-Demand Customizations

QA Testing GammaStack



Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


Business Environment Set Up

24/7 Support GammaStack


Marketing Support

Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


Final Launch

Ready-to-launch Platform
On-demand Customizations

Why GammaStack?

Trusted Gaming Providers
Experienced and Dedicated Professionals

GammaStack is one of the renowned white label casino providers that has gained a remarkable popularity for offering top of the line white label casino solution integrated with trending and unparalleled features that can contribute in offering an exciting gaming experience to your users. Our market ready white label casino software can save your time and help you in getting quickly launched in the market.

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Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority

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United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
Florida State Golf Association INC

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
Premium Usability 2019 Award

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