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White Label Casino Apps

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First-rate White Label Casino Apps

The web and mobile applications designed and developed by us are not only gorgeous but also highly functional that help to meet the expectations of your customers. Equipped with 8+ years of iGaming experience, we offer you feature-loaded solutions that are tailored with a purpose of maximizing your revenue, increase ROI, and help you boost customer retention.  We also offer innovative and latest crypto online casino software & Bitcoin casino software.


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White Label Casino Apps Highlights

Tailor made UI/UX

Strong Back Office System

Powerful PAM System

Affiliate System

Bonus System

Support of an Array of Languages

Engaging Catalogue of Games

Game Content of High Quality

24/7 Support

Support of Cryptocurrencies

Highly Responsive

Intellectual Property Ownership

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Why Choose White Label Casino Apps Developed by us?


Smooth Casino Operations

We provide plenty of features and tools that ensure seamless casino operations.


Blockchain Integration

Our Blockchain integration services enable you to enhance security on your online casino app and keep it safe for your customers.


Ready to Get Launched

Enter the iGaming industry quickly with our white label casino apps that get ready for deployment within just two weeks.


Multilingual App

Your users can easily access white label casino apps developed by us in the language desired by them.


Game Content of Best Quality

We integrate rrenowned game providers’ high-quality game content to ensure maximum participation.


Marketing Tools

We equip you with several marketing tools such as bonus systems, referral systems, email marketing tools, and many more to ensure you can market your platform effectively.


Bespoke Game Interface

We design outstanding user experiences. Hence, our white label casino apps come with beautiful designs and intuitive interfaces that enable customers to navigate while staying engaged.


Multiple Modes of Payment

Enable your customers to make withdrawals and deposits in a flexible

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Games in our White Label Casino Solution

Craps Online Casino Game

Microgaming possesses over 20 years of experience and is the inventor of online slots and progressive jackpots. Opting for microgaming integration can bring an engaging game experience for your players.

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White Label Casino Apps Features

Game Management Unit

Our cutting-edge system of games management help you to manage various games easily.

Admin Dashboard

Admin system present in our Keno multiplayer casino game allows you to analyse as well as manage casino game operations in a convenient manner.

Transaction Management

Our white label casino app comes with transaction management tools that help you manage withdrawals and deposits effortlessly.

KYC of Players

Our hassle-free KYC process enables you to verify player profiles.

Anti-Fraud Module

This module enables you to keep the gameplay fair for all the players.

Bonus System

Enhance engagement through amazing bonus system or loyalty programs.

Status of Players

Help admins on your white label casino apps stay informed about player activities.

Admin Dashboard

Our admin dashboard help admins to multitask seamlessly and handle crucial activities.

Player Account Management

PAM in our white label casino apps helps in managing player’s accounts and gameplay

Cryptocurrency Transactions

Robust apps developed by our team support various cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin,

Access Rights

Our app comes with various access roles and rights that give appropriate access to players as well as admins.

Risk Management

It enables you to analyse and eliminate all the possible risks accurately.

Progressive Jackpots

Keep your users engaged with our progressive jackpots that help you boost customer participation.

Messaging Feature

With the feature of real-time messaging , your customers can effectively socialise with each other.

Custom Designs

Capture the player’s attention with gorgeous designs and help them easily navigate across the platform.

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Services of Maintenance & Support we Offer After Launch

Bug Fixing

We help you create seamless experiences for your users by eradicating all bugs from the software.

Periodic Updates

To ensure you stay ahead, we keep you informed about periodic updates and render you constant support.

Detailed Support

Our experts provide you precise support to ensure business runs as smoothly as possible.
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Best-in-Class Casino App Development

Want to capitalize on the small screens? Want to generate huge profits? Now you can! By leveraging our app development services. GammaStack allow you for giving your users 24/7 access to your white label online casino platforms. We provide you robust as well as feature-loaded android as well as iOS apps that meet your business’s needs and accelerate your success.

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Process of Developing White Label Casino Apps

Requirements for casino apps are gathered
Prototype is built and sent for approval
Prototype is built and sent for approval
Casino app interface is designed
Casino app interface is designed
Casino app features are built
Casino app features are built
Games APIs get integrated
Games APIs get integrated
All the customisations are done
All the customisations are done
Testing of app is done
Testing of app is done
White label casino app is ready for launch
White label casino app is ready for launch
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GammaStack is an experienced white label casino apps provider that has empowered several businesses around the globe. We provide feature-loaded solutions to organisations that enable them to boost their revenues through maximum user engagement. Our team has effectively helped several businesses to achieve their enterprise goals and with the help of our robust apps, you can also reach new milestones and accelerate your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide a free demo of your white label casino apps?

Yes, we also provide a free demo of our white label casino apps.

2. Is your white label casino app ready to be launched?

Yes, our white label casino app is ready to be launched quickly.

3. Is white label casino app customisable?

Yes, we can do customisations in the casino app.

4. Does your white label casino app have a back office system?

Yes, a really strong and efficient back office system is supported in the casino app.

5. Is there a PAM system in your white label casino app?

Yes, a player account management system is also supported in white label casino app.

6. Do your online casino platforms support cryptocurrencies?

Yes, our online casino platforms support cryptocurrencies : Litecoin, Bitcoin, SOL, etc.

7. Can I hire casino app developers from GammaStack?

Yes, you can easily hire casino app developers from GammaStack through various engagement models.

8. What features do you cover in your white label casino app?

Back office admin, PAM, bonus system, multiple payment modes, etc are some of the important features of white label casino app.

9. Do you provide casino games aggregator solutions?

Yes, we also offer casino games aggregator solutions.

10. Which casino games do you cover in white label casino apps?

Slot game, Keno, Crash, Poker, Dice, Baccarat, etc casino games are covered in white label casino apps.

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