Online Lottery Software Development

Launch your own ultra-modern online lottery brand and generate unrivaled revenue by harnessing GammaStack’s game-changing online lottery software.

  • Robust RNG(Random Number Generator) System
  • Highly Secured and Encrypted
  • 20+ Lottery Projects
  • Seamless Integration of 3rd party Lottery Games
  • On-demand Customization
  • Multiple Smooth Payment Options

State-of-the-art Online Lottery Software Development

GammaStack is one of the well-recognized lottery software development companies that develop robust and ultra-modern online lottery software. We deliver fully customized lottery solutions that can help your users to have a streamlined and exciting gaming experience. Our lottery software is endlessly appealing, feature-loaded, customized and possess remarkable capability of running on all devices and operating systems. Backed by a strong team of technically-proficient and innovative professionals, we are capable of offering lottery software that can take your users to an entirely new level of gaming experience. Whether it’s about integration of multiple gateways or plethora of lottery games, our online lottery software covers it all !

Benefits of Online Lottery Software

Here are some of the benefits that can be availed by the entrepreneurs who are investing in lucrative lottery industry:-

Cost Efficient - Online Lottery Software Development​


Scalable - Online Lottery Software Development


On-Demand Customizations - Online Lottery Software Development

On-Demand Customizations

User-Friendly Interface - Online Lottery Software Development

User-Friendly Interface

Interactive Lottery Gaming Application

Interactive Lottery Gaming Application

Multiple Device Compatibility - Online Lottery Software Development

Multiple Device Compatibility

Transparent and Credible - Online Lottery Software Development

Transparent and Credible

Adaptive and Responsive Design - Online Lottery Software Development

Adaptive and Responsive Design

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Intuitive Highlights of our Online Lottery Software

Random Number Generator

Our online lottery platform comes integrated with a state-of-the-art and efficiently working random number generator module for a successful lottery gameplay.

Analytics Report

Your players can get a comprehensive analytics report about their transactions, gameplay and play a well planned and analysed gameplay on your online lottery software.

Easy-to-use Log In and Log Out Panel

We incorporate an extremely easy-to-use log in and log out panel thereby making it easier for the players to enter and exit the platform in a hassle-free manner.

Agent Management System

A well-defined hierarchy of agents is supported in our online casino software for efficient management of lottery operations.

Real-Time Updates and Reports

Our online lottery platform generates real-time reports of different matches so that your players can get the real-time updates of scores, winning outcomes, etc.

User Account Management

For managing multiple users over a single platform, we integrate the feature of user account management in our online lottery platform that enables you to manage all the data of different users efficiently.

Multi-Lingual Support

Our online lottery platform comes with a unique and requisite feature of multilingual support for covering the global clientele and target audiences from various geographic locations.

Mobile Responsive

Our online lottery software is highly mobile responsive thus it helps you to engage a great count of mobile users who are enthusiastic for lottery gaming.

P2P Referral System

The feature of player to player referral system contributes in enhancing the retention rate of players towards the platform. In the P2P referral system, the player who successfully refers the platform to other players and engages them to the platform gets rewarded in return.

Lottery Tickets - SMS, Email Notifications & Print Out

The players on your platform can get the lottery tickets through SMS, email notifications as well as in print out form without facing any level of inconveniences.

Multiple website skins

Our website templates that are ready to roll and optimized for conversion rate come with a great variety of customizable website skins so that you can make a choice that suits your brand requirements. We aim at creating an engaging first impression to your user through a graphic design which is trending and sales focused.

Comprehensive & Secure Payment System

The payment system on our online lottery software supports a myriad of global payment gateways, eWallets, bank wire transfers, major credit & debit cards, thereby offering a convenient, safe and quick transaction option for your customers.

Wallet System

Your users can set a single online wallet for playing their favorite lottery games from any channel of their choice including web, mobile, etc. The wallet system appears beneficial from a business point of view as most of the time, players prefer reinvesting wallet money in other games on your platform.

Customized SMS Alerts

To keep your customers well informed about the crucial updates about the game including winners declaration, fund withdrawal, fund deposit, etc, feature of customized SMS alerts are present in our online lottery software.

Player Management

Our online lottery software comes with a player management module that enables you to centrally manage and monitor the gaming activities of the players on your platform.

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

The feature of performance monitoring in our online lottery platform ensures that the performance of each player is closely monitored to avoid any kind of wrong judgements during gameplay.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our online lottery platform covers multiple payment gateways thereby making it easier for your users to carry out the transactions in a hassle-free manner.

Player Stats

Each and every crucial detail about your players including their winning rates, number of matches in which they have participated, scores in different matches, highest scores, etc are efficiently handled in our online lottery platform.

Fully Customized

We offer a fully customized online lottery software that comes with all the necessary features that can be customized on demand of our clients and to give the lottery platform the complete look and feel of your brand.

Follows Legal Compliances of respective Lottery Boards

We pay deep consideration to the legal aspects thus our online lottery software follows all the necessary legal compliances of the respective lottery boards.

Multiple Lottery Pools/Contests

Our online lottery platform supports multiple lottery pools as well as contests thereby ensuring maximum participation of multiple players at a time.

Automated Alerts and Push Notifications

To keep your players well-informed about the schedules of games, upcoming matches and other important information related to lottery games, we integrate automated alerts and push notifications in our online lottery platform.

Finance Management

A finance management module is integrated in the online lottery platform to efficiently manage and track the net profit generated in the platform by the players. A safe and well-featured finance management attracts more users towards your platform.

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Our Online Lottery Games Catalog

The exciting suite of online lottery games in our software come with:-

Quality Game Content

Engaging Game Themes

Powerful Back Office Support

Covered Liability

Exciting Variety of Trending Lottery Games

Popular Online Lottery Games we Cover

Instant Lotto Online Lottery Game

Lotto Games

A variety of lotto games are present which can be differentiation on the basis of odds which are offered to customers. Some games provide lesser payout for a great count of winners while some offer high payouts for less count of winners. Game design gets drive by probability of matching of number sequence which defines payout. Lotto games also come with jackpots for offering PR and marketing opportunity for the operators.

Keno Online Lottery Game

Keno System

The exciting Keno game proves to be an exciting gaming option for your users. Winning numbers get drawn in nearly every four minutes and players choose 1-12 numbers or also called spots for every game. After which 20 winning numbers from 1-80 are chosen randomly by computer which gets displayed on Keno monitor.

Bingo Online Lottery Game


Bingo is a highly popular and fun filled lottery game that involves randomly drawn numbers which are matched against numbers chosen by the Bingo players or against a pre-declared ticket. A specific pattern is matched for winning a prize.Winner needsto call out “ Bingo” when a pattern matches with drawn numbers.

Raffle Online Lottery Game


Raffle is a popular and exciting lottery game that involves playing with numbered tickers and the chance of winning the prize is there for every ticket. When draw gets closed, winners get drawn through a collection of the ticket copies.

5/90 Online Lottery Game


5/90 is one of the popular lottery game of West Africa and is a fixed odd lotto game that offers the flexibility to customers for choosing from single to 5 numbers from 1-90 range and then place bets on them.

Some More Exciting Online Lottery Games we Cover

Pick 4 Online Lottery Game
Powerball Online Lottery Game
Mass Cash Online Lottery Game
Pick 3 Online Lottery Game
P2P Online Lottery Game
Numbers Game Online Lottery Game
Megabucks Doubler Online Lottery Game
Mega Millions Online Lottery Game
Match 6 Online Lottery Game
Lucky for Life Online Lottery Game
Lotto America Online Lottery Game
Keno Online Lottery Game
Cash 5 Online Lottery Game
Treasure hunt Online Lottery Game
Search Winning Numbers Online Lottery Game
Pick 5 Online Lottery Game

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Our Comprehensive Online Lottery Software Package

Real-Time Game Creation & Management

-Exciting Lottery Games from Reliable Providers
-Customized Themes for Land-Based Lottery Game Feel
-Proven RNG System Supported for All Possible Lottery Combinations
-Quality Game Contents by Trusted Game Providers
-Manage Multiple Lottery Games Smoothly on Single Platform

Easy Compatibility on Various Channels

-Responsive HTML5 Interface for Easy Adaptibility to Any Device
-Instant and Easy Availability on All Devices
-Web, Mobile (Android & iOS), Tablets
-All Devices with Modern Browser

Unrivalled and Trending Features

-Progressive & Jackpots
-Proven RNG System
-Stand alone or Integrated via API
-Secure Payment Options
-Back Office Admin -Wallet System
-Analytics Report
-Mobile Responsive
-Exciting Game Types, etc

Marketing Manager

-Affiliate System
-Marketing Guidance
-SEO Friendly Platform
-P2P Referrals
-Player segmentation

Player Management

- Easy User Registration
- Player Account Management
- 360 Degree Admin View on Player’s Activities
- Multiple Players Management

Security & Risk Analysis Tools

-Help & Support Desk
-Multi-user Help Desk
-Complete Tracking of User’s Activities
-Gaming Limits

Payment Processing

-Quick Deposits and Withdrawals
-Easy Management of Transactions
-Multiple Payment Gateways of your Choice
-Major Cryptocurrencies Supported
- Secure Multi-currency system

Skins & Templates

-Custom Design Templates
-Custom Game Themes
-25+ Website Themes
-Brand Specific Templates

Licensed & Certified

- All Major Jurisdictional Compliances
- Tested and Certified Games
- Secure and Tested Systems

Additional Tools

-Player Activity
-Custom Reports
-Secure and Specific Role Based Access
-System Management
-Game Activity
-Web based management
-Real Time System View
-Marketing Activity

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Major Modules of Online Lottery Software

Transparent and Credible - Online Lottery Software Development

Lottery Administration

ServiceNow Development - Customer Service Management

Retailer Management

Liability Tracking and Reporting

Management Information Reports

ServiceNow Development - IT Business Management

Promotions Management

ServiceNow Integrations - Management Consulting

Terminal Software

Our Comprehensive Online Lottery Platform Development Services

Online Lottery Management Software

Our online lottery management software comes with features like lottery administration, business analytics management, transactions management, lottery game management, users management and much more for smooth gaming operations on the platform.

Custom Lottery Software

We offer a fully-customized lottery software that comes integrated with all the on-demand and brand-specific features. Whether it’s about custom website themes, trending features integration or game integration of your choice, we offer you 100% custom online lottery software solutions.

Lottery Mobile App Development

We offer top-notch lottery mobile application development for Android as well as iOS platforms that come with multiple crucial features like RNG system, payment options, important notifications and updates including jackpot alerts, winning numbers notifications, ticket checking and many more.

Bitcoin Lottery Software

Our bitcoin lottery software enables your players to carry out transactions in bitcoin and avail seamless benefits of quick, secure and transparent transactions on our platform.

Blockchain Lottery Software

Our blockchain based online lottery software comes with endless advantages of transparency and fairness in lottery gameplay for your users thereby bringing more reliability and engaging more users for your platform.

Crypto Lottery Software

Our crypto lottery software facilitates your players to do transactions in their desired cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripples, etc thereby offering secure and convenient payment methods for your players.

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Distinguishers of our Online Lottery Software

  • Specific System Displays as per Varying Executive Rules including Operator, Manager, Chief Operator and Supervisor.
  • Maintenance of Transactions History which get sorted by lottery drawn date and number.
  • Comprehensive Reports about Winning Players and Winning Amount
  • Seamless and Smooth Multi-Player Gaming

Our Flexible and Easy-to-Understand Ticket Buying System

We also help you in maximizing your ticket sales along with ensuring customer satisfaction by offering a variety of playing ways through online platform including multidraw, syndicate member, single entry or subscription. The flexibility of this solution offers the freedom to your players for enjoying more options and offering them a higher level of user experience while enhancing your revenue generation.


This method allows your users to enter each draw for around a period of week that eventually reduces the opportunities for the lottery fans who are entering regularly with the same numbers and miss the draws accidentally.


This method facilitates your players to buy multiple tickets in a shared costing. Syndicates proves to be one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools that ensure higher level of customer retention by offering them lucrative discounts and combined jackpots.

Single Entry

This is the fastest and simplest way of playing that is typically opted by the users who are playing for the first time and thus proves to be one of the most crucial conversion tools. The process is kept inclusive by us as well allow your players to either choose through randomized lines gameplay or through manual selection of lucky numbers via a number picker interface. Thus the entire process gets completed in simple three clicks.


The entry of the players can be turned to a customizable subscription that may last to whole year starting from 4 weeks. Subscriptions are good options for operators as well as regular players as it provides a regular revenue stream for operators and discounted gameplay.

How can we Help you?


Do you require an honest evaluation of your existing lottery software, then our team of professionals with adequate knowledge about the industry trends and demands can help you efficiently. Our consultants thoroughly analyze your existing system and suggest you the most precise business solutions.

Third-Party Integration

We can do API integration of any third party applications that you desire to collaborate in your online lottery software. Our team carries out regular R&D to stay updated with the most demanded third party APIs and is thus capable of meeting your needs.

Upgrade Existing System

Are you missing out the multiple device compatibility feature in your existing online lottery software? Do you find it difficult to scale up your business? Then count on us for upgrading your existing software and making it perfect as per today’s industry trends.

Launching New Lottery Business

If you are planning to launch a new lottery business, then GammaStack can be your one-stop technology partner that can offer you a feature-rich online lottery software. Whether it’s about game design, marketing strategy, business plans or trending features, bonuses & jackpots, we can be your perfect guide for your business.

Regional Impression

We have a remarkable experience of serving clients throughout the globe from distinct geographic locations thus we have a full idea about the tailored needs of target audiences from different regions. We customize your platform as per your targeted geography by enabling regional languages, payment system or any other customization as per requirement.

Our Online Lottery Software Development Process

1. Concept Documentation

Our professionals deeply analyse and understand your specific requirements to carry out the task of concept documentation.

2. Software Designing

Our team of innovative designers create an impeccable and brand-specific design of your online lottery software.

3. Project Planning

Our project manager plans out the complete project in a systematic step-wise manner.

4. Prototyping

Before commencing the development work, project prototypes are defined efficiently.

5. Development

The technically proficient team of developers incorporate cutting-edge technologies to integrate all the requisite features, exciting lottery games & carry out on-demand customizations in the software.

6. Third-Party Integrations

We are connected with some of the most reliable third-party providers and are thus capable of doing the best-in-class and secure third party integrations.

7. Quality Control & Testing

Our quality analysts and testers thoroughly test the online lottery software to detect and fix all the potential bugs in the platform.

8. Updates & Patches

After the development process, we show the work to the client to get feedback and suggested updates.

9. Business Environment Set Up

The business environment for your ultra-modern online lottery software is set-up efficiently by our team.

10. Marketing Guidance

Our marketing experts guide you for search engine optimization and social media optimization of your online lottery platform.

11. Maintenance & Support

We also provide complete maintenance and support services so that we can help you to resolve your queries while using the software.

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Remarkable Industry Expertise and Experience
Interactive Lottery Platform
Reliable Third-Party Integrations

Why GammaStack?

Multiple Lottery Games Integration
Sophisticated and Robust Lottery Platform

GammaStack is a dependable online lottery software development company that has gained recognition for offering top of the line and state-of-the-art online lottery software. Filled with plethora of requisite and trending features, our online lottery software can prove to be a one-stop solution for you to launch yourself as a successful entrepreneur in online lottery business. Our dedicated and skilled team of designers and developers ensure that we adhere to higher quality standards in our every work.

Data Partners

Goal serve
ExeFeed API Integrations
Fantasy Data
Goal serve


Malta Gaming Authority
Gaming Laboratories International
Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority

Payment Gateways

First Data


United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
Florida State Golf Association INC

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Years of iGaming Experience

Gaming Projects


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  • Casinos in the US witness $3.38 B in the month of october.
  • The lottery sales in China have increased in the month of october.
  • Participation of Denish people in the iGaming world is rated as the second-highest in Europe.
  • $260.80 was the revenue generated by the Atlantic city casinos.
  • Morongo casino is going to be the first casino in California to introduce cashless wagering.

Client Testimonials

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GammaStack fulfilled our wish of having an online lottery software. They pleased us with their unique and creative skills and technique. The number of inventive and innovative ideas used by their professionals will help us to grow in the gambling industry and will make our platform one of the leading platforms in the world.

Paul Fynn, EthiopiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/13

GammaStack’s online lottery software has the best in class features that will help your players to connect with the games. Their team is filled with a number of mathematicians who are devoted in providing the best quality product to their clients. I have seen and experienced their high quality work and will surely recommend others to visit GammaStack.

Lucas Hill, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/13

I really adore the online lottery software developed by the mathematicians of GammaStack. They really amazed me with their high quality work. Their software has numerous attractive and distinctive features that makes their software very appealing when compared with other companies.

Steve Luther, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/13

The online lottery software developed by the highly qualified developers of GammaStack is filled with some astounding functionalities that will definitely help me to be a part of the growing online gambling industry. Moreover their team has the most advanced and innovative technology that will help me to gain a lot of traffic.

Issac Kebe, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/13

If anyone is looking for an amazing online lottery software then you must visit GammaStack. They designed a fabulous online lottery software which has a number of creative and charming features that will help me to grab the attention of a lot of gamblers in different parts of the world.

Michal Fabricas, USAGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/11

I would like to thank GammaStack from the bottom of my heart for designing an enchanting online lottery software. The number of unique and innovative features used by your trained and dedicated professionals will surely help me to grow in the iGaming industry and will provide an unmatchable gambling experience to the gamblers.

Armando Paul, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/11

If you want to catch the attention of different gamblers with the help of an amazing lottery software then you must visit GammaStack. Their team of scholars and mathematicians will design and develop a marvelous lottery software that will provide a whole new gambling experience to your players.

Christian Flyn, EthiopiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/06

GammaStack’s online lottery software is equipped with very rare and astonishing features that will definitely make you fall in love with their high quality work. Their team has the best and latest technology and is updated with the latest trends and requirements of the gamblers and works accordingly in order to meet the demands of the gamblers.

Roberto Paola, GermanyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/06

Truly, GammaStack has years of experience in designing and developing high quality online lottery software and it can be seen in the high quality work done by their extremely talented mathematicians. Their software has the best design and will help me to grow in the iGaming industry.

Rome Wilson, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/04

GammaStack’s online lottery software has the best in class features that will make you fall in love with it. Their team is aware of the requirements and the latest trends occurring in the iGaming industry and works 24/7 to provide the best quality product to their client which is one of the most fabulous things I have ever seen.

Seven Oliver, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/01/04

Wonderful online lottery software, It has a very smooth and sleek design which makes it unique and attractive at the same time. Truly GammaStack has a wonderful team of developers and designers who are aware of the latest trends occurring in the iGaming industry.

Date: 2020/12/30

I’m so glad that I got a chance to experience such high quality work by the dedicated and devoted team of GammaStack in designing a splendid online lottery software. The software has numerous features that will help me grab the attention of a number of gamblers present in different parts of the world.

Hannah James, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/12/30

With the increase in demand for the online casinos, I was wondering to get a lottery software of my own and my friends recommended me to visit GammaStack. Truly that was the best recommendation I have ever received in my life, I have never seen such an amazing online lottery software

Mia Fisher, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/12/29

I would like to thank the dedicated and devoted members of GammaStack for designing an extraordinary online lottery software. Their software is very unique in design and consists of some splendid features that will surely enable me to grow in the iGaming industry and will also help me to make a huge profit.

Jonas Miller, GermanyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/12/29

GammaStack’s online lottery software developed is crafted by a specialized team of smart and talented thinkers who will amaze you with their creative skills. I’m sure no one can work with such great courage and determination. Do visit GammaStack, you will definitely not regret your decision.

Erick Brown, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/12/28
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 34 reviews
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