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Online Raffle Software Development

Maximize your revenue by harnessing the power of our online Raffle software development services that arm you with ultra-modern tools and features.

    Best-in-industry Raffle Software

    GammaStack is a prominent online raffle software development services provider that builds modernistic and next-generation software solutions. The solutions we provide come equipped with crucial and essential features that are necessary for delivering outstanding and unforgettable lottery experiences. In addition to this, we enable you to get the software customized as per your needs and our teams of proficient professionals deliver you the solutions with all the requisite features that help you succeed. The solutions can be scaled seamlessly with the help of our major lottery API integrations that help you increase user engagement as well as participation. Turbocharge your business by leveraging our raffle software development services and start reaping huge profits today!

    Benefits of Our Raffle Software Online

    User-friendly Interfaces

    The online Raffle software we provide comes with highly crisp, clean and clutter free user interfaces that provide outstanding user experiences.

    Marketing Guidance

    Arm your Raffle business with our marketing insights that enable you to succeed and stand out.

    Constant Communication

    Stay updated always. While carrying out the development process, we constantly provide you updates and keep you in the communication loop to ensure everyone remains on the same page.

    100% Customizations

    Get all the customizations you need in your raffle software solution by harnessing the power of our on-demand customization services.

    Multiple Device Compatibility

    Enable your users to access your online Raffle platform from the devices they feel most convenient with, with the help of our multiple device compatibility feature.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    At GammaStack, we aim to empower businesses and entrepreneurs. Hence, we provide high-quality solutions at highly cost effective prices.

    Key Highlights of Our Raffle Software Program

    Robust Admin Dashboards

    Our admin dashboards are specially designed to enable admins to manage each and every aspect of your Raffle software.

    Easy Event Creation

    Create raffle events seamlessly within a few clicks with our easy event creation feature.

    Customizable Automatic Real-time Alerts

    Now you can automatically inform the winning players with our customizable automatic real-time alerts feature.

    Event Promotions and Mailing feature

    With our event promotions feature, you can effectively maintain the database of your users and efficiently promote the future events with our mailing feature.

    Detailed Statistics

    Provide your users and admins detailed statistics and help them stay updated all the time.


    Now verify profiles seamlessly and keep your raffle software platform secure with our KYC/AML trackers.

    Clean User Dashboards

    Help users keep track of their activities on the online Raffle software platform with our clean and modernistic user dashboards.

    Pool Lock/Unlock Timer

    Now you can stop the sales of the raffle tickets as per your preferences with our pool lock/unlock timer feature.

    API Support

    Now scale your platform as per your desire with our API support that enables you to extend the platform as per your business’s needs.

    User Management Tools

    Enable the admins of your platform to manage the users seamlessly with our cutting edge user management tools.

    Multilingual Solutions

    The solutions we provide support several languages that provide your users seamless access to the platform.

    Multiple Payment Modes

    The online Raffle software we provide comes with various payment modes to ensure smooth transactions.

    Wallet System

    The raffle software solution we provide comes with an in-built wallet system that facilitates quick and easy payments.

    Ticket Buying System

    Our ticket buying system enables your users to purchase hard copies as well as soft copies of the tickets.

    Referral System

    Now enable your users to build a rich user base for you with our referral system.

    Cryptocurrency Support

    The raffle software app supports all the major cryptocurrencies that enable your users to carry out payments by using their favorite cryptocurrency.

    Blockchain Support

    Now increase security, maintain transparency and help users keep their identity anonymous with our Blockchain support.

    Easy Login and Logout

    Help your users enter and exit the platform seamlessly with our easy login and logout panels.

    Scheduling Tools

    Now schedule your events effectively, plan ahead and create better plans with our scheduling tools.


    Our calendar feature helps your users to stay updated about the schedule and upcoming events.

    User Created Raffle

    With the help of our raffle software, you can allow users to create and run their own raffles on your raffle platform.

    Online Raffle Mobile App Development Services

    Looking for a company to provide you feature-loaded online raffle mobile apps? Want to get your hands on hybrid or native apps for Android or iOS that provide 24/7 seamless access to your users. We’ve got you covered. At GammaStack, we provide you robust online raffle mobile applications that not only enable your users to play without any hassle, but also enable you to boost participation and help you achieve your business goals. Harness the power of our raffle mobile app development services and start accelerating your business’s success today!

    Major Lottery API integrations

    At GammaStack, we also provide API integrations for lotteries that are played worldwide which enables you to target, engage and entice your customers better. Choose from our various lottery API integrations and power up your business!
    Power ball
    Mega Millions
    Power ball
    Fantasy 5 Lottery Game
    Texas Online Lottery
    Cash 5 Online Lottery Game

    Choose From Our Various Raffle Software Offerings

    How we Build Next-generation Online Raffle Software Solutions

    Gammastack Brainstorming


    Concept Documentation

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing


    Project Planning

    Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


    Software Designing

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing



    Gammastack Email Marketing Tools


    Third-party Software Integration

    Gammastack API Integration


    QA & Testing

    Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


    Updates Installation

    White Label Rugby Betting Software On-Demand Customizations


    Business Environment Set-up

    Gammastack Project Planning


    Marketing Guidance

    Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


    Support and Maintenance Services

    Need Customizations?

    Exceptional User Experiences
    Scalable Raffle Software Solutions

    Why choose GammaStack?

    Clean User Interfaces
    8+ Years of iGaming Experience

    GammaStack is a renowned and dependable online raffle software development company that provides businesses feature-wrapped software solutions that empower them to achieve success. The quality solutions developed by our teams of professionals not only adhere to the industry standards but also exceed end user expectations. GammaStack has been in the iGaming industry for more than 8+ years, and in these years, we have empowered several large as well as small iGaming businesses and have enabled them to climb ladders of success.

    Data Partners

    Goal serve
    ExeFeed API Integrations
    Fantasy Data
    Goal serve


    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gaming Laboratories International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority

    Payment Gateways

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    United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
    Florida State Golf Association INC

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      Online Raffle Software Development FAQ's

      What types of raffle software development services do you provide?

      We at GammaStack provide various raffle software development services such as online raffle software development services, online raffle ticket software development services, reverse raffle software development services, raffle ticket drawing software development services, and custom online raffle website development services.

      What is the average price of raffle tickets?

      Raffle tickets can range from $0.50 to $100.

      What are user-created raffles?

      The user-created raffle is a feature we provide in our online raffle software platforms that allow your users to create raffle events and raise money for various causes they care about.

      What are the formats in which raffle tickets can be made available to our customers?

      Raffle tickets can be made available to the customers in the form of soft copy as well as hard copy. The users can receive the tickets online or they can get the tickets shipped to their address.

      What are various raffle formats?

      The raffle formats include door prize raffle, low-end raffle, reverse raffle, high-end raffle, dream theme raffle, and cash prize raffle.

      Do you also provide ready-to-launch raffle software solutions?

      Yes. We specialize in providing white-label raffle software solutions that get ready to launch with a few customizations within a few weeks.

      Do you provide custom online raffle software development services?

      Yes. We understand you need access to different tools and features to succeed. Hence we help you get all the customizations done to ensure you get all the vital tools you need in one place.

      Can you help me with the licensing of the raffle software solution?

      Yes. At GammaStack, we provide you complete assistance with licensing and regulatory needs to ensure you face no hurdles while facilitating your business.

      Can I get the payment gateway integrated as per my preferences?

      Yes, you can. We have partnered up with several trusted and renowned third-party payment gateway providers to ensure your users can carry out payments without any hassle.

      Does your online raffle software solution support cryptocurrencies?

      The online raffle platform we provide supports all the major cryptocurrencies to ensure smooth yet safe transactions.