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Stay ahead of the curve with the leading sports betting software development company that delivers end-to-end betting solutions.

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Feature-Rich And State-Of-The-Art Sports Betting Software

GammaStack offers feature-rich and ultra-modern sports betting software that covers all the requisite and unparalleled features for enhancing the betting experience of your users. Whether you are a start-up or well-established sports betting business, our sports betting software is a one-stop solution for your business needs. Along with integrating the requisite features, we also do the on-demand customizations in the software as per your specific requirements. Possessing 8+ years of industry experience enables us to deliver top-class sports betting offerings to our valuable clients.
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Sports betting software

Sports betting software

Sports betting software

Custom Sports betting software

Sports betting software

White Label Sports betting software


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Benefits Of Our Sports Betting Software


Zero Revenue Sharing

We follow a zero revenue sharing policy and do not ask for the unwanted share of the revenue from our valuable clients. Our team aims at serving our clients with high-quality work without burning holes in their pockets.


Quick Time To Market

Our ready-to-go sports betting software integrated with trending and innovative features enables you to make quick market entry.


Major Cryptocurrencies Support

Place your bets on whichever side you like, and pay with whichever mode of currency you prefer! Almost all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripples, Ether, etc are supported on our sports betting software that enable secure and transparent transactions.


On-Demand Customizations

We completely customize the sports betting software as per your requirement. Whether you desire to integrate some additional features or enhance the design of sports betting software for giving it the look and feel of your brand, we cover it all.


Support multilingual

We design systems with the world in mind – our sports betting software, apps and websites have multi-lingual support for a wider audience.


Social Sharing

Share with your friends your right choices and bang on bets. We understand the joy of sharing best news with friends.


Real-Time Statistics

The sports betting platform provides odds and analytics about sports, players and outcomes.


A Betting Community

Stay in the know of betting pros and newbies – alike. Get tips, suggestions and updates from the betting world.


Live Scores

Users/players can view scores while placing bets. This helps them monitor odds and percentages in real-time.


Calendar And Schedule

We help you stay in touch with upcoming games and matches, with rich notifications and updates on your betting app.


Mobile Compatibility

The sports betting software developed by us is mobile compatible and smoothly functions on Android as well as iOS platforms thereby helping you to entice the major mobile using bettors.


Risk Management

The risk management module of our sports betting software detects and eradicates the existing and potential risks in the platform.


SEO Friendly Platform

Our online sports betting website development solutions are SEO friendly and is optimized with all the necessary SEO aspects for enhancing its relevance in search engine.

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Supported Betting Views & Odd Formats

Our sports betting software supports multiple betting views including American view, European view, Asian view and much more. Such view options make it convenient for your users belonging to different geographical locations to access the platform. Our software also supports multiple odd formats including decimal odds, fractional odds, etc. A variety of views and odd formats facilitate a smooth and hassle free betting experience for your users. It becomes quite easy for all levels of bettors from varying geographies to easily understand and navigate throughout the sports betting platform.

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Popular Sports Supported on our Betting Platform

Soccer Betting Software

Soccer Betting Software

We develop intuitive soccer betting websites and apps for major soccer leagues and events such as EPL, Bundesliga, La-Liga, Serie-A, Liga-MX, UEFA Champions League, Copa America and FIFA world cup.

Betting Software

Parlay Betting Software

We offer Parley betting solutions which combines the maximum wagers in a card to help users win bigger payouts.

Football Betting Software

Tennis Betting Software

Performance-based odds integration for Wimbledon, The French Open, Australian Open, Davis Cup, The US Open, Sydney International, Atlanta Open, Nottingham Open and other major tennis events.

Pool Betting Software

Pool Betting Software

We can club your bets, create a traditional h2h pool betting software. Users get to create a pool with their families, friends or colleagues and leverage against the house betting opportunities.

Basketball Betting Software

Basketball Betting Software

User engaging web and app development for basketball betting which is based on all the prominent league in your targeted demographics such as NBA, ABA, FIBA, etc.

NBA Betting Software

NBA Betting Software

We create UI rich basketball fantasy website and application for NBA leagues which results in massive user engagement and increased revenues.

Rugby Betting Software

Rugby Betting Software

We can develop and integrate unique features in your Rugby betting software depending upon the league, be it Super League, NRL, RFU or even Australian Rugby League.

MLB Betting Software

MLB Betting Software

We develop custom-built MLB Betting software solutions that are focused on increasing loyalty towards any baseball club.

Auto Racing Betting Software

Auto Racing Betting Software

We provide betting odds that are season-long dynamic to F1 and Moto GP betting. We have plenty of odds available from the most reliable bookmakers so your users get the most value from your bet.

College Football Betting Software

College Football Betting Software

We offer Custom betting software development with odds and markets integration for College football leagues. Our solutions are scalable and can effectively address multiple games scheduled in a single day.

Golf Betting Software

Golf Betting Software

We provide ultimate all-in-one golf betting software solutions to engage your players. Golf lover gets total control of odds, margins and game scheduling.

Sports Betting Software

Virtual Sports Betting Software

We deliver virtual sports betting software with mind-blowing graphics and numerous wagering options. Our solutions satisfy the needs of bookmakers and preferences of different markets.

Horse Racing Betting Software

Horse Racing Betting Software

Our software solutions for Horserace betting comes with cutting-edge performance and massive scalability. We work for all major events such as Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, etc.

Betting Software

iGaming Software Provider

Being a trusted iGaming software provider, we ensure to remain adhere to quality standards in every iGaming software solution that we develop.

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A sports betting platform that supports

betting Types

GammaStack develops a range of bet types to satisfy punters on your platforms. From Traditional against the house to neo modern betting types we develop everything based on your needs.

Fair & Transparent Gaming Solutions

Traditional Bets - Single, Double, Treble & Multiple Bets

Game Logic Development

Parlay Betting

In-Game Settings

H2H Betting

Effective Communication

Pari-Mutuel/ Pool Betting


Each Way



Odds And Sports Data Integration

Expert team of developers when it comes to odds and sports data integration from multiple suppliers/partners.

Live Game Cast & Real-Time Scores

Bringing the real feel of sports with live cast and real-time scores and allowing punters to bet on and enjoy their match in real time.

Payment Gateway

No limit to payment Gateways. We can integrate any number of payment gateways based on your country of operations and jurisdiction.

Speech Enabled Betting

Bring a twist to the overall gaming experience and stand out in market with with voice enabled bet placing.

AI Integrated Betting

Our development team is capable of integrating an AI system Integrations to take your betting platform to next level

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Open you sportsbook to a new set of punters by accepting bets in cryptocurrencies(bitcoin, ether, ripple etc.). Our blockchain team can help you create and launch your own cryptocurrency.


Real-Time & Time Based Bet Settlements

Player Level Betting

Unlimited Betting Markets

Speech-Based Betting

AI Integrated Betting System

Detailed Admin Dashboard

Advanced Risk Management

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Our Sports Betting Software Development Solutions

White Label Sportsbook Software

Our white label sports betting software is a ready-to-launch platform that comes with all the trending and requisite features. It enables you to make quick market entry with a market ready betting platform. Being a proficient sportsbook software provider, we carry out the on-demand customizations in the software as per your brand requirements.

Custom Sports Betting Software

The custom sports betting software solution offered by us comes with seamless customization opportunities and is developed completely as per your requirements. Whether it’s about custom features or customized user interface, our custom solution has got you all covered.

Sports Betting Mobile App Development

The Sports Betting App development solution offered by us is highly responsive and comes with all the ultra-modern features that facilitate smooth mobile betting experience on Android as well as iOS platforms.

Betting Exchange Software

Our Sports Betting Exchange Software platform is a dynamic and exclusive betting solution that enables your users to easily match the bets which they want to back with the bets that other bettors desire to lay respectively.

Pari-Mutuel Betting Software Services

Our pari-mutuel / pool betting software development services are highly exclusive solutions which bring an all-new betting experience for your users. It enables them to place all bets belonging to a specific type together in a pool.

Need Additional Betting Solutions ?

High-End Panels Supported In Our Sports Betting Software

Player Panel

The sports betting player panel is build with easy navigation in mind. It includes a user account or profile, live feed and scores, result notifications, betting tips, in-store purchases, virtual currency payments and more.

  • - Manage Accounts
  • - Live Feed
  • - Betting Tips
  • - Bonuses & Rewards
  • - Push Notifications
  • - Easy Navigation

Bookie Panel

The sports betting app and software include bookmaker account, user management system, calendars and schedules, and odds from major bookies.

  • - Dedicated Dashboard
  • - Real-Time Odds
  • - Account Management
  • - Customer Support
  • - Schedules & Calendars
  • - Push Notifications

Admin panel

The Admin panel for your sports betting platform includes a management platform to monitor the game, risk, payment, user or player accounts, marketing campaigns and finance.

  • - Finance Managemen
  • - Admin Dashboard
  • - Marketing Too
  • - Betting Management
  • - Customer Support
  • - Risk Management

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Additional Highlights of our Sports Betting Software

Bet Monitoring and Management Tools

Our bet management and monitoring tools enable admin to smoothly analyze and manage multiple betting operations performed by multiple players on the platform.

Content Management Tools

Our sports betting software comes supported with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for facilitating you to make small updates in the backend.

Live and In-Play Betting

Our sports betting platform offers live and in-play betting experience to your player which eventually brings more engagement to the platform.

Agent System

Our sports betting solution supports a strong hierarchy or network of agents for easing up the management of betting operations and enhancing the value of your platform.

Retail or Bet Shop Solutions

Various retail or bet shop solutions are supported in our sports betting platform including bet slip printing, cash outs and much more for smooth management of bet shop operations.

Promotion Tools

Various promotion tools are present in our sports betting software for increasing the retention rate of your players on the platform.

Our Back Office Solution

Our sports betting software possesses strong back office solutions which facilitate admin to centrally monitor and manage important betting activities on the platform.

Need Tailored Features ?

Our Back Office Solution

Our sports betting software possesses strong back office solutions which facilitate admin to centrally monitor and manage important betting activities on the platform.
Need Tailored Features ?

Sports betting made beautiful and functional with Gammastack

Gorgeous UI

Our panel of experienced sports designers create a gorgeous UI to enhance the betting experience. In our continued mission of functional and beautiful softwares, we create designs which are responsive on all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.

Sports betting software User Interface
Sports betting software

Rock solid UX

We believe every design should not just be beautiful, but also functionally rock solid. This means we devise ways of making a design intuitive and have a seamless flow. This involves wireframe testing, well thought of flow diagrams and more.   

User testing

Every design and sports betting software goes through a robust testing process. We have a team of testers who play each game and test all edge cases. We iterate till we craft the best betting flow.  

SiGMA Europe
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Our Sports Betting Software Development Process

Requirement Elicitation
Requirement Elicitation
Project Planning
Distribution of Tasks
Distribution of Tasks
Deadlines Finalization
Deadlines Finalization
Designing of Game Interface
Designing of Game Interface
Features Implementation
Features Implementation
Game API Integration
Game API Integration
Bug Fixing
Bug Fixing
Marketing Support
Marketing Support
Sports Betting Software Launching
Sports Betting Software Launching
Need Customizations ?
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We create unmatched game designs
We develop for targeted sports such as cricket, baseball, soccer,rugby etc
Open to all our requirements
We reduce your risk substantially and assist you in winning bets
We are a custom sports betting software which offers solutions for your betting app needs and making sports betting a game of just a few clicks. Our services are designed to ease the customer experience by providing a striking feature list which include in-play bets, match schedules, latest news, on-going betting trends, secure payment gateway, live streaming of games and a lot more. Being a leading sportsbook software development company we have catered to a number of iGaming businesses to launch their own sports betting app allowing their user base to bet on-the-go.

Sports Betting Software Development Company

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    Top-Notch Sports Betting Platform Provider

    iGaming business owners can easily boost up their business growth through a feature-rich sports betting platform as well as mobile application developed by us. Being a trusted sports betting website vendors, we always ensure to adhere to the highest standards of quality in our every work

    Sports Betting News

    Sports Betting Software FAQ's

    What sports betting software development services does GammaStack offer?

    GammaStack provides custom sports betting software development, white-label sports betting software development services as well as turnkey sports betting software development services.

    What is the difference between custom sports betting software development and white label sports betting software development?

    Custom sports betting software development enables clients to build the solution as per their requirements and specific business goals. In case of white label sports betting software development services, we provide our clients a selection of cutting edge and pre-built themes which come loaded with features. Additional customizations and software integrations can be made. For quick sports betting software launch, white-label sports betting software solutions are ideal.

    In which countries is sports betting legal?

    There are several countries where sports betting is legal. Argentina, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Kenya, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil are some of the countries where sports betting is legal and regulated. Though each country has its own set of laws and these laws also differ from province to province. Several countries have not legalized real-life betting but allow betters to use offshore sportsbooks for placing bets.

    How do online sports betting software owners generate revenue and earn money?

    Sports betting software owners charge commissions, also known as vigorish. Vigorish can also be called service charge and helps sports betting software owners make money.

    What are some of the popular sports in the sports betting industry?

    Sports betting varies from country to country as each country has their own popular as well as favorite sports. It also depends on the culture. Some of the most popular sports are Football, baseball, basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, Mixed martial arts, and many more. More and more people are moving to place bets on esports as well which include FIFA, Call of Duty, Rocket League, StarCraft-2, Dota-2, and many more. In addition to this, betting on weather, elections, Oscars, reality shows, etc is alow gaining popularity.

    What is online sports betting?

    Sports betting is basically an activity involving result prediction of different sports matches and then placing a wager on it.

    What are the must-haves for a sports betting business?

    For heading to a successful sports betting business:-
    -Identify your target audience and operating location
    -Seek a reliable sports betting software provider like GammaStack.
    -Get a Gambling License as per the targeted jurisdiction
    -Work on marketing strategy

    What is a sports betting software?

    A sports betting software is an online platform where users can place a bet on their desired sports league/match based on their predictions.

    What are the necessary features in a good sports betting software?

    Here are some of the necessary features for a good sports betting software:
    >>Live/Pre-match Odds
    >>Multiple Sports Covered
    >>Multiple Bet Types Supported
    >>Detailed Admin Dashboard
    >>Risk Management
    >>Availability of Multiple Payment Gateways

    Is it safe for users to bet online on sports?

    Yes, it’s completely safe to bet online on your favorite sports by following responsible gambling methods and choosing a safe and trusted sports betting software

    Which are the most popular types of sports betting?

    The most popular types of sports betting includes
    >>Traditional Bets - Single, Double, Treble & Multiple Bets
    >>Parlay Betting
    >>H2H Betting
    >>Pari-Mutuel/ Pool Betting
    >>Each Way

    How user can enter a betting site?

    Users need to create an account by providing the basic requisite details and then he/she can enter the platform easily and place the bets.

    How to cope up with the queries at the time of betting?

    Sudden queries at the time of betting can be resolved through the help/support section present in the sports betting software.

    Is it possible to do live betting?

    Yes, live betting can be done through a sports betting software that comes with live betting odds using which users can take a wise betting decision and place bets on live events.

    How to choose a reliable sports betting software provider?

    You must choose a sports betting software provider wisely by taking care of the following factors
    >>Experience in the sports betting domain
    >>Technical Proficiency with multiple sports betting project deployments.
    >>Compliance Knowledge
    >>3rd Party API handling capabilities(Data & Odds Providers)
    GammaStack is one such reliable sports betting software provider offering state-of-the-art and feature-rich sports betting software solutions.

    how our clients feel about their experience with us.

    Happy customers are what we strive for. Below mentioned is what our sports betting clients have to say about us.

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    GammaStack is a well-known name for creating sports betting software in the market. The ready-made software helped our business to regain its position in the market. It allowed us to offer the best possible solutions to their customers.

    George Jurkevich, South AfricaGammastack
    Date: 2022/07/06

    GammaStack offered us a wide range of sports betting software solutions that worked amazingly for our business. It allowed us to connect with more users globally and satisfied them with customized feature-rich sports betting software. We are happy and satisfied with GammaStack’s services.

    Stanley Jackson, CameroonGammastack
    Date: 2022/07/06

    GammaStack understands the needs of our business and delivered us the best possible sports betting software on time. We never had such an amazing platform before that entertained our users in the best possible manner.

    Alberto Paul, NigeriaGammastack
    Date: 2022/07/04

    GammaStack offered us unparalleled sports betting software that accelerated the growth of my sports betting business. It helped us to offer unique solutions to our targeted audience and engage our users in a far better way. Thanks, GammaStack.

    Mike Verdi, EthiopiaGammastack
    Date: 2022/07/04

    Thanks to GammaStack for being the premium sports betting software development company in Italy. The technical feasibility, superb UI, and amazing added features just takes the mind blown! Really thanks, GammaStack.

    Seda Nazalu, ItalyGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/29

    When I first contacted GammaStack, I did not know that they can be my best go-to sports betting software development company. With a range of templates to select from, GammaStack offered me many amazing UI features, gaming features, risk-free systems, etc. which are still worthwhile for me.

    Richard Capitan, TurkeyGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/29

    We have been using GammaStack’s sports betting software development services for many years and we are really happy to see that they strive to cater for each requirement of ours very well. They have equipped the solutions with the best integrations and systems to give it a competitive edge.

    Peter P. Pedaci, ItalyGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/24

    We are really happy and delighted with our new sports betting software development partner ‘GammaStack’. They have always provided the best solutions even with tough deadlines and high expectations. I can never be enough thankful to them for such an amazing service during my tough business times.

    Chris T. Trump, USAGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/24

    GammaStack fulfilled our expectations by delivering sports betting software as per our expectations and converting our ideas into reality. Their ready-to-launch software helped us to offer the best possible solutions to our targeted audience.

    Dennis Johnson, South AfricaGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/23

    GammaStack is known for creating top-of-the-line sports betting software with all essential features of sports betting. It helped us to build a better position in the sports betting industry. We are thankful to the team for supporting us.

    John Zammit, NigeriaGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/23

    We never thought to have an amazing sports betting software development company for our business. They delivered us top-of-the-line sports betting software that covers all major features and influenced a huge number of audiences to our new start-up business. Thanks, GammaStack.

    Ada Paul, CanadaGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/20

    If you are new to the sports betting industry and looking for a reliable sports betting software development company? Then opt for GammaStack. They never let us down in terms of quality and helped us to plan better strategies for our targeted audience.

    Annie Columbus, CameroonGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/20

    GammaStack is the leading sports betting software development company that never compromises on quality and delivers the solutions as per business needs. They enhance the gaming experience of our users.

    Loren Jordan, ItalyGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/16

    GammaStack delivered sports betting software with a stylish solution for sports betting. It allowed us to compete and influence a huge audience in the market. We were glad to be a part of the sports betting market with the help of GammaStack’s team.

    Robert Arslan, SpainGammastack
    Date: 2022/06/16
    Average rating:  
     14 reviews