Streamline Your IT Operations with Our Suite of ServiceNow Application Development & Integration Services

With our ServiceNow application development services, get access to diverse solutions that reduce costs, automate tasks, lessen downtime and empower your business.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Extension
  • Tools and API Integration
  • Effortless Implementation

Maximize the Productivity of Your Business with Our ServiceNow Offerings

At GammaStack, our team of seasoned professionals equipped with years of experience renders top-notch solutions to help you maximize the productivity of your business. Whether you are looking for ServiceNow consultation or ServiceNow implementation, ServiceNow development or ServiceNow integration, we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we have provided best in industry ServiceNow services across the globe and have helped customers to reduce costs, automate and optimize processes and streamline their business.

Choose from Our Diverse ServiceNow Offerings

Next-gen businesses face next-gen challenges. We understand how important it is for you to keep innovating, keep pushing forward while optimizing your processes, lowering costs, increasing efficiency and improving your management. And hence, GammaStack renders best-in-industry ServiceNow services with complete transparency to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a large enterprise or SME, our solutions are tailored to meet all your needs.

Strategy, Planning & Staffing

Implementation and Development



Suite Implementation

24/7 Support

ITIL Advisory

ServiceNow Custom Application Development and Design

App Admins

Top-notch Retainer Teams

ServiceNow Mobile App Development

Flexible Staffing

Flexible Engagement models

ServiceNow plugin development

Short-term and Long- Term Hiring Plans


App Enhancements


Pre-made Solutions

Now Platform

Integration Services

QA & Testing Services

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Key Modules We Focus on for ServiceNow Development and Integration

At GammaStack, we cover diverse ServiceNow modules in order to help you meet all your business requirements. With our in-house team of diverse ServiceNow professionals, we render first-rate solutions for the following modules

IT Service Management

Improve your IT services and lower the cost of your IT operations, reduce outages, improve efficiency, bring transparency, minimize repeat incidents and set clear goals without any risks with our ServiceNow ITSM services. Our teams of seasoned ServiceNow professionals render best-in-industry services in the following modules:

Asset Management

Contract Management


Product Catalog


Change Management


Collaboration services for Task Communications Management

Continual Improvement Management

Expense Line

ITSM Virtual Agent

Walk-up Experience

Agent Workspace for ITSM

Incident Communications Management

Incident Management

On-call scheduling

Problem Management

Release Management

Request Management

Service Catalog

Service Desk

Service Portfolio Management

Service Level Management

Task Outage

Vendor Manager Workspace

Vendor Performance

ITSM Performance Analytics Solutions

Field Service Management

Render up-to-date information, keep check of your inventory, resolve issues effectively, facilitate better communication between diverse departments and manage your paperwork better. GammaStack renders top-notch services in the following modules:

Field Service Management integrations

Configure Field Service Management

Service management states

Field service groups

Field Service Management SLAs

Field Service Management overview module

Work order templates

Manage work orders

Manage work order tasks

Adding knowledge to work orders and work order tasks

Part requirements

Dispatching work order tasks

Central dispatch

Dispatch map

Dynamic scheduling

Mandatory skills

Execute work order tasks

Agent calendar

Field service agent management

Appointment booking

Time recording for Field Service Management

Field Service Management Flow Designer actions

Field Service Management classic mobile app

Push notifications for task assignment

Request Management

Territory management

Request task management

Mobile experience for Field Service Management

Performance Analytics reports

IT Operations Management

Seamlessly manage your service components and infrastructure and effectively reduce outages, improve customer experience, render faster solutions, increase agility, visibility and speed of your IT components. The modules we cover for ITOM are as follows:

ITOM Visibility


Service Mapping

ITOM Health

Event Management

Operational Intelligence

ITOM Optimization

Cloud Management

Software Asset Management

With Software asset management module, reduce your software costs, minimize risks, leverage discounts on bulk orders and only invest in software solutions that align with your business goals. Our teams of ServiceNow professionals render services in the following modules:

Import software rights

Software reconciliation for compliance

Software installation optimization and removal

Supported software publisher licenses

SaaS License Management

Software Spend Detection

File Signature Normalization

Software discovery and normalization

Software Asset Management administration

Domain separation and Software Asset Management

Quick start tests for Software Asset Management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Monitor your business in real-time, outline governance framework, manage risks, manage compliance, assess vendor risks and measure performances. GammaStack provides industry-leading services in the following modules:

Policy and Compliance Management

Risk Management

Audit Management

Vendor Risk Management

Customer Service Management

Offer better solutions to your customers, deliver better services, enhance engagement of your customers, monitor old and new patterns, deliver better services and optimize your operations with GammaStack’s customer service management services. We cover the following modules for CSM:


Case and Knowledge Management



Visual Workflow and Automation


Virtual Agent

Field Service Management


Service Management for Issue Resolution

Proactive Customer Service Operations

Customer Service Management Mobile App

Customer Data Management

Visual Task Assignment


Reports and Dashboards

Performance Analytics

Operations Management

Financial Modeling

Project Portfolio Management

Continual Improvement Management

HR Service Delivery

Render better services to your employees, enhance their productivity, minimize repetitive tasks, automate case management, improve offboarding and onboarding process with HR service delivery module. Our teams of skilled ServiceNow professionals deliver best-in-class services in the following modules:

Case and Knowledge Management

Employee Service Center

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

Employee Journeys

Employee Document Management

HR Performance Analytics

Now Mobile app for HR Service Delivery

Mobile Onboarding app

Domain separation for HR Service Delivery

Automated Test Framework for HR Service Delivery

Migration from Legacy to Scoped HR

HR Service Delivery Legacy

Service Management - Other

Get your hands on applications that help you manage your business operations with workflows that require assigning, approving, qualifying and completion of requests. We render superior services in the following models:

Service management states

Service Management Application Designer

Service Management Core installation reference

Domain separation in Service Management Core

Planned Maintenance

Facilities Service Management

Finance Service Management

Legal Service Management

Marketing Service Management

Legacy Coaching Loops

Structured Problem Analysis

Request Management in a Service Management application

Analytics Intelligence and Reporting

Get a clear understanding of your data and predict, prioritize and guide your trends, resources, service improvement. Decrease errors, resolution time and increase productivity without any hassle. We at GammaStack provide first-rate services in the following modules:

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics and Reporting for Agent Workspace



Predictive Intelligence

Natural Language Understanding

Virtual Agent

IT Business Management

Reduce your IT costs, measure performances and ensure quality with our ITBM services. Make better decisions, enhance your business value, gain better visibility to finances as well as demands and align your IT operations and investments with your business goals. We at GammaStack provide first-rate services in the following modules:

Application Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Financial Management

Investment Funding

Time Card Management

Enterprise Release Management

Agile Development

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Test Management applications

Business Planning Portal

Cost Management

Security Operations

Address and resolve security incidents and vulnerabilities and respond faster to changes that impose challenges on your security to effectively minimize risks. We at GammaStack provide best-in-class services in the following modules:

Security Incident Response

Vulnerability Response

Configuration Compliance

Threat Intelligence

Performance Analytics for SecOps

Security Operations common functionality

How GammaStack Renders Top-level ServiceNow Development and Integration Services


At GammaStack, we believe in maintaining complete transparency. Hence we have designed our process in such a manner that allows you to stay in the loop constantly and consistently. Our process helps us facilitate effective communication and rules out every possibility of surprises in the end.


1. Research

Tell us what you need and we’ll get started. This phase allows us to know you, know your business and your requirements. Our teams research and exhaust all possibilities in order to create an effective plan for your business needs.


4. Deliver

Our teams create solutions that are tested thoroughly by our ServiceNow QAs to ensure the solutions are glitch-free and bug-free. After everything is thoroughly tested for every possible aspect, we make the delivery of the solution.


2. Plan

After researching and collecting all the data, we move to creating strong foundations. Our team of highly skilled professionals defines scopes, technical and non-technical requirements as well as deadlines. Strong cornerstones help us deliver effective solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Servicenow Development Support

5. Support

We are here for all your queries even after the completion of the project. For every query, big or small, you can reach our customer support and we’ll ensure your queries are resolved within the given time frame.


3. Coordinate

After creating a blueprint of the plan, we coordinate with you to ensure you stay informed. We ensure effective communication irrespective of the time-zones to make sure you stay in the loop. After having your approval, our highly skilled and proficient in-house teams coordinate with each other to create custom solutions.

Diverse ServiceNow Profiles that Meet Your Requirements

Our ServiceNow team consists of handpicked professionals equipped with years of experience that deliver the finest ServiceNow application development services and ServiceNow integration and implementation services. For your every ServiceNow requirement, we’ve got a professional. 

ServiceNow Business Analyst For Hire

ServiceNow Business Analyst for Hire

Our ServiceNow business analysts specialize in diverse modules of ServiceNow, ITIL foundation, programming, and documentation. The analyst is responsible for documenting, reporting and providing training on ServiceNow modules. The business analyst also monitors ticket queues and works closely with developers and administrators for enhancements and extensions. In addition to this, the ServiceNow business analyst is also responsible for rendering customer services to ensure you stay informed about the development process throughout the project.

ServiceNow QA for Hire

Our ServiceNow QAs specialize in object-oriented programming languages, automation, and testing frameworks, terminal commands, CI software, and Git. In addition to this, our ServiceNow QAs are equipped with a clear understanding of Martech, WCMS, version control, merging, branching, test cycle building and maintenance, and performance measures. The responsibility of ServiceNow QA is to define strategies, tools and to define standards for the automation process, perform tests and performance checks, analyze systems, review codes and automation scripts and create reports.

ServiceNow QA For Hire
ServiceNow Administrators For Hire

ServiceNow Administrators for Hire

Our ServiceNow administrators specialise in ServiceNow PPM administration, JavaScript, HTML and XML. Equipped with years of experience in creating update sets and testing via diverse instances, the ServiceNow administrator manages the scope and budget of cross-divisional projects. In addition to this, the administrator is also responsible for providing support, maintenance, and administration of the ServiceNow platform. The admin works closely with developers and assists with workflows and creates guidelines for development as per the quality, schedule, and cost. The admin also specializes in creating and configuring UI policies, UI pages, formatters, UI macros, UI actions, ACLs and client scripts.  

ServiceNow Developer for Hire

Our ServiceNow developers specialize in diverse ServiceNow modules and are equipped with years of expertise and exceptional programming skills in the core scripting languages like Python, JavaScript, Unix Shell, and Perl along with experience with relational databases, business rules, UI Actions, Script Includes, and Scheduled Jobs. In addition to this, our ServiceNow developers have a thorough knowledge of XML, HTML, CSS, REST/SOAP, AJAX, HTTP along with knowledge of TCP/IP, network protocols, firewalls, etc. The developers share the responsibility of developing applications, extending and enhancing applications, implementations, and integrations. 

ServiceNow Developer For Hire
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ServiceNow Architect for Hire

Our ServiceNow architects specialize in Paas and Saas solutions, ITIL implementations, cloud implementations, years of expertise in J2ee, Java, HTML, JavaScript, networking and LDAP/Active Directory. In addition to this, ServiceNow architects are responsible for implementing and designing multi-tenant, multi-tier, and end to end solutions. Our ServiceNow architects also have a thorough knowledge of middleware solutions such as WebSphere, TIBCO, Synchrony, TOMCAT, Gemfire, and Weblogic along with experience with diverse databases and ETL tools. The architects are responsible for architecture, design and ensuring seamless delivery of implementation and integration projects as per the standards. 

ServiceNow Project Manager for Hire

Our ServiceNow project managers are ITIL experts who specialize in ITIL processes and implementation process which include change, asset, problem, configuration management, capacity management, availability, incident, etc. Equipped with years of experience in transformation, transition, CSI projects, and gap analysis, ServiceNow project managers act as a common element between customers and developers. Our ServiceNow managers work closely with process managers to create reports and facilitate flow among ServiceNow teams.

ServiceNow Project Manager For Hire

In addition to these profiles, we also provide ServiceNow full-stack developers who follow agile development in ServiceNow to render top-quality services.

Join the Hub of Industries Benefiting from Our ServiceNow Offerings

Over the years, we have served diverse industries and helped them reduce costs, reduce tickets and manage risks. Our highly skilled team of ServiceNow developers, analysts, QAs, architects, administrators, and managers have assisted and collaborated with diverse teams across the globe to render top-notch ServiceNow custom application development services and ServiceNow implementation and integration services to help the following industries.

MetaTrader Integration

Computer Software

Information Technology and Services

Information Technology and Services

Staffing and Recruiting

Staffing and Recruiting

Hospital & Health Care

Hospital & Health Care

Financial Services

Financial Services

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Higher Education

Higher Education





30+ ServiceNow Developers


ServiceNow Developers

100+ Custom Applications


Custom Applications

35+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide


Satisfied Clients Worldwide

8+ Years OF Experience


Years OF Experience

Top-notch ServiceNow implementation and integration services
Diverse and expert ServiceNow professionals

Why GammaStack?

Expertise in various modules
ServiceNow custom application development

For all your ServiceNow business requirements, GammaStack is the ideal pick. Equipped with years of experience and a team of diverse professionals with expertise in various modules of ServiceNow, we render best-in-class services to businesses of large and small sizes. We offer proficient ServiceNow developers, analysts, QAs, architects, administrators, and managers in one place. Over the years, we have served businesses around the globe and have helped them lower costs, automate processes and minimize risks.

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  • ServiceNow’s main Headquarters got sold for $276M in Santa Clara
  • ServiceNow planning to buy Passage AI
  • ServiceNow store apps market witnessed an upsurge.


What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that enables organizations to identify service issues and fix challenges related to their IT operations. In addition to this, ServiceNow also helps organizations improve their customer as well as employee services and IT operations by automating redundant and routine tasks, by rendering better connectivity, by facilitating better communication and so much more. ServiceNow offers diverse modules and also integrates easily with various tools, systems, and applications. The headquarters of ServiceNow is situated in California and was founded by Fred Luddy in the year 2003.

Via which browsers can I access ServiceNow platforms?

ServiceNow platforms can be accessed by all the major and most used browsers. These browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

What is Orchestration in ServiceNow?

Orchestration helps in process management and automation of tasks that are outside ServiceNow instance. Though Orchestration requires a separate subscription, it's extremely useful. Orchestration helps in the automation of tasks based on servers, hardware, remote services and many more and renders business processes quickly and efficiently.

Can I import CSV in ServiceNow?

Yes, you can. CSV files are cross-compatible files that are used across the ServiceNow platform. It’s a simple text file in which line-breaks define rows and commas define columns. Text can be wrapped in quotes to define spacing.

What is ServiceNow integration and how it helps?

ServiceNow enables enterprises to make the most of the platform by communicating and sharing data with third-party applications and systems. The integration can be performed by using REST/SOAP API, SFTP or SSH services, MID Server or Inbound/Outbound actions.

What is ServiceNow application development?

There are several pre-made ServiceNow applications that can be purchased and downloaded. These applications can be installed and are ready to use. But if enterprises have specific requirements, custom applications can be developed for specific needs. ServiceNow provides studio and all the resources which can be used by developers to develop custom applications.

Can I automate processes in ServiceNow?

Yes, automation is one of the main benefits that ServiceNow renders. ServiceNow lets the users to outline and define workflows as per their requirements, goals and also enables them to schedule them as per their convenience.

Can I use ServiceNow to survey customers as well as employees?

Yes, ServiceNow surveys are available for customers as well as employees. These help enterprises gain complete insights on employee and customer satisfaction based on how the tickets are handled and also equips enterprises with employee feedback. Since ServiceNow becomes the single source of truth, enterprises can easily create reports on Incident, Problem or Change.


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We needed ServiceNow Integration regarding which we reached out to GammaStack and I must say that we made the right decision. Their ServiceNow professionals are highly professional and knowledgeable and their approach was one of a kind. Highly recommended!

Kinsley Bennett, SingaporeGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/19

Working with GammaStack is always a great experience. They always keep communication seamless and ensure everyone is on the same page. We had hired them for ServiceNow development and we are extremely happy with the results.

Austin Rogers, FinlandGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/18

We needed ServiceNow developers for custom application development in ServiceNow and we are extremely impressed by their professionalism and work ethics. They always meet deadlines and keep things transparent. Thank you for delivering a highly functional application.

Date: 2020/02/17

One of the best companies to hire ServiceNow developers from. Exceptional professionals and prompt responses. We had assigned the job of ServiceNow application development to GammaStack and they delivered fantastically! We’ll be coming back with more projects and collaborations!

Kayden Lewis, DenmarkGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/12

We want to express our gratitude to GammaStack for their dedication, commitment, and efforts. Not only they handled the ServiceNow development process professionally but also they delivered a working solution within the tight deadlines.

Jason Phillips, SwitzerlandGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/11

GammaStack’s ServiceNow developers are amazing! They broke our ideas we had for the custom application in ServiceNow into smaller chunks and implemented all of them. In addition to this, they also made useful suggestions along the way. Thank you for the flexible and top-notch services.

Thomas Simmons, QatarGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/11
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 6 reviews