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What is Sweepstakes Casino Software

Sweepstakes casinos are online platforms that allow customers to have authentic casino experiences. The customer signs up on the online sweepstakes platform and receives free gold coins or sweep coins, which allow the customer to get started. A customer may receive both, depending on the online sweepstakes software. If the customer runs out of the free gold coins, he can refill the coins by purchasing them with real-money. Sweepstakes casinos focus on fun and socialisation and allow players to explore casino games with minimum risks.

Superior Features That Make Unmatched Online Sweepstakes Software

Gold coins

Offer your customers gold coins on sign up to help them get started on your sweepstakes software.

Sweep Coins

Allow your customers to gain sweep coins as bonuses or free rewards that can be exchanged for cash prizes.

Daily Login Bonus

Offer a refill of gold coins and sweep coins with daily login bonus.

Spin & Win

Allow your customers to try their luck on spinning wheel on our online sweepstakes platform and help them win more coins.

Coin Purchase Subscription Models

Offer comprehensive and flexible subscription models for purchasing sweepstakes coins.

Games Variety

Offer a massive collection of games to your customers on your online sweepstakes software and keep them hooked.

Social live casino

Offer a range of live casino games that operate on gold coins and sweep coins with our sweepstakes software.

Game lobby

Offer a collection of games in one place with our game lobby.

Game Filters

Enable your customers to filter the games through parameters like game types, game provider, and more.

Special Offers

Offer your customers special offers where they can collect free gold coins or sweep coins.

Progressive Jackpot

Offer lucrative jackpots of bigger value and effectively enhance engagement on your sweepstakes casino software.

Loyalty Programs

Offer access to various events, offer priority services along with diverse perks with loyalty shops.


Amp up the competition on your online sweepstakes platform seamlessly with our leaderboards that are tailored to boost engagement.

Bonus Module

Offer lucrative bonuses to your customers such as reload bonus, referral bonus, free entry tournaments, leaderboard challenges and more via our bonus module.

Social Media Module

Our social media module allows your customers to share their wins and updates on social media.

Rank-based Access

Assign your customers various ranks and unlock various levels with our rank-based access.

Prize redeeming

Allow your customers to redeem their sweep coins for attractive cash prizes once they’ve reached a particular number through the prize redeeming feature.

Immersive Graphics & Sounds

Immerse your customers in mesmerising graphics and high-quality sound effects that come with our sweepstakes casino software.

Player Avatar

Enable players to choose their avatars on your sweepstakes software and allow them to customise it as per their desire with our player avatars.

Refer & Earn

Our refer and earn program allows you to invite their friends on the platform for spins, gold coins and more.

Real-time chat

Allow players to socialise seamlessly and exchange messages in real-time with real-time chat options.

Events & Competitions

Host Events and competitions on your sweepstakes platform and giveaway sweep coins and gold coins.

Live Chat Support

Allow your customers to reach support in real-time and get quick resolution for uninterrupted gameplays.

Affiliate Program

Manage multiple aspects of your affiliate program such as marketers, their commission, leads, conversions and more.


Make personalised game recommendations based on user behaviour and build engagement on your online sweepstakes software.

Reporting and analytics

Get critical insights on your customers and your business and make effective data-based decisions.

FAQs section

Offer all the insights your customers need to get started on your sweepstakes platform without any fuss with the FAQs section.

Admin back office

Offer your admins access to all the tools such as finance management tools, player management tools, CRM, game management tools and more that are essential for effective management of your business.

Game categories

Organise your games into various categories and make your sweepstakes software easy to browse for your customers.

Promo SMS & Emails

Promote events, tournaments, new offerings and more with SMS and emails.

Multiple Payment Modes

Facilitate seamless and hassle-free transactions with our multiple payment modes such as debit and credit cards, E-wallets, prepaid cards, Paypal, Skrill, Mastercard, bank transfer, Visa and more.

Coming soon

Introduce your upcoming offerings to your customers before time with the coming soon feature.

Multiple Perks Offered by Our Online Sweepstakes Platform Solution


Free Consultation

Have queries? Get them resolved for free! Book a free consultation with us and ask us anything about legalisation, regulations, games, game providers, features and more.


On-demand Game Integrations

Want a game? You got it. To ensure you get the sweepstakes gaming software with all the latest games, we offer on-demand game integrations to make sure you can offer the best to your customers.


Renowned Game Providers

Get access to all the best-in-industry games with esteemed game providers. We can also help you get more game providers for all your sweepstakes game needs.


3rd party Integrations

GammaStack sweepstakes software distributors offer you sweepstakes software solutions that support 3rd party integrations that ensure you can get all the tools you need.


Quick Launch

We adhere to your timelines and provide you a highly-functioning and advanced sweepstakes software solution.


Post Launch Support

Get all the support you need to operate the sweepstakes casino software seamlessly and enjoy uninterrupted business operations.


Latest Tech Stack

The sweepstakes gaming software solution we offer is built by using the latest tech stack to ensure you stay ahead.


Multi-lingual Support

Offer seamless experience in any geographical location with multi-lingual support.


Mobile Responsive Software

The sweepstakes platform we offer works impeccably on various devices of different sizes.


Multi-currency support

Allow your players to use their local currency for making purchases on your platform with multi currency support.



GammaStack sweepstakes software distributor enables you to get all the customizations done as per your business requirements with on-demand customization services.


Bug-free sweepstakes software

We offer a crisp and clean sweepstakes platform that helps you make a powerful first impression.

Custom & Ready to Launch Online Sweepstakes Software Solution

Need to launch your sweepstakes casino software quickly? Or want to develop your sweepstakes casino as per your own unique sweepstakes model? For your both needs, we’ve got you covered. At GammaStack, we offer you best-in-class custom sweepstakes casino software development services that allow you to build your ideas from ground up. And if you are in a rush, we offer you cutting-edge white label sweepstakes software solutions that can be launched within a few weeks after customizations. Choose from our offerings that are tailored to meet your business’s needs and give a boost to your business today!

Types of Sweepstakes Games We Offer

We offer you a wide variety of online sweepstakes games in our sweepstakes software to ensure maximum player engagement. The games include game types like
Table Games-GammaStack

Table Games

Card Games-GammaStack

Card Games

Slots Games- GammaStack

Slots Games

Live Casino Games- GammaStack

Live Casino Games

Speciality Games- GammaStack

Speciality Games

Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Sweepstakes Software Development Needs

Bespoke Sweepstakes Software Development

Looking to build a sweepstakes software solution based on your unique idea? Or are you someone who wants 100% ownership of the sweepstakes platform? GammaStack online casino sweepstakes software provider can help you build your very own sweepstakes software solution with our bespoke sweepstakes software development services.

Turnkey Sweepstakes

Searching for a ready to launch sweepstakes software solution? Opt for our turnkey sweepstakes software. Our turnkey sweepstakes software development services offer a ready-made solution at low GGR that can be launched in no time, supports customizations as well as 3rd party integrations.

Sweepstakes Mobile

Want to cater to the needs of your customers that play through their phones? Get equipped with our mobile sweepstakes app. Our mobile sweepstake casino software allows you to get equipped with all the essential features that are critical for delivering best-in-class gambling experience to your customers.

Internet Sweepstakes Software Solutions

GammaStack sweepstakes software provider is a trusted sweepstakes software distributor that offers you sweepstakes software for internet cafe, desktop, mobile devices and cloud platforms. Our sweepstakes software is designed for sweepstakes gaming and offers authentic casino-like experiences.

Sweepstakes Payment

Our teams of expert sweepstakes software developers arm you with advanced payment solutions with our sweepstakes payment integrations services. We also offer you validation tools, POS systems, gift cards integrations and more for seamless transaction management.


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How We Develop Sweepstakes Casino Software Solution

Idea Elicitation
Team Building
Requirement Gathering
Task Allocation
Task Allocation
Software Design
Sweepstakes Software Design
Sweepstakes Software Development
QA Testing
Software Maintenance
Maintenance & Customer Support
Customer Support
Marketing Assistance

GammaStack: Your Ideal Pick for Sweepstakes Software Development Services

Feature-Rich Sweepstakes Software
Trusted Sweepstakes Software Distributors
Robust Online Sweepstakes Casino Software
Seasoned Sweepstakes Software Developers
13+ Years Of Experience

GammaStack sweepstakes software provider is one of the renowned sweepstake casino software providers and sweepstakes software distributors that’s known for its cutting-edge sweepstakes gaming software solutions. The solutions we offer come with all the essential tools and features required to easily manage, streamline operations, boost engagement while increasing customer retention. Over the years, we have enabled several entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve either business goals and now you can also leverage our online casino sweepstakes software solution to give a boost to your business.


1. Do you also offer free consultation?

Yes, GammaStack is one of the renowned sweepstakes software providers that offers you free consultation.

2. How new are sweepstakes casinos in the industry?

Sweepstakes casinos have always been around for decades, but they started gaining traction in the year 2005.

3. Can players play at sweepstakes casinos with real-money?

No, players get a generous amount of gold coins when they sign up. And when they run out, they can use real-money to buy more gold coins. They cannot make a deposit and cannot place real-money bets.

4. What is the difference between sweepstakes casinos and social casinos?

The sweepstakes casinos do fall under the category of social casinos, as both offer virtual currencies to customers to play a wide variety of games. But sweepstakes casinos also offer sweep coins, which cannot be bought with real-money. They can be won or claimed. Later, these sweep coins can also be exchanged for cash prizes.

5. What are gold coins in a sweepstakes casino?

Gold coins are used to play games in a sweepstakes casino. These gold coins hold no value in the real world. They can only be used to play games in a sweepstakes casino.

6. Can customers get cash for their wins?

Customers can only claim cash prizes by redeeming their sweep coins.

7. What sweepstakes software solutions do you offer?

Our sweepstakes offerings include internet cafe sweepstakes software, sweepstakes payment integrations, sweepstakes games, sweepstakes mobile app development, sweepstakes software development, etc.

8. Do you offer a custom online sweepstakes software solution?

Yes, we offer custom online sweepstakes software solutions that’s based on your unique sweepstakes model.

9. I want to launch my online casino sweepstakes software quickly. Do you offer ready to launch sweepstakes software?

Yes, we offer ready to launch sweepstakes software solutions that can be launched quickly after customizations.

10. What sweepstakes game variations are included in your sweepstakes software solution?

Our sweepstakes software solution supports various sweepstakes game types that include slots, table games, card games, live dealer games etc.

11. What are the key features of your online sweepstakes casino software?

Some of the key features include virtual currencies, multi-currency support, mobile responsive, prize redeeming, bonus module, loyalty shop, admin back office, leaderboards, tournaments, refer and earn, immersive sweepstakes games and many more.

12. Why should I choose GammaStack sweepstakes software providers?

GammaStack is one of the renowned and credible sweepstakes software providers that arms your business with the most advanced online casino sweepstakes software solution. The sweepstakes gaming software we offer comes with the latest features and tools that allow you to simplify management and boost customer engagement. Also, GammaStack sweepstakes software provider offers you 3000+ games from 50+ prestigious providers that help you hook your customers to your platform. After your sweepstakes casino software is launched, we also offer you post launch services that help you run your business smoothly.

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