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Custom Sweepstakes Software Development

That Offers You Next-Gen Sweepstakes Casino Software

Sweepstakes Software Development

Fast Facts About Custom Sweepstakes Software Development

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What is Custom Sweepstakes Casino Software

Online sweepstakes casino software solutions allow players to experience casinos in an authentic manner. The only difference between a traditional online casino and sweepstakes casinos is online casinos use real-money while sweepstakes casinos offer gold coins to customers. Players get sweep coins or gold coins, or sometimes both, depending on the online sweepstakes platform and when they run out of the coins, they can always buy more. Sweepstakes platforms focus on experience and fun and enable players to have casino-like experience without any major risks.

Supreme Features That Make Unparalleled Custom Online Sweepstakes Software

Gold coins

Provide your customers gold coins on sign up and enable them to explore and play the games on your custom sweepstakes platform.

Sweep Coins

Enable your players to get sweep coins as free-reward or bonuses that can be redeemed for cash.

Daily Login Bonus

Enable your customers to get more gold coins daily with a daily login bonus feature.

Spin & Win

Spin and win enables your customers to win more gold coins and allows them to play more.

Coin Purchase Subscription Models

Enable your customers to subscribe to diverse flexible coin purchase subscription models that allows them to top-up their coins automatically.

Games Variety

Our custom sweepstakes casino software comes loaded with diverse games that helps you maximise engagement.

Social live casino

Social live casinos are aimed to hook your customers with live casino games.

Game lobby

Our custom sweepstakes software solution offers you a game lobby where you can showcase your entire collection of games.

Game Filters

Allow your customers to filter our games on the basis of providers, game types and more and find their favourite games easily.

Special Offers

Allow your customers to get more gold coins with the help of your gold coins.

Progressive Jackpot

Our custom sweepstakes software comes with progressive jackpots that allow you to elevate engagement levels among your customers.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs offer your customers access to diverse events, loyalty shops, games and more.


Leaderboards are designed to encourage your players to play better and also allow you to amp up the competitive spirit among players.

Bonus Module

Offer diverse bonus types to your customers including reload bonus, free entry tournaments, leaderboard challenges, and more with bonus modules.

Social Media Module

Allow your customers to share their updates, wins and more on all major social media platforms.

Rank-based Access

Rank based access helps you assign ranks to your customers and unlock levels based on the same.

Prize redeeming

Enable your customers to win attractive cash prizes by redeeming their sweep coins.

Immersive Graphics & Sounds

Offer best-in-class sweepstakes casino experiences with immersive graphics and sounds.

Player Avatar

Player avatar enables your customers to choose their avatars and customise them as per their desire.

Refer & Earn

Get more customers with the help of your customers with our refer and earn module.

Real-time chat

GammaStack sweepstakes software development services offers you a live chat feature that enables your players to talk to other players in real-time.

Events & Competitions

Events and competitions are a great way for giving away sweep coins as well as gold coins.

Live Chat Support

Enable your customers to get quicker resolutions with live chat support.

Admin back office

Our customised sweepstakes software comes with an admin back office that helps you get all the tools such as CRM, CMS, finance management tools and more that you need for seamless management.


Get insights on user behaviour and make relevant recommendations on your sweepstakes game software with personalization.

Game categories

Get organised and divide your games into various categories for an easier browsing experience.

Multiple Payment Modes

GammaStack’s sweepstakes software development services offer you multiple payment modes for seamless and fuss-free transactions.

Affiliate Program

Manage multiple aspects of your affiliates such as your marketors, offers, commissions, promotions and more.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics tools enable you to get in-depth and accurate insights on your customers and make better decisions.

Promo SMS & Emails

Promote your offers, events, new offerings, tournaments, games and more via SMS and emails.

FAQs section

FAQs section helps your costumes to get all the insights about your sweepstakes casino software that helps them get started.

Coming soon

Coming soon section is perfect for introducing upcoming offerings to your customers.

Multiple Perks Offered by Our Custom Sweepstakes Software Development Services


Free Consultation

Ask us anything about sweepstakes software development for free with our free consultation services.



Get all the customizations done in your sweepstakes gaming systems without any fuss with our on-demand customization services.


Renowned Game Providers

We offer you top-notch games from best-in-industry game providers. We also offer you games from the provider of your choice.


Mobile-first Software

To ensure you can cater to your customers who use mobile phones, we offer you a mobile first sweepstakes game software.


3rd Party Integrations

3rd party integrations allow you to get all the tools and solutions you need within your sweepstakes casino software.


Immersive Online Sweepstakes Games

We offer immersive and highly engaging online sweepstakes games that allow you to boost engagement and participation.


User-friendly Software

The online sweepstakes gaming software we offer can be browsed by your users without any hassle.


On-demand Game Integrations

Get the games you want on-demand with our on-demand game interaction services.


Quick Launch

Our teams of sweepstakes developers enable you to adhere to your deadlines and launch on time.


Bug-free Sweepstakes Platform

The sweepstakes casino software solution is thoroughly tested before deployment.


Post Launch Services

Experience uninterrupted business with our post launch services.


Multi-currency Support

Our sweepstakes software solution supports multiple currencies for seamless transactions.


Multi-lingual Sweepstakes Software

Our multilingual sweepstakes software supports an array of languages to ensure you can cater to your global customers.

Sweepstakes Game Types We Offer

GammaStack offers you a huge collection of online sweepstakes games that come with our sweepstakes software to make sure your players stay hooked to your sweepstakes casino software

Card Games-GammaStack

Card Games

Speciality Games- GammaStack

Speciality Games

Table Games-GammaStack

Table Games

Live Casino Games- GammaStack

Live Casino Games

Slots Games- GammaStack

Slots Games

Get Top-notch Sweepstakes Software Development Services Under One Roof

Custom Sweepstakes Software Development

GammaStack offers you best-in-industry custom sweepstakes software development services that help you create your very own unique sweepstakes software solution from ground up. We also provide you 100% ownership of the sweepstakes software solution and transfer you complete rights of the solution after deployment of the custom sweepstakes software.

Turnkey Sweepstakes

GammaStack also offers you ready to launch sweepstakes games software that can be customised seamlessly and can be aligned with your business’s branding. Our software solution also supports 3rd party software integrations that help you help you get everything you need in one software solution.

Sweepstakes Mobile

Deliver best-in-class sweepstakes casino experiences on smaller devices with sweepstakes mobile app! At GammaStack, we specialise in providing you feature-loaded hybrid as well as native apps that allow you to deliver outstanding casino games experiences to your punters on the go.

Internet Sweepstakes Software Solutions

GammaStack is a known Internet sweepstakes software provider that offers next-gen sweepstakes software for desktop, internet cafes, cloud platforms and mobile devices. GammaStack sweepstakes software distributor ensures you get highly advanced sweepstake software solutions that come with clean and crisp graphics that allow you to deliver amazon casino-like

Sweepstakes Payment

GammaStack offers you sweepstakes payment integration services that arm you with highly advanced payment solutions. We also specialise in offering you a wide range of tools like validation tools, gift cards, POS and more that help you track and manage transactions on your sweepstakes software seamlessly.

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How We Develop Sweepstakes Casino Software

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GammaStack: Your The Perfect Sweepstakes Software Development Service Provider

Esteemed Sweepstakes Software Distributors
Advanced Sweepstakes Software
Certified Sweepstakes Software Developers
Next-gen Online Sweepstakes Casino Software
13+ Years Of Experience
If you are someone who is searching for experienced and prominent sweepstakes software distributors that have been in the industry for 13+ years. The sweepstakes games software we provide comes with all the critical features that allow you to boost engagement, streamline platform management, simplify operations, boost customer retention while crafting best-in-class sweepstakes casino experiences. In our 13+ years, we have helped various entrepreneurs around the globe to achieve their goals and now you can also leverage your sweepstakes software development services to launch your sweepstakes casino.

FAQs on Sweepstakes Software Development

1. Is sweepstakes casino legal?

Yes, since sweepstakes casinos do not involve real-money gambling directly, sweepstakes casinos are legal in various parts of the world.

2. What are your sweepstakes offerings?

GammaStack offers you various sweepstakes solutions like internet cafe sweepstakes software, sweepstakes mobile app development, sweepstakes games, sweepstakes payment integrations, sweepstakes software development and more.

3. I want my own virtual currency. Can you help me with virtual currency development?

Sure, GammaStack offers you virtual currency development services that help you stand out from your competitors and cut through the clutter effectively.

4. I want to build my sweepstakes software platform from scratch. Do you offer custom sweepstakes software development services?

Yes, with our custom sweepstakes software development services that help you get all the features, design, tools as per your requirements.

5. Do you have ready to launch sweepstakes casino software?

Yes, we offer ready to launch sweepstakes casino software that helps you launch your business quickly and seamlessly.

6. What sweepstakes game types will I receive with your sweepstakes internet cafe software?

We offer various sweepstakes game types such as live dealer games, table games, slots, card games, etc.

7. Is there ready-made sweepstakes software available as well?

Yes, if you are someone who wants to enter the industry quickly, you can choose our turnkey sweepstakes casino software.

8. Which features does your software for the sweepstakes casino support?

The features include sweep coins and gold coins, daily login bonus, payment gateways, spin and win, admin dashboards, social live casino, game lobby, leaderboards, progressive jackpots and more.

9. Does GammaStack offer support or maintenance services?

Yes! To ensure the smooth operation and continued success of its software solutions, GammaStack offers comprehensive support and maintenance.

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