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How To Start An Online Sweepstakes Business in 2024: A Complete Guide

How To Start An Online Sweepstakes Business: A Complete Guide

The rise of online gambling has opened doors to various innovations. Unlike traditional casinos, online gambling offers a variety of options to gamblers while also offering the flexibility to play on their terms. In recent years, digital gambling experiences have heavily dominated the gambling industry which has also promoted various innovative ventures that also include sweepstakes gambling.

Sweepstakes casinos seem to be the next big thing for the online casino industry. It offers plenty of opportunities opportunities to gamblers who are looking for casual gambling sessions. The industry is also booming at a rapid pace, no wonder, more and more entrepreneurs are rushing to launch their sweepstakes casino business.

But, launching a business is never easy. It can be challenging as well as daunting. Hence, to make sure can move ahead with your plans of launching a successful online sweepstakes casino, we have written this blog. Whether you are a passionate entrepreneur looking to transform the gaming landscape or you are a veteran who wants to enter into a new venture, this blog will help you take a deep dive into all the insights required to start a successful online sweepstakes casino business.

But first, let’s start from the start.

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What is Sweepstakes Casino?

What is Sweepstakes Casino?

Sweepstakes casinos, also known as sweep casinos or social casinos offer casino experiences to customers. The catch? They do not allow players to wager their money directly. Instead, players are required to purchase sweep coins or gold coins, with the help of which, players can wager and play their favorite casino games.

Players get sweep coins when they sign up as sign-up Bonuses. As mentioned above, purchases can also be made. Once players have everything they need, they can start the wagering process. But what happens when the player wins?

When the player wins, he can either redeem the sweep coins for cash, or they can redeem them for merch.

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Why Choose Sweepstakes Business?

In recent years, the sweepstakes casino industry has flourished amazingly. The gambling industry has witnessed the rise of new sweepstakes casinos all over the internet and the count keeps increasing every month. Why? Because of the below reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

Why Choose Sweepstakes Business?
Step-by-step Slot Game Creation


Sweepstakes casinos promise exhilarating casino gameplay without the involvement of real money. This makes the sweepstakes casinos top choices for gamblers who are just looking for fun without the risk of losing money.

Step-by-step Slot Game Creation

Game Offerings

Sweepstakes casinos keep updating their game portfolio regularly. This allows gamblers to try and experience new games and also allows operators to enhance customer engagement.

Step-by-step Slot Game Creation

Marketing Opportunities

Various real-money casino operators have also invested in sweepstakes casinos. Why? Because sweepstakes casinos offer marketing opportunities to operators which allows them to convert casual gamblers to real-money gamblers.

Step-by-step Slot Game Creation

Better Reach

Sweepstakes casinos allow casino operators to expand their reach and also allow them to reach casual gamblers. This helps them boost their brand awareness and recognition and also helps them boost their customer base.

Step-by-step Slot Game Creation

Legal Compliance

Sweepstakes casinos are legal. Since they don't involve any real money wagering, players can play games without any restrictions. This allows real-money casino operators to leverage sweepstakes casinos to expand their reach and give a boost to their brand and online presence.

Now that we know why sweepstakes casinos are popular, let’s explore how you can leverage their popularity to your advantage by launching a successful sweepstakes software.

Choosing the Sweepstakes Software Provider

Your sweepstakes software provider will play a major role in the success of your sweepstakes business. Starting up online casino sweepstakes may come with some unseen challenges. Hence, the experience of your sweepstakes casino provider will help you severely and will contribute to the success of your sweepstakes business.

How to start an online sweepstakes business is one of the most asked questions. But, along with asking how to start a sweepstakes business, one should also ask how do you choose the ideal sweepstakes software provider for your business? Searching on Google will give you a list of tens and hundreds of providers, but there are a few factors that will help you narrow down the one that’s best for you. Choosing the best will allow you to successfully create your own online sweepstakes casino business.

Collection of Games

Games are essential to keep your customers engaged. The mode you have, the more your players have to explore and play. It’s also important to keep updating the games collection to ensure your customers stay hooked to your platform.


Type of Sweepstakes Software Solutions

Several sweepstakes software providers offer custom sweepstakes software development services, some offer ready to launch software solutions while some offer both. Make sure your sweepstakes software provider meets your needs and requirements when it comes to launching the software solution quickly or building a custom sweepstakes software solution from ground up.

New Stream Of Revenue

Years of Experience/Clientele/Geographies Served

Experience counts when it comes to choosing sweepstakes software providers. The more experience your vendor has, the better. It just implies your vendor has experience catering to various needs of operators and has insights on what it takes to launch successful business in various geographies.

Customer Services & Support

Customer Support

Every business requires support when it starts. You may have some technical queries or your team might need some support understanding the sweepstakes software. Hence, it’s important to look for a sweepstakes software provider that offers 24/7 ongoing support

How To Start A Successful Sweepstakes Business

How To Start A Successful Sweepstakes Business
Launching any business is not easy. But, with a proper road map and strategic planning, you can launch your sweepstakes business effectively.
Online Casino Software

Market Analysis

The very first step before starting any business is market analysis. Market analysis will help you gain access to valuable insights and will help you understand the demand, competition, successful sweepstakes businesses, your target audiences, and more. These insights will help you shape your business and will also allow you to create effective business strategies.

Online Casino Software

Legal Compliance

Once you’ve understood the scope of sweepstakes business, the next step is to understand the legal compliance. Since your platform will be accessed by international audiences, it’s critical to ensure that it violates any laws or regulations of any other country. If starting a sweepstakes business requires a regal permit in your targetted geographies, make sure you apply for those. Once this step is completed, you can move on to the next step.

Online Casino Software

Website Domain and Hosting

You’ll need to register the website domain name and you can easily do so. You’ll ofcourse need the hosting as well. Make sure the hosting you choose is capable of handling massive amounts of traffic from various parts of the world.

Online Casino Software

Identifying Your Target Audience

The more time and effort you spend on this step, the more effective your strategies will be. Identifying your target audience will uncover what they like, what they don't like, what features they are looking for, what games they prefer, how much time they want to spend, and if they are inclined towards trying their hand at real-money gambling. This will arm you with the critical knowledge required for deploying strategies that will bring success to your business.

Online Casino Software

Registering Your Business

Once you have a clear understanding of legal compliances in your target jurisdiction, it's time to register your business. This will help you get all the permits and licences required to get in place. Hiring an accountant will help you make the process easy and will also help you comly better with the laws.

Online Casino Software

Funds for Your Sweepstakes Business

Every business requires funds. And you won’t just need funds to start the business but you’ll need them to invest in marketing strategies, hiring staff, sweepstakes software maintenance, etc. Make sure you plan your spendings accordingly to ensure you don’t run out. Also, you can explore loan options or you can opt for crowdfunding to raise funds for your business.

Online Casino Software

Choosing the sweepstakes platform provider

Now that you know your customers, it’s time to start searching for a trusted and credible sweepstakes software provider. Make sure your sweepstakes software provider offers you all the latest features, offers 24/7 customer support, post-launch services, and regular updates. GammaStack is one of the renowned and prestigious sweepstakes software providers that equips you with feature-loaded sweepstakes software solutions.

Online Casino Software

Choosing the Platform Type

Once you have chosen your sweepstakes software provider, it’s time to think about the solution type you want to launch. You can either opt for a ready-made sweepstakes software solution or you can build your own sweepstakes casino from scratch with custom sweepstakes software development. Both types of sweepstakes software solutions come with their own set of benefits. Ready-to-launch sweepstakes software solutions can be launched in no time after customizations while custom development requires time and budget. Both support 3rd party integrations which allows you to get the tools of your choice. Once both solutions are designed and developed, they are thoroughly tested and then launched.

Online Casino Software

Sweepstakes Casino Software Design

If you are opting for a ready made sweepstakes software, the user interface will require customizations as per your branding guidelines. But, if you have opted to get your sweepstakes platform built from ground up, you can choose the designs as per your likings or business requirements. But, it’s always important for your customers to like the user interface and be able to use it with ease. Afterall, your sweepstakes casino software will be used by your customers. Ensure it’s crisp, easy to use, the colours are appealing and not too loud.

Online Casino Software

Sweepstakes Casino Software Development

Again, ready to launch sweepstakes software solutions won’t require much. If you feel some tools or features are missing, you can always opt for 3rd party integrations. But if you have opted for custom sweepstakes software development, make sure you go for features that will help you engage your customers while allowing your admins to manage your sweepstakes platform seamlessly. To get the complete feature-list, explore our sweepstakes software development.

Online Casino Software

Sweepstakes Software Testing

Testing of your software is crucial. You don’t want to offer your sweepstakes casino software with all the bugs and glitches and cause frustration in your customers. It’s important your customers get a thoroughly tested software solution that works flawlessly. Once your sweepstakes platform is thoroughly tested, it gets ready for launch. The work doesn't end here, it has just started.

Online Casino Software

Marketing Strategy

Yay! Your sweepstakes casino is live! So now what? Now comes the marketing. Marketing will remain an ongoing process and the sooner you start, the more benefits you’ll reap. Marketing will help you enhance your reach and will also allow you to build your customer base. Make sure you deploy various promotions and bonuses to encourage your leads to sign up. Also, make sure you invest in loyalty bonuses to retain your existing customers. Explore various marketing channels such as newsletters, social media, content marketing, etc and don’t underestimate the power of influencer and affiliate marketing.

Online Casino Software

Ongoing Maintenance & Updates

Your sweepstakes software will require maintenance and update installations. After all, the goal is to stay ahead of the competition and to offer the most advanced sweepstakes casino to your customers, right?

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Must-have Features of Best Sweepstakes Software

You’ve found yourself the best sweepstakes software provider and you are sure about the tech stack, the quality, and the deadline.

But, what about the features?

In this section, we’ll be discussing all the tools that will help you answer the question of how to run a sweepstakes online.

Your features will make the heart and soul of your sweepstakes business. These features will allow your admins to manage the platform seamlessly and will also allow you to enhance the customer base with the help of your customers. Make sure you get all the features listed below:
Must-have Features of Best Sweepstakes Software
Multicurrency Benefits

Custom Virtual Currency

The virtual currencies that are used in sweepstakes software solutions are called sweep coins or gold coins. But did you know that you can develop your very own virtual currency? Make sure you ask your vendor about the currency development. With GammaStack, you can seamlessly get the virtual currency developed seamlessly.

Game Statistics

Game Variety

Game variety will allow you to hook your customers to your platform. The more latest games and variations you offer to your customers, the better the engagement. Make sure you ask your vendor about the game catalogue you can get with your online sweepstakes software. Also ensure you enquire about the game providers.

Fair Pricing

Prize Redeeming

You can offer your customers two options — redeem their wins for cash or redeem their wins for merch. You can also offer one of these or you can offer both as this will allow you to keep your customers hooked to the platform.

Detailed Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboards

Admin dashboards allow your admins to manage the sweepstakes gaming platform seamlessly, without any hassle. The dashboard comes with all the essential tools that your admins need to maintain security, manage players, games and much more.

Bonuses and jackpots

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are ideal for boosting engagement seamlessly. With progressive jackpot, the jackpot keeps on multiplying after every stage which results in massive jackpot.

Bonus & Rewards System

Bonus Module

Once you start getting the leads, you’ll need to offer them something to encourage them to sign up and stay on your platform. You can create sign up bonuses, loyalty bonuses, bonus spins, bonus coins and more.

No Share of Revenue

Loyalty Shops

Loyalty shops encourage your customers to stay on your platform and play more in order to climb up the ranks and gain access to the loyalty shops. These shops offer various perks to your loyal customers and are ideal for boosting engagement.


Multiple Payment Modes

This is one of the most underrated features but you need to get this right. If your customers arent able to make the transaction, they wont be spending time on your platform. Hence, it’s critical to offer all the payment modes your customers are comfortable with. You must offer bank transfer, card payments, wallets, internet banking, and more.


Social Media Module

Social media module allows you to harness the power of your customers and boost your brand awareness and recognition. How? Your customers share their wins and other updates on all major social media platforms. This allows you to tap into their connections and followers, which leads to better marketing. It’s completely effortless, all you need is a social media module.

Performance Analysis

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics tools allow you to get access to all the critical and crucial information that’s essential for making data-driven decisions for measurable results.

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Multi-currency Support

Your sweepstakes software will be accessed by a global audience. Hence, you need to make sure your platform accepts multiple currencies.

Sports games


Gamification includes leaderboards, tournaments, cashback offers, VIP programs, jackpots, prize drops, and much more. These tools allow you to boost customer retention and also allow you to create long-term engagement.

Live Chat & Streams

Real-time Chat

Real-time chat feature enables your customers to interact with each other, form strategies and create communities and groups. This helps you to retain them better and bring traffic to your platform.

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How Gammastack Can Help You Launch A Successful Sweepstakes Business

GammaStack is one of the well-established and renowned sweepstakes software providers that specialises in developing next-gen and innovative sweepstakes software solutions. The sweepstakes platform we offer comes equipped with all the latest tools and features that are essential for seamless management and enhanced player engagement.

Our sweepstakes software solution comes with the latest and most immersive game catalogue that allows operators to offer exceptional and unforgettable gambling experiences without money. We offer 3000+ games from some of the most prestigious providers that enable you to retain your customers while boosting engagement.

Whether you are someone who wants to start a new business or you are a casino operator who wants to use sweepstakes casino for marketing, you can count on GammaStack to deploy best-in-class software solutions for your business.

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FAQs On How To Start An Online Sweepstakes Business

What is a sweepstakes casino?

Sweepstakes casino, also known as social casino/sweep coin casino and even sweep cash casino in some parts, is a platform that offers similar experiences as a real-money casino, but it doesn’t allow customers to wager directly. Instead of allowing players to place bets using money, players are required to buy sweep coins or gold coins in order to play the casino games. The wins can be later redeemed for cash or merch, as per the preference of the player.

Are sweepstakes casinos legal?

Yes, since sweepstakes casinos do not involve direct real money wagering, they are legal. Still, it’s always a good idea to check for laws and regulations in your target jurisdiction.

What are the key features of the sweepstakes gaming software?

Major highlights of our sweepstakes gaming software include virtual currencies, gamification, reporting and analytics, prize redeeming, real-time chat, social media module, and many more.

What game types are included with your sweepstakes software?

Our sweepstakes software includes a variety of game types such as table games, slots, card games, and much more.

Does your sweepstakes casino offer the option for prize redemption?

Yes, our sweepstakes software allows players to redeem their wins for cash or merch.

Do you offer sweepstakes developers for hire?

Yes, we offer sweepstakes developers for hire through our staff augmentation services. You get curated provides that you can scan and test and once you are 100% certain, you can hire and onboard. You can also hire dedicated teams for collaborations. We offer flexible engagement models that allow you to hire on your terms. Our models include fixed price, dedicated teams, and time and material. Click here to learn more about our staff augmentation services.

Can I develop my own custom virtual currency for my sweepstakes software solution?

Yes, you can get your very own, unique virtual currency developed for your sweepstakes software.