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How Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Benefits Operators

How Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Benefits Operators
The landscape of online casinos is evolving continuously and swiftly. By the year 2025, the online casino industry is expected to cross the mark of $100 Billion. Also, the industry is growing rapidly with a CAGR of 12%. The scope of the online casino industry has increased significantly, and no wonder, several operators are willing to enter the industry with their high-end software solutions.

Businesses around the globe are leveraging digitization and the online casino industry is no different. Punters are transitioning from land-based to the online gambling industry seamlessly. Hence, it’s essential to invest in marketing strategies that allow you to connect with your customers and convert effectively.

But, between traditional marketing and modern marketing methods, and numerous marketing strategies, which one do you choose? How do you decide what’s ideal for your business model?

There was a time when the internet allowed all sorts of ads to be displayed on websites. But relying solely on these isn’t a good idea as several rules ban the display of ads entirely in some regions.

Though the concept of casinos revolves around luck and chance when it comes to acquiring and retaining players, strategizing becomes the key to success.

One of the well-known strategies for acquiring and retaining punters at minimum cost is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing becomes a powerful ally when it comes to marketing your business effectively.


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Affiliate & agent programs in online poker sites

Affiliate & agent programs in online poker sites

What is Online Casino Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a well-known marketing strategy that’s known for its performance-based model. In this model, third-party casino affiliates promote the offerings of online casinos and operators pay affiliates for the leads, sales, or revenue generated. These affiliates act as a bridge between casinos and punters and charge a commission to send relevant traffic to the online casino platform.

Also, in order to promote the offerings of any businesses, the affiliate marketer is required to have a significant following and is required to submit a social proof. This model is one of the most beneficial marketing models for businesses as operators only pay for the results.

Choosing an Online Casino Affiliate Software & Affiliate Manager

Affiliate marketing requires a little investment to help you get started. But rest assured, you get maximum returns on this investment. Let’s take a look at things you’ll need to get in place before you get started.

Online Casino Affiliate Software

Choosing the right software is crucial as you’ll be managing your complete program from here. You’ll be sending out payments, generating reports, setting commission models, etc. Hence, it’s crucial to invest in a good online casino affiliate software. If you don't want to invest in a casino affiliate software, you can search for online casino providers that offer an iGaming platform along with their online casino software. This iGaming platform comes with all the critical tools such as affiliate management tools, agent management tools, PAM, bonus module, engagement tool set, gamification tools, CRM and much more. GammaStack is one such provider that offers you the iGaming platform.

Affiliate Manager

The next resource you’ll need is an affiliate manager that will be responsible for hiring affiliates, negotiating with them, resolving queries, offering them assistance, explaining commission models and more.

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Commission Models for Casino Affiliate Programs

We recently mentioned commission types for online casino affiliate programs, but what are they? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Pay Per Click

This model awards the casino affiliates whenever the potential customer clicks on the link. The commission for this model could be low as the lead might not perform any meaningful action such as sign up, form filling etc.

Highly Cost-effective Solutions

Cost Per View

Whenever a potential lead views the ad, the affiliate gets paid. Again, the commission could be lower for this model, even lower than the PPC model.


Pay Per Sale

This is the model that awards the casino affiliate to make a sale. This could include purchases or signing up. Commission for this is on the higher side as they business acquires a customer.

New Stream Of Revenue

RevShare(Revenue Share)

RevShare model, also known as revenue share model allows your affiliates to share the revenue you generate with your affiliates.


Cost Per Action

This model awards casino affiliates whenever the potential lead performs an action such as filling a form, signing up, making the first deposit,

Hybrid App Development Gammastak

Hybrid Model

Hybrid model enables you to club the revenue share model and cost per action model.

How To Set Up Casino Affiliate Program with Casino Affiliate Software

Before you jump to start your affiliate program, you’ll need some strategizing to ensure you get the results you are looking for. Below are some steps that will help you form a clear vision and create crystal clear goals:
How To Set Up Casino Affiliate Program with Casino Affiliate Software
Action games

Goals Outlining

What do you want from affiliate marketing? Do you want more people to know your brand? Do you want more online casino software visitors? Do you want more people to sign up or do you want more people to make first deposits? Answering these questions will allow you to get more clarity and strategize better.

Affiliate Programs

Your Target Affiliates

Several people join affiliate marketing to make quick bucks. But approaching everyone isn't a good idea as they may not have relevant followers. Hence, it’s important to outline your target audiences. It’s always ideal that your affiliates have relevant and significant followers to ensure conversions take place with ease.

On-demand Customisations

Outlining Commission structure

The best part about affiliate marketing is you get to make your own rules and there are several models you can choose from. The cost per acquisition model, the hybrid model or the revenue sharing model. Each model comes with its sets of pros. Hence, it’s important to take a deep dive into each to ensure you can choose the affiliate model that suits your business best.


Online Casino Affiliate Program Set-up

For setting up a casino affiliate program, you’ll ofcourse need a casino affiliate software or tool. Once you’ve got your affiliate software in place, you need to define the affiliate program by feeding it with the details of your affiliate program, the commission structure, etc.

Realistic Graphics & Animation

Affiliate Materials

Your affiliate marketers need your promotional materials. This can include various resources such as articles, banners, texts and more. This material should align with your brand guidelines and must be appealing to your target audience.


Hiring Casino Affiliates

This is the step where you start reaching out to affiliate marketers with relevant fan following. Make sure your affiliate has a good online presence with a significant fan following to spread the word about your business fast. You can reach out to bloggers, youtubers, tick-tockers, instagram influencers and more.

Mobile Responsiveness

Program Monitoring

Monitoring your program is crucial as it equips you with insights of what’s working and what’s not. This will allow you to refine your affiliate program further and will also enable you to improve the resources you offer to your resources.

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Online Casinos That Use Affiliate Marketing

The rise of social media has significantly increased the scope of affiliate marketing. More and more brands are now choosing affiliates with social media following to promote their brand. And why not? After all, you can find influencers in every niche. Online casino businesses are no different. They are also leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to promote their business.

For instance, BitStarz Casino uses affiliate marketing and offers a 40% commission to the affiliate marketers. The online casino is known for its wide range of games that include slots, table games, live casinos as well as games with massive jackpots. The casino is also developed by professional players, which makes it one of a kind.

Another example is Fortune Jack Casino. The casino pays its affiliate marketers in Bitcoin and also offers the highest commissions to the affiliate marketers. Fortune Jack is also considered one of the best Bitcoin casinos in the industry.

Why Invest in an Online Casino Affiliate Program?

Investing in affiliate marketing is one of the smartest business decisions one can take. Your customers are on the internet and it only makes sense to be where your customers are! Below are some key reasons why operators must invest in affiliate marketing.

Cost Effective Marketing

Affiliate marketing may sound fancy, but it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you’ll come across. Affiliate marketing allows you to get quality leads that are already nurtured by the influencers. This means, there is no need to spend extra bucks on nurturing these leads, and chances of conversions also become high! Also, this marketing model requires minimum risk as well as cost. You only pay the affiliate when the lead makes the first deposit, which makes this model highly profitable in the long run.

Performance Based Model

You pay the influencers or online casino affiliates for only quality and measurable results. This model also encourages influencers or affiliates to promote your offerings effectively to earn commissions.

Access to Quality Audience

Publishers promote your offerings to a specific group of people who are already interested in your niche. This boosts the chances of conversions and also gives you access to broader groups as well as target audiences.

Performance Metrics

Affiliate marketing offers businesses valuable insights and data, which allows businesses to analyze the performance of the campaign and measure their ROI. This also promotes data-driven decision which allows businesses to optimize their strategies.


As the business grows, affiliate marketing campaigns can be scaled seamlessly, which allows you to reach a broader set of audiences and convert customers.

Shooting for Success: Tips for Successful Online Casino Affiliate Programs

Creating casino affiliate programs is easy. But you need to follow some tips to insure long-term success. Below are some points that will help you create a long-term success for your business:
Platform Reliability

Long Term Relationships

Don’t jump from one affiliate to another to generate results. Shoot for long term relationships with your current affiliates and offer them regular support, clear communication, and constructive feedback to help them perform well.

Rewards On Path

Offer Worthy Reward

Online casino affiliates invest time to promote their offerings. And hence, they look for affiliate programs that are worth their time. Hence, it’s crucial to offer them better and competitive commission to ensure they stick around to promote your offerings and generate quality leads.


Invest In Marketing Material

The marketing material you offer to your gambling affiliates will create a major impact on the results your affiliates will generate. Hence, it becomes important to make sure you invest in good quality marketing material.


Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics enable you to analyse the overall performance. This allows you to refine your strategy and allows you to improve your affiliate program and affiliate material.

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How Online Casino Affiliate Program Can Help Your Business

How Online Casino Affiliate Program Can Help Your Business
Affiliate marketing can do wonders for your business in multiple areas. Below are some of the key areas that majorly benefit from your affiliate marketing campaigns.
Online Casino Software

Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing allows you to reach an audience that might still need to learn your business. When your affiliate markets have a good following, you can effectively reach your target audience and effectively boost your brand awareness and recognition.

Online Casino Software


Affiliate marketing sends quality traffic to your online casino platform. And since these leads are already nurtured, they are easy to convert. You just need to good sign-up bonus and high-end online casino software to improve conversions.

Online Casino Software


When influencers or online casino affiliates with large social followings promote your brand, people trust your business. Why? Because they trust the publisher! The connection your online casino affiliates share with their followers makes people believe in your online casino business, which means more conversions and enhanced retention.

Online Casino Software

Higher ROI

The best part of affiliate marketing is, that you pay for only quality and measurable results. This translates to higher ROI in the long run and also provides online casino platforms with better customers.

Online Casino Software

Global Reach

Online casinos are accessed by global audiences. Hence, while marketing your business, it’s important to think about global reach. Affiliate marketing allows you to tap into global markets and allows you to reach potential customers all around the globe.

How GammaStack Can Equip You with Feature-loaded Crash Casino Game

Looking for ways to leverage affiliate marketing for your online casino business? GammaStack can help! At GammaStack, we offer you marketing assistance services where our teams offer you complete guidance on how you can leverage affiliate marketing effectively to give a boost to your business.

In addition to this, we also offer online casino software development services, online casino game development services, provably fair game development services as well as mini-casino software development services.

Armed with 12+ years of experience in the iGaming industry and teams of 350+ professional designers and developers, we become your perfect pick for all your online casino needs. Over the years, we have empowered various small and large operators around the globe and now you can also leverage our offerings and services to give a boost to your business.

FAQs on How Online Casino Affiliate Marketing Benefits Operators

What is online casino affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that allows casino owners to promote their offerings with the help of affiliate marketers. This model benefits casinos as well as online casino affiliates as online casinos pay for only high-quality results and online casino affiliates get to earn a chunk of the commission.

What are the benefits of choosing an online casino affiliate program model?

Affiliate marketing allows casinos to generate nurtured leads which allows them to save costs of nurturing leads. Also, online casinos only pay for quality leads that help them convert better and acquire more customers.

Can I target a specific region for marketing my business through affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can target the geography of your choice with affiliate marketing.

Do you offer marketing assistance to your customers?

Yes, we offer marketing assistance to our customers that helps them enhance their reach, brand awareness, and brand recognition and also helps them generate and convert more leads.

What are your offerings in the online casino domain?

Our offerings include online casino software development, online casino game development, provably fair game development, mini-casino development, ready-to-launch games, live dealer games, and much more. Get in touch with us today to know more!