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Looking for best-in-industry and unmatched sweepstakes developers for hire? Looking for ways to extend your teams with top talent? GammaStack can help you build effective teams. At GammaStack, we offer you highly talented and seasoned teams of sweepstakes developers who hold years of experience and tailor high-end and future-proof sweepstakes software solutions. Our developers specialize in the latest tech stack which ensures you get the most advanced sweepstakes software solution in the market. Choose from our pool of talented developers and start building your teams today!

Superior Features That Make Unmatched Online Sweepstakes Software

Gold coins

Provide your customers with gold coins on sign up and help them get started.

Sweep Coins

Enable your customers to get sweep coins through bonuses and rewards. Sweep coins can be exchanged for cash prices.

Daily Login Bonus

Offer a daily login bonus to your customers and help them refill their gold coins.

Spin & Win

Spin and win is another great way of offering your customers with gold coins.

Coin Purchase Subscription Models

Allow your customers to choose the most suitable coin purchase subscription model and enable them to refill their coins automatically.

Games Variety

Our sweepstakes software comes equipped with various game titles and varieties.

Social live casino

Provide your customers a plethora of live casino games and keep them hooked for longer.

Game lobby

Game lobby allows you to display your complete collection of games in one place.

Game Filters

Game filters allow your customers to easily find the games they are looking for within a few clicks.

Special Offers

Allow your customers to collect free gold coins through special offers.

Progressive Jackpot

Offer larger jackpots with our progressive jackpots feature that helps you boost engagement on your platform.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty shops allow you to boost engagement and offer various perks like free coins, spins, and more to your customers.


Leaderboards enable you to boost excitement and enthusiasm effectively.

Bonus Module

The bonus module allows you to boost engagement, excitement as well as participation in your sweepstakes software.

Social Media Module

Give a boost to your marketing efforts with our social media module that helps your players spread the word about your business via social media.

Rank-based Access

Encourage your players to climb up the rank ladder with our rank-based access feature.

Prize redeeming

Enable your customers to exchange their sweep coins for cash prizes.

Refer & Earn

Our refer and earn feature allows you to build your customer base with the help of your customers.

Real-time chat

The live chat option helps you promote player communities and also helps you facilitate quality interactions in real-time.

Events & Competitions

Events and competitions allow your customers to win gold coins and sweep coins.

Live Chat Support

Enable your customers to find quicker resolution through live chat support.

Admin back office

Offer your admins an array of advanced tools and features for seamless management of your sweepstakes software.


Make relevant recommendations about games, providers and more with personalization.

Coming soon

Coming soon section helps you create the buzz about your upcoming features, events, and tournaments.

Multiple Payment Modes

Allow your players to use the payment mode that’s most convenient for them with our multiple payment modes.

Multi-currency Support

Multi Currency support enables you to cater to global audiences effortlessly.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate management tools allow you to manage your leads, conversions, commissions and more.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics tools allow you to get critical insights and make data-driven decisions.

Promo SMS & Emails

SMS and emails allow you to promote your offerings, upcoming features, events and more.

FAQs section

Provide everything your customers need with the FAQ section.

Game categories

Game categories enable you to organise your games effectively.

Perks Of Choosing Our Sweepstakes Developers


Certified Professionals

Get access to certified professionals and choose the ideal candidate.


Candidate Testing

Conduct tests to filter out the candidates and find your best match with candidate testing.


Adherence to Industry Standards

The sweepstakes casino software solution our teams deliver adheres to high industry standards.


Quick Launch

Our teams of certified sweepstakes developers ensure you get your sweepstakes platform within the provided time frame.


On-time Delivery

Get the delivery always on time. Our teams strive to deliver world-class sweepstakes software on or before the deadline.


Immersive Graphics & Sounds

Immerse your customers in mesmerising graphics and high-quality sound effects that come with our sweepstakes casino software.


Time Zone-Based Availability

Our teams for developers are always
available based on your
time zone.


Experienced Developers

Our teams of developers hold years of experience which allows you to get the most advanced sweepstakes software.


Latest Tech Stack

Our teams of sweepstakes developers are fluent in all the latest tech stacks which allows you to get the latest software solutions.


Seamless Communication

Our teams of sweepstakes developers always keep you in the loop to ensure you stay updated always.

Explore Our Engagement Models

Time & Material

This model allows you
to hire sweepstakes
developers for a few hours
or so. This model is ideal for
tasks like bug fixing, updates installations, etc.

Dedicated Teams

Instead of hiring one single developer, you hire dedicated teams that help you achieve your goals quickly. Our dedicated teams can work individually or can also collaborate with
your teams.

Fixed Price

The fixed price model
is ideal for businesses
that have projects with
pre-defined scope,
deadlines, and

Get the Most Value from Our Sweepstakes Developers

Bespoke Sweepstakes Software Development

Looking for custom sweepstakes software development? Our teams of sweepstakes developers can help! Our sweepstakes developers can assist your teams to speed up the project development.

Turnkey Sweepstakes

Are you someone who wants to launch your turnkey sweepstakes software? Our teams of developers can help you with customizations, 3rd party integrations and testing.

Sweepstakes Mobile

Looking to launch your very own sweepstakes mobile app? Hire sweepstakes developers from us! Get the most advanced native as well as hybrid sweepstakes mobile apps with the help of our developers.

Internet Sweepstakes Software Solutions

Get the sweepstakes software that works smoothly across various devices for your internet cafes with the help of our online sweepstakes software developers.

Sweepstakes Payment

Get all the payment gateways integrated into your existing or new sweepstakes software with the help of our sweepstakes casino software developers.


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How You Can Hire Sweepstakes Developers from GammaStack

Requirement Evaluation
Idea Analysis
Resume shortlisting
Screening and Candidate Testing
Sketch Creation
Candidate On-boarding
Easy Team Scaling or Downsizing
Advanced Sweepstakes Software
Top-notch Sweepstakes Developers
On-demand Hiring
Flexible Engagement Models

GammaStack is a well-known and well-established sweepstakes developers provider that helps large and small organizations hire top talent on their terms, as per their business requirements. The sweepstakes software solution developed by our sweepstakes developers comes with all the latest features and tools that help you boost your business. In addition to this, our developers are proficient in the latest tech stack, which allows you to get the latest sweepstakes software solution that adheres to the latest industry standards. Get armed with our latest sweepstakes software solution and start climbing ladders of success today!


1. What engagement models do you offer?

Our engagement models include time and material, fixed price, and dedicated teams.

2. What features are included with your sweepstakes software solution?

Some of the key features include a bonus module, refer and earn, a social media module, reporting and analytics, admin dashboards, and many more.

3. Do you offer virtual currency development services?

Yes, you can develop your very own virtual currency with GammaStack.

4. Can your teams collaborate with my existing teams?

Yes, our teams can collaborate with your teams seamlessly.

5. Will your teams be able to work in my time zone?

Yes, the hired candidates will work seamlessly in your time zones.

6. Is it necessary to work with a sweepstakes software distributor?

A sweepstakes distributor brings years of experience and industry expertise to the table. A sweepstakes software distributor also provides you an advanced sweepstakes casino software that comes with all the essential features crucial for succeeding.

7. Does my customer have the option of redeeming their wins?

Yes, your customers can redeem their wins for cash with the help of sweep coins.

8. How much does sweepstakes software development cost?

Several factors affect sweepstakes software development costs, including the software solutions' complexity, the number of features required, customization requirements, etc.

9. In terms of sweepstakes software development, what are the advantages of hiring a GammaStack developer?

An experienced GammaStack developer will be extremely helpful when developing sweepstakes software. We at GammaStack ensure that you will receive high-quality, customised sweepstakes software which is tailored to your specific requirements and objectives by utilising our extensive knowledge of the gaming sector and skill in creating custom software.



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