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Top-Class Sports Betting Software Solutions

Edge your betting operations and your users’ betting excitement as never before with the finest sports betting solution and development services by GammaStack. GammaStack is the leading sports betting software provider which not only offers excellent betting services that are ready to deploy and also provides the ease of wanted customisations and third-party add-ons. Our omnichannel, geographically localised, one-touch betting and other tools and features make it the most advanced and engaging platform to bet on.

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Key Perks We Offer In Our Sports Betting Solution


Zero Revenue Share

Let’s get your sports betting solution deployed with single-cost benefits, meaning you have to pay no more further as an additional cost.


Enhanced Predictions

Our software for sports betting comes with top algorithms and predictive analytics to flexibly enhance more bets logically.


Journey Mapping

Get your betting progresses visualised in a process map or roadmap which showcases your journey till now.


Bets Builder

Place the bets on every event you want to, and add them using the bet builder which helps in easy management and tracking of all bets.


Security & Encryption

Get complete security, safety, and encryption promised with the betting software added and keep the betting adventure risk-free.



Grab the benefit of adding your sports betting solutions with the cross-compatibility of devices like web, mobile, desktop, etc.


Smart Contracts

Using our smart contract benefit, benefit your betting software with complete immutability, transparency, and standardisation.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Use the advantage of multi-factor authentication which allows users to be safe from any kind of suspicious activity and logins.


Multilingual Feature

Get your sports betting solutions in multiple languages for easy international reach, using our multilingual tool.


Easy Profile/User Registrations

GammaStack provides betting software services with an easy profiling and registration process to help punters engage in betting.

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Panels Offered - Sports Betting Solutions

We have got a single-touch panel system for our players for their quick and easy access to multiple features like
Design and Development

Registration/Login Window

Real-time Chat Support

Chat Support


Leaderboard & Journey Map

Robust Admin Dashboard

Odds & Data

Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System


Real-time and Time-based Settlements

Sports Directory

Betting markets and bet types covered

Bet Guides

Easing your bookmaking activities always with the comprehensive agent panel system that includes
Sports Betting App Customer Support Panel

Customer Support

Finance Management

Finance Management

Creation and Deletion of Player’s Accounts

Player Account Management

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management & Support

Manage Schedules

Bet Lines & Odds

Calendar and Schedule

Schedules & Calendar

24/7 Support GammaStack

Technical Support

Easing the accessibility and management of the sports betting solution for all our outsourced vendors and administrators, the panel consists of
fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


Calendar and Schedule

Calendar Management

Security Assurance

Security Management

Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System

Wallets & Finances

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Referral Bonus




White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Admin Panel

Admin-Player Support

Esports Tournament Chats

Chat Services

Odds and Sports Data Integration

Odds Management

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Special Features Of Sports Betting Software Development Services

Bet Simulation

With the benefits of advanced algorithms and multiple factorial predictions, we engineer simulated winners and results for each game linked with line movements and odds.

Easy Configuration

Our sports betting solution can customise crucial parameters such as odds, risks, payouts, time-based controls, etc.

Detailed Betting Statistics and History

Now deliver detailed stats and complete history of bets to your users seamlessly with our betting stats and history feature.

Live Feeds

GammaStack developed betting solutions that offer live feeds tools to keep users informed about the current matches and live scores.

Several Betting Markets Covered

Our sports betting solution covers wider bet markets that boost the engagement of your users on the platform.

Admin Dashboards

Our admin dashboards come with several features and tools that enable admins to facilitate an engaging betting experience.

Agent System

We offer sports betting solutions with a rich, well-distributed network of agents to ease punters’ betting experience.

Gaming Configurations

Online casinos, slots, lotteries, etc. are some related games that we offer in configuration with the sports betting platform.

Geo-Enabled Localisation

Based on what is popular in a specific country or region, the sports betting solution will rank the particular sports on top ranks with our geo-based approach.

Widget-Based API

In addition to our pre-built widgets, our APIs enable you to create and deploy your own widgets without any hassle.

Diverse Sports, & Esports

Our sports betting platform supports popular sports as well as esports to help punters with wider

Various Sports Covered

Our sports betting solution supports several sports such as football, baseball, hockey, volleyball, wrestling, golf, tennis, etc.

Multiple Bet Styles

The sports betting solution by us covers a list of betting types like traditional bets, over/under, handicaps, etc.

Social Media Sharing

Our social media sharing tools give a boost to your marketing strategy by spreading the word about your

Multi-currency Support

Our sports betting solution supports multiple currencies such as fiats, cryptocurrencies, and international currencies too.

Wallet Integrations

Get your digital and e-wallets integrated into your sports betting solutions and services to avoid issues of financial management.

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Sports betting software

Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

Custom Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

White Label Sportsbook software

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Know About Various Bet Types

In-Game Settings


Parlays is one of the betting styles which offer two bets that generate different results in order to win bets strategically.



The over/under betting range involves setting a threshold, a specific number setup, and betting either over or under the bet range to win.

Game Logic Development

Pool Betting

This is another betting type where punters place similar bets in one pool and distributes the wins among punters accordingly.



Handicaps come with offering benefits and challenges to players as per their strengths and weaknesses in betting, to make it more challenging.

Easy Way

Each Way

The each-way betting style uses two bets viz. Set bet and win bet which gives less-risky and moderate wins at the end.



Win or lose, the head-to-head style accompanies only two results and thus makes bets more analytical.

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What Sports & Esports To Cover In Betting Solutions?

The sports betting solutions offered by GammaStack can be accompanied with a superb range of sports that include but are not limited to.

Process We Follow For Sports Betting Solutions Development

Need Analysis
Software Planning
Planning & Sketching
Wireframing & Sketching
Front-End Setup
Back-End Setup
Back-End Designing
Back-End Setup
3rd Party Integrations
Custom Systemization
Custom Systemization
Marketing Assistance
Marketing Support
Launch &  Post-Launch Help
Launch & Execution
Post-Launch Help
Post-Launch Help
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User-friendly Solutions
Regularly Exclusive Offers
Statistical Bet Analysis
Simulator Bets Provision
Quality Assured

GammaStack is the one-stop shop for all you sports betting solutions needs and requirements. Equipped with strong experience and positioning in the industry for 8+ years, GammaStack brings you a feature-loaded sports betting software that boosts your revenue by keeping our audience engaged and by delivering an outstanding betting experience. Our teams of highly creative designers and highly proficient developers develop cutting edge custom, readymade, and even third-party solutions that come with all the latest features and functionalities. So, why wait when you can get the best sports betting solution from GammaStack now!

FAQs - Sports Betting Solutions

1. What is a sports betting solution?

The sports betting solution offers access to a wide range of markets, events, and leagues where punters can bet on and mint profitable wins out of it.

2. Is betting on sports safe?

Yes, betting on sports is safe if you are using a completely secured and encrypted sports betting platform.

3. Is it legal to bet on sports?

Well, the legal concerns of betting vary from region to region. A list of countries such as states in the USA, the UK, have already legalised sports betting whereas many other countries are still awaiting the same.

4. How can I customise my betting solutions?

With GammaStack, we offer complete access to customise your sports betting platform just as you need it.

5. Where can I get ready-to-launch sports betting software services?

Get the best, timely, and quality betting solutions from GammaStack to benefit your business with early market entry.

6. Can I add cryptocurrencies in the sports betting solutions?

Yes, add as many cryptocurrencies as you want in the sports betting solutions and advance international and immutable payments while betting.

7. What other gaming solutions do GammaStack offer?

We offer fantasy sports, slots, lotteries, online casinos, and many other games along with sports betting to our clients for wider gaming adventure.

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