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GammaStack offers an all-exclusive and comprehensive sports betting app that is integrated with all the requisite features.

  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS App
  • Cross-platform Hybrid App
  • Quick Time to Market
  • 25+ Sports Covered
  • 10+ Languages
  • 100+ Betting Markets

Sports Betting App Developers - Experts in the iGaming industry

Sports Betting allows users to take a personal interest in the games they already love. A billion dollar business model, we help you create enticing and robust sports betting app. Right from contact sports – cricket betting app development to casino betting app development, we do it all. We are active in 100+ betting markets and have successfully worked on more than 40 projects with a collective experience of more than 8 years in the iGaming industry. Our work portfolio includes top-notch games like MyDraftClub, Fourcaster Sports, Criksix, and Acebusters.


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Sports Betting App Development Features

Sports Betting Solution

Tap and Bet

All bets are only a tap away. Users don’t have to navigate a complicated betting system; all bets can be made with a single click. This feature allows even the technophobes can place bets easily.
Sports Betting Software - GammaStack


Allow users to sync their life with upcoming games so that they can plan their other routine activities accordingly and do not miss the event in which they desire to bet.
Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

Wide Selection Of Sports

Enable your users to choose which games to bet on by giving them a wide selection to choose from. You can retain more users and have more bets flying in on multiple sports instead of specifically catering to only one sport.
Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

Admin Dashboard

Our sports betting software and app come with a comprehensive admin dashboard for analysing, managing and monitoring a plethora of crucial betting operations.

Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

Engaging User Interface

Engaging and easily navigable user interface is designed by our innovative team for keeping your players attracted to your platform.
Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

Compatible on Android & iOS Platforms

Our sports betting mobile app is highly compatible on android as well as iOS platforms for easing up the betting process for your users.
Sports Betting App Development Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Adding a social aspect to the betting app development lends it a real-world aspect. Users are able to share what games they are betting on with their friends and family.

Fantasy Sports Software


Send players the latest updates about the games they are interested in, money they have won and all the bets they have placed.

Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

Interface With Live Sports

Users can enjoy live games and stay updated about live scores while placing bets right from the app. This nifty feature gives a real-world feel to the app and doubles the user engagement.
Player Level Betting


Make the app fair play even for first-time users. Betting tips boost customer retention and increase the number of bets users place by improvising their betting skills through expert guidance and tips.
Anti fraud security

Cryptocurrency and Fiat Payment Options

Our sports betting app comes with multiple fiat as well as cryptocurrency payment options for enabling safe and easy transactions for your bettors.

Need Custom Features?

Major Sports Covered in our Sports Betting App

Need More Sports?

Sports Betting App Development - Advanced Features

Looking for advanced features of sports betting app development? We offer some potent features along with our common features.

Sports Betting Solution

Dynamic User Experience

Increase the popularity of your app with intuitive and highly targeted advertisements and notifications. Deliver the latest sports news and scores to allow users to place smart bets.

Sports Betting Solution

Multiple Bets

The users coming on your platform can place multiple bets at a time without facing any level of inconvenience as our sports betting mobile application is well-tested in high betting frequency environments

Sports Betting Solution


Offer support to users from a diverse background and allow players to operate the app in their native language. Adding this feature during the betting app development will make your app very popular in the long run.

Sports Betting Solution

Robust Back-End

This is a crucial feature in betting app development. The back end has to be robust enough to support the increased traffic and not crash when it is high demand.

Need More advanced features?

Different Types Of Sports Betting

Our Sports betting app development includes offering a wide variety of betting types.
Sports Betting Solution


Single bets are excellent for first-time users allowing them to participate in low risk situation. Stakes only cost a single unit of the currency and it is super easy to calculate the profits from the bets.

H2H Betting Software

Head To Head

The most popular betting on the web, Head to Head allows users to bet on the outcome of the game. They win if their team wins and lose if the team loses.

Sports Betting Solution


This online betting market is more popular with card or casino games, free throws or any game that has a countable statistic. The bets are placed over ‘X’ number or under ‘X’ number.

Sports Betting Solution


Another popular betting market is Handicaps and players usually place bets on more traditional contact sports.

Sports Betting Solution

Each Way

Widely popular among punters who take an active interest in horse racing, Each Way has players place bets in advance and they are paid a fraction of the Win odds.

Sports Betting Solution


This is a high-risk high-reward situation. Players can typically win big or lose big in this type of betting.

Sports Betting Solution


This type of bet requires users to make 2 selections of which both should come out winning for the player to make money.

Sports Betting Solution


Similar to double, Treble requires 3 bets to be successful for the player to make any money.

Want to Include More Betting Types?

Our Back Office Solution

Our Sports Betting Mobile App Development Technology Stack


- Development Languages

  • Objective C
  • Swift

- Frameworks

  • Cocoa touch
  • Core Data
  • SiriKit
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • React native

- Development Toolset

  • iOS SDK
  • XCode
  • Appcelerator
  • Visual Studio


- Development Languages

  • Java
  • Kotlin language

- Frameworks

  • Xamarin
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • React native

- For Integrated Development

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • Appcelerator
  • Visual Studio

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Sports Betting Mobile App Development - Panels

Our process of sports betting app development allows you to benefit as much as your users enjoy and gain from the app.


Create a user account for punters

Cryptocurrency And Fiat

Support both crypto and fiat currencies

Smooth Navigation

Use an app that never crashes and has an easy interface


Live Feed

Enjoy the live feed



Use a secure app without worrying about privacy


Get timely updates about the bets placed and games outcomes


In-App Purchases

Make in-app purchases seamlessly

Live Feed

Stay up to update with the live scores



Keep a close eye on the upcoming games to map out when to place bets


Betting Tips

Get great betting tips within the app

Sports Selection

Choose the sports you are interested in and place bets

Betting Patterns

Choose from the available betting patterns

Bookmaker Account:

Keep a tab on all the bets you place on behalf of your clients

Manage Schedules

See all the upcoming games and fixtures in the app

Manage Users

Manage your clients easily from the app


Betting Tips

Send your clients useful betting tips

Send Notifications

Send relevant messages to your clients when needed

Live Updates

Get live scores and updates in the app.


Set your availability as per your convenience

Sports Betting App Customer Support Panel

Customer Support

Talk to customer support and resolve your issues right away.

Manage Games

Get complete control over the games.

Sports Betting App Betting Tips Panel

Manage Accounts

Control players accounts if required in case of a discrepancy.

Sports Betting App Secure Payment Panel

Secure Payment

Get paid securely by the players and bookies.

Sports Betting App Live Feed

Live Updates

Get updates on all the bets placed, scores and upcoming fixtures.

Sports Betting App Bookmaker Management Panel

Bookmaker Management

Manage all the bookies from the admin panel.

Customer Support

Access customer support whenever needed.

Sports Betting App Account Panel


View all the analytics on the dashboard.

Our Sports Betting Mobile Application Development Process

The overall mobile application development process involves different steps that are carried out in a systematic manner in order to ensure that the final outcome is a flawless, feature-rich and well-customized sports betting mobile app. The steps involved are as follows:-

Project management

1. Concept Documentation

Project management

2. Project Planning

Sports Betting Solution

3. Prototyping

Sports Betting Solution

4. Software Designing

Project management

5. Development Process


6. QA & Testing

Sports Betting Solution

7. Support and Maintenance

User-friendly and Interactive Sports Betting Mobile Application
Secure Platform with Safe Payment Methods
On-demand Customizations

Why GammaStack?

Multiple Betting Markets Supported
Reliable Third-Party Integrations
Expeditious Market Time

GammaStack helps sports betting businesses in climbing higher ladders of success by serving them an unparalleled sports betting mobile application development solution and sports betting software solutions. Witnessing the increasing graph of mobile users in today’s era, our state-of-the-art sports betting mobile application helps the businesses in engaging more count of audience and enhancing their revenue model


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Second-to-none Sports Betting Platform Vendor

 GammaStack is a name that can be trusted upon as a second-to-none sports betting platform and mobile app vendor. We develop the sports betting app that perfectly suits your business requirement.

Updates About The Sports Betting World

  • Sports betting is still pending in Connecticut.
  • Louisiana started sports betting at tribal casinos.
  • Canada’s first sports betting broadcast has been released on the market.
  • Sports betting in Maryland is making progress in the market.
  • Second compact ready for publication brings CT sports inches closer.

Sports Betting App FAQ

I have a sports betting website. Why should I invest in a sports betting app?

There is no doubt that responsive websites are mobile compatible and they get the job done, but for exceptional user experience and outstanding betting experience, mobile applications are a must. Mobile applications are more user-friendly and provide users ease of access, which helps your users to navigate, explore, and place bets without any hassle.

What are the advantages of a sports betting app?

Mobile applications enable you to occupy markets for smaller screens as well. In the past few years, more than 40% of bets were placed via mobile phones. And having a mobile application that works seamlessly enables you to provide better betting experience and enables your users to place bets anytime, from anywhere. More your users place bets, more is your profit.

What are the features of a sports betting mobile app?

A sports betting application comes with tap and bet, live sport, leaderboards, social sharing modules, player betting tips, crypto and fiat integration, multi-lingual support, robust back-end, and top-notch user experience.

What sports bets are supported in sports betting applications?

Several bet types are supported in sports betting applications namely singles, totals, multiple, handicaps, each way, treble, double, and many more.

How can a sports betting application boost my business?

Sports betting applications provide better user experience and betting experience as compared to a responsive website. Also, it gives players the freedom to place bets on the go. This helps in boosting the engagement of the players and also helps you boost your business. No wonder several sportsbooks are now getting their sports betting applications developed.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is basically an activity that involves prediction of sports results and then placing a bet on the outcome.

Is sports betting mobile application useful?

Yes, sports betting mobile application is useful as nowadays there is a tremendous increase in the count of mobile users thus a sports betting application will ease up and enhance their betting experience.

How is it useful for sports betting businesses to launch the sports betting mobile apps?

It is quite useful for sports betting businesses to launch their sports betting mobile apps as it will be an additional revenue model for them that will help in higher user engagement.

Why is it important to choose a trusted sports betting mobile application development company?

A trusted sports betting mobile app development company possess a team of expert designers, developers and testers that ensures smooth development process and implementation of all the features efficiently.

What are the important features that a sports betting mobile application must have?

Some of the important features possessed by a sports betting mobile application includes:-
-> Multiple Sports Coverage
->Live Scores
->Multiple Payment Gateways
-> Reliable Third-Party Integrations
->Multilingual Support
-> Real-Time Statistics

Which is a reliable sports betting mobile application development company?

GammaStack is one of the most reliable sports betting mobile application development companies that offers feature-rich sports betting mobile application with all the on-demand customizations as per the requirement.

What are different platforms that should be supported in a sports betting mobile application?

The platforms that should be supported in a sports betting mobile application includes Android and iOS

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The sports betting app created by GammaStack has advanced features of sports betting that allow us to offer better services to our users. We were thankful to GammaStack for offering us high-quality solutions as per our user’s demands.

Joe Lennon, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/15

GammaStack delivered us the best sports betting app with top-rated features of sports betting. They were always reachable on time and never let us down in quality. We recommend others to try the offerings of GammaStack.

Emily Hunter, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/15

The sports betting app developed by GammaStack covers all major sports that helped us in attracting a large number of users in the market. It helped us to sustain in the market and fulfill the demands of our targeted users.

Charl Wilson, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/14

GammaStack’s sports betting app brings huge profitability to our business and enables us to create a customized platform for our audience as per the market trends. Thanks, GammaStack for offering such a unique platform to our audience.

Robert Williams, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/14

If you are looking for a sports betting app development company that can build a feature-rich app for your users then GammaStack would be the right place for you. They fulfilled our expectations and never let us down.

Date: 2021/10/13

GammaStack and its team are known for creating a top-of-the-notch sports betting app and they delivered us a ready-to-go solution that brings huge profits to our business. We were thankful to the team for all their efforts in developing a sports betting app for us.

Cannon Oliver, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/13

The sports betting app created by GammaStack has top-notch features of sports betting that covers all major sports that can influence the right audience towards our platform. We were grateful to the team for all their contribution to our sports betting app.

Date: 2021/10/12

We always wanted to have a sports betting app with various features that can influence a huge audience in the market. We would work with the team in our upcoming projects to offer the best possible solutions to them.

Date: 2021/10/12

The sports betting app developed by GammaStack has advanced features of sports betting. It leads our business to a great extent and allows us to develop better gaming platforms for our targeted audience. Thanks, GammaStack.

Jeremy Corbyn, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/11

GammaStack offered us the best sports betting app that covers all major sports and enabled us to sustain in the competitive market. We were grateful to the team for all their services and offerings.

Laura Kuenssberg, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/11

GammaStack and its team are known for developing a customized sports betting app for their users. They never compromised on quality and offered us an exact match as per our desires. Thanks, GammaStack.

Paul Joyce, CameroonGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/08

The sports betting app created by GammaStack has top-rated features of sports betting. It helped us to influence a large number of audiences in the market. We will definitely work with the team on our upcoming projects.

Herman Eliot , CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/08

The sports betting app created by GammaStack has top-rated features of sports betting. It helped us to earn huge revenue and influence the targeted audience effectively. Thanks, GammaStack for all your contribution in developing a customized sports betting app for us.

Date: 2021/10/07

GammaStack’s sports betting app covers all major sports that contributed to generating huge revenue. We appreciate the efforts done by the team of developers and designers. We will work with them on our upcoming projects.

Will Boston, GermanyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/07

The sports betting app developed by GammaStack comes with advanced features of sports betting that fulfill our business goals. We appreciate the efforts done by the team in developing a sports betting app for us. Thanks, GammaStack.

Mark Dormer, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/05
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 33 reviews
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