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Top 10 Odds Providers for Sports Betting Websites 2024

Top 10 Odds Providers for Sports Betting Websites
The online world of sports betting is rising tremendously and comes with pre-loaded features, tools and functionalities that overcome day-to-day challenges faced by users and visitors. To keep the business high-standard among the competition, having top-notch sports betting data providers that enable their users a more convenient and easiest form of entertainment is crucial.

While there are a plethora of betting odds aggregators available, we ensure that only you only choose a betting odds aggregator that is reliable yet cost-efficient. A lot of sports betting details depend on odds, the precision of which assists punters to be engaged to a website that gives more precise betting odds.

Picking up the right betting odds API provider could be painstaking. While there are hundreds of data and odds providers for sports betting, choosing the best among them can be time taking. And we are here to take you out of this dubious situation as we bring the top 10 odds providers that can be the best fit for your sports betting software platform. Before we begin with the listicle, let’s have a glance at the odds, how they work and their types in the sports betting business – all information in a single blog below.

What are the Odds and Odds API Providers in Sports Betting?

If you are someone who is into regular betting then the term “odds” can sound familiar to you. Odds are nothing but the probability of an outcome in a sporting event. Sports betting odds are the interpretations related to wins and losses of a specific sports event, matches, teams, players, etc.

Wondering sports betting are values or numbers that punters place their wager on, and odds, on the other hand, are provided by the odds providers which offer statistical logic and make the betting convenient. That’s why they are rightly called third-party odds API providers. Betting odds vary depending on the place, time, location, or event.

Different Types of Sports Betting Odds Explained

Sports betting odds aggregators differ from country to country. Although the value for the odds remains the same, it’s just the perspective that is changed. In other ways, the payout money is the same in all cases. Depending on the part of the world a user is betting, odds can be of three types:
Let’s learn more about the aforementioned odds in detail:
Sports Betting Odds
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American Odds

American odds are primarily used by gamblers based out of the United States. American bets are also known as money line odds or US odds. The sports betting odds NFL for favourites and underdogs are accompanied by a minus (-) and they not can (+) sign respectively. We will see with an example in the next section how these odds work for a stake to win $100.

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Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are also known as European odds, digital odds or continental odds and are common in European countries like Ukraine, Italy and France, and common among Australians. Decimal odds are simpler and easy to understand, especially for beginners. The decimal odds number represents the amount one wins for every $1 wagered.

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Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are mostly used throughout the UK and Ireland and are also known as UK odds. These are the oldest forms of odds as they came first with horse race betting, also called traditional odds. These odds are a bit complex as they are written in “fractions” and beginners may find it a bit dubious. These are typically represented with a “slash (/)” or a “hyphen (-),” e.g. 4/1 or 4-1 and announced as “four-to-one.”

So, these are the major types of odds that are used in different regions. Although the way they are written changes, their meaning remains the same.
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How do Odds work in Betting?

So, now that you know the different types of odds, let’s have a clear understanding of how these odds work one by one:

American Odds

The favourites are signified with a negative symbol and underdog with a positive symbol. If given two players of the game you want to bet upon namely Duke and Lycus and here are the odds for them:

Player’s NameBetting Odds

Here Duke has a higher probability of winning the game according to your bookmaker than Lycus. So, if you want to bet on Lycus, you need to stake $100 to win $585, and in that case, if Lycus wins the game, you win your initial stake of $100 back along with the $585.

On the contrary, where Duke has higher chances of winning, you would need $760 to bet on Duke to win $100. So, the total payout would be $860 ($760 stake + $100 profit won).

Odds can change as the match or an event proceeds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds are the direct representation of the amount one wins at every $1 wager at stake.

Total Payout =Stake * Decimal Odds

For instance:

Different Types of Odds in Sports Betting

If you stake $100 on a decimal odds of 1.80 for Chelsea and you win the bet then you will receive $180, similarly, if you bet on Queens Park Rangers for an odd of 2.60 and you win the bet, then you will receive $260.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds could be quite messy while betting as these are the traditional bets. The total payout for these bets depends on the following formula:

Total Payout = [Stake x (Numerator/Denominator)] + Stake
numerator= 58
denominator= 9
Fractional odd= 58/9

Similarly taking an example for three teams that had the lowest odds against winning:
Golden State: 11/12
Houston: 10/4
Cavaliers: 7/2

While looking at the odds, it can be easily guessed that Golden State is the favorites while Houston and Cleveland winning are longer. That is you win $11 against each $12 wagered on Golden State. On the other hand, you win $10 against each $4 and $7 against each $2 which is at least a probability.

So, this is how the odds work in a betting platform.


UI/UX for Sports Betting: Importance & How To Improve 

UI/UX for Sports Betting: Importance & How To Improve 

Benefits of cloud hosting for sportsbook

Benefits of cloud hosting for sportsbook

CMS For Player Attraction & Business Popularity

CMS For Player Attraction & Business Popularity

Importance of Odds in a Sportsbook

Importance of Odds in a Sportsbook
Odds are not only of importance to the bettors who place a bet on sports betting websites but also to the sportsbook who provide real-time odds. Odds provide bettors with ease to bet on multiple leagues and events. This helps them discriminate against another betting they place on a specific league of the same sports.
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Do Odds Change?

Yes, odd can be adjusted by the oddsmakers or the sportsbooks. Adjusting the odds mainly depends on the supply and demand chain. The point being offered and the payout available should be streamlined by the sportsbook or the odds providers. There are high chances of risk if the betting lines do not move.

Factors on which adjustment of odds depends:

While there can be several other factors as well, these were the most prominent factors.

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Factors to keep in mind while choosing your betting odds provider

betting odds provider for sports betting websites
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Multiplicity of Games

A real-time sports data and odds provider must support different games to provide your players flexibility to choose from a wide range of sports, their leagues, etc.

Odds And Sports Data Integration

Real-time Odds

You must check that the company must provide live sports betting odds or sportsbook live betting odds so that your sportsbook may not fall.

Understanding The Market Entry Type

Diverse Market

A sports betting odds provider must be able to provide multiple markets to the sports gamblers so that they can choose from a different market to place bets upon.

Build a Secure Platform

Multiple Format Supported (XML, JSON, etc)

Data and odds providers for sports betting must support multiple formats such as XML, JSON and other formats. This enables you to retrieve the data easily and efficiently.

Game Statistics

Player Statistics

For you to be a top-notch sportsbook, you must have all the information that a punter might need before placing a bet on your sports wagering platform. And for this, your data & odd provider must have players statistics to play wisely.

Exclusive Integrations

Outstanding Odds

You must always elect an odds provider which offers the diverse range of odds systems and other sports betting products. Getting an odds provider which offers the best odds is important to take your business ahead.


Quick Data Retrieval

Sports betting odds providers must have a high functionality system for fast data retrieval rate to keep engaging your users.

Easy ProfileUser Registrations

User Experience

Odds providers must provide multiple filters for market types, bet types, favourites, underdogs, so that they can be filtered from a single channel. This increases the user experience.


24/7 Customer Support

What takes an odds provider company in top? Well, it is their efficient and any-time customer support. Businesses that offer 24*7 assistance must always be the first selection.

Risk Management System

High-Risk Management

A sports betting odds provider must have high-risk management capabilities to keep free from any kind of frets. They must have risk analysts and risk management tools to keep secure and safe betting.

Easy User Interface & Set Up


Sports betting odds APIs must be developer-friendly so that they can be integrated easily into a sportsbook or a sports betting website.

Advanced Risk Management

Odds Curation by Manual Trading

Along with highly functional odd calculators, sports betting odds API providers must have a team of manual traders who with all their analytics and stats double-check every odds to ensure smooth operations and high-risk management.

Well, you shouldn’t be missing any of the features mentioned above in your sports betting platform to drive more traffic.
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Top 10 Odds API Providers for Sports Betting Websites

As an odds provider, it takes a reat sense of time and efforts to curate the best odds and stats for clients. There are mant providers that leave no stone unturned while developing the best odds for businesses.


GammaStack is the leading provider of complete sports betting software solutions and development services. With an industrial catch for more than 13+ years, GammaStack offers the finest betting odds software customized to your requirements. Moreover, GammaStack also provides excellent third-party odds API integration services as bespoke to make your betting platform edgy.



Betradar is the renowned betting odds provider. Covering data and statistics of 45+ sports, they have tracked 223,376 fixtures. This indeed is a large number to show their capabilities. They are trusted and reliable odds providers who have served over 600 bookmakers including 40 state lotteries in over 80 countries with their quality data and statistics.



Lsports is another sports data feeds provider and odds provider company which covers a great range of sports like trotting, greyhound, horse racing, and what not. Equipped with more than 50 sports portfolio, Lsports offer all sport-enable products globally.



Donbest is the leading odds provider for the sports betting industry. From real-time odds to multiple trading solutions they have got you all covered with their top-notch sports data and odds services. They also provide additional services that include consulting services to the sports wagers.



ExeFeed is one of the top odd providers for sportsbooks. Led by professionals from the betting industry, ExeFeed mission is to provide customized solutions as per the client’s need and provide exceptional high-quality service and data.



Providing its services in more than 10 languages, Goalserve is the leading sports data and odd provider company. Established in 2005, they have marked their presence in the USA, Europe and India with Data and Production operations in Italy, India and Ukraine. They aim to provide a fast data retrieval rate with HTTP, Sockets, FTP, and PUSH technologies along with supporting XML and JSON files.



Betfair also allows users to place bets on its platform. Betfair’s name is added under the most trusted and reliable sports data and odds providers.



With 150+ market types, eOddsmaker specializes in football betting odds trading. They have covered 600+ football leagues worldwide providing data and odds to their clients. They also have various mechanisms of integration with existing sportsbook software.

SPORTSDATA.IO is awarded FSTA Best Sports Data Provider for the year 2018 & 2019. They not only cover sports but also provide odds and sports data for media and other industries. They aim at reducing costs and adding value to their clients’ sportsbooks. They have added many big names to their clientele including Microsoft, Fanduel, Betconstruct and much more.


Odds And More

Odds And More is one of the most successful odds provider company which offers the competitive and innovative sports betting and odds solutions that can customised as per your requirements.



GeniusSports is another odds and sports betting data provider that works across the globe to help betting businesses and professionals with the amazing odds and information.

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Odds Integration in Your Sports Betting Platform

When the data and odds are released in the most favorable format, mostly XML or JSON, odds integration is done by the facilitator or the sports betting software provider who develops your sportsbook or betting website. The facilitator picks the odds provider of your choice and then with the help of their developers, they built the frontend, backend, and user interface to fetch the odds perfectly and display it on the screen in the right manner.


GammaStack - Your Betting Odds Software Provider

Want to generate a truly reliable, convenient, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand betting odds software for your betting business? GammaStack is a well-established provider of best sports betting sites in 2024, which provide state-of-the-art sports betting solutions to the clients across the world.

Having experience in the iGaming industry for more than 13+ years, we are well-positioned to offer highly user-engaging iGaming solutions. With our sports betting experts, we provide you with the best consultant service for picking up the best sports data and odds added with sports betting software solutions, and also other solutions like esports betting, fantasy sports betting and every other iGaming platform development needs.

So, customize your betting software, grab trusted odds and data feeds, and get everything related to betting in one stop with GammaStack!


What are the odds?

Odds, from the sports betting perspective, are the numbers that showcase the probability of an event to occur, which means it shows the potential of an entity to win or lose.

How do sports betting odds work?

The sports betting data providers offer a list of odds, which are the oddsmakers' opinions and statistical predictions about expected wins or losses. The punters can then refer to these odds and based on predictions and other data-driven mathematics, the punters can finally make a winning bet.

How to read sports betting odds?

Odds can be expressed in different formats, including fractional, decimal, or moneyline. For example, in fractional odds like 3/1, the numerator represents potential profit, and the denominator is the amount wagered.

In decimal odds, 4.00 means a total return of 4 times the stake.

In moneyline odds, +300 implies a potential profit of $300 on a $100 bet. Negative moneyline odds, like -150, indicate the amount needed to win $100.

Can I customise my sports betting software from GammaStack?

Yes, GammaStack is the betting odds software provider company that offers the best-in-class customizable betting solutions and odds from across the world.

Are odds beneficial in sports betting?

Yes, odds are beneficial from a betting perspective because it gives a complete understanding of the probabilities to win, offer accuracy in results, and many more. Find your best betting odds providers and make your odds feeds fully authentic, credible, and trusted.

What are the things to be kept in mind when choosing an odd provider?

When choosing the right sports betting odds software provider, look for a company that provides:

  • Real-time odds feeds
  • Support multiple games
  • Offers dedicated customer support
  • Betting risk management services
  • Developer friendly platforms

Does the provider change the odds?

Yes, to ensure streamlined business processes, odds can be altered.

Can we choose odds providers by ourselves?

It’s your choice, we can integrate odds from your reliable odds provider.