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Betting Odds Software

Betting Odds Software

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Exclusive Sports Betting Odds Software

Need the best odds for your players with the in-hand benefit of picking the best odds for winning? GammaStack is one of the top-rated sportsbook odds providers in the industry which offers the most accurate, simplified, and easy sports betting odds software. Added with the on-demand 3rd party odds APIs, our betting odds software never misses a chance to let users win at the best. From sports betting odds to complete sportsbooks and even other games like online casinos, lotteries, slots, etc., our forte lies in developing all for your business with the fullest quality and time factors.
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Betting Odds Software Benefits To Never Miss


Multi-Factor Odds

The betting odds software offers odds based on multiple factors of prediction like a player’s strengths, past performances, weather conditions, and much more.


Remote & Cloud-Based Server

The sports betting odds software can be configured with remote gaming servers to allow uninterrupted betting among punters and social betting groups.


Push Notifications

Keep your punters notified about the ongoing event, before the start of any event, and much more using comprehensive and deep-linked push notifications.


Regulated Odds Platform

We are the sportsbook odds providers which take of offering clients regulated betting and odds solutions for full credibility.


Odds On Mobile

Let your players access the sports events and odds in real-time and remotely via their mobile devices for uninterrupted betting.


Live Odds Feeds

Our betting odds software provides easy and real-time odds data feeding, meaning you get to know everything about bets in real-time.


Live Events Streaming

Facilitate your punters to see all the sporting events they bet on and their odds modulation on a live basis for more fun.


Choosable Hosting

Let us know your preferred hosting platform, and we develop or launch your sports betting odds software accordingly.


Affiliate System

Acquire new customers, drive traffic, and increase conversions to the betting odds software with a multi-affiliation system.


Smart Contracts

We maintain smart contract systems which lets transparent execution, documentation and control of the development process for fair practices.


Online, Landbased, & Retail Support

Get your sports betting odds software supported on online, retail, and even land-based scenarios with complete centralised management perks.


Custom Technology Stack

As sportsbook odds providers, GammaStack lets you choose and manage technology stacks for the front end and back end as per your needs.


No Royalties

As sportsbook odds providers, we believe in no revenue sharing or royalty benefits to keep your development process hassle-free.


Anti-Fraud System

Aided with all security measures, encryptions, authentication processes, and cyber security protocols, our betting odds software is always safe to use.


One Click Betting

With just one click, you get to bet on your favoured sports and odds, all with our betting odds software.


Social Media Integration

Add more fun to your betting odds software by integrating social media modules that benefit your brand in promotions, traffic generation, progress sharing, and much more.


Geo-local & Multilingue Odds

The sports betting odds software we provide comes with geolocalised preferences like African, Asian, and European views, and multilingual choices to keep it fair and fun.

Classified Panels For Sports Betting

For players, we have got most easy-to-navigate user panel which offers one-click access to all important tools like

User Login

User Accounts

Account Management

Design and Development

Sports Directory

Language and Translation

Language Selection

Wide Sports Selection

Betting Guide

Customer Support

Customer Support & Chat

Integrated Online Casino Payment Systems

Payment Systems

Real-time and Time-based Settlements

Real-time Odds Data

Security and Risk Management

Security & Risk Management

Integrated Online Casino Payment Systems


Our sports betting odds software offers administrators the ease of finding what they need, all in one place
Finance Management

Wallets and Finance Management

24/7 Support GammaStack

Player Support

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Easy to use CMS

CMS (Content Management System)

Security and Risk Management

Risk Management

Calendar and Schedule

User Accounts Management

Bonuses & Jackpots

League Of Legends Tournament Participant Profiles Management

User Profile Management

Admin Dashboard

To keep the management of betting odds software easy and seamless, we offer single window access to tools like
Bookie Account

PAM (Player Account Management)


User Accounts Management


Admin Management

Content Management Systems


Odds Data Management

Virtual Currency Payments

Finance & Payments Window

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Calendar and Schedule

Calendars & Scheduled Events

Pool Betting Software - Multiple bets

Bets Management

ServiceNow Development - IT Asset Management

Customer Assistance

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Major Features Of Sports Betting Odds Software

Real-time Odds Modulation
As soon as the odds change based on the sports events and circumstances, let your players know in real-time for effective decision-making.
POS & Kiosk Feasibility
Access the odds on any kiosk or POS device without hassles as our sports betting odds software is flexible on any hardware device.
Odds Styles Conversion
From money line to decimal or fractional, convert odds
as per your players’ preferences for an
easy betting experience.
Bet Limits
Get control of the bet limits to set for
players in any sport or event using the sports
betting odds software for safe betting.
3rd Party Odds Integration
GammaStack allies with top-rated, global, and reliable 3rd party odds providers to feed or integrate to betting odds software, thus making betting logical and analytical.
AI, Algorithms, & Predictive Maths
We are the sportsbook odds providers which add odds that are AI-driven, algorithmically derived, and resulted in mathematical predictions.
Multi-Platform Odds
Be it iOS, Android, or other platforms, the betting odds software we create goes seamlessly with all operating platforms or systems.
Profitable Bets Finder
Our betting odds platform comes with added analytics that helps punters find the best and most profitable bets out of all for more rewards.
Multibet Placement
Place multiple bets across different events or sports at the same time, and accumulate them as one if required, using our multibet feature.
In-Game Trading
Buy, sell, or exchange your bets, odds, and assets during the game or event, which benefits punters with optimum rewards and profits.
Referrals, cashback, journey bonuses, joining bonuses, VIP lounges, and many more bonuses can be edited, added, and managed with time.
Game Management
Add or remove the list of odds and sports, set bet limits, betting rules, and so on with the game management feature of betting odds software.
Bet Advisory
Our sports betting odds software comes with an added advisory feature to help punters decide and bet on favourable events as per the odds.
Get your hands on the complete kit of sports for betting, player management tools, back office, bonuses, etc. in one solution for versatility benefits.
Crispy UI/UX
Engage your audience with highly enticing and
easily navigable UI/UX designs, backgrounds,
and themes.
Auto Bet System
Using AI and ML tools along with user behaviour and bet patterns, set an automatic betting style for your punters, thus reducing their manual intervention every time.
To ease global payments, our betting odds solution comes with varied payment gateways, currency support, etc. to attract players from international borders.
Wallets & Tools
MetaMask, Neteller, Stripe, Skrill, Apple Pay, PayPal, and many other bespoke choices of wallets can be integrated for seamless money management.
Classify punters based on their betting preferences, VIP listing, geography, etc., streamline notifications and messages, and much more using the CRM tool integrated.
Accessible from the back office, let our content management system or CMS edit, control, manage, organize, and update content on the site as and when required.
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Know About The Trending Betting Styles

Traditional Bets

Traditional Betting

It involves placing wagers on anticipated outcomes or results expected of events or sports matches, where winning is dependent accuracy of prediction.


Spread Betting

This involves placing wagers on the spread, which is basically a predetermined range of outcomes, where accuracy leads to wins.

Game Logic Development

Prop Betting

Prop Betting allows you to place bets on specific outcomes or events within a game or match, such as predicting the first player to score.


Challenge Betting

Prevalent among social betting arenas, challenge betting involves challenging other players, getting in one-on-one competitions, and much more.

Easy Way

Parimutuel Betting

P2P betting involves pooling together the wagers collected and distributing the payout among the winning bets based on the respective pools they contributed to.

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Sports Directory For Betting

Miss no way to make your wins higher as we provide a wide array of sports categories for betting in our betting odds software.
Horse Racing Betting Software

Horse Racing

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Top Picks Of Betting Odds Software Templates

Sports betting software

SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

Custom SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

White Label SportsBetting software

Betting Odds Software Development Process

Understanding Needs
Idea Analysis
Planning & Wireframing
Allocating Resources
Sketch Creation
Betting Odds Software Designing
Front-end Development
Slot Software Design
Back-end Setup
Slot Software Development
Custom Integrations
Quality Analysis
3rd Party Configurations
Go Live
Quality Testing
Post-launch Services
Quality Analysis
After-Deployment Support
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Skilled Team Of Developers On Hire
Fully Customised Solutions
Quality & Quick Market Time
Complete Development Service
Zero Revenue Sharing Perks

When it comes to providing the best sports betting platform that comes with the finest sports betting odds software, GammaStack is the only unbeatable choice. For 8 and more years in the industry, GammaStack has been rated as one of the top sportsbook odds providers who take care of all customer needs and requirements at the forefront and offers exclusive amazing development and post-development support. Our excellence also lies in providing upgradation, maintenance, and marketing assistance to businesses that have recently launched their platform. Keeping the industrial growth and advancements, we also provide integration of multiple games like online casinos, live casinos, slots, lotteries, mini casino games, and whatnot with the betting odds software to make your portfolio diversified and versatile. Start your journey of gaming and betting today with the classiest development support from GammaStack.

FAQs - Betting Odds Software

1. What is betting odds software?

Betting odds software is an application that calculates and displays the odds for various sports events or outcomes. It uses algorithms and data analysis to generate accurate odds that can be used by bettors to make informed decisions when placing bets.

2. How does betting odds software work?

Betting odds software works by gathering and analyzing relevant data such as team/player performance, historical statistics, injuries, and other factors that can influence the outcome of a sports event. It then uses mathematics, predictive models, and algorithms to calculate the probabilities and convert them into odds. The software may also take into account market trends and fluctuations to provide real-time and updated odds to users.

3. What are the benefits of using betting odds software?

Accurate and reliable odds, time-saving, real-time updates, multiple sports coverage, etc. are a few benefits to use sports betting odds software by GammaStack.

4. What are the key features of betting odds software?

Betting odds software typically includes several key features like odds calculation, risk management, market analysis, continuous algorithm support & odds prediction, multi-device responsiveness, and much more.

5. Can I integrate other games and solutions with the sports betting odds software?

Yes, our betting odds software can be integrated with other games like online casinos, sportsbooks, slots, lotteries, casino games, probably fair games, and so on.

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