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GammaStack is the leading tunkey esports betting platform provider. We build the most exciting and user-engaging platform with a myriad of features that help your business grow at an exponential rate.

  • 40+ Tournaments and Titles
  • Turnkey Esports Betting Software
  • 15+ Esports Games Covered
  • License Independency

Most Flexible Turnkey Esports Betting Software

Are you looking for a turnkey esports betting software that covers all the distinct features to enhance esports betting business. Or looking for a ready-made esports betting solution that can be easily launched within a time-frame? GammaStack is the top choice for the most flexible turnkey esports betting software. Our pre-designed turnkey esports betting platform is equipped with all the necessary features that can help you to prosper the growth of your business.

An Array of Leagues & Series

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Perks you receive with our Turnkey Esports Betting Platform

Servicenow Integration Services - Scope Determination

Zero Revenue Share Policy

We are completely dedicated towards zero or no revenue share policy in order to take care of your expenses in the project. In addition to this, we have a transparent fee structure to ensure you that no hidden charges are applicable.

Sports Betting Software - On-Demand Customizations

Quick Launch to Market

Our Turnkey Esports Betting Platform can be launched quickly within 4 weeks. It is a complete market ready solution that only needs brand specific UI, theme and your license & certification. Once, the integration is done it can be launched successfully.

Esports Production Tools Multiple Console Support

User-friendly Esports Betting Platform

Our turnkey esports betting platform is a user-friendly and user-engaging platform that encompasses all the necessary features and integrations with a full 24/7 backend support for smooth operations.

Servicenow Integration Services - Computer Software

Risk Management

We have a comprehensive system of risk management and analysis integrated in our turnkey esports betting platform. This system analyzes and maintains any higher chances of risk thus ensure players play wisely.

Pool Betting Software - Odds and sports data integration

Advanced Tools & Technologies

Our experienced team of developers and designers are all equipped with technical acumen and work on the latest cutting edge technologies to ensure better delivery and backend services.

ServiceNow Integrations - Higher Education

Multiple Device Compatibility

Our turnkey esports betting platform is built using high end technologies to offer your players to place bets from any device according to their convenience.

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Features We Cover in our Turnkey Esports Betting Platform

Peer-to-peer Desktop Esports Betting Platform

We have a peer-to-peer desktop system embedded in our turnkey esports betting platform to enable offline esports betting where players can bet for a pre-determined and agreed amount on selected matches.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our turnkey esport betting platform supports multiple payment gateways and can be integrated with a single or multiple payment channel for seamless transactions and smooth betting operations .

Top-class Odds

In order to increase the effectiveness of esports betting we have reliable third party odd providers to include manual as well as integrated odd.

Live Streaming Software

Our developers are experienced in incorporating live streaming softwares so that the players can eventually choose their wagers and enhance their betting experience. Live streaming software includes MLG.tv, Twitch TV, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox.tv and many more.

Infinite Betting Markets

We have infinite betting markets already included in our turnkey esports betting software to attract massive amount of esports betting audience. This feature brings a large crowd to your esports betting platform.

Esports Online Arena

Our developers who hold great expertise in creating an online area for multiple esports. This feature gives a real look and feel for the esports you are looking for.


We offer a cross platform turnkey esports betting software to give your users full flexibility to use any operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, and many more.

Major Cryptocurrencies

Our turnkey esports betting software supports all the major cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, ethereum, eos and many more so that players can bet using cryptocurrency of their choice.

Multiple Bets

Our turnkey esports betting solution supports a number of bets using which your players can bet simultaneously.

Plethora of Leagues

Our turnkey esports betting software includes a plethora of leagues, titles and tournaments to provide your users with a league specific online betting arena.

Blockchain based Esports Betting

Our skilful developers and designers built a blockchain based turnkey esports betting platform to provide your players with a more secure and robust platform.

Social Media Integration

We have multiple social media platforms included in our esports betting platform so that players can share their winning bets and socialize with other esports enthusiasts. This in turn can help improve your brand loyalty.

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Our Other Esports Software Solution Offerings

Sports Betting Software - No Revenue Share

White Label Esports Betting Software Development

Our white label esports betting software comes with a plethora of features and functionalities to scale your business growth. It is a complete market ready software solution that can be launched within a few weeks.

  • - Brand Specific CustomizationBrand Specific Customization
  • - Enormous Payment Options
  • - Secure Esports Betting Platform
  • - Trustable Third-Party Integrations
  • - Brand-Specific UI Design

Soccer Betting Software On-demand Customization

Fantasy Esports Software Development

With ultra modern features, our fantasy esports software covers daily, weekly and season-long fantasy esports to provide your users with an ultimate fantasy esports experience.

  • - OndemandLineup Structures
  • - User-engaging Game Types
  • - Fiat And Cryptocurrency Integration

Bingo Game Development

Mobile Esports Software Development (iOS & Android Apps)

Along with fantasy esports and esports betting software, our experienced and creative mobile app developers build iOS & android applications for every esports software solution we offer.

  • - User-friendly Design
  • - Ultimate User Experience
  • - Easy-to navigate module

Major Highlights

Sports Betting Software - On-Demand Customizations

AI & Blockchain Integration

Bingo Game Development - Agent Management

Comprehensive Admin Dashboards

Fantasy Golf Software Development - SEO & Digital Marketing

Integration of Analytical and Statistical Services

Servicenow Integration Services - Scope Determination

Advanced Risk Management

Jurisdictional Compliant Fantasy Sports Software

AR for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

Secure Payment System - White Label Rugby Betting Software

No Revenue Sharing Policy

Servicenow Integration Services - Computer Software

Push Notifications for Regular Updates

Sports Betting Software - Seamless and Secure Payment Options

Multiple Ad-modules

ServiceNow Development - Analytics Intelligence and Reporting

End-to-end Robust Development

League Of Legends Tournament Management Software

Backend Technical Support

League Of Legends Tournament Management Software

Customizable Frontend

Fantasy Golf Software Development - Cost-effective Development

AI For Supporting Predictive Analysis

How We Work?

White Label Esports Betting Software Requirement Analysis

Requirement Gathering

Once you have planned for taking our turnkey esports betting software, we understand your requirements and additional changes you want us to make in our software.

Brand Specific Development

Our developers analyze the overall requirements and then start working on the brand specific development that includes your brand logos, themes, colors, and develop it according to your license.

White Label Esports Betting Software Brand-Specific Customizations
Custom Esports Betting Software Development


After the development, our testing team performs both manual and automated testing to ensure that it runs smoothly on multiple devices and operating systems.

Successful Deployment

Once everything is streamline we successfully deploy the project that can be used by the end-users.

Custom Esports Betting Software Development - Social Sharing
Exciting features
Rich UI and UX

Why GammaStack?

Experienced team of developers
Scalable Platform Development

GammaStack is the leading turnkey esports betting software provider. Our aim is to provide seamless integrations and interfaces as per the clients requirements.  With our turnkey esports betting software, we provide a wide range of integrated payment gateways ensuring technical stability and security. At GammaStack, we adhere to high quality standards with a secure and robust esports betting platform,


Gaming Laboratories International
Gambling Commission
General Data Protection Regulation
Malta Gaming Authority
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority


US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Florida State Golf Association
All India Gaming Federation

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Fantasy Data
Goal Serve

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