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White Label Fortnite Tournament Software

With 8+ years of experience, GammaStack is setting pace as a leader of the esports industry by offering an unrivaled White Label Fortnite Tournament Management Software.

Propel Success of your Esports Business with our White Label Esports Tournament Software for Fortnite

GammaStack aims at offering world-class esports software for elevating the growth of your esports business and bringing you a remarkable count of client engagement.  Our Fortnite esports software covers all the indispensable features that enhance the gaming experience of your users. Whether you are targeting laymen or proficient esports players, our platform is a one-stop solution for all categories of users coming on your platform. With industry-leading and innovative Fortnite esports platform, GammaStack is setting the trend for fuelling up the esports ecosystem.

Fortnite Game Modes Supported in our Platform

Fortnite comes distributed in three game modes that use the same engine, possess similar game mechanics, graphics and art assets. Our Fortnite esports tournament management platform supports all the three game modes.

Fortnite : Save the World

This game mode is specifically designed as a kind of player vs environment game that has nearly 4 players who cooperate with each other on different missions for a common objective. The players are provided with the specific roles of collecting resources, defending equipment, commanders, saving survivors, etc. We also include the in-game items such as trap schematics, hero characters, survivors and weapons in our platform that are awarded to the players. All of these items can be upgraded as per the experience gained by the players.

Esports Tournament Management Software For Fortnite
Esports Tournament Management Software For Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

It is a game mode that follows player vs player format and is suitable for about 100 players who are allowed to play in a squad, in duo or alone. The weaponless players will be airdropping from the battle bus which will be crossing game’s map. As soon as the players land, they will be scavenging for the vehicles, weapons, resources and items for attacking other players and at the same time staying alive. We also include a safe area in the game arena of our platform and the players who will be outside of that area will get damaged and finally eliminated. The squad, player or duo that will remain alive at the end will be declared as the winner.

Fortnite Creative

It is a kind of sandbox game mode where your players will be given the liberty for creating anything that they require on the islands including platforming challenges, race courses and battlefields, etc. We integrate all the requisite inclusives in our platform that are required by the players during the battle.

Esports Tournament Management Software For Fortnite Creative

Features Covered in our Fortnite Esports Software

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Real-Time Scoring System

Live Scores

Your players can keep themselves updated with the live scores of the various matches of Fortnite tournament and are thus capable of having a wise gameplay.

Fantasy Baseball Software Development - Manage Users & Leagues

Participant Management System

We integrate a participant management system in our Fortnite esports platform for central and convenient management of various participants of on-going matches of Fortnite tournaments on our platform.

Hockey Betting Software - Cross-platform Solution

Multiple Console Support

Our Fortnite esports software supports multiple consoles including Nintendo Switch, playstation, Xbox, etc.

Marketing Assistance & Maintenance - Fantasy Sports Software

Follow & Followers Module

The follow and followers module in our platform enables the participants to follow each other and create an esports community.

Detailed Admin Dashboard - Fantasy Sports Software

Ticketing Service

We also include ticketing service for offline event organizers in our Fortnite esports tournament management software.

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Ad-Modules

Multiple Fortnite Tournament Formats

Our Fortnite esports software covers multiple tournament formats including eliminator, round robin, league and bracket formats.

Fantasy Sports Software Planning

Streaming Software Integration

We are collaborated with multiple reliable streaming software providers such as Twitch TV, YouTube, etc and are thus capable of doing top of the line streaming software integrations in the software.

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Achievement Badges

Create & Manage Tournaments

Your users can easily create as well as manage the Fortnite tournament on our platform

Requirement Gathering - White Label Fantasy Soccer Platform

Tournament Chats

The exciting feature of tournament chats enables your players to communicate with their fellow players in the course of tournament for having a successful gameplay.

Custom Scoring Rules - Fantasy Sports Software

State-of-the-art Leaderboard

The integration of state-of-the-art leaderboard in our software perfectly showcases the scores and ranks of the leading players in the various matches of Fortnite tournament.

Need More Features?

How our Fortnite Esports Software can Help you?

Engage Enthusiastic Players for your Platform

Build your Brand Loyalty

Smooth Online Esports Operations

Grow and Entice your Fanbase

By Scaling your Fortnite Tournament Strategy

Target Influential and Young Gaming Demographic

Tracking Player’s Behaviour for Optimizing the Platform

Flexible Tools for Tournament Organization

Offering Customized Experience for your Users

Scale up your Strategy of Esports

High Capacity Platform

Video Content & Live Streaming

Seamlessly Integrate Requisite Features

Gaming Fan-base Discovery

Reliable Third-Party Integrations

Opportunities for the Sponsorship Attraction

Discover Insights for Understanding your Audience

Engage New Esports Fans through Existing User Base

Global Coverage with Multilinguality

Bringing up Esports Communities Together

Features Covered in our White Label Fortnite Tournament Management Software

Along with the existing list of features, our Fortnite esports platform also covers multiple additional features including:-

Business Environment Setup - Fantasy Sports Software

Myriad of Media Tools

Reliable Third-Party Integrations

SEO-Friendly Platform

Fantasy Baseball Software - Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Platform

Major Sports Leagues Covered - Fantasy Sports Software

Esports Statistics for Enhanced Gameplay

Sports Betting Software - Requirement Analysis

On-Demand Customizations

Business Environment Setup - Fantasy Sports Software

Reliable and Secure Third-Party Integrations

Social Engagement Module - Fantasy Sports Software

Social Sharing Module

Fantasy Sports Software Implementation

Brand-Specific User Interface

White Label NFL Betting Software - Back-end Support

Powerful Back-end Support

Need More Features?

Our Fortnite Esports Solutions

Totals Baseball Betting Software

Fortnite Esports Betting Platform

Our Fortnite esports betting software solution enables your users to place bets on the various betting markets in the Fortnite tournaments. We integrate all the necessary betting features in our platform for making it quite convenient for your users to place bets on the Fortnite tournament.

Referral Bonus - Fantasy Sports Software

Fantasy Fortnite Esports Software Solution

The fantasy Fortnite esports software solution covers a myriad of requisite features that facilitate an exciting and convenient gaming experience for your users. Leaderboards, drafting, multiple payment gateways, live field view are some of the highlighted features of our fantasy Fortnite esports software.

Sports Betting Exchange Software Third-party Integrations

Fortnite Esports Mobile Application Development

For engaging the considerable count of mobile users for your platform, we also offer you mobile app development solutions for Android as well as iOS. Our Fortnite esports mobile application covers all the crucial integrations.

ServiceNow CSM Migration

Custom Fortnite Esports Platform Development

If you require any customizations in the platform, then fret not as we also offer custom Fortnite esports platform development solutions. Whether you require a brand-specific user interface or need any additional feature, we carry out all the on-demand customizations in the platform.

Leagues Of Your Choice - Fantasy Sports Software

Fortnite Esports Tournament Management

Our Fortnite esports tournament management platform comes wrapped with multiple features that ease up the management of various gaming activities of the players participating in the Fortnite tournament on your platform.

Steps for Creating a Fortnite Competition on our Platform

Fortnite Tournament Creation

From the organizer’s dashboard, your users can create the new tournament by selecting Fortnite as discipline.

Creation of FFA Stage

Your users will require a FFA stage, may be a bracket-type or a simple stage for accommodating the players who take part in matches. Your users can create FFA stage from the structure menu, they just need to name the stage, set up the number of participants and the strategy for dividing them into groups.

Publishing and Promotion of Fortnite Tournament

After setting up the tournament, if your users do not wish to keep it private, they can publish it to make it visible to everyone. Our platform also covers advice and tips for bringing your tournament to the spotlight.

Match Results Entry

After the start of the match, your user can go to the menu and select their stage name for entering specific skills and ranks of participants which will make live updates in the ranking. Your users just need to enter skills and ranks of every participant and the system will be calculating the points and global ranking and match score.

Match Format Configuration

After the creation of the tournament, your users will need to determine rulesets that they will be using in their tournaments. The fixed match formats in our platform have been specifically tailored for Fortnite which gets selected by default in ṭhe platform. Also, this match format remains all set for allowing your users to start immediately.

Registrations of Users

For managing a myriad of participants in all the matches, your users are strongly recommended to use registrations feature for creation of participants by gathering their information through custom fields available in our platform.

Validation and Placement of Participants

After the match participants register for the tournament, your user will need to validate them and place them in various matches that were created earlier.

Fortnite Tournament Winner

Your user must enter the performance of every participant in the match for validating and determining the Fortnite tournament winner.

Have Questions?

Our Fortnite Software Development Cycle

Jurisdictional Compliant Fantasy Sports Software

Requirement Elicitation

Our professionals gather and analyse your exact requirements and expectations from the Fortnite esports tournament management platform.

Designing - Fantasy Sports Software Development in Paris


Our designing team customizes the design of platform and make it oriented to your brand and fully customized as per your requirement.

Hockey Betting Software - Cross-platform Solution


Our team of testers thoroughly test the Fortnite esports tournament management software to detect the potential bugs in the software.

Marketing Assistance & Maintenance - Fantasy Sports Software

Marketing Guidance

Our marketing experts also give you precise guidance for the marketing strategies including SEO(search engine optimization) and SMO(social media optimization).

Hockey Betting Software - Testing

Planning and Task Allocation

After gathering and analysing the specific requirements of the clients, our project manager plans out the development process of the project by allotting tasks to the respective teams.

Sports Betting Software Development Germany


Our developers are well-versed with cutting-edge technologies and thus integrate all the necessary on-demand additional features in the platform along with the in-built requisite features.

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Ad-Modules

Business Environment Set-Up

Our professionals also assist you in setting up the business environment for your Fortnite esports tournament management software.

Final Delivery - Fantasy Sports Software

Final Delivery

The feature-enriched and state-of-the-art Fortnite esports tournament management software is ready to go live now!

Possess 8+ Years of Industry Experience
Backed by a Technically-Proficient Team

Why GammaStack?

Connected with Reliable Third-Party Providers
On-Demand Integration of Additional Features

GammaStack is a well-established company that has gained noticeable recognition for offering top of the line Fortnite esports tournament management platform. Our software comes integrated with multiple exclusive and requisite features. Along with the necessary features, we also do the on-demand customizations as per your requirement. Our technically proficient team of experts always stay updated with the industry trends in order to integrate all the industry-specific features in the platform.


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