Custom Esports Tournament Software for Call of Duty

GammaStack is recognized in providing top-notch esports tournament software development for Call of Duty. We design and develop the most thrilling esports tournament software for any esport.

  • 15+ Esports Games Covered
  • 40+ Tournaments and Titles
  • Zero Revenue Share
  • White Label and Custom Development Services
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Realistic Call of Duty Tournament Software

Are you looking for realistic call of duty tournament software development services to entice your users with the most exclusive features and leagues? Or looking for a reliable call of duty tournament software development company who cater the needs of this formidable esports industry? GammaStack has got you covered with all-inclusive custom esports tournament software. We build and deploy the most appealing esports tournament software for all the esports enthusiasts out there. We can integrate any esports, different leagues and titles to any payment gateways of your choice.

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Call of Duty Esports Tournaments We Have Covered So Far!

Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments Black Ops
  • Stage1
  • Anaheim Open
  • Stage2
  • Orlando Open
Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments Infinite Warfare
  • Las Vegas Open
  • London Invitational
  • Atlanta Open
  • Paris Open
Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments WWII
  • Dallas Open
  • New Orleans Open
  • Atlanta Open
  • Birmingham Open
Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments
  • Las Vegas
  • Fort Worth
  • London
  • Amateur Open
  • Anaheim

Benefits of Our Esports Tournament Software

White Label Rugby Betting Software

No Revenue Share

We ensure that our clients get the best deals out of their investment. Our zero revenue share policy does not include any additional charges thus making it our USP.

150+ Deployments

Multiple Device Accessibility

Our esports tournament management platforms can be accessible from multiple devices that include mobile, PC, tablets, etc.

Esports Tournament Software - Risk Management

High Risk Management & Analysis

We offer high risk management tools to enable the security of your users privacy and data.

Cost-efficient Esports Software Solutions

Cost-efficient Esports Software Solutions

We build cost-efficient esports software solutions using the latest cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, ROR, etc.

Counter-Strike Tournament Management Software

Quick Time to Market

We ensure rapid market entry of our esports tournament management software. Thus, we stick to the deadlines and ensure on-time delivery.

Features of Our Call of Duty Tournament Software

Game Lobby

Our game lobby allows users to select game type, time frame, payout type, etc. on a single window. It is quite easy to navigate and has different filters that allow players to choose their favourite sports.

Multiple Console Support

Whether your users like playing esports on PCs or Xbox, we have multiple console supports in all our esports tournament management software.

Back Office Admin

We have a back office admin panel that takes care of all the processes going in the background thus enabling smooth operations.

Multiple Tournament Formats

Our esports software comes with multiple tournament formats including eliminator, round robin, league and bracket formats.

Esports Results Tracker

Our esports results tracker does manual entry using AI Based result reader providing live streaming and actual fact data

Live Streaming Software Integration

We integrate various live streaming softwares such as TwitchTV,, Azubu, YouTube Gaming,, etc. This enables users to watch live streaming of Call of Duty tournaments.

Follow & Followers Module

This feature if our esports tournament management software enables all the Call of Duty enthusiasts to follow their favourite players and create an esports community.

Organize Tournaments

Our all-inclusive esports tournament management software has all the tools our players so that players can create their own tournaments.

Responsive Platform

Responsive platform enables the users to use the website from multiple sources or channels. Users can play the tournaments using tablets, PCs, and mobile. etc.

100% Customization

We are open to ideas and integrations that can change your brand’s unique identification. We create customizable esports solutions that you can entice your users.

Live Scores

Your players remain updated with the latest scores of the various matches and tournaments of Call of Duty thus enabling them to have a wise gameplay.

Ticketing Service

We also have ticketing service for offline esports tournament organizers in our Call of Duty esports tournament management software.

Participant Management Software

We integrate a convenient participant management tool in our Call of Duty esports tournament management software to track all the participants playing in various tournaments of Call of Duty.

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Game Modes Supported In Our Software

Our call of duty esports tournament management software supports almost all game modes.

Here are a few from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty Tournament - Spec Ops

Spec Ops

This mode is played with four team members fighting against the AI to reach the destination, complete objectives or being simply alive.

Team Deathmatch

This is one of the typical game modes of call of duty. Played between 6v6, the aim of this mode is to get more kills than the opposite team.

Call Of Duty Tournament - Team Deathmatch
Call Of Duty Tournament - Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

This mode is open when the players reach at 39 level of the game. The team of 6 members tries to grab an EMP (disable all enemies electronics for 40 seconds) and plant it on another team’s server to win the match.



This game mode has a slightly slower pace than other game modes. It is also played between a team of 6 members and is a fun mode. The more areas your team covers the more chances of winning. 


Call Of Duty Tournament - Domination
Call Of Duty Tournament - Search & Destroy

Search & Destroy

This is a classic game mode played between a team of 6 players where the objective is to plant a bomb on an objective or stopping the other team to do so.



This is another objective-based game mode, where players compete for the same area.

Call Of Duty Tournament - Headquarters
Call Of Duty Tournament - Free-For-All


A classic mode that aims to shoot whatever moves. This game is fun and liked by all the esports enthusiasts.

Gun fight

This is a fierce game mode played between two teams of 2 members each. It is a simple battle to death game mode on a small map.

Call Of Duty Tournament - Gun Fight
Call Of Duty Tournament - Ground War

Ground War

This game mode is dedicated to all the players who love battlefields. There are 32 members in each team and a big map with many vehicles.

Additional Features of Our Call of Duty Tournament Management Software

Myriad of Esports Production Tools

Myriad of Esports Production Tools

Fantasy Sports Software - SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO Friendly Platform

Call Of Duty Tournament - On-demand Customizations

On-demand Customizations

Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

Backend Support

Social Sharing - Fantasy Sports Software Development in Paris

Social Sharing Module

Sports Betting Exchange Software Third-party Integrations

Reliable Third-Party Integrations

Our Esports Software Solutions

Esports Betting Platform

Our Esports Betting platform is built with all the crucial features and is a one-stop solution for your users to place bets.

Esports Mobile Application Development

We offer esports mobile applications for both android and iOs users to provide the best user-experience

Esports Tournament Management Software (Offline & Online)

We also develop esports tournament management software for both online and offline esports tournaments.

White Label Fantasy Esports Software Solution

Our White Label Fantasy Esports Software Solution is a market ready solution, easy time to market (in 2 weeks).

Custom Esports Software Development

Our in-house experts build custom esports software with all the features and integrations as required.

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Connected with Reliable Third Party Providers
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Why GammaStack?

Armed with a Powerful Backend
Team possessing technical acumen

GammaStack is a leading esports tournament management software provider. With over 8+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, we have served multiple clients across the globe. Our skilled designers and developers use cutting edge technologies to serve the demands of the most exciting industry ever. At GammaStack, we try to bridge the gap between the technology and users, thus giving them an environment to experience rich gameplay. Our esports tournament management software for Call of Duty is a complete package for all the Call of Duty fans out there, thus adding wings to your esports business.


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