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GammaStack is a leading esports tournament software development company. We build esports software that brings you a massive global audience.

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Discover the Best in Class DOTA-2 Tournament Software

Discover the best in class DOTA-2 League Management Software with GammaStack. Our software covers all the requisite features that can entice your users. We are expertise in building great customer retention and that’s what an online business demands today. GammaStack can help you accelerate the growth of your business and focus on revenue generation. DOTA-2 is a multiplayer mobile online battle arena action video game played with complete strategies. Our software is wrapped with all the features that are required by the users to plan their strategies and plan their game.

Features that complete our Esports Tournament Management Software for DOTA-2

Exclusive Lobby

In the exclusive lobby feature of our esports tournament platform management software, users can browse all the available games, brackets, types of tournaments, formats and different other features.

Engaging Game Types

We cover enticing and engaging esports game types that include> Player vs. Player (PvP), First Person Shooter (FPS), Real-time Strategy (RTS), and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Live Streaming

Our software has got you all covered with live streaming and integrating various streaming softwares that includes Twitch TV,, Azubu, YouTube Gaming,, etc

Follow & Followers Module

Users can create their own community and they can follow their favorite esports players through our follow and followers module.

Flexible and Automatic Bracket

Once the match is completed, the scores will be automatically verified and bracket will be automatically filled and the winning team gets informed.

Multiple Console Support

Our tournament management software gives flexibility to the users to use multiple consoles that they are comfortable playing the video games with.

Speech Enabled Software

Speech Enabled software allows users to direct the bot on speech and perform certain tasks in the software

Custom Development

This feature of our esports tournament management software allows users to recreate the entire tournament with the same formats and brackets in no time, saving a lot of time.

Tournament Chats

Players can chat live while playing, they can plan along as they play, this increases their chances of winning the match as they can chat while playing the game.

Want more features?

Major DOTA-2 Series Covered By Us So Far

The International DOTA 2 Championship
ONE Esports Singapore Major
Dream League
ONE Esports Dota 2 Invitational
birmingham 2020
DOTA 2 Minor
DOTA 2 Championship
DOTS 2 Tug of War Mad Moon
We Play Bukovel Minor

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DOTA-2 Game Modes Supported By Our Esports Tournament Management Platform

Our esports tournament management software for DOTA-2 supports all the game modes that are preeminent for DOTA-2 video games.

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 - MATCHMAKING MODE


Determine by matchmaking ratings (MMR), except for the bot games; this mode groups players into opposing teams for public games. This mode is the simplest mode as the teams remain balanced and the discrepancy in skill between the least and the most skilled player is minimized.


Daily Bonus Hero and Random are two subcategories of the hero picking mode and are supported by our esports tournament management software. Both these modes are meant to choose the heroes for the game. 

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 - HERO PICKING MODE


Ranked matching is unlocked at badge level 12 depending upon the player’s matchmaking ratings (MMR). MMR may increase or decrease depending upon the game result. 

  • Ranked All Pick: In this mode, all heroes are available.
  • Captain’s Mode: It is the standard competitive game play mode where two team captains ban heroes from the pool and pick heroes for their team.
  • Random Draft: In this mode, 50 heroes are chosen randomly chosen to be available.


These games are played by all the players regardless of ranks in a competitive game. In such game modes win do not count. 

  • All Pick: Players can choose any hero or swap heroes with teammates.
  • Turbo Mode: More Advanced form of All Pick in order to shorten match time.
  • Captain’s Draft: Captain chooses from a pool of 27 random heroes and each team has one captain responsible for drafting the phase.
  • Single Draft: In this mode, players receive a random and unique selection of three heroes.
  • All Random: Players are automatically assigned with random heroes.
  • Limited Heroes: As the name says, players may only select from 20 heroes.
  • Ability Draft: Players are given random heroes from Ability Draft enabled heroes. Players are given five seconds to select the abilities of the heroes from the pool.
  • 1v1 Solo Mid: In this mode, players compete against another player in the middle lane.
  • All Random Deathmatch (ARDM): This game mode is a bit difficult one as the player gets a random hero when they respawn after dying and the items of old hero still remain with the players.
Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 UNRANKED MATCHMAKING MODE
Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 PRIVATE LOBBY MODES


 These game modes are only available in private lobby modes.

  • Reverse Draft: Captain picks the hero for the opposite team.
  • Mid Only: This game mode is similar to 1v1 Solo Mid but is a little restrictive and players are allowed to select the same hero.


These game modes are released for a limited time to match up with seasonal events and leagues. These modes can’t be played once the event is over. 

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 EVENT GAME MODES


Diretide Dota 2
DOTA 2 Wraith Night
Fighting the year beast
Compendium Match
Mutation Mode
Weekend Battle Cup


Our esports tournament management software for DOTA-2 supports all the game modes that are preeminent for DOTA-2 video games.

DOTA-2 Esports Betting Platform

DOTA-2 Esports Betting Platform

Our DOTA-2 Esports betting software allows your users to place bets on the various betting markets in the DOTA-2 league. Our esports betting softwares is a complete solution with multiple features for your users to place bets conveniently.

White Label Fantasy DOTA-2 Esports Software Solution

Our white label fantasy DOTA-2 esports software solution is a market ready solution you need to integrate in your software. It encompasses all the amazing features such as leaderboards, draft types, live streaming, etc. that cater all your users demands. 


White Label Fantasy DOTA-2 Esports Software Solution
DOTA-2 Esports Mobile Application Development

DOTA-2 Esports Mobile Application Development

To attract a massive global audience for your esports business, we develop mobile applications for both the android as well as iOs mobile users. Our android developers are experts in creating excellent features to give your users the best mobile gaming experience. 

Custom DOTA-2 Esports Software Development

From integrating the tournament chats to live streaming softwares, we are open to customize your DOTA-2 esports software as per your needs. We build 100% customizable solutions to sculpture all your ideas into reality.

Custom DOTA-2 Esports Software Development
DOTA-2 Esports Tournament Management Software (Offline & Online)

DOTA-2 Esports Tournament Management Software (Offline & Online)

We cover both the edges for your esports tournament software. We are experts in developing software solutions for both online as well as offline esports tournament management software that covers all the exclusive features.

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Major Highlights

Major Fantasy Sports Leagues Covered

Tournament Creation

Get the most dedicated in-game esports features to that can result in massive user engagement and etice your users.

Esports Production Tools

Esports Production Tools

We are there to support with the most significant esports production tools to add creativity to your DOTA-2 League Management Software.

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Admin Panel

Dashboards & Back Office

Dashboard gives the admin rights to check the workflow of the titles and tournaments. This feature enables them to manage the number of participants, brackets, and many more.

Retail/Bet shop Solution

Esports Tournament Mobile Apps (Android & iOs)

A massive audience that has already gone crazy with mobile, we create titles, tournaments and leagues mobile platforms for ultimate gaming experience. We have expertise in building applications that can dwell well with android and iOs devices.

Esports League Engine

Esports League Engine

Launch your own esports platform with our esports league engine, give your users the diversification of game features or automate any event production pipeline.

Fantasy Baseball Software - Mobile Responsive

Responsive website for Esports Tournaments

We create responsive esports tournament websites that can render well on a variety of devices.


DOTA-2 ROLES - The Hard Carry

Position 1:The Hard Carry

This position is normally referred to as “safe lane carry”. The heroes in this role are expected to create the most damage and are involved in the teamfights around the 40 minute onwards.

DOTA-2 ROLES - Solo Mid

Position 2: Solo Mid

This role is also sometimes referred to as the “semi-carry. This role is responsible for getting the team through the mid laning phase and mid phase.

DOTA-2 ROLES - The Offlaner

Position 3: The Offlaner

This position is a bit tricky to play or deal with. This role possess the traits of both the carries and the supports

DOTA-2 ROLES - The “Utility” Support

Position 4: The “Utility” Support

This position may also be referred to as the “roaming” support. position 4 heroes usually aren’t expected to buy wards but simply support.

DOTA-2 ROLES - The Hard Support

Position 5: The Hard Support

The heroes in these roles are the ones that create major impact without much items. Also, this is a supportive role. 

How does our team work?

fantasy sports software Ethiopia Analytical Tools

1. Requirement Analysis & Development Estimation

Our experienced developers first understand the overall requirements of the projects and prepare a development estimation for the same.

White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing

2. Deployment

Deployment sums up to the total hardwork and end product without any bugs. It’s the launch of the website with full testing and complete development.

Multilingual Platform with the User-friendly Interface

3. Design & Development

Our skilled team of designers and developers have a thorough understanding of the requirements and then start working on it.

Task Allocation

4. SEO based Digital Marketing

We provide services that include SEO based digital marketing for your brand recognition and user engagement. We create content in a way that helps enhance your view.

Dedicated and Experienced QA Team

5. Quality Assurance (Manual & Automated)

To be assured of the quality, we try to build a high end product by doing both manual and automated testing.

Global Coverage
Developer Ready Solution
Cost efficient esports solution

Why GammaStack?

Robust and Scalable Solution
Run by a powerful backend
Seamless gameplay

GammaStack is known for providing the best in class esports tournament management software covering a variety of leagues and titles. Enriched with a team of excellent hardworking professionals, we use cutting edge technologies to develop out esports solutions. We have cost-efficient developer ready solutions with a very powerful backend that can be integrated and launched easily for your esports business.


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