Slot Back Office Software

Slot Back Office Software

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Most Scalable & Comprehensive Slot Back Office Software

Wanting to get your players a complete gaming fun experience with the easy information accessibility and management? Well, GammaStack has got up with the best slot back office software added to our versatile iGaming platform called ‘GS CORE’. Our exquisite GS CORE comprises all major games like sports betting/sportsbook, live dealer and crypto casinos, online casinos, slots and lotteries, provably fair games like crash, dice, coin flip, mines, etc. to let your players get everything under one roof. Apart from gaming choices, the platform offers in-built management systems like KYC, PAM tools, payments, wallets, bonus engines, affiliate management, etc. to keep it seamless and versatile.
GS Core
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Special Features Of Our Slot Back Office Solutions

Back Office Controls

Back Office Controls

  • Slot games management
  • Affiliate tracking & management
  • User risk management
  • Admin Controls
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • 3rd party service getaways & widgets
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

Games Management

Games Management

  • 3rd party games APIs
  • Games addition & subtraction
  • Full client-server communication model
  • Dashboards/leaderboards
  • Push notifications
  • Campaigns & achievements
  • Mailers & newsletters



  • Player statistics & tracking
  • Login & logout history
  • Data-driven user analytics
  • Player KYC automation
  • Player segmentation
  • Pushed rewards management
  • Player journey rewards

Kiosk Gaming

Kiosk Gaming

  • Flexible payouts
  • Single touch gameplay
  • iOS & Android kiosk support
  • Full hardware flexibility
  • Slot back office platform branding
  • Split screen visuals

Payments Management

Payments Management

  • Global currencies
  • Top-rated payment gateways
  • Digital & e-wallets management
  • Bespoke tokens system
  • DeFis & Cryptocurrencies
  • Secured global transactions

Bonus Engine

Bonus Engine

  • VIP rewards for players
  • Vouchers
  • VIP cashbacks
  • Tournaments & events prizes
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Campaigns management

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

  • Bespoke tech for slot back office solutions
  • Custom/bespoke hosting & technology stack
  • Complete gaming algorithms
  • Remote Gaming Server (RGS) capabilities
  • RNG & maths for slots

Affiliate System

Affiliate System

  • Multiple affiliates management
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Registration & commissions report
  • Affiliate finance settings
  • Risks managed affiliate system

Security Management

Security Management

  • Cyber-risks management
  • KYC & User face identification
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Responsible gaming conduct
  • Licences & legal aids

Notice Management

Notice Management

  • Game maintenance & upgradation
  • Real-time announcements
  • iGaming Content management & launch
  • User chat support
  • Event content pop-ups
  • Deep push notifications
  • Template Creation

Customer Support

Customer Support

  • Round-the-clock support
  • User-client contact systems
  • Action-focused issues resolution
  • Time-triggered notifications
  • In-game & live chatting

Slot Back Office Platform Benefits You Should Never Miss


Esteemed 3 parties & game integrations


Full customization opportunities


Marketing & social media management


Geo-localised customisations


Extension and migration services


Finest payments module setup


Complete slot back office solutions development


Complete automated slot back office software


Flexible staffing of slot back office developers


Global lingual support

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Readymade Slot Games Solutions To Get With Slot Back Office Software

Classic Slots

Classic Reel/Mechanical Slots

The customary slot game which uses three, five, six, or seven mechanical reels in one - depending on the number of reels you need.

Penny Slot

Penny Slots

Slots that can be played with money as low as a single cent are most loved as it reduces the risk of losing.


Progressive Slots

Using different pattern-based jackpots, the progressive slot has something more to offer in wins to players as compared to the classic slots.

3D Slots

3D Slots

Allure your slots with complete 3D effects and animations added with the slot back office platform which lets you manage it all easily.

Slot Machine

Crypto Slots

Let’s advance the slot gaming adventure by offering players to play using cryptocurrencies instead of others to make more strategic payouts.

Mobile Slot

Mobile Slots

Take your slot game and slot back office software wherever you go in the most handy or mobile device for remote gaming.

Virtual Reality Slots

VR Slots

The rising popularity of slots is in virtual reality which lets you enjoy the reel movements and spins virtually.

Online Slots Software Developers

AWP Slots

The ‘amusement with perks’ slots involves the game of skill or bonus feature which influences the players and their wins.

Video Slots

Video Slots

Equipped with interactive elements, motions, and effects; the video slots offer more player attraction.

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Wondering About Slots & Maths Mystery? Let’s Explore

Do you know how slot back office software analyses, calculates, and gives you the probabilistic wins? Well, it’s the game of MATHEMATICS.

Online slots are configured with mathematical tools like game algorithms, rules, and RNGs. For instance, if a slot has 3 reels with 3 symbols on each reel, then the probability of getting one symbol pattern can counted as ⅓*⅓*⅓ = 1/27 = 0.037 or 3.7%.
slot back office software

Fully Bespoke Casino Games Development To Elevate Your Portfolio

Dice Game Development
Mines Game Development
As soon as the rocket or the machine starts to go up in the sky, bet on the point it will stop and crash, and the right bets make you win.
The simplest and fair casino game is the dice which lets you bet on what the next outcome will be, and the win definitely comes from luck.
This consists of multiple tiles in it, where player has to unbox the tiles randomly for wins, but unboxing a mine will make you lose.


Bet on if the next number to be revealed will be higher (HI), equal, or lower (LO) than the previous number, and the wins depend on what number comes.

As soon as the rocket or the machine starts to go up in the sky, bet on the point it will stop and crash, and the right bets make you win.
Dice Game Development
Mines Game Development
This consists of multiple tiles in it, where player has to unbox the tiles randomly for wins, but unboxing a mine will make you lose.


Bet on if the next number to be revealed will be higher (HI), equal, or lower (LO) than the previous number, and the wins depend on what number comes.
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Casino Slot Games We Offer With Slot CRM Software

Sic Bo
Dragon Tiger Game Development
Classic Slots
Progressive Slots
Trenball Crash
Classic Crash
Five Reel Slots
Crash Game Development
Standard Roulette
Live Three Card Poker Online Casino Game
Shake the Plate
Two-up Game Development
Auto Roulette
Texas Hold’em
Fan tan
Baccarat Insurance Game Development
Craps Game Development
Squeeze Baccarat
Gin Rummy
Unlimited Blackjack Game Development
Standard Blackjack Game Development
Teen Patti

Not Only The Slot Back Office Providers, But We Have Much More To Offer!

Online lottery


Provably fair casino games

Casino game development

Virtual Sports


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Our Complete Slot Back Office Software Development Process

Needs Identification & Analysis
Idea Analysis
Slot Back Office Ideation
Sketch Creation
Slot Back Office Software Designing
Front-End & Back-end Development
Slot Software Design
3rd Party APIs/System Configuration
Slot Software Development
Payments Systems Integration
Quality Analysis
Custom/ 3rd Party Setup
Go Live
QA & Functional Verification
Post-launch Services
Slot Back Office Platform Deployment
Quality Analysis
Routine Maintenance & Upgradation
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Dedicated Slot Back Office Solutions
Quickest Time To Market & Quality Promised
Flexible Hiring Modules For Developers
Complete Solutions In One Platform
Innovative Approach & Trendy Solutions

GammaStack is the king of slot back office software development and more. Our 12 and more years of strong positioning in the industry reveals our excellence in providing the well-curated and outstanding software solutions to help clients with effective needs fulfilment. Aided with all novel tools and technologies like PAM, bonus systems, marketing, etc.; we provide the slot back office solutions that are one-stop solution to all your gaming needs. Be it custom development or ready-to-launch, GammaStack has the solutions for all your needs. So, let us know what you need and it will be delivered with fullest quality as GammaStack promises!


1. What is the slot back office software?

Slot back office software serves as a comprehensive management tool for slot game operators, allowing them to efficiently monitor and control various aspects of their slot game operations.

2. How does slot back office platform handle player data and security?

Slot back office solutions we develop are employed with robust encryption protocols and secure data storage methods to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

3. Can slot back office solutions be customised to suit specific business needs?

Yes, many slot back office software solutions offer customisation options to cater to the specific requirements of individual operators. .

4. How to find the best fit company among many slot back office providers in the state?

The right slot back office provider is the one who should have all novel slot game trends to offer, has the most certified and trusted RNGs to integrate, provides marketing and upgradation routinely, and ensures the quality of slot games. GammaStack is one such slot back office software provider which can get you all at one place.

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