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Auto Dealer Management Software Providers

Our exclusive dealer management software provides you top-notch solutions for your used and new car dealerships

    Best in Class Car Dealership Software Solutions

    No matter whatever is the size of your car dealership, DealerBeats has got your back! DealerBeats provides you an ultimate and flexible dealer solution to cater your dealership needs, ensuring high ROI and great customer engagement.

    Enhance Your Car Dealership Management System

    Benefits of Car Dealer Software

    Car Inventory

    Reduce cost and effort with our easy to manage car inventory along with number of integrations


    Retain your customers with BHPH or third party vendors to manage accounting and finance in-house

    Dealer Marketing

    Market your inventory with multichannel approach and generate valuable leads


    Manage all your customer queries along with their details with our easy to go Customer Relationship Management System


    Increase your sales by using our DMS which makes you most profitable deals

    On Demand

    We develop new features on your dealer website based on customer’s demand

    Major Highlights

    On-demand Partner Integration

    One of the major highlights of DealerBeats is the on-demand custom partner integration which allows dealers to integrate their dealership website with different automobile partners to reach maximum number of customers.

    Precise Automobile Pricing

    Transparency is what we believe is the root to strive a great foundation. DealerBeats provide precise automobile pricing for both used and new car dealership that enables your customers to make better decisions.

    Easy to Use Software

    It’s a simple and easy to use software. The user-interface of the software has been tested and developed in a way that dealers find it convenient to use.

    Dealer Website Analytics

    Continuous website analysis with Google Analytics helps you in analyzing the traffic on your dealership website. This in turn helps in driving traffic to your website.

    Detailed Reporting

    DealerBeats offers accurate reporting of all kinds of reports that includes sales reports, leads reports, accounting reports and all the market reports that is required to understand and analyze your car dealership for better results.

    Get the Best Dealership Solution for your Car Dealership

    What we offer?

    Here are our best offerings for your new and old car dealership


    With our automotive inventory management, car dealers can manage their inventories from anywhere, keep track and update their inventory.

    Want a Lead Management System?

    Features of Car Dealer Management Software

    Buy Here Pay Here

    Buy Here Pay Here

    Simplify your in-house dealership financing with our Buy Here Pay Here module. It keeps track of your accounting, financial reports, payment history, late notices, etc.

    Craigslist Post Utility

    Craigslist Post Utility

    The utility of quick posting on craigslist allows you to showcase your latest car dealer inventory to your customers. It ensures that your inventory always remain fresh and new to your customers along with the ads that always surface online.

    Automobile Merchandising

    Automobile Merchandising

    Our automobile merchandising includes content marketing, advertisements, long descriptive images and videos so that your inventory is discoverable to your audience.

    Data Recharge

    Data Recharge

    An information service program that enhances sold and prospect records by performing NCOA, DNC vault, and annexes email addresses and cell phone numbers.

    Digital Paperwork

    Digital Paperwork

    Transformation is what we believe in. We transform all your paperwork into digital documentation so that you never face any kind of trouble on later stage and can easily find your customers details on a single click.

    Sales Management

    Sales Management

    Maintain entire performance of the car dealership with a centralized system that leads to sales. This in turn enhances the overall working of car dealership from an interactive desk.

    Credit Checks

    Credit Checks

    Reports retrieval is easy with or ultimate desking management system. Our DMS desking management software gets you credit reports from multiple sources and save it your respective contact.

    Sports Wagering Software Task Allocation


    Disrupting technology that gives your dealership profitable opportunities and hence increased in number of sales.

    Responsive Dealer Websites

    Responsive Dealer Websites

    Responsive Websites play an important role in user’s engagement to your brand. We provide responsive websites that could be easily accessible on n number of devices.

    Automate Your Used Car Dealership Now

    Who can use this software?

    Get your Automotive Car Dealership Platform Now

    Cloud-Based Car Dealer Solutions
    Automate Sales Support
    Personalized Customer Services

    Why GammaStack?

    Marketing Dealer Software Services
    Automotive Digital Disruption
    Our creative designers designs the best user-interface and passionate developers develops solid and robust software that engages our clients in the very first impression. The Dealer Management Software provided by them is nothing but a dealer engagement solutions for the dealers hustling with every little things in their car dealership. Our dealer software solution is a saviour for all the dealers out there. Hence we provide the best in class car dealership software solutions.

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