Sports Betting Platform Providers

Sports Betting Platform Providers

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Fully Dedicated Online Betting Platform

GammaStack is the pioneer of developing and delivering online betting platform that helps your business generate high revenue streams using a wide variety of sports betting options. Whether you want different payment integrations or aim to customize your existing platform, GammaStack is a one-click away for all your developmental needs. With the best quality and timeliness parameters, GammaStack offers solutions that are worth the competitive leadership.

Key Perks Of Our Betting Platform


Hardware Savviness

Add on the benefits of plug and play system using fully web-based platforms which reduce the need for installation of different devices to play.


Reputable 3rd Party Tools

Get benefits with complete ownership of the solution, even if it is third-partite for complete transparency and


Top Algorithms

For the finest betting solutions development, GammaStack offers a set of top-rated algorithms and predictions to help players bet more logically.


No Share Of Revenues

For our white label sports betting solutions, the zero revenue system benefits users to ensure that they pay only for the demanded services.


100% Bespoke Solutions

GammaStack ensures to provide 100% bespoke solutions just as your online sports betting business needs to keep it all very unique.


In-Play Trades

Get the advantage of betting when the game is on to never miss a chance of


High-Risk Management

Our sports betting solutions come with a best-in-class risk management system to offer a complete sense of transparency, fairness, and safety while enjoying the bets.


Wider Market Coverage

As a leading sports betting software provider, GammaStack offers clients the best access to different markets, events, and sports for more fun and betting ranges.



For Asian, African, American, and other geographies, our sports betting platform is localised and crafted in a way to give a personalized experience.


Smart Contract System

We understand the importance of safety and transparency, and hence offer sports betting platforms that are completely secured and standardised.


Wider Gaming Support

We Not only the sports betting options, but we also offer betting software that supports other gaming configurations such as online casinos, slots, etc.

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Explore Trendy Options For Your Sports Betting Platform Development

Sports betting software

Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

Custom Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

White Label Sportsbook software

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Features You Get With Our Sports Betting Platform

Automated Tools

Let your players enjoy the auto-betting process which uses AI & ML to identify, analyse, and derive players’ betting trends for the best benefits.

Cloud Gaming

For remote betting fun, the remote gaming server model lets operators take their portfolios to cloud servers.

Live Odds

Keep the real-time update of betting odds sourced from esteemed odds providers with all accuracy and trust.

Betting Algorithms

The odds data are data-driven and algorithmically predicted based on AI and machine learning applications for logical betting.

Different Bet Types

From traditional bets to handicaps, and many others, our sports betting solution offers different bet types.

Admin Dashboards

The admin dashboard feature offered by GammaStack gives the ease of managing the back-office system on its own.

Anti-Risk Feature

We provide a high level of risk management to the users so that they keep their bankroll maintained.

Multiple Payment Methods

Transact hassle-free as our software for sports betting comes with a diverse range of payment options supported.

Cryptocurrency & Fiat Support

The sports betting software by GammaStack supports both crypto and fiat currencies to enable the use of digital payments.

Multi-lingual Betting Platform

Now invites your users with a multilingual betting platform to bet and enjoy in multiple languages.

Retail Betting

Want to manage a better offline betting platform? We have got you all covered using retail betting software.

Agent System

Being the agent of your games and bets administrate the platform from anywhere at any time using the flexible agent system.

Bet Slip Printing

Enable quick and hassle-free bet slip printing with our sports betting platform.

Live Betting

Allows gamblers to place live bets with our live betting feature which is supported by sports betting platforms.


Get your money in and out anytime quickly using the fast cash-out tool offered by GammaStack.

Bonus & Referral Module

Bonus and referral systems are made to entertain the users and ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

Efficient Customer Support

Worry no more for any query resolution as we offer strong customer support added into our services for a win-win business approach.

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Betting Ranges To Know About



the handicap style, offer more benefits and challenges to punters on both sides to enhance challenges while betting.

Traditional Bets


The simplest bet form, is where one bet is placed on an event outcome and it leads to a direct win or loss.



Head-to-head is the betting style supported in our solution which comprises only two results i.e. either lose or win at the end.

Game Logic Development

Pool Betting

We offer pool bets which mean punters place similar bets in a pool and the profits are distributed accordingly among these punters based on wins.



This is the popular bet type for racing sports and events where the punter bet on the first six chronological predictions, which makes a win, if correct.

In-Game Settings


It covers placements of more than one bet that generate different results
for more fun.

Easy Way

Each Way

A set bet and a winning bet, each way bet style accounts for two chances and thus offers moderate results at the end.

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Sports Catalogue

Enhance your gaming and betting portfolio with our wide range of offerings that cover sports like:
American Football Betting Software

American Football

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Explore Online Betting Platform For Mobile

Along with the sports betting platform, we hold expertise in developing and designing state-of-the-art mobile applications including Android and iOS mobile applications. Our mobile application developers build user-friendly and easy-to-navigate sports betting mobile applications so that users can easily place bets through apps. With daily updates and push notifications, we deliver user-engaging mobile applications.
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How Do We Develop Online Betting Platforms?

Requirement Analysis
Identifying Needs
Software Planning
Project Planning
Task Delegation
Front-End Creation
Software Designing
Betting Platform Development
Third-Party Integrations
Third-Party Configurations
Custom/Bespoke Add-Ons
Needed Customisations
Testing & Evaluation
Quality Testing & Evaluation
Testing & Evaluation
Marketing Assistance
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Widest Range of Features and tools To Choose From
Designers, Developers, & Artists On Hire
Quality-focused Solutions
Seamless Staffing Assistance
Fully Owned Betting Platform

We create world-class sports betting businesses with our feature-rich sports betting platforms. Having a strong stand in the industry for more than 8 years, GammaStack offers businesses deals that help them to thrive successfully. All our betting software are reliable, engaging and industry-specific based on the client’s business requirements. We enable end-to-end sports betting development services to grow startups and well-established businesses.

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FAQs - Sports Betting Platform Providers

1. How to operate a sports betting platform?

The platform offers a wide array of sports and events to bet on for the punters. The bets are placed based on odds and predictions, and it gives wins if the bet is accurately played.

2. What should I take: a custom or a ready-to-launch sports betting solution?

The answer depends on the type of business requirements. For instance, a custom betting solution is a good fit if you need personalised solutions. Whereas, for the quickest entry, ready-to-launch solutions are always worth it.

3. What benefits are there in collaboration with GammaStack?

Efficient and round-the-clock support, best customisations, finest and top technical support, and many other benefits are offered by GammaStack.

4. Can our business be provided with on-demand hiring services?

Yes, with GammaStack, get hired with a skilled team of developers as per demand and get your business needs fulfilled well.

5. Can I get a demo of the sports betting solutions from GammaStack?

Yes, GammaStack offers a complete demonstration of the sports betting solutions to keep the complete essence of transparency and fairness.

6. Is betting legal ?

Sports betting legalisation and regulatory parameters vary from country to country and depend on the regulatory measures drawn for it.

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