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iGaming & Sports Betting Website with Gammastack

Are you planning to build an online sports betting website? Then GammaStack is at your service. With more than 8 years of experience in iGaming industry, Gammastack will allow you to burrow in and propel in the billion-dollar business model that is sports betting.

Sports Betting Website Development Features

Incorporate your vision into the sports betting website while enjoying these common yet important features.

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Schedule Management

Allow players, bookies and admins to get updates about all the latest games, upcoming fixtures and bets placed.


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Live feed

Allow bookies and players to watch matches on the website and keep track of the live scores to place and change their bets in real time. This also allows them to keep track of their wins and losses.

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Anti-Fraud and Privacy

All the payments done on the site are secure and the privacy of the users is maintained. The robust back end ensures that scammers cannot make unauthorized changes

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Social Sharing

Share your bets with friends and family and place bets collectively. Use the website to connect with friends and share news of bets won or lost.

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Real-time analytics helps players and bookies to calculate odds and understand which bets to place.

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Crypto and Fiat

Pay with digital cryptocurrency or fiat on a sports betting website that supports both.

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Get to know other users in the betting market, share tips and suggestions and live updates on the betting world.

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Multi-lingual Support

Add this feature in the sports betting website development to include a wide array of users who can navigate the site in their native tongue.

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Rich Notifications

Send relevant notifications to the users to give them a dynamic user experience. These timely updates will increase the time spent on the betting website.

Need more features?

Betting Website Design & Development - Advanced Features

We offer a number of advanced features to cater to even the most complex use cases when it comes to sports betting website development.

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Real-Time Settlements

Bets get settled in real time or can be timed to ensure just play.

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Betting Markets

We support a wide plethora of betting markets so that users can enjoy placing their bets without skipping a bet.

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Speech-Based Betting

Use your voice to place bets to allow for a hands-free experience.

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Advanced Risk Management

Admins have the capability to manage risks posed if any through their account to keep the betting website safe.

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Player and Bookie Bets

Players and bookies can place bets independently and manage their accounts easily.

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AI Integration

Need artificial intelligence to spruce up your betting website development? We got you covered. We offer an AI based betting system to take sports betting to new levels. Players and bookies can leverage AI to place bets.

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Admin Dashboard

Detailed analytics for the admin to ensure no discrepancies have taken place which in turns helps keep the betting website safe and secure.

Missing a feature?

iGaming Products Delivered

Explore Betting Types - Betting Website Development

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Traditional Bets

Indulge in Single, Double, Treble and Multiple Bets. Starting from the low-risk low reward single bets right to high-risk high reward multiple bets that require you to win all the bets placed to make money.

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Parlay Betting

A single bet that is linked to 2 or more selections, Parlay bet is a tricky situation. The reward is high and so is the risk.

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Explore the most popular betting type of all time – Handicaps on the website. This is a more complex type of betting which needs to be understood fully before placing bets.

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Easy Way

Users get to place bets on both outcomes and receive a fraction of the winning odds.

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Pool Betting

This type of betting doesn’t depend on the outcome of the fixture and the money is split between all the players with the right selection.

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Head to Head

This is the most common and the most popular type of the betting. Users place bets on the outcome of the game – win, lose or draw and win accordingly.

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Indulge in Single, Double, Treble and Multiple Bets. Starting from the low-risk low reward single bets right to high-risk high reward multiple bets that require you to win all the bets placed to make money.

Want to include more betting types?

Website Panels - Betting Website Development

Player Panel

Easy navigation allows players to place bets easily, view live scores and betting tips, make purchases and use virtual currency to make payments.

User Account

Create a player account swiftly and easily

Anti-Fraud System

Transactions are secure with the website’s anti-fraud system.

Betting Tips

Players receive tips from admin and bookies


Receive timely updates about the games you are interested in and the bets you placed


Keep an eye on the upcoming games

Sports Selection

Players get to choose the games they want to place bets on in the website’s home page

Live Scores

Watch the match on the website and keep a tab on the scores

Betting Patterns

Players have full control and can choose the type of betting

Crypto and Fiat

Both virtual and real currencies are supported

Bookie Panel

The sports betting website development includes a bookie panel for bookies to manage their clients and send them betting tips and other notifications as well as receive odds from major bookies.

Bookmaker Account

Create a bookie account with the utmost ease

Manage Users

Manage your clients and the bets they place


Adjust your availability as per your convenience

Live Scores

Watch the match live on the website

Odds from Major Bookies

Receive odds from major bookies in your account

Odds and Sports data Integration

Send your clients notifications and betting tips

Manage Schedules

Keep a track on the upcoming fixtures and games you are invested in

Customer Support

Get in touch whenever you need an issue resolved

Admin Panel

Sports Betting Websites need an admin to ensure everything is running smoothly and monitor games, bets and players and bookies.

Manage Games

Monitor and manage all the games happening


Monitor and manage all the games happening

Payment Gateway

Keep a track on all the money going in and flowing out

Live Feed

Control the live feed visible to users

Account Management

Access accounts in case of a discrepancy

Customer Support

Get in touch with support any time you need to

Manage Marketing

Manage the ads shown to the players

Need extra customization?

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Real-Time & Time Based Bet Settlements

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AI integrated Betting System

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Player Level Betting

sportsbook software development companies

Detailed Admin Dashboard

sportsbook software development solutions

Unlimited Betting Markets

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Advanced Risk Management

sports betting web solution company

Speech-Based Betting

Odds and Sports data Integration

Expert team of developers when it comes to odds and sports data integration from multiple suppliers/partners.

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Speech Enabled Betting

Bring a twist to the overall gaming experience and stand out in market with with voice enabled bet placing.  

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Live Game Cast & Real-Time Scores

Bringing the real feel of sports with live cast and real-time scores and allowing punters to bet on and enjoy their match in real time.

AI integrated Betting

Our development team is capable of integrating an AI system Integrations to take your betting platform to next level

Payment Gateway

No limit to payment Gateways. We can integrate any number of payment gateways based on your country of operations and jurisdiction.

Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies

Open you sportsbook to a new set of punters by accepting bets in cryptocurrencies(bitcoin, ether, ripple etc.). Our blockchain team can help you create and launch your own cryptocurrency.

We Make Sports Betting Website Simple and Delightful for All

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Team Members

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Sports Covered

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Betting Markets

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Gaming Projects

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Brand Recall

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Well-Known Online Sports Betting Platform Provider

GammaStack can be counted on as a reliable online sports betting platform provider that develops the best sports betting software solutions.

Updates About The Sports Betting World

  • Michigan sports betting could be legalised soon.
  • Eldorado Resorts Inc., to acquire Caesars Entertainment Corp. and become the largest casino owner in the U.S
  • Lowans laid down $8.6 mn in their first week of sports betting
  • Indiana is soon going to welcome sports

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I approached GammaStack for white label sports betting platform and undoubted the white label solution they provide for sports betting platform is amazing. It is not at all complicated and easy to run. We really wanted a software like this. Thanks GammaStack.

Erin Beckrenridge, CongoGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/17

I have been working with GammaStack from a long time and they are doing great in terms of deliveries, management, understanding modules, etc. They excel in almost every aspect of business.
They provide turnkey sportsbook website solutions and are the best.

David Torres, UkraineGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/16

We were looking for the best sports betting platform providers in the state. And soon we got to know about GammaStack. After researching about them, we contacted them. They communication and project handling skills are awesome. They delivered us a strong and robust sports betting platform.

Ryan McMork, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/15

With brilliant knowledge and excellent professionalism, GammaStack excels in almost all aspects of business. They know how to handle clients and their queries and they have great sports betting solutions for online sports business.

Kin Campbell, CongoGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/12

When we contacted GammaStack for a Sports betting software, they understood our requirements carefully and taking care of all the details, they designed and developed us the sports betting software. We are really happy with their work.

Lindsey Boyle, UkraineGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/12

Online sports betting website development is not an easy task. GammaStack has done a great job for our online sports betting business. The modifications they done in our sports betting software is worth the change. Our business has reached to a greater height with the help of their skilled developers.

Date: 2019/09/11

They have a great tolerance level. No matter what time of the day we call them, they are always available to help us with any kind of issue Their developers take every opportunity as a challenge and prove to be the best online sports betting website developers.

Eric Gernaldo, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/05

GammaStack is the best betting app developers. They have customized our sports betting application the way we wanted our application to look. It has a great user interface and works smoothly with a large number of users. Commendable work, cheers!

Paulina McDonell, EthiopiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/05

Since a long time GammaStack has been in the business of online sports betting website development and we are associated with them from the very beginning. I must say they are best in their job and fulfill their responsibilities on time.

Zohaib Quereshi, ItalyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/04
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 9 reviews