Online Sports Betting Website Development

Online Sports Betting Website Development

Unmatched Sports Betting Website Software Development

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iGaming & Sports Betting Website Development with GammaStack

GammaStack is the avant garde developer and provider of your top-class online sports betting website development services that takes your business successions ahead. To offer solutions that are competitively fierce and trendy, GammaStack provides betting solutions which are feature-rich and contains all exciting tools to keep the game going. Our diversified range of development services also lets gaming operators choose from the vivid customisable and ready-to-deploy sports betting solutions as per their needs and choices. Integrated with the finest systems and tools, our online sports betting website development will take your business to the edge of competition in the industry.

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Choose Your Online Sports Betting Website Template

Sports betting software

Sports betting software

Sports betting software

Custom Sports betting software

Sports betting software

White Label Sports betting software

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Benefits Of Our Online Sports Betting Website


Bet Simulators

We add top-end betting simulators to the online betting websites which predicts winners and odds of a game based on the advanced algorithm and historic factors.


Agent-Player Chat

Looking for quick resolution to your queries? GammaStack gets your online sports betting website added with 24/7 chat support with the agents.


Unique and Simple Designs

We built unique and easy to navigate designs with smooth interfaces and world-class features to help punters seamlessly place bets on the sports betting platform



Wanting to personalise your sports betting website or apps as per the local market preferences? Get added the touch of localisation with GammaStack.


No Revenue Share

We get you the benefits of zero additional costs after deployment to have complete transparency in the process.


Quick Entry to Market

Our developers use cutting edge technologies with full timeliness guaranteed so that clients can quickly launch their sports betting platforms.


Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling always remains our top priority when it comes to sports betting and hence we offer a complete standardised solution.


One-Touch Panels

Get the single-touch accessible panels which benefits users with easy usability, quick and seamless navigation, and many more.


Anti-Fraud And Privacy

We ensure proper protection of user data, maintain user privacy and anonymity, and even prevent frauds of all types with our strong anti-risk tools.


Third-party Odds Integration

We integrate odds from the best third-party software providers which helps place the most competitive bets from the odds. Simultaneously, we also make sure that all odds we deliver keeps your business streamline.


24*7 Availability

We are the online sports betting website development company which offers the benefit to connect anytime for your query resolution.


Top-Class Algorithm & Technologies

Our online sports betting website development services come equipped with best algorithms to help your punters bet more logically and analytically.

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Attributes Of Our Online Sports Betting Website

Finest Odds Management

Enable users to maintain multiple odds with our sports betting website that comes with different odds management tools.

Live Odds Integration

We integrate live odds into our sports betting website to aid users place bets seamlessly.

Retail Betting

Add the online betting platform with your retail bet systems to keep flexible track and management of players and their records, and also attract more punters.

Betting Markets

Our sports betting website supports different betting markets so that users can choose the best for them from multiple markets.

Risk Management Tools

We integrate a plethora of risk management tools in our online betting website to offer a risk-free and secured betting adventure.

Global Payments

Our sports betting website comes with payments flexibility across the globe so that users can make payments smoothly and hassle-free.

Multiple Bet Types Supported

Different bet types including parlay, head-to-head all types of bets are supported in our online sports betting

Agent System

An agent system comes with our platform so that they can create their huge network around the globe.

Multilingual Platform

Our online sports betting platform supports multiple languages so that users can place bets

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

A comprehensive admin dashboard comes with our sports betting website so that the admin can keep a track of all users from a single place.

Bet Slip Printing

Bet slip printing is easy with our online sports betting website as it comes with our platform to automatically generate betting slips.

Customer Support

We provide live customer support services depending on the user’s needs so that you can provide an excellent betting experience to the customers.

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Sports Betting Mobile App Development - Panels

The player panel added to our sportsbook apps offer access to:
Design and Development

User Registration

Real-time Chat Support

Chat Support

Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System


Betting markets and bet types covered

Tips & Guides

Entity Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Referral Bonus

Rewards & Bonuses

Wide Sports Selection

Sports Catalogue

Multilingual Fantasy Sports Platform


Effective administration of the sports betting apps development can be achieved via easy-to-access features like
Customer Support

Customer Support

Finance Management

Wallets & Finances

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


Easy to use CMS


Sports Betting App Bookmaker Management Panel

Bet Management

Calendar and Schedule

Calendars & Schedules

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management

Top bookmakers are the ones that get a single-window access to following features on their betting app development.
Real-time Chat Support

Agent-Player Chat


User Data Management



Gammastack CMS System


White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Referral Bonus

Bonuses & Rewards

Fantasy Sports Gaming Licenses

License Support

Finance Management

Finance Management

ServiceNow Development - Customer Service Management

Customer Service

Sports Betting Application Development

Harness the power of our sports betting applications that come equipped with state-of-the-art features. Our mobile application developers are garnered with instrumental expertise to deliver outstanding sports betting applications to clients. Built with the combination of smart planning and expert guidance, our sports betting mobile applications are the most demanding among all our sports betting products and solutions.

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Various Betting Types Supported on our Platform

Casual Games


Being the most fundamental bet type, singles is the one where a bet is placed on an outcome and right prediction gives the win.

Easy Way

Each Way

Users get to place bets on both outcomes and receive a fraction of the set odds, which means average risk.



The kind of bet which is popular in racing events, where players predict the first six outcomes in chronology and the right predictions give a win.



This is the most common and the most popular type of the betting. Users place bets on the outcome of the game – win, lose or draw and win accordingly.



The complex of all, handicaps gives players some perks and challenges based on their previous strengths and weaknesses to make it more interesting.

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Major Sports Covered In Our Online Sports Betting Website

Get as many sports as you want to integrate in the online sports betting website software and help punters with diverse options of betting.
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Our Online Sports Betting Website Development Solutions

-Market-Ready Product
-Feature Rich
-Multiple Sports Covered
-On-demand Customization Opportunities
-Quick Time to Market

Custom Sports Betting

-Seamless Customizations
-Custom Features
-Brand Oriented User Interface
-Payment Gateways of your Choice
-Popular Sports Covered
-Robust & Scalable Solution

Sports Betting App

-Compatible on Android & iOS Platforms
-Highly Responsive
-Trending Features Covered
-Multiple Payment Gateways
-Engaging User Interface
-Multiple Sports Covered
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How Do We Process Online Sports Betting Website Development?

Knowing Needs
Identifying Needs
Software Planning
Planning & Wireframing
Task Division
Task Division
Front-End Designing
Front-End Creation
Back-End Setup
Back-End Setup
Third-Party Configurations
Third-Party Configurations
Marketing Assistance
Marketing Assistance
Launch & Post-Launch Support
Launch & Post-Launch Guide
Required Help in Betting Website Development?
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Outstanding Solutions
Skilled Development Team
Latest Technologies
Timeliness & Quality
Advanced Tools & Systems

GammaStack is the leading sports betting website development company that delivers out of the box solutions to clients across the globe. Equipped with 8+ years of industry experience we have helped businesses with our engineering services which are either customisable, ready to launch, or even thord-partite. Be it the integration of different payment gateways or social media, we have got you covered with everything under one roof with complete satisfaction.

FAQs - Online Sports Betting Website Development

1. What is online sports betting?

Online sports betting is an activity that involves prediction of outcomes of different sports and then placing a wager on it.

2. How do users make payments online?

We integrate a range of payment methods into our sports betting website ensuring secure payments.

3. Do you provide a white label software solution?

Yes, you can launch your sports betting solution within a few weeks as we have a ready-made white label software solution.

4. How many currencies are supported by your sports betting website?

Our sports betting website supports both fiat and cryptocurrency that let users make payments hassle-free.

5. How many states in the US have legalized sports betting?

At present, there are 21 states that have legalized sports betting and looking forward to a few more states that can legalize betting this year.

6. What are some important terminologies everyone should know about sports betting?

Please read the entire blog here:

Click Here

7. Do you also make 100% custom sports betting solutions?

Yes, our team of professionals build customized betting solutions depending on your business needs and requirements.

8. Do we have rights to intellectual property?

Yes, we provide the right to intellectual property. Be it the source code or GitHub code, we provide everything you need.

9. Can we integrate the odds from the provider of our own choice?

Yes, we can integrate the odds from your choice of provider.

10. Does your platform support live/in-play betting?

Yes, our sports betting software supports live/in-play betting.

11. Do you provide sports betting mobile applications?

Yes, we have delivered many sports betting mobile applications to clients across the globe.

12. Do you provide customer support services?

We have got you covered with our 24*7 customer support services.

13. Is there a built-in affiliate model on your betting website?

Yes, a built-in affiliate model comes wrapped with all our sports betting website solutions.

14. Do provide a CMS to support your sports betting website?

Yes, we provide you with a fully equipped sports betting website with CMS support.

15. Are there bonus and promotion systems available in your sports betting software?

Yes, our sports betting website comes with different bonus and promotion systems.

16. What panels are included in sports betting websites?

The sports betting website consists of three panels — player panel, bookie panel, and admin panel. The player panel allows players to seamlessly navigate across the platform, make payments, facilitates purchases, etc. The bookie panel is tailored for bookies which allow them to manage customers, keep them informed, send them tips for a better betting experience, etc. Admin panel comes with a myriad of features such as real-time settlements, robust admin dashboard, AI integrated betting system, risk management, etc which allow admins to seamlessly manage activities on the platform.

17. What are welcome bonuses?

There are several sportsbooks online that are offering this lucrative option to the new account holders and it's a part of the marketing scheme. New account registrations receive a particular bonus to get started on the website. Though it comes with certain terms and conditions and every sports betting platform offers a different welcome bonus, it's a good scheme to market your platform and to start building a user base.

18. I want to launch my sports betting website quickly. What are my options?

White label sports betting websites are a perfect solution for quick launch. We offer you pre-built website themes that come with several tools and all the latest features. Further customizations and software integrations are performed as per your requirements and the solution gets ready for launch within weeks.

19. What are additional events on which bettors can place bets?

Bettors can place bets on weather, elections, reality shows like big brother and dancing with the stars, Oscars, and many more.

20. What process is followed for custom sports betting website development?

GammaStack follows an agile development process where you are kept in the loop throughout the development process. The process starts with idea elicitation, where we discuss your ideas and uncover all the possibilities. Then comes research where our teams spend a significant amount of time exploring all the options. Next comes the task allocation as well as the design and development process where our creative designers and proficient developers start the work and when they are done, the project goes for testing. After the testing phase is concluded, and when you are completely satisfied, the sports betting website goes live.

21. Which are the important features in an online sports betting website?

The important features in an online sports betting website include multiple payment gateways, live feed, major cryptocurrency support, multi-lingual support, multiple bets and many more.

22. Which is a trusted online sports betting website development company?

GammaStack is a trusted online sports betting website development company that offers a feature-rich online sports betting software. They can also customize the features as per the brand requirement.

23. Which are the major sports covered in an online sports betting website?

The major sports covered in an online sports betting website include Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball and many more.

24. Which are the different types of sports betting?

Different types of sports betting include traditional bets, pool betting, handicaps, parlay betting, head to head, easy way, over/under, etc.

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    The role of CRM in sportsbook

    The role of CRM in sportsbook

    In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of sports betting, staying ahead requires not only a keen understanding of the industry

    Well-Known Online Sports Betting Platform Provider

    GammaStack can be counted on as a reliable online sports betting platform provider that develops the best sports betting software solutions.

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    Choosing GammaStack for our online sports betting website development was the right move. The platform's global coverage and licensing support have expanded our reach. The technology.

     by Franklin Vlachos, Greece
    Date: 2023/12/07

    GammaStack's online sports betting website development is top-tier. The multi-device compatibility ensures a seamless user experience. The AI and data analytics integration provide valuable insights. Our partnership with GammaStack has been a game-changer for our online sports betting venture.

     by Laurett Velasco, Spain
    Date: 2023/12/07

    Choosing GammaStack for sports betting website development was a wise decision. The AI, ML, and data analytics integration provide valuable insights, and the custom development options allow for a tailored experience.

     by Payton Marton, UK
    Date: 2023/12/01

    Impressed with the seamless integration and global coverage provided in the sports betting website development. The multi-brand managed tools are a game-changer for anyone looking to expand their reach.

     by Barb Klyn, Europe
    Date: 2023/12/01

    Working with GammaStack was a smooth and efficient experience. Their commitment to delivering a top-notch online sports betting website development service was evident from day one. The team's proactive communication and problem-solving skills made the entire process enjoyable and successful.

     by Thomas Wolfinger, USA
    Date: 2023/11/29

    The expertise of GammaStack and the team in online sports betting website development is commendable. They understood our vision and translated it into seamless and feature-rich software. Our partnership with them has elevated our platform to new heights, and we look forward to future collaborations.

     by Mellisa Green, UK
    Date: 2023/11/29

    Our journey with GammaStack for online sports betting website development has been fantastic and exceptional. The robust features, real-time updates, and the team's commitment to excellence have made our platform a go-to for sports enthusiasts. Truly a reliable partner in the industry.

     by Tyron Parnis, USA
    Date: 2023/11/28

    GammaStack's sports betting website development has not only expanded our offerings but also provided a seamless experience for our users. The customizable features and comprehensive support make them stand out in the competitive market.

     by Michelle Faller, UK
    Date: 2023/11/28

    GammaStack's online sports betting website development has elevated our business to new heights. The software's reliability, coupled with an intuitive design, has significantly enhanced the user experience.

     by James Allen, Europe
    Date: 2023/11/23

    The online sports betting website development has exceeded our expectations. The team's responsiveness and dedication to our unique requirements have made them a valuable partner. Highly recommend their services for their scalability and efficiency.

     by Marjo Cimino, Italy
    Date: 2023/11/23

    GammaStack's sports betting website development has given us a competitive edge. The seamless integration of odds management and diverse betting options has significantly increased user engagement.

     by Yuki Tanaka, Japan
    Date: 2023/11/21

    GammaStack's sports betting website development is a powerhouse of innovation. The scalability and reliability of the site have been crucial to our business growth. It's more than just software; it's a strategic advantage.

     by Mia Svensson, Europe
    Date: 2023/11/21

    The online sports betting website development has all the features we could have asked for. It's a game-changer for our sportsbook business. Highly recommended!

     by Mustafa Hiroshi, Turkey
    Date: 2023/11/10

    The online sports betting website development provided here at GammaStack has significantly improved the efficiency of our operations. It's highly reliable and offers a seamless user experience for our target audience.

     by Henry Cohen, USA
    Date: 2023/11/10

    GammaStack and the team have made managing our sportsbook a breeze. The security features provide peace of mind, and their responsive design added to the online sports betting website development ensures a fantastic user experience.

     by Gunther Pfend, Europe
    Date: 2023/11/08

    Our users have raved about the online sports betting website development by GammaStack. We've seen significant growth in user engagement and revenue since we partnered with them, all thanks to their incredibly good features and integrations.

     by Inci Almaci, Turkey
    Date: 2023/11/08

    For online sports betting website development and many other solutions, GammaStack became our one-stop partner. Now our development process feels to be in the safest hands!

     by Ana Manukyan, Africa
    Date: 2023/11/06
    Average rating:  
     17 reviews


    Our team has recently been informed about certain entities or persons who are doing online frauds by falsely positioning themselves as representatives of our organisation. These individuals have used different social messaging channels such as Skype for doing frauds & acquiring online payments via crypto from a few individuals. Read More..