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Sports Betting Software for Bookies

Turbocharge your business by rendering best-in-class sports betting software for bookies and punters and skyrocket your revenue by boosting your user-base.

  • 100+ Betting Markets
  • 50+ Sports Covered
  • Zero Revenue Share
  • Scalable Modules
  • Cost-effective Solutions

Stellar Sports Betting Software for Bookies

We at GammaStack render you feature-loaded online sports bookie software that enables you to gain more users with minimum efforts. Our betting software for bookies equips your business with all the cutting edge tools and next-generation features that enable you to facilitate your sports betting business effectively, without any hassle, and allows you to gain more users in no time.

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Key Modules of Our Bookie Sports Betting software

Bookie Module

Our bookie module allows you to cater to the modern needs of bookies as well as punters. Our bookie module comes equipped with all the latest tools and features that enable bookies on the platform to acquire new users, maintain transparency, facilitate free-flow of information, and enables them to carry out all the business activities without any hassle.

Powerful Sports Betting Engine

Our betting software for bookies comes with a sports betting engine that ensures the punters stay engaged on the platform and delivers one of a kind betting experience. Our powerful sports betting engine supports various bet types, diverse betting markets, in-play matches, and much more that help in attracting new users to the platform. From the initial interaction with the software solution to the announcement of the final result of the bet, our sports betting engine ensures a superb betting experience.

Risk Management Module

Not only does our risk management module deliver terrific odds but also keeps you updated and informs you whenever you are at a higher level of risk. Our risk management module harnesses the power of trading teams as well as automation. The best part? The module can be scaled up as well as scaled-down as per your business requirements.

Flexible Payment Module Integration

Our payment module comes equipped with diverse payment gateways that are safe and secure. To ensure the safety and security on the platform, we only incorporate those payment gateways that are trusted as well as used by global leaders. Want to include the payment gateway of your choice in the bookie sports betting software? We’ll do that too!

Multiple KYC Integrations

Our KYC module integration gives you access to accurate as well as error-free information which enables you to meet the diverse requirements set by various jurisdictions. Our KYC module helps you verify and authenticate new user profiles without any hassle and helps you facilitate business seamlessly. Want to append the KYC provider of your choice? We’ll do that too.

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How Our Betting Software for Bookies Works?

What is a bookie sports betting software?

Bookie sports betting software enables bookies to facilitate business online seamlessly and equips them with all the tools required to maximize users on the platform. Our sports betting software for bookies is designed to deliver an outstanding experience to both, bookies as well as bettors, which enables them to evolve from the traditional methods effectively and reach more audiences.

Why are agents moving to sports bookie software?

Sports bookie software comes equipped with all the next-gen tools and latest features that enable them to open and close punter accounts seamlessly. In addition to this, our software solution enables bookies to set betting limits, track client activities, move wagering lines, and do so much more.

How online sports bookie software makes money?

The business model for online sports bookie software is quite simple. The aim of an online sports bookie software is to enable them to make the shift from their traditional methods. The software gives them access to all the cutting edge tools and features crucial for gaining as well as managing bettors and in return for this service, bookies pay fees to the platform owners.

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Perks of Choosing Our Online Sports Betting Software for Bookies

Award-winning Solutions

Our solutions have a record of winning prizes as well as of getting recognition from various presenters from around the globe. Our world-class solutions have received several awards from some of the most renowned as well as esteemed presenters.

Easy Configuration

Our online sports betting software for bookies gives you the liberty to configure the software solution as per your needs and enables you to configure various aspects such as odds, payouts, time-based, controls, etc.

Compliance with Major Gambling Jurisdiction

Our sports betting software for bookies meets the various terms and conditions of major jurisdictions which enables you to facilitate business without any setbacks.

Zero Revenue Share

To ensure you make the most out of every penny you spend on the platform, we comply with zero revenue share policy.

Customized Betting Experiences

Our sports betting software solution for bookies enables you to customize bettings as per your needs and render a splendid betting experience to your users.

High-risk management

Our high-risk management tools are responsible for rendering you best-in-industry odds that enable you to make better and more informed decisions.

Cost-effective Solutions

We at GammaStack render you highly functional solutions at competitive prices to ensure you don't burn a hole in your wallet.

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Key Features of Our Sports Bookie Software

Agent Reports Interface

Agent reports interface gives bookies their own login and enables them to track the user activity without any hassle.

Several Betting Markets Covered

Our online sports betting software for bookies covers several betting markets which enables you to enhance your user base as well as their engagement on the platform.

Diverse Esports Supported

Esports betting industry is reaching new levels day by day. Hence our online sports betting software for bookies support some of the most popular and most played esports such as Dota-2, league of legends, apex legends. CS:GO, call of duty, StarCraft-2, and many more.

Widget-Based API

Our bookie sports betting software harnesses the power of widget-based API and enables you to launch your widgets as per your needs along with the pre-built widgets.

Diverse Bet Types Covered

To ensure maximum engagement, our bookie software supports diverse bet types such as head to head, handicaps, parlay betting, etc.

Multi-currency Support

Now enable your users to make use of currencies of their choice and enhance the security of the platform with multi-currency support.

Detailed Betting Statistics and History

With statistics and history features, the users on the platform can stay informed about their activities and their previous bets without any hassle.

Multiple Sports Covered

Our sports bookie software covers various sports which include volleyball, golf, baseball, hockey, football, and many more.

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing is a great way of boosting brand awareness, brand recognition, and gaining new users. Social media sharing enables bettors on the platform to share their victories, updates, progress, and much more with their friends on some of the most visited social media platforms.

Live Feeds

Live feeds ensure your bettors get all the important information about live scores as well as on-going matches and keep them updated about various activities.

Multi-lingual Support

With multi-lingual support, your users can access and use the platform in the language they are fluent in, which enables them to understand the platform better.

Admin Dashboards

Our sports bookie software comes with robust admin dashboards that give you access to a plethora of features and tools which help you multitask, manage, and eliminate security challenges seamlessly.

Finance Management Tools

Streamline your finances by keeping track of cash flow better with the help of our finance management tools that come with the sports bookie software.

Access Rights Controls

The access rights controls that come with our sports betting software for bookies enable you to provide various levels of access to your teams and enable you to maintain security.

Transaction Management Tools

Allow bookies to keep track of transactions seamlessly with the help of transaction management tools.

Our Sports and Non-sports Coverage

Kabbadi Betting Software
Horse Racing
Sports Personalities Betting
Sports Personalities
Celebrity Betting
Politics Betting
Tv and Novelty betting
Tv and Novelty betting
Award Ceremonies
Award Ceremonies
Weather Betting

Panels Supported by Our Online Sports Betting App

Player Panel

- User Accounts
- Schedules
- Crypto and Fiat integration
- Betting markets and bet types covered
- Anti-fraud system
- Notifications
- Wide Sports Selection
- Betting Tips
- Live Scores and feeds

Bookie Panel

- Bookie Account
- Manage Schedules
- Manage Users
- Odds and Sports Data Integration
- Customer Support
- Odds from Major Bookies

Admin Panel

- Player Level Betting
- Speech Base Betting
- Advance Risk Management
- AI Integrated Betting System
- Robust Admin Dashboard
- Player Level Betting
- Real-time and Time-based Settlements

Panels Supported by Our Online Sports Betting App

  • User Accounts
  • Schedules
  • Crypto and Fiat integration
  • Betting markets and bet types covered
  • Anti-fraud system
  • Notifications
  • Wide Sports Selection
  • Betting Tips
  • Live Scores and feeds
  • Player Level Betting
  • Speech Base Betting
  • Advance Risk Management
  • AI Integrated Betting System
  • Robust Admin Dashboard
  • Real-time and Time-based Settlements
  • Bookie Account
  • Manage Schedules
  • Manage Users
  • Odds and Sports Data Integration
  • Customer Support
  • Odds from Major Bookies

More Features of Our Sports Betting Software for Bookies

AI Integration Betting

The AI integration helps you in boosting the engagement of the bettors and also enables you to render first-rate betting experiences to your users.

Speech Based Betting

Enable your users to place wagers with their voice with speech-based betting.

Gorgeous User Interfaces

Our bookie software comes with gorgeous user interfaces that enable you to make a powerful impression.

Real-time Settlement

Real-time settlement helps you maximize user participation and renders exceptional betting experience to your users.

User-friendly Solution

The sports bookie software crafted by our teams is highly user-friendly that enables your users to navigate seamlessly across the software solution.

Cryptocurrency Integration

With cryptocurrency integration, you can enable the punters to place bets by using their favorite cryptocurrency and enhance the security as well as transparency on the platform effortlessly.

Strong Framework

Multitask like a pro and accomplish more in less time with our strong framework that allows you to save time.

Sports Bookie Mobile App Development

Now bookies can facilitate their business on the go, that too from the tip of their fingers with our sports bookie mobile app development services. Pick from our iOS and Android apps as per your needs and provide complete flexibility to your bookies to monitor business from anywhere, anytime. Choose from our native and hybrid apps and empower your business today.

How We Build First-rate Bookie Sports Betting Software

Gammastack Brainstorming


Idea Understanding

Gammastack Project Planning


Goals Creation

UI/UX Design GammaStack


Template Selection

Gammastack API Integration


Customization & Software Integrations

QA Testing GammaStack


QA Testing

Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


Customization & Software Integrations

White Label Rugby Betting Software On-Demand Customizations


On-demand Customizations

Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


Go live

Gammastack Email Marketing Tools


Marketing Support

24/7 Support GammaStack


24/7 Technical Support

Multilingual solutions
Cryptocurrency support

Why Gammastack?

Clutter-free interfaces
Next-gen Features

GammaStack is one of the most trusted as well as dependable online sports bookie software providers. Equipped with a team of highly creative designers and highly proficient developers, we craft world-class solutions that enable businesses to drive success. Our solutions come with a plethora of latest tools and features that enable bookies to facilitate their business seamlessly while boosting the engagement of the bettors on the platform. In the past 8 years, we have equipped several large as well as small organizations with next-gen sports bookie software and have enabled them to achieve their goals.

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Silicon India Company of the Year
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