We have recently been made aware of some individuals and/or entities perpetuating Online Fraud by proclaiming them to be our representatives. These said individuals have positioned themselves as part of our organization on leading Social Messaging platforms, mainly SKYPE, and have defrauded a few individuals by acquiring payments from them ONLINE via Crypto.

We humbly urge you all to adhere to the following guidelines in order to ensure your protection:
  • We at GAMMASTACK DO NOT solicit payments online until and unless an official agreement has been executed between all parties involved (agreements are shared ONLY via official domain email IDs).
  • GAMMASTACK initiates all conversations via its official email IDS only. Until and unless you receive an official email from a domain, please DO NOT process any payments.
  • In light of this current environment, we urge all our existing and potential clients to VET us thoroughly by speaking with you over the phone, connecting with us on leading social platforms like LinkedIn.
  • GAMMASTACK only accepts payments from all its new clients via official channels with a properly stamped and signed invoice.
  • We DO NOT have any affiliation or set up in countries outside of INDIA.
Please pick up the phone and speak with us once before you engage with us. WE DO NOT close projects or finalize deals without at least 2 vocal communications and video chats.Please note that under no circumstances shall GAMMASTACK be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses, or other inconvenience resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of these imposters.