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A non-profit fundraising software that establishes trust, grows your donor list, empowers your cause and helps you maximize your campaign’s reach.

  • Build Your Brand
  • Reach More Potential Donors
  • Enhance Donor Engagement
  • Maximise Donor Retention

Non-profit Fundraising Software for Organizations of All Sizes

Are you a new fundraiser on a lookout for an easy to use yet highly secure software solution? Are you a pro fundraiser looking for a better solution to optimize your process? Are you a large or small organization looking for a trusted solution provider to support your cause? Then the nonprofit crowdfunding software solution by GammaStack is perfect for you. 

Equipped with years of experience in fundraising, we understand all of your pain points. We understand how minor aspects can impact your online fundraising efforts tremendously and hence we have created a solution that not only helps you maximize your reach but also helps you raise more funds. Our crowdfunding software for nonprofits helps you launch multiple campaigns and the user-friendly interface enhances donor engagement.

Charity Donation Platforms that Raise More Funds and Build Trust

There are several factors that determine the success of a fundraising campaign. While running a campaign, it’s important to keep track of your campaign’s reach, ensure the growth of your donor list, maximize donor retention, improve conversions and aim for higher ROI. These are the factors that play a crucial role in raising money for the cause you care for. But most of the time, all the work of running a campaign takes a toll on these factors which greatly impacts your funds.

Hence a modern solution is needed for combating modern-day fundraising challenges.

Our fundraising and donor management software not only helps you overcome all the speed-bumps and road-blocks but also helps you optimize and accelerate your process. We enable non-profits, community foundations, media outlets, educational institutes, and organizations to generate maximum funds by:

Creating effective strategies

Creating effective strategies

Boosting the campaign’s reach

Boosting the campaign’s reach

Improving Conversions​

Improving Conversions

Growing Your Donor List​

Growing Your Donor List

Amplifying donor retention​

Amplifying donor retention

Maximizing your ROI​

Maximizing your ROI

Key features of GammaStack’s Crowdfunding Software for Nonprofits

Diverse Fundraising Solutions

GammaStack’s fundraising software solution helps you manage all the aspects of fundraising effectively. The solution can be used for peer-to-peer fundraising, cause-based fundraising, 24-hour giving campaigns, year-round fundraising and so much more. Apart from this, we also help organizations give back to society by integrating forms on their websites that can help them raise funds for the causes they care about.

Effective Donor Management

With our inbuilt fundraising donor management software feature, you can enable your donors to create profiles, manage their donations and activities, keep them informed about the upcoming events and campaigns, render them donation status and donation receipts with a personalized thank you note after the process is concluded.

Effective Volunteer management

Spread the word about new volunteering opportunities and ensure the success of your campaigns. On GammaStack’s online fundraising software, you can assign tasks, send emails and seamlessly communicate with your volunteers. In addition to this, you can help your volunteers find their calling by helping them explore their interests and by matching them with the cause they truly care about.

Marketing Tools

Increasing awareness among people can easily help you raise more funds. GammaStack’s fundraising software for nonprofits is equipped with marketing tools that help you with social media marketing, email marketing, lead management, real-time alerts, social media campaign management and so much more.

Analytics and Reports

With the help of analytics and reports, you can get access to valuable insights about donors, volunteers, their age, locations, funds raised, retention, effective strategies, method of donations, frequency, and so much more. Knowing these factors helps you know your users better and also helps you improve and customize your fundraising campaign as per your user’s preferences. When your campaign is tailored as per your user’s preferences, it helps them donate more and it helps you raise more funds.

Software Integrations

Give a boost to your fundraising campaign and skyrocket donations by integrating software solutions that empower various aspects of your campaign. Integrate CRM to keep in touch with your donors, double your donations with employee and employer donation matching plans, get insights about your users with google analytics and so much more.


Establish trust among your donors by displaying real data in real-time with leaderboards. Not only leaderboards help you lift up the spirit of your donors but they also reflect the success of your campaign by showcasing your donor list. Award your top donors with heart-warming gifts and merchandises to accelerate your fundraising campaigns.


Give your cause a professional identity to promote your mission and vision. In addition to this, establish trust, maintain transparency and clarity among your target audience with our custom branding options.

Multiple payment gateways

Our crowdfunding software for nonprofits is equipped with various payment gateways that help your donors make donations without any hassle. Multiple payment gateways render your users multiple options for seamless donation experience.

Dedicated Admin Dashboards

With admin dashboards, manage your donors, your volunteers, keep track of your donations, streamline your fundraising campaigns, measure the success of your marketing campaigns and keep your audience informed with direct posting and sharing tools.

Support Center

At GammaStack, we believe that technology should assist you, not restrict you. And when organizations are working towards greater causes, speed bumps are a big no. Hence we provide 24/7 support to our customers for the seamless functioning of platforms and we ensure your queries are resolved within a given time-frame.

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Additional features of GammaStack’s crowdfunding software for nonprofits

The aim of GammaStack’s fundraising software for nonprofits is to rectify all sorts of challenges that your fundraising campaign might face. Hence, apart from the above-listed features, our charity donation platform also comes with:

Responsive Design

User-friendly Platform

User-friendly Platform

Easy User Onboarding

Easy User Onboarding

Diverse Fundraising Pages

Real-time Chat Support

Real-time Chat Support

Video Embedding

Media Managers

Survey Planner

What Makes GammaStack an Ideal Non-profit Fundraising Software Provider

At GammaStack, we understand the significance of vision, strategy, your story, and your cause. In addition to these, we also understand how glitchy and outdated software becomes a major barrier in the establishment of trust. If your donors don’t trust your website, if they are having a hard time figuring things out, chances are they’ll flee from your online platform.

In order to ensure the success of your campaign, we execute the following:

We Improve Donor Experience

Your donors will be willing to explore more about you and your cause if your website provides a smooth user experience. If your fundraising platform is intuitive and easy to use, your donors will spend more time on the platform.

Our Solutions Evolve as per Your Needs

We never hold back when it comes to supporting your cause. We understand that diverse causes might come with varying demands. Hence we are always ready to provide customizations on the basis of your campaign’s needs.

We Work with Trusted Partners

We value the privacy and safety of your users. We understand in order to ensure donor retention, it’s important to provide a safe and secure experience. Hence we integrate only those third-party payment tools in our fundraising platforms that are trusted and used by global leaders.

We Create Solutions That Work on All Devices

Responsive solutions help in creating a seamless experience across all devices. Be it your personal computer, your tablet or your phone, when your platform works flawlessly across all devices, it enables your users to make donations anytime, from anywhere.

We Deliver Glitch-free Solutions

At GammaStack, we understand that a minor glitch or a bug is more than enough to sabotage trust. Hence we deliver robust fundraising software solutions that are not only highly functional but are bug and glitch-free. In addition to these, we also provide team fundraising software, peer to peer fundraising platforms for nonprofits, Donor Management and Fundraising Products.

Organizations Benefiting from Our Online Fundraising Software

Non-profits Supporting a Cause

Spread the word and generate awareness about the cause you care for.

Public Broadcasting Channels & Electronic media outlets

Raise funds for resources, equipment, ensure the smooth running of your channels or support a cause you care about.

Education Institutes

Raise funds for the welfare of the students or to support a cause.

Community Foundations

For the welfare of communities in a geographical area

Independent organizations

Raise funds for your own organization or support a cause with our integrated forms for your websites.

Safe and secure solutions
Quick and on-time delivery
On-demand customisations

Why GammaStack?

Diverse campaigns
Feature-rich platforms that meet your needs.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of foundations in achieving their goals. We have helped non-profits support a cause, we have helped education institutions provide better resources, we have helped organizations to give back to the society and we have helped foundations to give a strong voice to communities. Equipped with years of experience in fundraising and a highly skilled team of designers and developers, we provide next-gen solutions that help you achieve your fundraising goals.



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What is a non-profit fundraising software or charity donation platform?

A non-profit fundraising software, a charity donation platform or a nonprofit crowdfunding software is a web-based solution that enables non-profits and similar organizations to raise funds for a cause by equipping them with tools for marketing, donor management, volunteer management, statistics, reports, leaderboards and so much more.

What is a 24-hour giving campaign?

As the name suggests, 24-hour giving campaigns, also known as giving events or giving days are events that last only for 24 hours (or more) and use urgency to raise maximum funds in a limited time. A 24-hour giving event ensures new donor participation, increases awareness and visibility of the cause, and enhances donor engagement.

What are the features of a nonprofit crowdfunding software?

GammaStack’s nonprofit crowdfunding software is equipped with donor and volunteer management tools, statistics, reports, and analytics that help you get your hands on valuable information about your users, leaderboards that keep the spirit alive, branding that helps your cause stand out, marketing tools that help you maximize your reach and so much more.

What type of organizations can use a charity donation platform?

A charity donation platform can be used by non-profits working towards a cause, public broadcasting channels & electronic media outlets, education Institutes, community foundations and so many more. Contact GammaStack today to know more.

What kind of campaigns can I run using non-profit fundraising software?

With GammStack’s non-profit fundraising software, you can effectively raise funds using peer-to-peer fundraising, 24-hour giving events, cause-based fundraising, year-round fundraising and so many more. Contact GammaStack today to know more.

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We have used GammaStack’s non-profit fundraising software from the very start and till this date, they have always delivered. They are very consistent, they always keep their promises and they are always willing to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Keep up the great work people behind GammaStack.

Christopher Baker, GeorgiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/11/29

I love the fact that the online fundraising software by GammaStack is so user-friendly and offers many features in one place. Now we don’t have to rely on other solutions for managing aspects of our campaign and it makes us so happy that we have managed to raise more funds from last year.

Thomas Young, TexasGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/11/29

Technology has always intimidated me. I have never felt comfortable with techy jargon and high-end software. I was a bit skeptical before investing in GammStack’s charity donation platform but I must say that I made the right decision. Their support team was very understanding and handled all my queries patiently. With their help, I was able to run a successful fundraising campaign. Thank you GammaStack!

Richard Moore, New JerseyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/11/29
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 3 reviews