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GammaStack is a top-notch servicenow application development company that builds business apps at lightspeed covering all your business requirements. Using ServiceNow, we boost your digital transformation by providing a single mobile and web application development platform.

  • Application Development & Extension
  • ServiceNow Implementation
  • Automated Test Framework
  • Engagement Portals (User-Experience)

Automate Business Processes with ServiceNow Application

At GammaStack, our ServiceNow developers are well equipped with technical acumen and work together to transform your business completely. We create solutions with ServiceNow to solve work complexity in the organization thus managing the workflow. We are a leading ServiceNow application development company specializing in ServiceNow Implementation, ServiceNow Consultation, ServiceNow Development and ServiceNow Integration.

ServiceNow Development Services We Offer

Custom Integrations

We integrate SaaS applications, legacy systems, Jira, SAP, BI tools ERPs, data formats, and much more using SOAP and RESTful APIs for enhancing the workflow and improving your business operations.

ServiceNow Implementation

Our ServiceNow developers fruitfully implement ITSM functionality to improve quality of service, deliver greater innovation and business value. We ensure that the right processes, people and technology are on the same page.

Backend Support

Whether it’s about configuring ServiceNow on the front end and automation process on the back end for maintaining the workflows, our ServiceNow tech experts can do it without any hassle.

ServiceNow Consultants

Our servicenow consultant helps you find flaws that hamper your organization’s activities and thus provides a better solution for a seamless workflow. Our consultants are skilled and experienced that can quickly understand your organization’s needs and demands and help you out.

ServiceNow Administration

From importing data into servicenow tables to configure application menus and modules, we have experts who comprehend all the admin activities in service now thus helping you in managing the ITSM process.

AI, ML, & IOT Integrations

We keep things simple and easy by integrating AI, ML & IOT integrations to make the business processes faster and smoother for future enhancements. Thus enabling a simpler system in your organization.

ServiceNow Staffing

With our ServiceNow staffing facility, you need not to worry about anything related to your business. We take care of all your small and big issues in your organization. From consulting to developing we cater your business needs.

ServiceNow Recruiting

Recruitment is no big hassle now. With our ServiceNow services, you can find your perfect candidate and have him onboard easily with quick and simple steps to fulfill your business requirements.

Tech Stack

Whether it’s about developing an application from the scratch using ServiceNow Application tools our experts are all there for you. Standard tools we use: 

Guided Application Creator,

ServiceNow Studio,

Service Creator,

ServiceNow Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Team Development

System Updates Sets

Legacy Application Creator

Automated Test Framework (ATF)

Since ServiceNow supports javascript as their backend language, we have programmers and developers who hold great expertise in javascript and can build applications as per the requirements. Our in-house experts work rigorously to store the piece of information that is required to keep the applications advanced and updated using mysql and can extract data whenever necessary.

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Benefits of ServiceNow Application

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Users have various predefined services to choose from so that they can fulfill their IT requirements and to streamline the delivery of services. ServiceNow offers various application management tools where the admin can manage the applications, whenever needed.

ServiceNow CSM Testing


By automating the process, servicenow applications tools speed up the pace of development and thus increase the pace of overall organizational activities ensuring all the compliance and governance.

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Delegated Development and Deployment

This helps the users to develop and deploy their application hassle free without the system admin role. Even if there is a specific admin role, ServiceNow gives the facility for application development to the designated developers at the application level.

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As it is cloud-based PaaS, users are not tied to a local network, thus it can be scaled on multiple networks and can be accessed from anywhere and can be used trouble-free.

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Financial savings

When all the IT processes get automated with the help of ServiceNow applications, there are more chances of financial savings.

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Quick turn-around time

ServiceNow application provides a quick turn-around time as these applications are capable of handling all the critical business operations.

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Increased customer satisfaction

ServiceNow platforms and applications that are built using it are more simple and secure and since they are easy to use they tend to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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Key Modules of our ServiceNow Development

IT Service Management

IT Operations Management

Customer Service Management

IT Business Management

HR Service Delivery

Analytics Intelligence and Reporting

IT Asset Management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Service Management - Other

Security Operations

Field Service Management

Field Service Management

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Benefits of ServiceNow Application

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Define business requirements

We first define the business requirements from the clients. We try to understand what the application will do, how it will help in automating a process, and who will use it. After answering these questions we begin with our application development process.

Define data model

Define data model

By defining the data model we analyze what information the application needs to track and what all information can be useful and can be kept as a record for further use.

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Build the application

Once the business requirements and data model are defined, we create the application using ServiceNow. These applications require no coding thus making it simpler and easy to develop applications.

ServiceNow Development - Integration and Optimization

Test the application

We test the application for the final launch. Adhering to the requirements and quality, our technology professionals perform both manual and automated testing.

Final Delivery

Final Launch

Once the testing is done, we make changes if there are any and then finally launch the application and now it is ready to use.

Our ServiceNow Integrations

  • Computer Software
  • Information Technology Services
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Higher Education
  • Insurance
  • Retail

Need More Business Specific Integrations?

Technology professionals that create innovative solutions
Experienced ServiceNow Developers

Why GammaStack?

Flexible Applications
100+ Custom Applications

GammaStack is the leading servicenow application development company with overall 8+ years of experience. We have successfully delivered applications that have helped many big and small enterprises to make processes faster and scalable. Our ServiceNow development services help you in leveraging the value of your enterprise wide systems by integrating the process workflows. Our servicenow services are designed to ease the challenges faced by the employees in day-to-day life thus giving them better and more opportunities to lead their organization. 


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