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Online Betting Shop

Online Betting Shop

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Fully-Fledged Online Betting Shops

Wanting to kick start your betting business with a superfine online betting shop? Well then, GammaStack can help you with the best! With a unitary solution which supports both online as well as brick and mortar betting shops, we help gaming operators mutually manage and administer their business across the globe. From completely ready-to-launch solutions to fully bespoke, GammaStack offers everything based on what your requirements are.

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Sports betting software

Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

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Sports betting software

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Value-Added Perks


Full-Scale Software

Effectively handle performance and global gameplay with full capacity and zero performance drop, all through our scalable solutions.


Bespoke Development

Cusotmise the online betting shop software to full extent with the advantage of 100% customisations at GammaStack.


Ready-to-Launch Aids

For the immediate entry into the market with an online betting shop, our readymade platforms are the best-fit.


Effective Marketing

Using our diverse marketing tactics, let the players be offered with perks like odds-boost, free bets, cashouts, etc.


Global Sports Coverage

We have got different sports events and matches from around the globe for your players to bet on using a single platform.



Access the online betting shop in any language of your choice, thanks to our multilingue and translation tools.


Global Currencies

Pay, bet, and wage on sports in any currency of choice such as domestic currencies, forex, cryptocurrencies, custom tokens, and more.


Margin Controls

Let your online as well as brick-and-mortar betting shops achieve the wins and goals protifably with our margin control tool.


No Revenue Share

We let you own the online betting shops full as we believe in no sharing of revenues or royalties.


3rd Party Tools

Integrate globally certified odds, finance systems, and much more from esteemed third parties to make your platform outstanding.


Live Odds & Data

The online betting shop solution we cater offer real-time odds and data modulation for
realistic betting.

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Online Betting Shop With Upscaled Features

For enhanced user gaming experience, let them be offered with multibets system where more than one bet can be clubbed for megawin.
Risk-Free Betting
Access online betting shops in full safety using our encryptions, security codes, user verification, KYC, and authentication processes.
Retail Systems
We facilitate the retail systems of betting like ticketing, bet slip generation and printing, and much more for your online & brick-and-mortar betting shops both.
Let players’ betting excitement to highest by offering them the benefit of using the betting software on any device and at any place.
Back Office
Access all essential elements of the online betting shop in one click from the back office
Odds Modulation
From decimal to moneyline or event fractional, flexibly convert your odds type into the form of your choice.
Automated Betting
Automate placement of wagers, betting, selections, and even transactions on the online betting shop.
For your brick-and-mortar betting shop, we offer online betting solutions that work hassle-free on kiosks and devices too.
Brick and Mortar Shops
Expand, access, and manage the online betting shops software at your land-based betting shops too with zero interruption.
Player Account Management
From user information to their sports data, reports, preferences, and everything including CRM, access it all from our PAM tool.
Content Management
Keep your players updated with new information, alerts, and notices using the aler pings, push or bell notifications, banners, advertisements, emails, etc.
Tech & Hosting
Get assisted for your online betting shop from developers of your choice with the opportunity to choose your tech stack and hosting servers.
Globalise payments for your online betting shops using our diversified payment gateways, wallets, currencies, and more.
Bets Management
Organize, manage and control the sports betting activities, add or remove odds, flexibly set betting bets, and so on.
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Hardware Versatile Online Betting Shops

Get your hands on a superior online betting shop software which also accompanies with your brick-and-mortar betting shop for business benefits. The online betting shop solutions we develop supports all kind of hardware and devices for a remote, full-fledged, and continuous betting adventure.


Advance remote betting for players with mobile-responsive online betting shop software. Let players bet using tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices with zero interruption.


On browser of any kind operated on devices like desktop, computers, etc., our online betting shops are
accessible across all.

Self-Service Devices

Operate our online betting platform
on self-service devices such as kiosks
of any type, enabling a similar and seamless betting experience in offline modes too.

Sports Catalogue For Online Betting Shop

For your online betting shop, we have got a list of globally popular sports for betting that includes but does not limit to
American Football Betting Software


Horse Racing Betting Software

Horse Racing


Greyhound Race



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Online Betting Shop Software Development Process

Online Betting Shop Planning & Ideation
Idea Analysis
Wireframing & Sketching
Assets Allocation
Sketch Creation
Online Betting Shop Designing
Frontend & Backend Development
Slot Software Design
Animations & Effects
Slot Software Development
Custom Configurations
Quality Analysis
3rd Party Integrations
Go Live
Quality Verification
Post-launch Services
Quality Analysis
Post-Execution Support
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Qualified Team of Professionals on Hire
Quality Development Services
Zero Share of Revenues
100% Bespoke & Unique Software

GammaStack is the provider of best-of-its-kind online betting shop solutions to assist gaming operators and businesses with the overall market coverage. Embodying the industrial experience for more than 12 years, GammaStack has offered many businesses the facility to shift their business from brick-and-mortar betting shops to online betting shops for fullest coverage on both sides, all with fully customizable ready-to-launch solutions, depending on what is needed. Equipped with the finest of features and tools, our platform is quality-focused, effective, and top-notch in performance.


1. How can I access and bet using an online beting shop as a player?

The online betting shop platform offers players with a diverse range of sports events and matches details along with their odds. The players can choose their team or players, see or analyse their odds of winning, bet, and win.

2. Can the online betting shop software be customised?

Yes, the online betting shops we develop are open for full customisations depending on the requirements of the clients.

3. Are online betting shops secured and safe?

Yes, the online sports betting shop software we deliver are configured with fullest risks management and security factors to keep the complete user attraction and traction secured and risk-free.

4. On what devices can the online betting shop platform operate?

The online betting shops can be accessed and operated on various devices like mobile, kiosks, laptops, and whatnot.

5. How reliable are online betting shops?

The online betting platform developed by GammaStack are configured with certified third party tools, trusted integrations, and 100% owned custom features which makes it completely reliable to use and own.



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