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Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform

Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform

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Flexible Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform

The gambling industry is transforming robustly, and now is the trend for web3 sportsbook solutions to run on the top. To get global gaming businesses modernise with the technology, GammaStack offers the ultra-modern web3 sportsbook iGaming platform added with the superfine features, systems, and tools. The completely decentralised, open-sourced, and smart web3 sportsbook we offer takes your business ahead with the advantage of uniqueness, superiority, flexibility, and whatnot. Be it custom/bespoke, white label, or turnkey; our web3 sportsbook solution is available as per your business requires.

Web3 Sportsbook Benefits You Must Not Miss From GammaStack


Open Source Solutions

GammaStack offers open source sportsbook that comes with a license which lets copyright owners grant the right to access, change, and manage the software by the user.



Our web3 sportsbook iGaming platform is decentralized, meaning it supports complete operations over blockchains and P2P computer networks.


Smart Betting

What makes the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform unique? It is the smart betting benefit that lets you select the low-risk and high-risk choices based on liquidity pools.


Tokenised Economy

In addition to blockchains and other economies, our web3 sportsbook iGaming platform also offers custom tokens for a diverse gaming experience.


Anonymity & User Privacy

We respect your anonymity and hence our web3 sportsbook is added with features that keep user privacy and anonymity at the front.


Smart Contracts

Get benefited with smart contracts system which allows easy payouts, transparency in processing, and much more with the web3 sportsbook.


Legal & Jurisdiction

GammaStack not only offers the development of a web3 sportsbook but also provides complete legal and jurisdictional guidance to businesses for regulated gambling.



Make your web3 sportsbook unique and personalised with us using the fully custom development tools, integrations, and everything you need.


24*7 Query Resolution

For any time and anywhere resolution of your queries as an operator or even end-user, GammaStack has 24*7 availability for support and services.

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Engaging Panel Systems Of Our Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform

The web3 sportsbook iGaming platform we develop comes with a versatile player panel which contains:
Design and Development

Registration Window

Advance Risk Management

Security & Risk Management

Sports Betting Software UK Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment Setting & Controls

Customer Support

Customer Support

Betting markets and bet types covered

Bet Guide

Multilingual Fantasy Sports Platform

Language & Translations

Odds and Sports Data Integration


Wide Sports Selection

Sports Catalogue

For complete bookie controls and management flexibility, GammaStack provides an integrated agent panel which contains:
fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard




Odds and Sports Data Integration

Odds Data

Calendar and Schedule

Calendars & Schedules

Finance Management

Finance Tools

Pool Betting Software - Multiple bets

Betting Management

Sports Betting App Account Panel

User Accounts Management

ServiceNow Development - Customer Service Management

Customer Service & Care

Effective administration comes with easy-to-access tools and systems, and so our admin panel provides single window access to:
Finance Management

Wallets & Finance

Robust Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management

Easy to use CMS


Creation and Deletion of Player’s Accounts

User Accounts


Player Support

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform: Main Features

Automated Odds Systems
Our web3 sportsbook solution uses automated tools for the trading of self-controlled odds that advantage your punters with easy betting strategies.
Fully-Managed Sportsbook
Our web3 sportsbook is fully managed meaning it contains all important tools and can be integrated with many solutions like online casinos, slots, lotteries, etc.
Pre & In-Play Matches
Grab the advantage of betting before and during the match, sports events, and leagues for more betting and winning advantages.
DeFi & DApps
When talking about the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform, the decentralized systems benefits operators with complete decentralisation of finances and apps.
Translations & Languages
Take your sportsbook across borders with full informational clarity, all with the language and translation services we
Marketing Aids
Not only till execution or launch, but GammaStack also offers post-deployment support that includes effective marketing assistance, promotional aids, and so on
Live Streaming & Betting
Enhance the betting enthusiasm for your players using live streams and real-time betting adventures and make it more interesting for end users.
Back-Office Systems
For super effective administration, we have got you the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform integrated with an all-in-one back office system.
Cross-Browser Responsiveness
Get the flexible web3 sportsbook from GammaStack which comes with compatibility across various browsers and devices, leading to anywhere and anytime accessibility.
P2P & Blockchain Support
GammaStack offers the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform which benefits gaming companies with full peer-to-peer utility and blockchain support.
iFrame & API Support
Get your user interface and design customised with the full iFrame and API support benefits in the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform.
Diverse Wallets
GammaStack adds the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform added with multiple wallets like Ledger, MetaMusk, Argent, and many more for quick finances.
Finance Systems
We have got you the best web3 sportsbook gaming platform that covers full payment systems, the finest payment gateways, and a lot of currencies for easy gambling.
Auto Trading Tools
From suspensions, margins, and odds ladders; the automated trading system added to our web3 sportsbook provides many benefits.
Security Management
GammaStack provides a web3 sportsbook iGaming platform added with a first-class risk management tool for a safer and risk-free betting experience.
Wider Gaming Coverage
From sports betting to online casinos, fantasy sports, lotteries, and whatnot; our web3 sportsbook can be configured with many more games.
3rd Party Configurations
GammaStack has allied with trustable and top-class third parties to get your web3 sportsbook integrated with the best-in-industry tools.
Bonuses & Rewards
For more fun and gaming excitement, our web3 sportsbook iGaming platform comes with in-built bonuses, jackpots, and rewards for users.
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Get Offered The Enaging Web3 Sportsbook Templates

Sports betting software

SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

Custom SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

White Label SportsBetting software

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Master Various Bet Styles With Us

Casual Games


Place a single bet in an outcome of any event and the right prediction or bet gives the user a direct win.



This bet is placed on the outcome expected to happen or occur in the future space, such as the winner of a race or a tournament, etc.



Three bets, usually straight, are placed on the outcomes of the event and winning all three leads to a final outcome.



This uses a scale of numbers where one number is chosen and the bet must be placed on whether the outcome will be over or under the chosen one.

In-Game Settings

Pool Betting

Popular by the name parimutuels, this uses pools to place similar bets in a place, then remove dividends, finding the ‘vigorish’, and giving the final win to pools.



Prevalent among the racing niches, the jackpot betting style uses predictive betting where the bettor has to predict the first six winners in chronological order to make a win.

Easy Way

Each Way

To moderate the risks, this betting style uses two bets - win and set where the former is placed on final outcomes and the latter on the threshold.



An abbreviation of head-to-head, the style lets users bet on any of the two outcomes only viz. Win or lose, and nothing in between.

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Web3 Sportsbook: Catalogue For Sports

The web2 sportsbook iGaming platform we provide covers major sports ranges that include but does not limit to:
Football Betting Software




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Our Process For Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform Development

Requirement Generation
Need Identification
Planning & Prototyping
Planning & Prototyping
Resource Allocation
Resource Allocation
Front-end Development
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Back-end Creation
Custom Integrations
Custom Integration
  3rd Party Setup
3rd Party Integration
Web3 Sportsbook Testing
Web3 Sportsbook Testing
Post-Execution Support
Post-Execution Support
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Futuristic Development Solutions
State-of-the-art Technologies
Fully Customisable Solutions
Quality & Timeliness Promised

GammaStack is the leading provider of web3 sportsbook iGaming platform which provides the best decentralised, automated, and ultra-modern web3 sportsbook to global gaming businesses and companies. For more than 8 years now, GammaStack has been leading the industry out of its excellent sportsbook features, designs, and tools. Apart from a standardised solution, GammaStack is also the provider of a fully custom web3 sportsbooks to get you the advantage of uniqueness. So, let’s move ahead in the betting competition with the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform developed by GammaStack.

FAQs- Web3 Sportsbook iGaming Platform

1. What is meant by web3 sportsbook?

The web3 sportsbook is a digital platform for betting which covers multiple sports, events, and leagues to bet on as per the odds prediction, and then finally make a win that leads to good prizes.

2. Can I also get web3 online casino solutions for my business?

Yes, GammaStack also develops web2 casino solutions for businesses that aim to move ahead with full technical support.

3. Can we customise the tokens to use and integrate into the web3 sportsbook iGaming platform?

Yes, GammaStack is known for its top custom development services that also benefit clients in getting their bespoke web3 sportsbook.

4. Is the web3 sportsbook by GammaStack usable across any device?

Yes, our web3 sportsbook iGaming platform is accessible over any device, channel, and browser.

5. Do we have any ready-to-launch web3 sportsbooks?

Yes, get your ready-to-use web3 sportsbook solution and aid your portfolio with the quickest entry and launch of the platform for a full competitive edge.

6. Can I get a web3 sportsbook in turnkey mode?

Yes, with GammaStack, get the customised/bespoke, white label, or even turnkey web3 sportsbook depending on your needs.

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