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Stay ahead of the curve with sports betting exchange software solutions that come equipped with a myriad of features for sports betting businesses.

  • ZERO Operational Risks
  • 50+ Sports Covered
  • Robust and Scalable
  • High-end Tools for Liquidity Management

Custom Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

Are you looking for sports betting exchange software development company that builds 100% customizable solutions? If yes, then, GammaStack is a one-stop destination for you. Our team of seasoned professionals build user-friendly designs and interface to deliver industry-specific solutions that are on par with the latest industry trends. With zero operational risks and tools for liquidity management, we develop software solutions that are completely customizable and highly cost-effective.

Benefits of Our Sports Betting Exchange Software

100% Customizable Solutions

We build betting exchange solutions that are 100% customizable as per your business needs and requirements. We ensure that we create designs that match your business background and theme.

API-driven Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Our sports betting exchange software is equipped with APIs from the world’s leading sports data providers to ensure that users get updated and reliable data. The software generates analytics with real-time reporting.

Quick Entry to Market

Our developers follow agile methodology to develop software in the desired time frame. We ensure that we deliver your sports betting exchange software on time and makes quick entry to the market.

Liquidity Management & Risk Management Tools

We incorporate liquidity management and high-risk management tools into our sports betting exchange software. Risk management system alerts users when they exceed their betting limit thus ensuring bankroll management.

Third-party Providers

Users receive data from reliable third-party providers ensuring it is timely and accurate. Sports data and odds from Betradar, Sports and Exfeed to provide the best-in-class data services to the users.

Want More Benefits?

Attributes of Our Sports Betting Exchange Software Solution

Matching Engine

Sports betting exchange software comes equipped with a matching engine that provides users with matching odds, bet types and much more.

Back/Lay Odd Types Supported

Attract a huge audience with our sports betting exchange software that supports both back and lay odds types.

Advanced Settings for Custom Rates of Commission

We have advance settings in our software so that admins can change their rates of commission as per their choice.

Management of Liquidity and Bet Limit

It enables users to manage the liquidity and bet limit on the platform hassle-free and easy.


This feature enables users to cash-out their money during the match or event with the help of equipped real-time calculators.

Detailed Admin Dashboard

We have a comprehensive admin dashboard in our betting exchange software that enables admins to manage users.

Risk-free In-play, Live and Pari-Mutuel Betting

Different betting types including risk-free in-play, live and pari-mutuel are supported by sports betting exchange software.

Live Video Streaming

Entice yours with a sports betting software that provides live streaming of games and matches.

Multi-tier Agent System

We have a multi-tier agent system that enables agents to create a wide range of network among agents.

Fully Customizable Affiliate Systems

Now admins can track, run, create and customize affiliate marketing campaigns with the affiliate systems on our sports betting exchange software.

Flexible Commission Types

Our sports betting exchange software is backed with Standard or Tiered Revenue Share (based on NGR, FTD), Standard or Tiered CPA (based on FTD count, FTD amount), Mix FTD, and many more.

API Integration Services

Our developers integrate top-notch sports data and odds services on the sports betting exchange software to receive fast data.

Identity Cards for Players Insights

The software generates unique ID cards for the players who register on the platform for secure and safe betting experience.

Real-Time Bet History

The betting exchange software generates real-time bet history that enables users to make decisions during the match/event.

Multiple Odds Formats Supported

Offer users a betting exchange platform that supports multiple odds formats including America, decimal and fraction.

Multilingual Platform

Engage users from different zones with a multilingual betting exchange platform that enables users to place bets in their convenient languages.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Our sports betting exchange platform comes integrated with multiple payment gateways thay allow users to pay using their preferred choice.

Want More Benefits?

Sports Covered in our Betting Exchange Software

A myriad of exciting and popular sports are covered in our betting exchange software including:-

Advanced Features

  • Major Cryptocurrencies Support
  • Live Betting
  • Powerful Back-end Support
  • Agent System
  • Retail/Bet shop Solution
  • Liability Tracking and Reporting
  • Creation and Deletion of Player’s Accounts

How We Build State-of-the-art Solutions

Gammastack Brainstorming


Requirement Gathering

White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing


Project Planning

Gammastack Project Planning


Task Allocation

Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


Software Designing

White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing


Development Process

Gammastack Email Marketing Tools


Third-Party Integrations

Gammastack API Integration


On-demand Customizations

Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


Software Testing

White Label Rugby Betting Software On-Demand Customizations


Marketing Support

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


Sports Betting Software Launching

Need Customizations?

Plethora of Features
Industry-specific Software Solutions

Why GammaStack?

Seasoned Team of Professionals
Cutting edge Technologies

GammaStack is known for delivering state-of-the-art sports betting exchange software services. With our 8+ years of iGaming experience, we have helped businesses to thrive seamlessly. Mustered with high-edge technology, our sports betting software solution is made with a combination of smart planning and keeping in mind the latest iGaming trends. Thus, empowering businesses with exceptional professional services in strategy, user experience and design.

Data Partners

Goal serve
ExeFeed API Integrations
Fantasy Data
Goal serve


Malta Gaming Authority
Gaming Laboratories International
Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority

Payment Gateways

First Data


United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
Florida State Golf Association INC

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Sports Betting Exchange FAQ's

What is a betting exchange?

Unlike the traditional betting exchange, it eliminates the need for bookmakers. Individuals can back and lay on the same thing for winning and losing respectively.

What advice would you give users for exchange betting?

Being among the best betting exchange platform providers, we can definitely advise users to wary of laying at high odds as it can put them in trouble and place bets before knowing the strategy of betting exchange.

Do you have a ready to launch white-label exchange software solution?

Yes, we have a ready to launch white-label exchange software solution that can be deployed within three weeks.

Do your exchange platform supports crypto and fiat currencies?

Users can place bets using both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the platform.

Do you also deliver bespoke solutions?

Yes, we make custom betting exchange solutions depending on your business needs and requirements.

Do you also provide intellectual property along with the software?

Yes, we provide source code, GitHub code and all the necessary information with our software solutions.

Is live/in-play betting supported in your betting exchange?

Yes, our betting exchange software supports live/in-play betting.

Do you also make betting exchange mobile applications?

We create feature-enriched betting exchange mobile applications.

Does your betting exchange software contain a live match tracker?

Yes, a live match tracked comes with our betting exchange software.

Tell us about your technical support and assistance after the project deployment.

We provide complete assistance and support ensuing seamless betting operations.

Is there a built-in affiliate model available in your betting exchange solutions?

Yes, a built-in affiliate model comes equipped with all our sports betting software solutions.

Is there a CMS to support your betting exchange platform?

Yes, a CMS is there to support your betting exchange platform.

Does your platform support multiple bonus and promotion system available in your betting exchange software?

Yes, there are a lot of bonus and promotions systems available in our betting exchange platform.

Client Testimonials

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If you are new to the sports betting exchange sector, GammaStack may be the finest option for you. They provided us with the greatest available solution, which has resulted in significant revenues for our company. Keep up the excellent job!

Date: 2021/10/26

GammaStack has a track record of creating high-quality sports betting exchange software that met our requirements. We admire the performance of the team and are grateful for their assistance in helping us compete in the market.

Date: 2021/10/26

The sports betting exchange software developed by GammaStack has all the crucial features of sports betting exchange. It helped us to manage the functioning of our sports betting exchange business. We were thankful to the team for all their contribution.

John Green, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/25

GammaStack’s sports betting exchange software comes with advanced features of sports betting exchange that fulfill the demands of our audience. We have never worked with such an amazing team before. Thanks, GammaStack.

Jane Watson, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/25

The sports betting exchange software offered by GammaStack fulfilled our business needs. They never compromise on quality and are ready to deliver the solution on time. We never had such an amazing gaming experience.

Joe wilmington, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/22

We always wanted to have sports betting exchange software that can offer feature-rich solutions to our audience and GammaStack did it effectively. We were thankful to the team for helping us in developing the best sports betting exchange software for us.

Kemily Thomson, ItalyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/22

The sports betting exchange software built by GammaStack has advanced features of sports betting exchange. It helped us to offer a unique platform to our users and allowed us to entertain them in a better way. Thanks, GammaStack.

Ryan Booker, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/21

GammaStack could be the best choice for you if you are new to the sports betting exchange business. They delivered us the best possible solution that brings huge profits to our business. Keep up the good work!

Date: 2021/10/21

The sports betting exchange software offered by GammaStack has top-notch features of betting exchange. It helped us to sustain in the market and helped us to achieve huge growth in the market.

Bill Malone, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/20

GammaStack’s sports betting exchange software brings huge profits to our business. We were thankful to our friend for suggesting GammaStack. They have the best team to work with. Thanks, GammaStack.

Emily Swift, ItalyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/20

If you are new to the sports betting exchange business then opt for GammaStack. They have solutions for every business and they never compromise on qualitative solutions. We appreciate their efforts and are thankful to the team.

Date: 2021/10/18

The sports betting exchange software created by GammaStack has unique features of betting exchange that satisfy the needs of our users. It helped us to attain huge profits and influence targeted audiences in the market.

Steven Smith, KenyaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/18

GammaStack has experience in developing top-rated sports betting exchange software that fulfilled our business needs. We appreciate the team's efforts and are thankful to the team for helping us in competing in the market.

Date: 2021/10/15

GammaStack has a team of skilled designers and developers who believe in offering high-quality services to users. They delivered us top-rated sports betting exchange software that helped us in generating huge profits.

John Johnson, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/15

The sports betting exchange software created by GammaStack covers all trending features of sports betting. It influences a huge audience in the market that brings huge revenue to our betting exchange business.

Charlie Caverdish, ItalyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/14
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 15 reviews