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Leading Retail Betting Software Development

Excited to take your gambling business higher with retail betting software solutions? GammaStack, then, is the right place for you as we offer multiple retail betting solutions for adding value in terms of profit and popularity to bookmaker businesses. The software that we develop adheres to the needs of the customers and can be customisable, ready-to-launch, or even third-partite depending on what you need. We give clients the advantage of customizing their betting software according to their business requirements with an appealing front end for the fullest sense of satisfaction.

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Key Benefits You Get With The Retail Betting Software Development


Robust Platform

Our team of expert developers ensures that the software developed is robust, secure and scalable. We work towards creating seamless and fail-proof experiences for the user.


Unlimited Assistance

Get retail betting software development services that are combined with any time and unlimited assistance like upgradation, maintenance, and so on.


Multilingual Assistance

We offer multiple languages in our platform so as to benefit every player that uses the software. In order to engage more customers, this feature will surely prove to be helpful.


24*7 Support

GammaStack offers a round-the-clock support system to help punters with the effective resolution of queries.


Aesthetically Appealing UIs

High definition and gorgeous user interface will create an impressive and remarkable betting experience for the players.


Reliable 3rd Parties

We are the retail betting software provider which has allied with the most reliable and secured 3rd parties for integration.


Ready-to-Launch Support

Need to enter the market quickly with a new offering? Come to GammaStack as we offer the complete kit of readymade solutions that are ready to launch.


Versatility & Scalability

All our sports betting solution are versatile and scalable which means operational on multiple devices across the globe with the fullest access to offerings.

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Trending Templates You Should Look For!

Sports betting software

SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

Custom SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

White Label SportsBetting software

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Trending Features Of Our Retail Betting Software Development

Bet Slip Printing

We offer several types of sports betting in the software like pool bets, trebles, parlays, etc. to improve customer content levels.

Coupon Printing

Coupon Printing functionality will print optimized and personalized coupons to attract more and more

Time Management Feature

With our feasible and optimized time management feature, our software provides a TMS for all operators and

Self Service Terminal

We offer the most convenient feature, a self-service terminal where players can log in, and check their tickets, achievements, and progress.

Multiple Device Printing

Our software supports easily usable printing devices such as Printers, POS, and various other portable devices.

Device Management Service

As the software is compatible with various platforms, GammaStack helps in assisting the clients and their players by monitoring the device remotely and managing various issues and incidents that may occur.

Cryptocurrency Support

Get the complete support of multiple cryptocurrencies like Polygon, Solana, LiteCoin, etc. and enhance payment systems for users.

Printable Daily Programs

Our software provides printables of daily matches and informs about updates from the betting world, the probability of winning and losing and many more.

Diverse Payment Methods

Payment gateways like Neteller, Stripe, Skrill, etc. enable more and more people to come and use this platform due to the payment ease and convenience it provides.

Kiosk Betting Solution

Sports betting Kiosks improve the customer experience by bringing down the waiting lines while placing bets that also increase the profits of the bookmaker.

Strong Analytics

Our retail betting software works on performance predictions so that it will give the bettors an insight into how to place their bets to achieve profits and success.

Multiple Bet Types

Parlays, each way, H2H, and many more betting styles can be added to the retail betting software for diversified betting.


Our Retail Betting Software has a very simple and comfortable interface. Experienced as well as new players can navigate through the software very easily, without any difficulty.

Match Schedules

Our software provides timely updates and reminders of all the upcoming matches so that the players can fix their betting schedule accordingly.

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Some Trending Betting Styles

Casual Games


Trebles is a betting style where three bets are put in the same event with distinct outcomes where winning all three is important.



This uses a set of numbers and allows punters to bet on either over or under the range to win based on predictions.

Game Logic Development

Pool Betting

Also, call parimutuel betting, this style adds pools made by similar bets and then division of bets according to wins.

Traditional Bets

Traditional Bets

Most popular and easy to use, traditional bets involve single, double, triple, and multiple betting which makes quick wins.

Easy Way

Each Way

This uses two bets - set and win, and any or both of the bets can lead to good profits if won.

In-Game Settings


This style uses two or more bet styles and winning both or all is vital for the final winning of the bets.

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Sports & eSports You Must Get


The retail betting software development services offer the option to add multiple sports like
American Football Betting Software

American Football


To diversify your basket of offerings, get esports added like:
Apex Legends

Apex Legends





Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Free Fire

Free Fire



Arena of Valor

Arena Of Valor

League of Legends

League of Legends

DOTA - 2

DOTA - 2



Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Rocket League

Rocket League

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile



Our Retail Betting Software Development Process

Gathering Ideas
Gathering Requirements
Software Planning
Planning Requirements
Software Designing
Sketching & Wireframing
Allocating Resources
Allocating Resources
Front-End Development
Front-End Development
Back-end Development
Back-end Development
Software Testing
Quality Verification
Post-Launch Acts
Post-Launch Acts
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Classiest Solutions
Proficient Developers
On-Demand Hiring Benefits
Quality & Time-Effectiveness
All-round Support

GammaStack is one of the leading sports betting software development companies in the world. We develop robust, secure and scalable betting software by understanding our client’s requirements with cutting-edge solutions and technologies. Our vision is to help our clients grow their businesses and popularity by developing seamless and easy-to-use betting software. So, let’s come together and get your business forward with the best retail betting software development.

FAQs - Retail Betting Software Development

1. What does retail betting software offer?

Retail betting software is a solution that works online and offers a wide range of sports markets, leagues, and events to bet on. In addition to the basic sports betting solutions, retail betting offers more features like retail bet slips, bet printing, and much more.

2. Can I get my business unique betting software?

With the custom retail betting software developed by GammaStack, one can get business into the industry with full uniqueness and personalization.

3. How can I get my business ahead in the market quickly?

To get your business to run into the domain quickly, we offer ready-to-launch betting solutions that come with all standardised features and tools.

4. What benefits do GammaStack offer with development?

Post-execution help, upgradation, maintenance, marketing support, risk management, and much other assistance are provided by GammaStack along with development.

5. Is it risky to bet online using retail sports betting software?

It depends on the type and authenticity of the retail betting solutions being used. Such as a trusted, authentic, and risk-free solution can be safe whereas the other can be risky.

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