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Betting Software Developers

Betting Software Developers

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Flexible-Hire Sports Betting Software Developers

Ever wondered how you can get your betting software of choice with a no or limited team of developers? GammaStack has betting software developers which offers the ease to hire sports betting software developers from anywhere in the world to get your development needs fulfilled. Using the flexible engagement models of hiring, we let you get the best sports betting software developers for hire to help our gaming business with the fullest development and onwards. From 100% customisations to even readymade solutions, our team of betting software developers.

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GammaStack Licensing Partner

Enhanced Diversity in Panels for White Label Betting Solutions

Hire sports betting software developers to provide punters with a comprehensive
set of features designed to enhance their betting experience:
Design and Development

Extensive Sports & Markets Catalog

User Accounts

Player Account Management

Betting markets and bet types covered

Betting Guidelines

Sketching & Wireframing

Convenient Registration Window


Real-time Bet Notifications

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Referral Bonus

Multiple Language Options

Real-time Chat Support

Accessible Chat Support

Entity Authentication

Robust Privacy & Security Features

Retail/Bet shop Solution

Retail Bet Shops

Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System

User-Friendly Wallet System

Streamline the entire betting business with our comprehensive dashboard,
offering a range of essential tools for effective management:
Customer Support

Customer Support

Data Privacy

Data Management System

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard

Comprehensive Risk Management

Easy to use CMS

Robust Content Management (CMS)

Sports Betting App Bookmaker Management Panel

Simplified User Registration

Finance Management

Account Management

Servicenow Integration Services - Financial Services

Finance & Accounting

Esports Production Tools

Seamless CRM Tool

Calendar and Schedule

Innovative Speech-Enabled Betting

For businesses, our agent panel offered by betting software developers simplifies
management, control, and overall access across various areas, including:
Transactions Management

Effective Bets Management


Stringent Security & Control


Streamlined Player Management

Gammastack CMS System

Account Management Tools

24/7 Support GammaStack

Dedicated Customer Support

Fantasy Sports Gaming Licenses

Smooth Finance Settlement

Calendar and Schedule

Schedules and Calendars

ServiceNow Development - Customer Service Management

Advanced Odds Management

Advantages Of Betting Software Developers


Risk-Free Betting

We secure your platform, user information, and gaming excitement safe with comprehensive risk management.


Universal Payments

We offer worldwide payment systems and gateways for fully-acceptable global transactions and payments for betting.


Custom Development

Offer uniqueness and a fully novel user experience with the 100% custom development services from GammaStack.


On-Demand Hiring

Hire sports betting software developers on flexible engagement models from GammaStack seeing what fits your needs.


Timely Deliveries

GammaStack provides betting software developers on hire with 100% assurance of timely deployment and delivery of the solutions.


Web & App Development

Upscale your business with not only web development but also app development to go across multiple platforms.


Zero Royalty Aids

Hire sports betting software developers with the added advantage of no revenue share from the complete service.


Crypto & Fiats

Enable paying in cryptocurrencies, fiats, NFTs, and more for a seamless, universal, and quick payment service.


Global Sports & Events

GammaStack lets you hire sports betting software developers to enable your sportsbook to operate worldwide.

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Hire Sports Betting Software Developers Via Flexible Engagement Models

Dedicated Teams

We enable you to hire
dedicated teams
that are perfect for
your ongoing as well as
long-term projects.
These teams get
paid monthly.

Fixed Price

Hire resources as per
our fixed price engagement
model that renders
you developers who assist
you with ongoing projects.
Developers get paid according to
the pre-defined prices.

Time & Material

Hire resources to get the bugs fixed, to get the small modules developed, or to generate better outcomes with our time and material engagement model. This model allows you to keep track of developer’s activities and pay for their time.

Top-End Features

Margin Controls
Set margin control settings to the sports betting platform for profitable gaming to users as well as operators.
Odds & Data Feeds
Hire sports betting developers from GammaStack to add the top, authentic, and most reliable odds feeds.
Digital Wallets
Integrate multiple digital and e-wallets to the platform for complete global transactions, deposits, withdrawals, and more.
Player Account Management
Store and access all data about a player, their preferences, customer management tools, and more from the PAM system.
Content & Information
With the CMS tool, keep updating your content elements like banners, emails, notifications, ads, etc. for prompt user information.
Bonuses & Rewards
For player engagement, offer bonus engines that contain multiple rewards like jackpots, cashback, referral perks, etc.
Live Stream
Hire sports betting developers to execute live or real-time sports streaming and odds modulation benefits.
Odds Modulation
Be it decimal, fractional, or money line odds; the odds feeds we provide in real-time can be set in any
type of choice.
Multi-currency Support
Along with domestic currencies, facilitate international currency conversions for a global betting
Geo-Lingual Translations
Our betting software developers offer solutions in multiple languages and translations to help you take your business across borders.
Multi-device Compatibility
Take your sports betting solution everywhere, from desktop browsers to laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and smartphones.
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Classified Sports Betting Catalogue

Hire sports betting developers from GammaStack to add a variety of sports betting choices on one platform.
Fantasy Cricket Software


American Football Betting Software

American Football

Horse Racing Betting Software

Horse Race


Greyhound Racing

Our Stepwise Process For Development

Ideation & Planning
Idea Analysis
Conceptualisation & Art
Sketching & Wireframing
Sketch Creation
Betting Software Designing
Front-end Development
Slot Software Design
Back-end Development
Slot Software Development
Betting Software Customisations
Quality Analysis
3rd Party Systems Integration
Go Live
Quality Testing
Post-launch Services
Quality Analysis
After-Execution Support
Go Live
Want Betting Software Developers On Hire?
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Flexible Engagement Models For Hiring
100% Owned Solutions
Timely & Quality Delivery Benefits
Complete After-Launch Support
Fully Custom Development

GammaStack is the avant-garde provider of sports betting software developers on hire to help your new or existing business with the comprehensive development process. For more than 12 years today, GammaStack has all exclusive betting software development services to keep your business edge competition with continuous improvement. Hire sports betting software developers and get your ready-for-launch, fully customizable, or partially customizable solutions based on what fits your requirements.


1. What should I look for when choosing a betting software developer?

When hiring betting software developers, look for their strong track record in the industry, a good reputation for delivering high-quality, customizable solutions, and a focus on security and regulatory compliance. Additionally, consider their ability to provide ongoing support and updates.

2. How long does it take to develop custom betting software?

The development timeline for custom betting software can vary based on your specific requirements. It typically ranges from a few months to a year, depending on the complexity of the project.

3. What types of sports and betting markets can be integrated into the software?

The choice is yours. Popular options include football, basketball, horse racing, and more. Hire sports betting software developers from GammaStack and get all betting markets covered in just one platform.

4. How do developers ensure the security of the betting platform and user data?

Reputable betting software developers prioritize security through encryption, secure payment gateways, user authentication, and compliance with data protection regulations. Regular security audits and updates are essential to maintain a secure platform.

5. Can I get real-time data and odds updates in my betting software?

Yes, the modern betting software solutions we offer provide real-time data feeds and odds updates.

6. What ongoing support and maintenance can I expect after the software is deployed?

Our betting software developers will provide ongoing support, updates, and maintenance services to keep your platform running smoothly.



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