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Player Account Management

Get a complete 360-degree view of user’s activities driven by real-time data analysis to help you track users behaviour on your platform.

    Unrivalled Player Account (client) Management

    In today’s fast-moving world, a great customer base is all you need to thrive your business efficiently and profitably. Our advanced technology pam software for betting provides enables you to view customers information and their activities on your betting platform. Our developers use cutting-edge technologies to deliver you with the best insights and information about your customers. Backed with a central system, our player account management lets you manage everything seamlessly. We help you easily custom-tailor your users activities that are best suited for individuals. Whether you are a startup or well-established business, we have got you all covered with our high-functionality player account management system.

    Benefits Of PAM

    Quick Decision Making

    A 360-degree view of customers activities on your sportsbook helps you ease decision making. Getting a close view and understanding users patterns on your sportsbook is necessary to make changes to bolster your business.

    Advanced Analytics

    With advanced analytics, you can trace all the customer activities across multiple channels and products on your betting platform. Our player account management has got you all covered with advanced analytics that helps you fill the empty gaps between you and your users.

    Real-time Data Analysis & Reporting

    Real-time enables data analysis and reporting enables you to make faster decisions along with real-time data calculations. With real-time reporting, you can easily manage different users from different regions.

    Maximized Operations Activities

    Our pam software solution comes with high process automation to maximize operations activities on your sportsbook. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our pam software can help you increase your operational efficiency.

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    Other Modules of Our PAM Software

    Tenant System

    We built the right strategy for each tenant so that they behave differently but housed in a single place.

    Back Office

    A back-office system comes equipped with our pam investment software so that you can manage multiple admins.

    Game Management

    We have a game management system that allows you to manage multiple games and sports on your sportsbook.

    Admin Panel

    Admin panel enables admins to manage multiple users and their sports from a single panel.


    CRM helps you to interact with your past, current and potential customers so that you can manage them easily.

    Client Management

    Client management system comes integrated with our pam software solution that enables easy client interaction and management.


    Content management is easy when it comes to the content management system that takes care of all your digital content creation.

    Multiple Payment Options

    From card payment to digital transfer, we have got you all covered with payment options with real-time wallets.

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    Cutting edge technology
    Seasoned Team of Professionals

    Why GammaStack?

    Centralized System

    GammaStack is the leading provider of player account management system software to help you with a clear understanding of your users’ activities. With our 8+ years of iGaming experience, we have helped businesses with our highly functional player account management that comes with state-of-the-art tools and feature to analyze customers behaviour. Our pam software has helped businesses around the globe to attain excellent customer satisfaction.


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