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Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Engage your targeted mobile users through our well-functioning and highly responsive mobile app development solutions.

    Drive Engagement through our Futuristic Fantasy Sports Mobile App

    Nowadays most of the gamers prefer mobile devices for convenient gaming experience. Thus it becomes crucial to get  a responsive mobile app for your business to enhance the engagement of users. GammaStack provides unparalleled and feature rich fantasy sports mobile app development solutions. Our fantasy sports app covers all the ultra modern functionalities and highly engaging user interface that contribute in enticing your targeted audiences. We ensure that we adhere to standards of the fantasy sports industry and deliver you an advanced fantasy sports mobile application for your business. Our team comprises of technically proficient and highly innovative mobile app developers and designers with years of experience and expertise in the industry.

    Key Benefits of our Fantasy Sports Mobile App

    Rock Solid Security

    Our fantasy sports mobile app comes with rock solid security for offering a safe gaming experience to your users. We integrate a risk management module in the application which analyses and handles potential risks on the app.

    Multiple Platforms Support

    Our fantasy sports mobile app is supported on different mobile platforms including Android as well as iOS thereby making it convenient for the users with varying platforms to easily access the app.


    Our fantasy sports mobile application is highly scalable in nature and can easily manage multiple players at a time on the platform.

    SEO Friendly Platform

    We possess a strong team of SEO experts who optimize the fantasy sports mobile application with all the necessary SEO aspects to make it appear on higher ranks in search engines.

    Multilingual Support

    For targeting audiences belonging to varying geographic locations, we included multilingual support in the fantasy sports mobile app developed by us.

    Beneficial Team Drafting Suggestions

    To make it easy for your players to draft their team of players, our mobile app gives them suitable drafting suggestions of the players with good playing history.

    Technology Stack

    React Native
    Google API
    Android Studio
    Adobe XD
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    HTML 5

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    Features Covered in our Fantasy Sports Mobile Application

    State-of-the-art Leaderboard

    Our fantasy sports mobile application comes with a state-of-the-art leaderboard that perfectly displays the leading players with highest scores in the gameplay to keep your players updated with the scoring scenario of the games.

    Fantasy Sports Game Lobby

    We can design a simple lobby with basic functionalities or a complex one with advanced filters of user category, draft types, games types, durations, etc as per your requirement.

    Manual & Integrated Data Feeds

    We are connected with some of the renowned data feed providers and are thus capable of including manual as well as integrated data feeds in our fantasy sports mobile app.

    Custom Ad-Modules

    The integration of custom ad modules in our fantasy sports application can provide an additional revenue stream in your fantasy sports mobile application.

    Referral Bonus

    Our fantasy sports mobile application comes with the feature of a referral bonus that helps in engaging the users by offering them bonuses for referring your platform to other users.

    Multiple Draft Types

    Our team possesses specialization in integrating multiple draft types such as salary caps, auto drafts, quick drafts, pick’ems, auction draft, offline draft, live draft, etc. Along with these integrations, we can also customize the draft types as per the requirement.

    Multiple Game Types

    Our fantasy sports software supports multiple engaging game types including oppo-picks, predictors, stock market games and many more.

    Achievement Badges

    Our fantasy sports mobile app comes with the feature of achievement badges that are awarded to the players for their gaming achievements that keep them motivated for the gameplay.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Different payment gateways are included in our fantasy sports mobile app for enabling convenient and secure payment transactions on our platform.

    Major Cryptocurrencies Support

    Various cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ripples, ether and many more are supported in our fantasy sports mobile application for offering highly secure and quick transactions facility for your users.

    Back Office Admin

    A powerful back office admin is supported in our fantasy sports mobile app that enables the admin to centrally manage and monitor all the important gaming activities on the platform and stay updated with the crucial game analytics.

    Daily, Weekly & Season Long Formats

    Daily, weekly as well as season long fantasy sports game formats are supported on our fantasy sports mobile app so that users can go for the format of their convenience.

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    Major Highlights of our Fantasy Sports Mobile App

    Our fantasy sports mobile application comes with a long list of features that prove to be really handy for the players coming on the platform. The prime features that we support for your fantasy sports app include:-

    For Contestants

    For Admin

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    Major Sports Covered in our Fantasy Sports Mobile App

    Rugby Software Development


    Hockey Software Development


    Advanced Features of our Fantasy App Development

    Our fantasy sports mobile application comes with a long list of features that prove to be really handy for the players coming on the platform. The prime features that we support for your fantasy sports app include:-

    Have a fantasy sports app idea?

    How can we Help you?

    Our fantasy sports applications are a class apart and are wrapped with multiple unparalleled features:-

    Astonishing Design And User Experience

    With a team of expert fantasy sports designers, we aim at delivering applications that are easy-to-use, fun-to-play and have extraordinary designs.

    Dependable And Scalable App Development

    We take a player-centric approach to ensure that we create fantasy sports apps that are scalable, dependable and based on proven techniques of app development.

    Quality Assurance On Applications

    We believe that a fantasy sports app is only as good as its gaming experience. To achieve the same, our QA team runs multiple tests on game experience before we deliver project.

    Industry Proven Approach

    Our team of experienced developers have vast experience with the technology stack, best practices of fantasy app development and proven ways of success in each sports app.

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    Fantasy Sports Game Formats Supported on our Mobile App

    Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development Solutions we Cover

    We Provide Fantasy Sports App For All Mobile Devices.

    We are a user-centric fantasy sports iPhone app development provider that masters everything from iPhone app design to development and maintenance. Our seasoned team of iOS sports app developers have consistently delivered some extraordinary fantasy sports iOS apps.
    Our fantasy sports iOS app development approach includes –
    Our development languages include Objective C and Swift. We work on the following frameworks – Cocoa touch, Core Data, SiriKit, Ionic and PhoneGap, Appcelerator, React Native, Xamarin and Titanium.
    Also, our development toolset consists of XCode , iOS SDK, Appcelerator and Visual Studio.
    If you are looking to join the fantasy sports Android app bandwagon, our Android app developers will surely help you get an innovative and intuitive fantasy sports application.

    Our fantasy sports Android app development approach includes –

    Our fantasy sports app developers use Java and Kotlin language for development. We make use of Xamarin, Appcelerator Titanium, Ionic and PhoneGap as framework.s
    For integrated development we use Android SDK, Android Studio, Appcelerator and Visual Studio.

    Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development Cycle

    We follow a stepwise fantasy sports app development and design process at Gammastack.
    Fantasy Sports App Maintenance And Support

    Idea Assessment

    To bring your app idea to life, our business development team works closely with you to understand your vision of the project and app requirements.

    Fantasy Sports App Design


    Our fantasy sports designers further work with the business development team and you to create collaborative wireframes or mockups, and visually appealing designs.

    Fantasy Sports App Development


    Our fantasy sports app developers then start shaping your app requirements into app development frameworks using the latest technologies in the fantasy sports space.

    Fantasy Sports App Testing


    The QA team then gets the fantasy sports app developed under its umbrella and test it for bugs, seamless gaming experience, and consistency on multiple mobile app platforms.

    Fantasy Sports App Testing


    After testing your fantasy sports app against rigourous parameters, we deploy your fantasy sports app on app stores of your choice – Google Play and App Store.

    Fantasy Sports App Maintenance And Support

    Maintenance And Support

    We offer continued support, ongoing-improvements and enhancements to ensure good app reviews on app stores and performance for your fantasy sports app.

    We test your fantasy sports app against rigorous gaming experience parameters
    We design and develop aligning with Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) regulations

    Why GammaStack?

    We are experts in all fantasy sports app, alike.
    Our fantasy app developers are experienced and skilled in building fantasy sports app, both Android and iOS
    GammaStack is a trusted fantasy sports app development company that is recognized for offering the unrivalled fantasy sports application development solutions. The fantasy sports application developed by them comes with a plethora of requisite integrations and the on-demand customizations.

    Data Partners

    Goal Serve
    ExeFeed API Integrations
    Fantasy Data
    Goal Serve


    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gaming laboratories International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority

    Payment Gateways

    First Data


    US Immigration and Custom Enforcement
    Florida State Golf Association INC

    Awards and mentions

    Silicon India Company of The Year
    Ethoenver 2020
    Block Hack
    Blockchain for health supply chain
    Global Brand Excellence Award
    BFC 2018 Apac
    Rising Star 2019
    Premium Usability 2019

    iGaming Customers - Success Stories

    Game World
    Fantasy Sports
    UNI Fantasy
    Fantasy Game King
    Fun Fantasy Bet
    Sports Bet King
    Quick Bet
    Slot Betting
    Bet on Click
    S BET
    Car Lottery
    SF Casino
    Social Squares
    Bee Bet
    My Fantasy Football
    Little Vegas
    Emeraude Super sports
    Top Predictor
    Naira Bet

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      Experienced Fantasy Sports Platform Vendor

      We possess remarkable experience as a leading fantasy sports software and app vendor and thus we are capable of developing top of the line software solutions to our valuable clients.

      Fantasy Sports App News

      Fantasy Sports App FAQ

      What is Fantasy Sports?

      Fantasy sports is a type of game that involves creation of virtual teams of real players associated with a professional sport. These teams compete with each other as per the performance of the players in the actual game.

      What are the steps to starting a successful fantasy sports business?

      Starting a fantasy sports business requires several steps. Thorough planning can help you not only start your business but also start reaping profits. The first step is to complete the research part. Make sure you do all your research on demographics, age groups, and sports you want to include in your platform. The next step is to look for data feed providers. This helps in providing you real-time feeds. Next comes exploring the solutions you want to invest in. You can go for white label or you can opt for custom development. Once you have decided, you can now start looking for a fantasy sports software provider that can help you get the ideal solution. Last, but of course not the least, creating a marketing strategy can help you expand your business’s reach and help you acquire users quickly.

      How can I market my fantasy sports website?

      In order to promote your fantasy sports website, you can start with free sign ups, knowledge sharing and push notification. In addition to this, you can also improve your ranks on Google by creating an effective SEO strategy. Ensure you target new audiences, market your business on social media and create buzz words to main maximum attention.

      What are the benefits of fantasy mobile apps?

      Investing in a fantasy mobile app can help you provide smooth access to your customers easily. In addition to this, it also allows your users to build teams, play sports and win cash rewards anytime and anywhere. Having a fantasy mobile app also enables you to acquire additional users, cut through the clutter and increase your profits.

      Do you provide ready-made fantasy sports software?

      Yes, we provide businesses ready-made white label fantasy sports software solutions that get ready to go live within a few weeks.

      Does your fantasy sports solution support cryptocurrency?

      Yes, our fantasy sports software supports all major cryptocurrencies.

      Do you provide custom fantasy sports website development services?

      Yes, we also specialize in providing custom fantasy sports website development services to our customers that help them meet their needs.

      Can you add payment methods in the fantasy sports software as per my preferences?

      Yes, we have partnered with some of the most trusted and prominent payment method providers that help you get the payment methods of your choice.

      Do you provide fantasy sports for stock markets, esports, celebrities and politics?

      Yes, the fantasy sports software built by us supports all of the above.

      Do you also provide ready to launch fantasy sports website templates?

      Yes, we render you several templates so that you can choose the one that meets your needs and start in no time. The fantasy sports software solution we build comes equipped with all the critical features and tools that help you stay ahead, meet your business goals, entice your audiences and boost your profits.

      Can you append my data provider into the fantasy sports software solution?

      Yes. Our teams perform seamless integration of the data provider preferred by you and provide you with a thoroughly tested bug-free solution.

      Does your fantasy software receive real-time data?

      Yes, the fantasy software developed by us gets data in real time.

      In what regions fantasy sports is popular?

      Fantasy sports are popular in various regions such as South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle east and Africa.

      How a fantasy sports app can be helpful?

      The tremendous growth of mobile technology enables the fantasy sports enthusiasts to play their favorite fantasy sport on their mobile phones or tablets by using a feature-rich fantasy sports mobile application. The fantasy sports businesses can use this as a revenue generation model as it proves to be helpful in engaging more count of users.

      Which are the necessary features in a fantasy sports mobile application?

      Some of the necessary features in a fantasy sports mobile application include:-
      -Multiple Game Types
      -Reliable Third-Party Providers
      -State-of-the-art Dashboard
      -Referral Bonus
      -Create and Join Contests
      -Multi-lingual Support
      and many more

      Which are the popular types of fantasy sports mobile application development?

      The popular types of fantasy sports mobile application development include:-
      -Native Android App Development
      -Native iOS App Development
      -Cross-Platform Hybrid App Development

      Which are the most common development languages used in fantasy sports mobile app development?

      The most common development languages used in fantasy sports mobile app development include Objective C, Java, Swift, Kotlin, etc.

      Which frameworks are used in fantasy sports mobile app development?

      The frameworks used in fantasy sports mobile app development include Xamarin, Appcelerator, Titanium, PhoneGap, React Native, etc.

      How to choose a reliable fantasy sports mobile app development company?

      For choosing a reliable fantasy sports mobile app development company, you must ensure that the company possess a team of expert designers and developers who have expertise in cutting-edge technologies so that they can integrate all the requisite and on-demand features in the application

      Which is the best fantasy sports mobile application development company?

      GammaStack is one among the best fantasy sports mobile application development companies that offers feature-enriched fantasy sports mobile app designed and developed by its team of skilled and expert designers and developers.

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      I have always wondered how a development company could do so much for us. We have asked them to build a fantasy sports app and they have developed it wonderfully. I am amazed to see their work.

       by Conney Godse, Italy
      Date: 2020/02/27

      GammaStack has amazing proficiency in their work.  Their working culture and their teamwork is what I appreciate them the most. I would highly recommend them for their fantasy sports app development.

       by Fisher Skordal, Cameroon
      Date: 2020/02/26

      They have always supported us in our ups & down. I have always wondered how they create a great fantasy sports app development software. Best wishes team.

       by Kirk Well, Congo
      Date: 2020/02/24

      They quickly mustered a team of application developers for my fantasy sports app development. They have diversified knowledge in fantasy sports app development and I am amazed to have them working with us.

       by Maverick Mitchell, Congo
      Date: 2020/02/12

      GammaStack is a leading iGaming software development company. I would not hesitate in showing gratitude towards them as they are the best in developing fantasy sports apps. I enjoyed working with such a joyful team.

       by Jayson Nelson, Ukraine
      Date: 2020/02/10

      GammaStack are also experts in building fantasy sports applications that are surrounded by all the features. I liked their UI of the application as it is simple and quick navigating.

       by Kayden Flores, Kenya
      Date: 2020/02/09

      Their technical knowledge and management skills both go hand-in-hand to develop the best fantasy sports application. We have asked them to develop a fantasy cricket application and undoubtedly they have created a wonderful application for us.

       by Krene Lee, Kazakhstan
      Date: 2020/01/17

      We are glad to work with Gammastack. Their dedication towards our fantasy sports app development is really wonderful. I would definitely work with them in the future.

       by Gatpatan Jubko, Nigeria
      Date: 2020/01/16

      GammaStack has successfully delivered us a fantasy sports app that we were wanting from a long time. It has all the crucial features and I really loved their implementation on the app. Thank you Gammastack!

       by Sev Mill, Italy
      Date: 2020/01/15
      Average rating:  
       9 reviews