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Global Lottery Games Provider

Global Lottery Games Provider

Top-notch Global Lottery Software Provider

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Recognised Global Lottery Software Solutions Provider

Are you seeking the best global lottery software development company? Then GammaStack is a name which you should definitely consider to get state of the art global lottery software for your online lottery business. Our global lottery software supports a myriad of popular lotteries all across the world. Whether you require global lottery formats or custom lottery games integration in your online lottery platform, we have got you all covered based on your particular requirements.

Benefits of our Global Lottery Software


Proven RNG System

Our global lottery software is supported by a RNG system which allows your players to have a fair gaming experience.


Adaptability on Various Devices

Our global lottery software is easily adaptable on a variety of devices such as desktop, mobile, etc.



Multilingual nature of our global lottery software allows users with different language backgrounds to access the platform easily.


On-demand Customisations

On-demand customisations in our global lottery games software solutions can be done easily by our team.


P2P Referral Systems

P2P Referral systems in our global lottery software helps in bringing more players engagement to the platform.


Readymade Solutions

Readymade global lottery games software offered by us help in launching your online lottery platform quickly.

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Popular Global Lotteries Covered in our Software

Lotto Games
Mega Milliom
Lotto America
Cash For Life
Mega Bucks
New York Lotto
Euro Millions
Super Enalotto
Lucky Day Lotto
Cash 5
Euro Jackpot
Set for Life
German Lotto
EuroMillions Go
EuroJackpot Go
Mini Lotto
Bitcoin Lotto
Thunderball Lotto
Keno 24X7
Australia Lotto
Irish Lotto
UK Lotto
Sunday Lotto
World Millions
Brazil Quina
German Keno
Mega Sena
Saturday Lotto
SA lotto
Power Ball
Lotto Texas
Otos Lotto
La Primitiva
Romania Joker
Ontario 49
Texas Two Step
Grand Lotto
Mega Lotto
Daily Grand
Hatos Lotto
Loto Maxima
Union Lotto
Lotto Plus

Features our Global Lottery Software

A variety of global lotteries including but not limited to Powerball, EuroJackpot and many more are supported in our global lottery software.
Lottery Data Aggregation
Different important details and statistics such as draw history, jackpots, bonuses etc can be seen and analysed in our global lottery software.
Lottery Management System
Management of different lottery game activities are done through the lottery management system.
PAM System
Multiple lottery players accounts are managed through a system known as player account management system.
Lottery Pools and Contests
Different lottery contests and pools in our global lottery games software makes the software more engaging for your players.
Ticket management system
Different lottery tickets buying and sending them to players via email, SMS, etc are handled through the ticket management system.
Payments Gateways of Choice
Different types of payment options are available in our global lottery software which include crypto and fiat payment systems.
Different types of jackpot systems in our global lottery software are supported to enhance player’s engagement.
Wallet System
Wallet system present in our global lottery games software allows easy payments for your players.
Back Office System
Back office system in our global lottery games software helps in handling various important online lottery game operations.

Our Global Lottery Software Development Cycle

Needs are identified and analysed
Designing of UI/UX is done
Ideation & Planning
Designing of UI/UX is done
Custom Configuration
Global lottery games are integrated
Features are integrated
Features are integrated
   Testing of Software
Testing of software is done
Marketing guidance is provided
Launching of global lottery software
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Well-known Global Lottery Formats
Powerball, Euro Millions, etc
On-demand Customisations
Secure Lottery Software

GammaStack offers the most unique and feature rich global lottery games software wrapped up with highly advanced features and fully tailor-made UI/UX. Multiple well known global lotteries from all around the globe are covered in our global lottery software. Our global lottery platform comes with all the engaging features and our team can do all the on-demand customisations in the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide global lottery games software development solutions and services?

Yes, we provide global lottery games software development solutions and services.

2. Are wallet systems supported in your global lottery software?

Yes, wallet systems are supported in our global lottery software.

3. Which global or national lotteries does your global lottery software support?

Powerball, Set for Life, Mega Millions, etc global or national lotteries are supported in our global lottery software.

4. Is the admin dashboard enabled in your global lottery platform?

Yes, the admin dashboard is enabled in our global lottery platform.

5. Can customisations be done in your global lottery platform?

Yes, customisations can be done in our global lottery platform.

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