White Label Esports Tournament Software for Apex Legends

Prosper the growth of your business with our state-of-the-art white label esports tournament software for Apex Legends.

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Ultra-modern White Label Apex Legends Tournament Platform

Are you planning to start a business with a pre-designed esports tournament software? GammaStack is a one-stop destination for ultra-modern white label apex legend tournament platforms. Designed and developed by seasoned professionals who are well-versed in esports and understand the current industry trends. We create industry-specific esports platform solutions keeping in mind the requirements. Our lucrative designs and user-engaging themes are meant to attract a global esports audience thus helping businesses to generate high revenues and thrive seamlessly.

Our Distinguishers

Third-Party Integrations

Quick & Hassle-free Market Entry

Get our multi-feature white label apex legend tournament software in just a few weeks. Our developers use cutting edge technologies to build software solutions that can be easily launched in the market.

Fantasy Football Software - Branding Customization

Multiple Device Compatibility

White label apex legends tournament software works on a number of operating systems and browsers. It is compatible with an array of devices that include mobile, tablets, PC, etc.

Baccarat Game Control Features

Fully Customizable Esports Tournament Platform

Our white label esports tournament software for apex legend is completely customizable. You can add a plethora of APIs, customize the theme and add many other features in our esports apex legend platform

Mobile Responsive Fantasy Sports Platform

User-friendly Interface

With our 8+ years of industry expertise, we develop user-friendly esports solutions. With most comfortable navigation and user-friendly interface, our esports tournament for apex legends are built robust and scalable.

Features of Our Esports Tournament Platform for Apex Legends

GammaStack is your one-stop destination for white label esports platform development. Our clients across the globe are fascinated by the features we incorporate into our whitelabel esports platform.

Create & Manage Tournaments

Now invite your users to create and organize their own tournaments with their own set of rules. Users can invite their friends on the platform to participate in the tournaments and play within their community.

Exclusive Game Lobby

Users can select from a plethora of filters that include game type, time frame, payout type, and much more on a single channel to enhance their game experience.

An Array of Game Formats

Attract a global esports audience with an array of game formats such as elimination, round robin, brackets, h2h and many other game formats in our apex legends tournament software.

Esports Progression Tracker

Our esports progression tracker for apex legend traces users’ performance in the game. This feature helps the users in improving their game skills and make better understanding of the game.

A Range of Consoles

Our white label apex legends tournament software supports a range of consoles including Xbox, playstations, joystick, and other gaming consoles.

Live Streaming Softwares

Live streaming software comes integrated with our tournament software for apex legend. Users can see the live matched and events through various streaming softwares such as MLG.tv, Twitch TV, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox.tv and many more.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard in our white label apex legend tournament software allows admin to manage entry fees, manage user wallets, block fake users and carry out other crucial actions.

Multiple Geographies Cover

We have a wide coverage of multiple geographies such as Europe, Asia, Russia, Oceania, South East Asia, South Africa and many more regions in our white label esports tournament software for apex legends.

Anti-cheat System

Anti-cheat system keep track of any illegal activity that is being carried on the tournament platform. We integrate such systems on our platform to enhance the gaming experience.


Leaderboards shows users the highest ranks, number of matches played, victories and defeats of their esports players. Our white label esports tournament platform for apex legends comes integrated with leaderboards.

Esports Result Tracker

Esports results tracker displays the most updated and recent scores to the users. It can be updated manually or automatically.

Apex Legends API Integration

Now provide your users a seamless experience on the platform using a unique gaming identity for Apex Legends. We integrate apex legends API that allows users to easy onboard on the platform, fetch their stats and other necessary information.

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iOS & Android Mobile Apps Development for Apex Legends

Our mobile developers built state-of-the-art iOS mobile apps that are rich in high quality UI/UX and are user-friendly. Enriched with push notifications, calendars, chatrooms, newsfeed, and many other features, our application is a complete package for you. We can also add a plethora of features of your choices

Game Modes of Apex Legends

Secure and Robust Baccarat Casino Software


This game mode of apex legend is basically a training game mode to the players where they learn how to play the game from Bloodhound and Pathfinder.

Odds Management Tools

Firing Range

A small area range where players can aim on multiple targets using every weapon and item.

Enhanced Gaming Experience for your Users

Play Apex

This is the basic game mode of Apex Legend. Twenty squads play in a team of three and the last squad remaining wins the game.

Leagues Of Your Choice - Fantasy Sports Software

Ranked Leagues

It is more similar to play apex with the addition of skill based ranking for matched games. It supports Kings Canyon maps. This game mode even has rewards depending on the player's rank in the series of games. .

Upcoming Tournaments

Apex Legends Global Series: Online Tournament

Apex Legends Global Series: Online Tournament

Apex Legends Global Series: Challenger

Apex Legends Global Series: Challenger

Apex Legends Global Series: Premier

Apex Legends Global Series: Premier

Apex Legends Global Series: Major

Apex Legends Global Series: Major

Apex Legends Global Series: Championship

Apex Legends Global Series: Championship

Major Highlights

Third-Party Integrations

Play within Communities

Task Allocation

Real Prizing Matrix of your Choice

Connected with Reliable Stock Live Data Providers

Real-time Tournament Chats

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AR for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

User-Friendly Front-end Theme

Multiple Ad-modules

Easy Navigation

Push Notifications for Regular Updates

Gammastack On-demand Customizations

Technical Support

Player’s Account Management - Gammastack

Customizable Frontend

Other Esports Tournaments We Cover

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How We Work?

White Label Esports Betting Software Requirement Analysis

Requirement Gathering

We believe in developing and delivering the best possible esports tournament platform. When you choose our products and services, we first understand the needs of your business and then plan accordingly.

Additional Custom Development

Our team of professional developers then customize the white label esports tournament software for apex legends according to your brand theme, logo, color and other specifications.

White Label Esports Betting Software Brand-Specific Customizations
Custom Esports Betting Software Development


Then we carry out manual and automated testing so that we deliver a bug free and error-free esports tournament platform.


Once the process is complete, we then launch our tournament platform for the end-users.

OverWatch Tournament Management Mobile App Development
Dedicated On-time Delivery
On-demand Customizations

Why GammaStack?

State-of-the-art features
Cutting-edge technologies

GammaStack is a well-established esports tournament software provider. We have served thousands of clients from all across the globe. Whether it’s about our unique designs or on-time delivery of the projects, we stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is to help businesses open new revenue streams and accelerate the growth of their business with our top-notch  white label esports tournament for apex legends.

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
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