White Label Esports Tournament Software for Free Fire

Do you desire to take your business to new heights of success? If yes, then white label free fire tournament software developed by GammaStack is a one-stop destination for you.

  • Multiple Game Modes Support
  • License Independency
  • ZERO Revenue Share
  • 8+ years of Experience

Futuristic White Label Free FireTournament Software

GammaStack brings you the most futuristic white label free fire tournament software that can help your business thrive seamlessly. With multiple integrations and on-demand customizations, we have developers who carve the best esports tournament platform. Our technology professionals with 8+ years of experience develop industry-specific software solutions. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies to design state-of-the-art free fire tournament platforms to help you generate large revenue streams. Keeping in mind the latest industry trends, we develop the most enticing and user-engaging esports tournament platform.

Perks of our Free Fire Tournament Software

Exhilarating User-experience

All our esports tournament platforms are designed to provide uses with exhilarating user-experience to ensure smooth gameplay. Our unique designs are carved by designers who have great skills and domain knowledge.

Mobile Responsive

Our esports tournament software for free fire is mobile and tablet responsive. Keeping in mind the growing mobile users, we build esports platforms that are compatible with a large number of devices.

Quick Market Entry

Looking forward to the growing industry of esports, we deliver the platforms in quick time. Our esports tournament platforms for free fire are quick to launch, mostly it takes 3-4 weeks to deliver the software.

Full-customizable Free Fire Tournament Platform

Whether it’s the theme or the colour of the platform, we develop fully customizable free fire tournament platforms so that it can be modified based on the clients business requirements.

Features We Cover in Our Free Fire Esports Tournament Software

Organize Tournaments

Users can not only play on the platform but also organize their own tournaments and invite their friends to play along. These tournaments can be customized with their own set of rules.

Exclusive Admin Dashboards

Dashboards help administrators to manage the entry fees of the users, their wallets to ensure smooth working of our white label esports tournament software for free fire.

Game Lobby

Game Lobby allows users to apply a range of filters including game type, time frame, payout type, the color of the jerseys and much more. Our game lobby is attractive and enriched with multiple filters.

Wide Range of Geographies Cover

Whether it’s Europe, Asia, Russia, Oceania, South East Asia, or South Africa we have a wide range of geographies covered in our esports tournament platform for free fire.

Game Formats

Users get multiple game formats such as H2H, Leagues, Single Elimination Brackets, Double Elimination Brackets, Play-Offs or Round-Robin Leagues, and much more.

Anti-cheat System

We have anti-cheating measures that come along with our software and applications that ensure users to have a wise gameplay experience.

Live Leaderboards

Live leaderboards allow users to view the highest ranks, the number of matches played, victories or any other crucial information that the users might find useful in the events.

Plethora of Consoles

All our esports tournament platform supports a plethora of consoles including Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming consoles to attract more esports players.

Results Assessment Tools

Result assessment tools help the players in getting the most recent scores that are manually and automatically updated.

Free Fire API Integration

Free fire API integration helps users easily onboard on our esports tournament platform and helps them in participating in various events of the free fire.

Amazing Pool Prizes

We offer amazing pool prizes in our esports tournament software for free fire. All the prizes are completely based on the clients’ choices and preferences.

All-in-one Tournament Platform

Our all-in-one tournament platform invites players to participate in the events individually or in a team. This keeps the game spirit alive in the players.

Implicit Wallets

We have implicit wallets integrated into our esports solutions for hassle-free transactions and make payments smoother. Points are directly credited to these in-built wallets.

Referral System

Our inherent referral system helps users in earning additional points when other users sign up using a referral code of existing users on the platform. So, this is an additional benefit for the users.

Ad & Sponsors Modules

With our ad and sponsor modules, users get points instantly by watching videos of 30 seconds or more of sponsors etc. in our esports tournament platform for free fire.

Need More Features?

Esports Mobile App Development for Free Fire

We design the best android and iOS mobile applications for free fire. Loaded with a plethora of features, our application has an anti-cheating measure to ensure smooth gameplay to the players. Our full-stack web developers are creative, skilful with hands-on experience in developing the best esports mobile app for free fire.

Free Fire Game Modes

Classic Free Fire Game Mode

Classic Mode

It is the basic game mode that was launched with the game. Total 50 players compete in this game against each other on two maps. The last man standing is the winner of the game.

Ranked Mode

This mode is more similar to the classic game mode where 50 players compete against each other. In this mode, it allows users to score ranking points and score the best among others.
Ranked Free Fire Game Mode
Rush Hour Free Fire Game Mode

Rush Hour

In this game mode, 20 players fight against each other in a shorter area. This game mode is only available only once a week, Monday.

Custom Game Mode

This game mode is also similar to the above-mentioned game modes. The only difference is it allows users to host their own servers via the Custom tab mentioned in the mode.
Custom Free Fire Game Mode
Solo, Duo and Squad free Fire Game Game Mode

Solo, Duo and Squad Game Mode

This game mode allows players to customize their game. It gives players to choose whether they want to play solo, duo or in a squad.

Upcoming Free Fire Events

Free Fire World Cup
GRAN Final FFL NA Auditorio Banamex
Final Las de Free Fire en AGS_
FreeFire Copa America 2020

Some Brownie Points

Calendar and Schedule

Participant Management System

Social Media Sharing

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Supported

Back office and Comprehensive Dashboards

Player Management

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Regular Notifications and Offers - White Label Rugby Betting Software

Push Notifications for Regular Updates

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24*7 Support

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User Management

Robust Backend Support

Game Management

An array of Esports Production Tools

AI & Blockchain Integration

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

AR for Ultimate Gaming Experience

Comprehensive Dashboards

Gorgeous UI for Smooth Gameplay

How do We Work?

Requirement Gathering

We ensure that you get what you want, and for that, we want to keep an eye on every minute detail. We gather the requirements needed for the project to make it a complete solution for you.

Manual & Automated Testing

Our group of testers then perform manual and automated testing to ensure smooth gameplay and ultimate user experience.

Additional Customization

Our white label esports tournament software for free fire is then modified by our developers according to your brand and business requirements. Whether it’s the theme or the colour, we do everything.


This is the final stage of our white label free fire tournament software, we deploy our software and it is available for the end-users.

Looking for something else?

Developers with Technical Acumen
Cost-effective Esports Platforms

Why is GammaStack

Gorgeous UI/UX
On-demand Customizations

GammaStack is known for its outstanding white label esports tournament software solutions. Our technology professionals develop state-of-the-art esports solutions to cater to small and large businesses needs. Our innovative and industry-specific solutions serve the best business purpose to fulfil the demands and needs of this blooming industry.

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
Premium Usability 2019 Award


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Florida State Golf Association INC
All India Gaming Federation

Data Partners

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Betradar API Integration
Goal Serve API Integration
Exe Feed API Integration
Fantasy Data API Integration
Sportradar API Integration
LSports API Integration
Slotegrator API Integration

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