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Bingo Roulette Software Development


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Amusing Online Bingo Roulette Development

Did you know you can entice players with a new kind of bingo game software which uses a roulette wheel for the generation of random numbers? Well, to get your portfolio added with this new trend, GammaStack offers the best bingo roulette software development support which comes with added RNG-mechanised roulette that generates numbers randomly from the set number limit. Such as for American, European, Mini, and other types of roulette bingo game, we offer customisable number limit settings for more entertainment. Get your hands on many more elements which enhances the bingo roulette software solution experience for your players.

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Perks Of Bingo Roulette Online Development


Localised Roulette Tables

American, European, French, or Mini; get the choice of roulette tables to select from as per your local preferences.


Ball Limit Setup

The bingo roulette software we use sets the ball limits from 1 to 36, 37,52, etc. depending on the type of roulette being used.


Custom Roulette Designs

Get your bingo roulette software solution customised in a way you want it to be, and enjoy the sense of uniqueness and personalisation.


Multi-Device Broadcast

From laptop, desktop, mobiles, to all other device types’ our bingo online bingo roulette platform is accessible over all.


Bespoke UI/UX Designs

Gather user attraction to great levels using our finest UI/UX designs, choosable themes, backgrounds, and other visual settings.


Bingo Games Kit

We offer a basket of bingo games like 30 ball, 75 ball, and more with the roulette bingo for portfolio diversification.


Random Number Generation

Transparency and fairness is all maintained as we provide number generations based on the RNG mechanism in our online bingo roulette.


Free Play & Demo

Let your players or newcomers enjoy a free game of online bingo roulette to attract them towards registering.


Multi-Factor Authentication

The bingo software development we provide is added with multi-factor authentication for safety benefits.


Bonuses & Claims

Deposit bonus, joining bonuses, cashbacks, referrals, and other bonuses can be enjoyed by the players on our bingo roulette online.


Customised Bingo Halls

Create, edit, or delete bingo rooms and halls added with internal chat windows, custom themes, etc. for social gaming adventure.


Chat System

Have a query or a doubt? Let your players use the chat window for query resolution, social communication with connections, and chat with allies while gaming.


Online & Retail Utility

Need a bingo roulette software solution for the retail space too? We provide solutions that best fits both online and retail utility.

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Top Highlights To Enjoy In Online Bingo Roulette Platform

5X5 Custom Cards

Often played on a 5X5 bingo card, the bingo roulette software solution we cater lets you customise your bingo cards before starting the play.

Pause & Play
The bingo roulette game development comes with
the pause and play system, to keep
the game in your control.
Audio/Visual Number Generator
We offer audio as well as visual revelation of
numbers on the online bingo roulette to keep
it more realistic and fun.
Automated Calling
Just set auto-calling of the numbers on bingo
roulette and enjoy the game without
manual needs of number generation.
QR-Enabled Gaming
Want to connect your friends and allies for a social bingo game? Just generate a QR code or URL, share with friends, and enjoy online.
Number Tracking
To keep a track of the previously generated numbers, we add the last five numbers at the bottom of the screen to keep a catch of the game.
Number Generation Speed
Set your bingo roulette spinning speed as per your choice, which you can also modify based on the levels of difficulty for more fun.
Back-Office Controls
Maintain content, player account details, security and safety, and many other important administrative tools from the back-office.
Post-Deployment Aids
What after bingo roulette software development? Well, we have a post-development support team which takes care of marketing, upgradation, and other services for your business.
3D Effects
Get your bingo roulette wheel, bingo tickets, and other elements in 3D effects and make your software more elevating.
Voice-Enabled Caller
The bingo roulette app development we cater comes with an in-built AI-enabled voice system available for your service, number calling, and much more.
Social Media Sharing
Let your players win more rewards and bonuses by sharing their progresses, platform site or URl, and other details with their allies on social media.
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Checklist For Trusted & Credible Online Bingo Roulette Software

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Licensed & Regulated Gaming


Payouts Transparency


User Data Protection & Encryption

Customer support

24/7 Customer Service

Real-Time Upgradation

Random Number Generation

Choose From The Types Of Roulette

American Roulette

American Roulette

The kind of roulette is usually used in the United States and has 1 to 36 numbers added with 0 and 00.
Use this roulette type in your bingo game with limit of 1 to 36 number generation.

European Roulette Game Development

European Roulette

The European roulette table is the standard table with 37 pockets
where 1 to 36 numbers plus a single zero are present.

French Roulette Online Casino Games

French Roulette

Similar to the European roulette table, the French table also comes
with 1-36 numbers added with a zero.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette

These are the scaled-down versions of the roulette table with typically 12 or 13 pockets,
most popularly used in casual settings.

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Top Winning Patterns Of Bingo Based Roulette Online

Multiple Bingo Patterns That Are Popular


If you make a horizontal line by checking off the generated numbers on your card, you win a row pattern.



Making a vertical line on the bingo card by checking off numbers makes the column pattern.



Checking off numbers in a way that makes a diagonal line on the card gives you a win for this pattern on bingo roulette online.


Full House

Mark off all numbers on the card and get a win for the full house pattern using our bingo roulette software.

Let’s Know About Bingo Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a popular casino game of chance which has a spinning wheel, a table, and a ball as major elements. The table has a large wheel with pockets/boxes on it and each pocket has a non-repetitive number.

Typically, the roulette bingo game contains 36 or 37 numbered pockets, arranged alternatively in red and black colours. The other one or to green pockets represent the house’s or agent’s advantage.

To play roulette, players place their bets predicting where the ball with land after the wheel is spun. Whereas, to play bingo roulette, the dealer spins the wheel and the number on which the ball stops is the one to be checked off from your card. Marking off numbers this way makes the pattern on your card, and hence can give you a win.
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Play Online Bingo Roulette In Various Modes

Local Mode


Use our bingo roulette
app development and
let your users enjoy
the gameplay in
private, offline,
and personal space.

Friends Mode


Using a sharable QR
code or URL,
connect yourplayers
and enjoy
an online private bingo roulette game.

Multiplayer Mode

Open Community

Get into the open bingo
gameplays offered on our bingo roulette game development, play with large random networks and make more wins.

Computer Mode


Make the computer as our
second player which uses
similar player rules,
thus making you
win the game more potentially.

A Mini Glossary For Your Bingo-Based Roulette


Bingo Card

A card containing a grid of numbers, usually arranged in columns labelled B-I-N-G-O.
Players mark off the called numbers on their card in order to complete a winning pattern.

Setup Callers


The person who announces the numbers during the bingo game.
The caller randomly selects and announces the numbers to the players.



A special marker used to mark off the called numbers on the bingo card.
Daubers are typically ink-filled and have a sponge or foam tip for easy marking.



A specific arrangement of marked numbers on the bingo card required to win the game.
Common patterns include a straight line, four corners, or a blackout (all numbers marked).


Roulette is a popular casino game of chance that involves a spinning
wheel, a ball, and betting on the outcome of where the ball will land.



The circular device with numbered pockets on which the ball is spun.


Table Layout

The cloth-covered betting area on which players place their bets.


The small white ball that is spun on the roulette wheel.



The numbered compartments on the wheel where the ball can land.

House Edge

The advantage that the casino has over the players, represented as a percentage.


The casino employee responsible for spinning the wheel, throwing the ball, and overseeing the game.


The act of spinning the wheel and releasing the ball..

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Online Bingo Roulette Software Development Process

Requirement Analysis
Requirement Gathering
Resource Allocation
Resource Allocation
Allocating Resources
Bingo Roulette Game Designing
Bingo Game Designing
Development & API Integration
Development & API Integration
3rd Party Configurations
Custom Additions
Customised Setups
3rd Parties Setup
Testing & Verification
Post-Deployment Support
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GammaStack is the leading bingo roulette software development company which has the most outstanding solutions and development services to offer. For more than 8 years in the industry, GammaStack has been flourishing gaming businesses by offering the most exciting solutions such as bingo roulette app development, bingo roulette platform development, and much more. Even our post-development support that includes marketing, upgradation, and maintenance is worth the appreciation. Also, get our developers on hire for fulfilment of your existing business needs, and get ahead in the race of gaming with us.

FAQs - Online Bingo Roulette Development

1. What is bingo roulette software development?

Bingo roulette software development involves creating and designing software solutions for online platforms or electronic devices that offer the game of bingo roulette.

2. What are the elements of a bingo roulette software solution?

Crispy user interface, game mechanics, random number generation algorithms, and other essential features makes the whole roulette bingo platform.

3. What technologies are used in bingo roulette software development?

Bingo roulette software development often utilises programming languages such as Java, C++, or HTML5, depending on the platform and requirements.

4.What is the random number generation in bingo roulette software?

The RNG algorithms ensure fair and unbiased outcomes for each spin of the wheel.

5. What features are important in bingo roulette software development?

Important features in bingo roulette software development include an intuitive user interface, seamless gameplay, secure payment processing, real-time game updates, customizable settings, chat functionality for social interaction, support for multiple platforms (desktop and mobile), and robust security measures to protect player information and transactions.

6. Can bingo roulette software be integrated with other gaming platforms?

Yes, bingo roulette software can be integrated with other gaming platforms.

6. What are the key considerations for bingo roulette software development?

Compliance with regulatory requirements, adherence to responsible gambling guidelines, scalability to accommodate a growing player base, regular software updates for bug fixes and improvements, and thorough testing to ensure a smooth and error-free gaming experience.

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