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The Role of RNGs in Online Lottery Platforms

The Role of RNGs in Online Lottery Platforms

“Security” and “fairness” are some of the most crucial factors which must be considered while choosing an online lottery platform. Players give topmost priority to these factors while they opt for an online lottery software for their lottery gameplay. An online lottery platform must be fully secure and should support fair gameplay so that users can trust the platform for a convenient and safe gaming experience.

What is a RNG?

Randomness is the core of gambling as when players are involved in a game of chance, they rely on randomness or luck for determining outcomes of the game. In the land-based lottery platforms, the lottery games are all based on luck but still players were not sure about the game’s fairness and security. This issue got resolved through online lottery platforms in which new technologies were integrated to ensure player’s security needs. Players always prefer to choose a platform that is secure and where outcomes are not predetermined. The RNG or random number generator is the solution which ensures unbiased outcomes and complete transparency in online lottery games. It is a revolutionary algorithm which guarantees completely fair gameplay. RNG is basically an algorithm which produces random numbers. Random numbers and iGaming are completely correlated as random numbers are majorly used in the iGaming platforms for determining the game’s outcomes in a fair and random manner so that players can stay assured about the transparency, security and fairness of the gaming platform. RNG can also be considered as a computer program which sends random results. While playing lottery games, selecting numbers which resonate with you personally may not prove to be an ideal thing when you think about winning draws. Such digits include birthdays, anniversary dates, address, etc. People consider them as their lucky numbers. There are different types of RNGs but pseudo RNGs are mainly used by online lotteries. Pseudo RNGs do not require any external data for generating outcomes.

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What is the role of RNG in online lottery platforms?

What is the role of RNG in online lottery platforms?
While selecting numbers which are valued by you personally involves a pitfall i.e, there may be multiple people who have birthdays or anniversaries on the same days. Thus if you plan to choose these digits which you call as your “lucky number”, you might share your prize with other people who have the same birthdays or anniversaries and have the same “lucky numbers” on winning. However, if RNG is used, there might be a bigger chance that you can keep your prize to yourself or you might share it with very few people. RNGs are majorly used by the game providers as the game content developers require to ensure full transparency in their gaming products. Their aim is proving that the game built by them is fully fair, unbiased, transparent and is not under the control of any particular party. The RNG algorithm is embedded in the lottery games and it resides on a remote gaming server with game files. The server is either hosted by a third party or the game provider. RNG is just not used in the game content creation but is also used for determining jackpot campaign’s winners. RNG tools are used by a multifunctional marketing tool that is jackpot aggregator. Whether it’s a global or local jackpot, impeccable integrity and safety is provided by RNG generators for operators as well as players.
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Types of RNG and their working process

Types of RNG and their working process
RNGs are basically distinguished into two types:-
The goal of two methods is the same, that is, production of a random numbers sequence but they differ in the strategies used by them:-


It is a software algorithm which is programmed for producing a sequence of random numbers with a given condition or value known as a seed. Any external influence is not required by the PRNG for producing a result. It just requires a seed number and the algorithm itself. The seed can be referred to as a key which defines the possible outcomes range which can be produced by the generators. It is also the first value that is put by the hashing algorithm into its equations for determining the result.


It is a physical hardware’s piece which uses a mechanical process for generating randomness. The physical device generally relies on some environmental indicators for producing unexpected outcomes. For instance, these indicators may be atmospheric pressure’s amplitude over time, temperature of air, etc. The measurements are taken by the appliance which then converts them to values and then produces some final outputs. The end values are unpredictable thus the results are completely random.

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Require secure and fair online lottery software?

RNG Certifications

It is confirmed through RNG audits that every game works fairly and is incorruptible. These certifications are sought oftenly by the players who desire to ensure that their money is getting invested in a right lottery platform which uses games provided by an official and reliable provider. Thus RNG can be considered as the foundation of online lottery platforms which assists game providers as well as operators for implementing a strategy of “provable fairness”. Provably fair approach can be considered as a system which validates as well as verifies the trustworthiness and reliability of the different iGaming platforms to their audiences. The reason why RNG algorithms are considered as foundations is that they cannot be beaten and this algorithm helps in ensuring games fairness without influencing results. Here are some details about RNG certifications:-

GLI or Gaming Labs International is also a famous iGaming test lab which certifies RNG based games. Globally, the certificates of GLI are approved across different regulated markets which makes them desirable for various brands of iGaming. There are different factors on which RNG algorithm’s verifying process depends but it majorly includes these steps:-
-General review of RNG code
-Diehard battery of the tests
-Tests for outcome distribution

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BMM Testlabs is a long-established and well-known independent laboratory which certifies games after testing them. Working for 30+ years, it has been a reputed authority in the gaming contents. Regardless of the jurisdiction that is selected by the operators, any gaming content can be tested by the BMM team for RNG compliance. For implementation of iGaming brand verification, a two-step approach is taken by BMM. Initially preliminary confirmation of content is done which involves functionality, mathematical consistency, RNG validation, etc. Then quarterly verification is done. For certification, BMM experts do some technical audits and then it is decided by a panel that a certificate of conformity needs to be issued or not.

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eCogra or eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is an agency based in London which does inspection of online gambling systems and software. The primary role of the organisation is protecting rights of the players, ensuring responsibility of the provider and guaranteeing fair games. Detailed analysis are conducted by the technical experts for determining that the offered games are in compliance with the requirements of RNG and function accurately.

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Working since 2004, iTech Labs is well known for testing and then certifying online gaming systems. It now provides accreditation in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It stays focused on restrictions and regulations of some specific jurisdictions for ensuring that the game content of their client is in compliance with the current licensing requirements. There are three stages in the iTech Labs’ RNG certification process:-
-Code is analysed and tested for vulnerabilities by the team
-It is followed by two steps of test

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Are RNGs secure and fair?

RNGs are completely secure and fair as it is crucial for all lottery platforms to get their software completely tested through an independent third party. These organisations who do testing, offer a detailed stringent testing list for different types of lottery platforms. This covers game payout verification, security audits and much more. It is ensured that all the payout requirements are met by all the machines. You can also stay ensured that any VIP cards, credits or payout size do not influence the games.


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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer RNG based online lottery software development?

Yes, we can offer RNG based online lottery software development.

What are the different types of RNGs?

PRNG and TRNG are the two types of RNGs.

Are RNGs secure and fair?

Yes, RNGs are completely secure and fair.

Do you offer tailor-made online lottery platforms?

Yes, we offer tailor-made online lottery platforms.

Are your online lottery software development solutions secure?

Yes, our online lottery software development solutions are fully secure.