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Virtual Bingo Game Development

Virtual Bingo Game Development

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Exceptional Virtual Bingo Game Development Company

To upscale your bingo game experience, GammaStack gets you the finest virtual bingo game solutions added with the industrially-top features and tools. GammaStack is the leading virtual bingo software provider whose solutions are unmatchable and come with complete technical strength that benefits flexibility, increased user experience, scalability, and much more. The features we incorporate in our virtual bingo game software such as a risk management system, custom card tools, caller, etc. are edgy and offer a premium look to your bingo platform. Even for your complete development assistance at the self-service module, we let you hire our top-notch developers as per the needs and demands of your business.

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Varieties Of Games In Virtual Bingo Game Software


Fixed Jackpot

The virtually assisted bingo games where wins are fixed for every pattern in advance.


Progressive Jackpot

The tougher the pattern, the higher its win with the progressive bingo variant.

30 Ball Or Speed Bingo

30 Ball Bingo

Play with 30 balls and usually 3*3 tickets, this is the quickest bingo fun we provide.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo

75 balls and 4*4 cards where 16 numbers are coloured column-wise, and making patterns is needed for winning.

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

The complex of all, the 90 ball uses 3*5 tickets in many numbers and wins for every pattern are pre-fixed.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

5*5 bingo card that uses 80 balls, this uses patterns and announces wins accordingly.

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Perks Of Having a Good Virtual Bingo Game Development



Our virtual bingo game solutions are omnichannel, meaning they can be accessed across multiple channels at a time.


Wider Demographics

Cover wider demographics including Asia, Africa, Europe, and many others with our fully localised virtual bingo game development service.


Bingo Numbers Customisation

Play your virtual bingo game where numbers on the tickets are replaced by different emojis, colours, and much more to make it look attractive.


Virtual Bingo Cards

Use any device like mobile, desktop, laptop, etc. where you can play virtual cards with your players anytime.


Wide Bingo Networks

We have one of the largest networks with different sources in the virtual bingo software solutions for more bingo options to choose from.


Live & Virtual Portfolio

Not only the range of virtual bingo games but also many live bingo solutions are also available through our virtual bingo game software.


Winning Patterns

GammaStack is the virtual bingo software provider which develops bingo games added with more than 50 winning patterns including frame, row, diagonal, four corners, etc.


Licensing & Jurisdictions

GammaStack is the virtual bingo software provider which provides easy licensing and jurisdiction guidance to many of our business clients for future decisions.


Scalable Bingo Solutions

The virtual bingo game development we offer is fully scalable, meaning it can be utilized across multiple platforms on different channels/systems at the same time.


Marketing Aids

In addition to the development support, GammaStack provides post-launch assistance that includes marketing for easy placement among the target audience.


Diverse Operating Systems

iOS, Android, and many other operating systems are supported on our virtual bingo game development for flexible gaming.


Real & Virtual Players

Play with real as well as virtual players when there is no player available or when you want to expand the gaming scale.



The best advantage is our bingo game rulebook added with the virtual bingo game development for easy game understanding to all your players.


Customisable UI/UX

Uniquely get your bingo game software solutions customisable with the UI and UX designs for a never-before user experience.

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Best Elements Of Our Virtual Bingo Software Development

In addition to international currencies, we are the virtual bingo software providers that add cryptocurrencies, fiats, and even NFTs to the games for easy gaming.
3rd Party Tools
Like tools and features of the third parties? We let you add 3rd party systems and tools to the virtual bingo game software for technical strengthening.
Game Pause
Pause your game anytime to miss no single opportunity to win with the game pause tool. It lets you pause the game when needed.
3D & 2D Support
To allure your virtual bingo software development, we add 3D and 2D effects, animations, and transitions to the game to make it more exciting.
Ready-to-Launch Services
For quick market entry benefits, our ready-to-launch virtual bingo game development is the right choice for gaming businesses.
Ticket Features
We are the bingo game software providers that provide premium ticket features like customisable marking chips, buttons, ticket naming, and many more.
Player Account Management
Our player account management system or PAM is an all-in-one tool for the effective management of user information, account data, user history, preferences, and much more.
Bingo Caller
Added with the calling mechanism and voice assistant, we let you enjoy our virtual bingo game software with the number caller by hosting it for a play.
The global presence of your virtual bingo game solutions has now become easier with our translation and language support.
Automation & AI Tools
GammaStack is the virtual bingo software provider which offers solutions with complete AI, automation, and predictive mechanism to keep games logically fun.
Back-Office Controls
Effective administration is a must for any virtual bingo game development, and hence our back-office controls let you administrate all functions independently.
Risk Management
Equipped with full security and encryption, GammaStack provides virtual bingo software solutions with anti-risk to prevent fraud, suspicious activities, and cyber crimes.
Payment Systems
We are a virtual bingo game development company which integrates payment systems and gateways that support global finances.
RNG Integrations
To maintain fairness and transparency in the virtual bingo game solutions, we add RNG tools that randomly generate the numbers to be called for the marking.

Patterns To Win Virtual Bingo Game Solutions

Multiple Bingo Patterns That Are Popular


Numbers marked in a way it makes a horizontal line is called a



Check off numbers in a vertical line and complete it to win the ‘column’ pattern.



Marking off numbers as announced and if it makes a diagonal, you win the pattern.



Also known as outer edge, this gives you a win if all numbers that form the frame of the card are checked off.



As the numbers are announced and all numbers of the ticket are checked off, you get a house full.

four corners

Four Corners

Numbers on all four corners of the ticket must be checked off, and you win the four-corner pattern.

Falling Snow

Falling Snow

The number in every alternate box/cell of the ticket must be checked off making a pattern like falling snow.

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Our Virtual Bingo Software Solutions Work On Mulitple Modes

For complete excitement, our virtual bingo software development supports multiple modes of gaming
Local Mode

Local Mode

Virtual bingo game development is where multiple players play on a single device one by one using the virtual card system.

Computer Mode

Computer Mode

For your virtual bingo game experience, choose the computer as your opposite player when fewer players are available.

Friends Mode

Friends Mode

Make a group of friends by sharing a unique access code with them, and let the bingo begin all together for more fun.

Multiplayer Mode

Community Mode

Play randomly with a large network of friends, people, and users on an open-game virtual bingo

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Process Of Virtual Bingo Game Development

Requirement Gathering
Requirement Gathering
Planning & Sketching
Planning & Sketching
Allocating Resources
Allocating Resources
Bingo Game Development
Bingo Game Development
Back-end Development
Back-end Development
Custom & 3rd Party Add-Ons
Custom & 3rd Party Add-Ons
Virtual Settings, if any
Virtual Settings, if any
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Post-Deployment Assistance
Post-Deployment Assistance
Post-Deployment Assistance
Marketing Support
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Zero Revenue Sharing System
Live Bingo Gaming Excitement

GammaStack is the leader when it comes to the best virtual bingo game development. In the industry for 8 and more years, GammaStack is the best choice for many gaming businesses and operators when it comes to developing the finest and unique virtual bingo software solutions. From ready-to-use bingo solutions to fully customisable ones, GammaStack has the best virtual bingo game solutions that fit all your needs. So, let’s not wait for players and enjoy your bingo games with the virtual bingo software development by GammaStack.

FAQs - Virtual Bingo Game Development

1. What is virtual bingo game development?

Virtual bingo game development means developing and creating an online solution for bingo gaming which uses virtual bingo tickets, virtual players, and even live players to make it more exciting and fun.

2. What are the advantages of using virtual bingo game software?

Virtual players, attractive virtual cards, custom integrations, and many other benefits are there in using virtual bingo game solutions.

3. Which are the main features to look for in any virtual bingo game development?

Top virtual assistance, risk management systems, multi-currency support, and language shifts are some of the best features of virtual bingo software development.

4. Can I get live bingo added with the virtual bingo software solutions?

Yes, we let you integrate both live and virtual bingo games into a platform for easy switching.

5. How much budget is required for a virtual bingo game software development?

The budget for virtual bingo game development varies on the basis of gaming complexity, scale, size, expectations, and integrations demanded.

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