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The Ultimate Guide to Live Dealer Casino Game Business

Live Dealer Casino

Gone are the days when casino game enthusiasts used to visit land-based casinos while making expenditures in travelling and dressing up for the gaming night at casinos. With the increased popularity of online casinos, gamers are getting inclined towards online casinos for playing in the conveniences of their homes. Live dealer casinos have especially caught the attention of a million of casino players due to its realistic game layout !! Live casinos have completed that missing edge of realism in online casinos. Wondering, what is a live dealer casino and why is it a popular topic of discussion among casino players? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of live dealer casino gaming and get detailed insights.

What do you mean by Live Dealer Casino?

Describing a live dealer casino in simple words, it is a casino run by live human dealers through video links. Players take part in this casino game through online platforms via video streams of the game. Players participate in the game through software interface, communicate or interact with the dealers driving the game that is unfolding on screen & winner gets declared by the live dealers. Live dealer casino games give the exact feel of playing in real land based casinos. Your players get the exact feel of spinning the wheel, dealing with cards, placing bets and much more in live dealer casino software.

Enhancing Momentum of Live Dealer Casinos

The gambling statistics of the world depicts that nearly 26% of the total population is involved in gambling which means that around 1.6 billion people gamble & around 4.2 billion gamble every year at least once. Talking specifically about demographic based statistics of online gambling, it has been concluded by a UK study that nearly 17% of the population gamble through online platforms which eventually brings around £5.3 billion revenue through online markets. In the USA, 3% of 4.2 billion people said in 2016 that they gamble regularly online. This number must have gone up in the past few years as people are getting more attracted towards online gambling options. Singapore has also legalized casino gambling thus popularity of casino gaming has increased significantly there as well. Another geographical location having some of the biggest online gambling sites of the world is Malta.

How does a Live Dealer Casino Works?


Players play with live dealers instead of playing against machines or RNGs which provides the social element to the live casino games for which they are known.


Streaming of games is done from the dedicated studios of the world. In some of the cases, it is also done through real land based casinos.


Nowadays live dealer casino games software come with exciting and unique features such as bonus rounds, multipliers, etc.


Live dealer games function the same way like other casino games. Players enter studios, take their seats on table, place bets on digital board of game & the other functions are taken care of by the dealers.


Many other features come with live casino software such as making same bets through single click, checking game records, Iive chat feature and much more.

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Differentiating Factors Between Other Casinos & Live Dealer Casinos


Live dealer solutions are most of the time based on renowned table games but the difference lies in playing the same casino game through online casino software or live dealer casino game software.


Live casino solutions involve human interaction and the entire process is done through real dealers in a casino studio. Casino games, on the other hand, are based on RNG algorithms which are driven by software.


Live casinos prove to be a real catch for those online gamblers who don’t trust advanced online casino software thus they can easily rely on live dealer casino platforms where everything is driven in front of their eyes by a real person & the final result is completely random and fair.


Live chatting with the dealers is also an additional advantage in a live dealer casino software while it is not facilitated in the other online casino games as the entire game is run by the software itself without any human intervention.


Live dealer casino solutions give a more realistic game feel to the players as compared to other online casino games platforms.

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Technology Behind Live Dealer Casinos


Technical implementation of a live dealer casino is done by a technically advanced team of developers who develop an advanced and tech savvy casino studio software solution.


The casino studio comes equipped with different elements such as gambling table, several cameras and many other supplies.


Shooting a game with multiple cameras is crucial as different games require precise recordings from various angles. For example, in live Roulette, one camera captures a wide shot with the live dealer and another one covers a close up of the Roulette wheel while others capture the spinning wheel at various angles.


OCR technology transforms video streams to useful piece of digital data and is made available to the users in the form of short link. In the meantime, data gets stored in cloud or on-premise.


Every table in the casino studio comes with a GCU or Game Control Unit which possesses a built-in scanner which decodes data associated with winning numbers or played cards to digital format for making it processed through software so that it can be reflected in the UI.


Software’s performance is managed through the admin module or controlling room which monitors new arrivals, games activities along with analyzing data which is received by the software. This helps in detecting and eradicating any potential risks in the live dealer casino games.

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Countries where Live Dealer Casinos are Popular

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Key Components of Live Dealer Casino

Live casino solutions vary as per the software provider chosen in terms of branding options, available games, game limits and much more. But there are certain key components which make the operation of live dealer casinos successful :-
Online Casino Software


Studio can be termed as an accommodation place where different streams are held in a live dealer casino. It may include a casino hall, an office having cameras and gambling tables or a professional studio. Live dealers cannot drive the game without a studio.

Online Casino Software

Dealer’s Monitor

For creating live chat experience, every studio should possess a dealer’s monitor for depicting counts of online gambling along with their playing names. It helps in stimulating communication between players and the dealer. It also helps dealers to track new arrivals, bets placed, answer the questions of players and much more.

Online Casino Software

GCU or Game Control Unit

Casino studio’s every table comes with a GCU or game control unit. Dealer scans card through a small panel placed in table before showing it to the players & this way GCU encodes every activity in the studio while allowing software to detect and define played cards and identify players having those cards. It works in the same way for other games also. In live casino technology, GCU is completely irreplaceable as it contributes in avoiding mistakes that is crucial for multiplayer games with high-load.

Online Casino Software

UI Components

Aforementioned components are essential studio equipment but there also exist some key elements of UI which is desired by every live casino client:-
-Video Stream Window
-Bet Placement Box
-Live Chatting Window

Count of buttons, links and popups vary as per the provider but above mentioned four elements are crucial which every user will see in each live casino game.


How to Choose the Best Live Dealer Casino Games Software?

For Players:-

For choosing the best live dealer casino games software, you must keep certain aspects in mind:-

For Businesses:-

While choosing a live casino software from a reliable online casino software provider, you must ensure following things:-

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What is a live dealer casino game?

When a live human runs casino games through video links, it is termed as a live dealer casino game.

Which are popular live dealer casino games in 2023-24?

Live Dreamcatcher,Live Hold’em, Live Blackjack, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, Live Hold’em, Live Baccarat, etc.

Which are the key components of a live dealer casino?

Key components of live dealer casino include studio, GCU, dealer's monitor, UI components including timer, bet placement box , video streaming window, etc.

Which are the countries where live dealer casino games are popular?

Germany, USA, China, UK, Brazil, Russia, Canada, etc.

Which is the best live dealer casino games provider?

GammaStack is one of the well known live dealer casino games providers which possesses a team of 250+ developers who provide comprehensive live dealer casino games software development solutions.