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Online gambling industry is surrounded by higher levels of competition with thousands of online casinos trying to compete with each other and engage new customers for their business. For ensuring engagement of new customers and retaining existing customers, one of the most effective ways can be affiliate marketing. Though there are plethora of ways for promoting online casinos including PPC, SEO, exhibitions and media advertising, while comparing outcomes with the investments, ROI competition is won by the affiliate marketing. Now, questions like ‘what is affiliate marketing?’, ‘who are affiliates’, what is the purpose of affiliate marketing in online casinos?’ must be popping up in your mind. Let’s take a deeper dive and understand the concept of affiliate marketing in online casinos in detail.

Who are Affiliates?

Affiliates are termed as people who employ their websites for bringing traffic for your online casino platform. The concept might differ a bit in other industries but in the online casino industry, most of the time players themselves are affiliates. Players who have good experiences as online casino gamers, run their own blogs & share their casino gaming experience through live streaming with other players. Casino affiliates are well experienced about every in and out of the industry and are thus capable of doing affiliate marketing for online casinos in a highly efficient manner. Affiliates usually gain trust of the players through their honest and useful advice & tips on online casino gaming. Thus they are capable of attracting a good amount of audiences for their website which eventually helps in affiliate marketing of various online casinos. After good SEO, they are capable of getting higher rankings on search engines & then their sites are completely set for monetization through which they refer traffic for other online casino websites by doing affiliate marketing for them.

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What is Affiliate Marketing for Online Casinos?

  • Online casino affiliate marketing is just like an advertising model which is used by online casinos for establishing good engagement for their business through different third-party publishers.
  • These third party publishers promote casinos through their own platform and generate traffic as well as leads.
  • In return, the company compensates these affiliates by offering them commission fee depending on the leads or traffic generated by them.
  • Different productive ways are found by the affiliates for promoting the services or products of the company.
  • Affiliate marketing has proved to be highly effective due to its high popularity which has been raised because of the Internet’s influence.
  • Affiliate marketing can be termed as a pay for performance kind of marketing program in which a selling act is performed by the company & then it is outsourced to a wide network through affiliates.
  • Affiliate marketing proves to be one of the most effective & oldest strategies of marketing which works together with media advertising, pay-per-click advertising and right SEO.

How Affiliates Function for Promoting Online Casinos?

  • Affiliates are known for delivering referral traffic for online casino platforms through placement of links on their own site.
  • Banners are also used by them sometimes which comes with call to actions such as register for casino or make a deposit in casino.
  • Relevant traffic is brought to casinos by casino affiliates along with higher conversion rate of players.
  • Casino affiliate sites possess useful and informative posts or articles including casino guides, rankings or comparisons of various online casinos, etc which attract players to read those stuffs while they search casinos for playing.
  • Affiliates who post honest and fruitful tips regarding online casinos are highly followed by the players and thus they prove to be really effective resources for generating traffic for online casino websites.
  • Various important information & useful articles on casino guides, bonus descriptions, rankings of various casinos, etc are available on websites of casino affiliates.
  • After going through such informative pieces of articles on affiliate’s websites, players find it easy to follow links which are placed on their sites.

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What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing in the Online Casino Industry?

A myriad of advantages exist for using affiliate marketing in the online casino industry such as:
  • Easy Tracking Usually online casino software comes integrated with an affiliate system or affiliate management module which keeps tracking of the performances of different affiliates which are associated with your online casinos. You can evaluate and check the traffic or leads which are generated for your online casino platform through websites of different affiliates. You can analyse the ads or banners on different affiliate sites to detect the ones which are performing best for you so that you can plan & evolve your affiliate marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Performance Based Commissions People, especially entrepreneurs, usually find it easy to pay for the stuff post-purchase rather than doing upfront investments without guarantee. Affiliate marketing is completely dependent on the performance of the affiliates thus it ensures high ROI. While paying commission to an affiliate, you already know that revenue generated is high.
  • Enhanced Online Presence Good casino affiliates hold remarkable reputation among players in the online casino industry as they publish honest & informative articles that prove to be useful for players. Thus getting advertised on affiliate’s websites enhances your casino’s credibility and brings more engagement for your online casinos.
  • Measurable Growth While investing in affiliate marketing, you have a clear understanding of the amount invested and the profit or the leads generated out of that investment thus it becomes easy for you to measure the growth of your business which has been contributed by the affiliates. You can do calculations of every bit spent by you and each cent generated through affiliate marketing. Getting a precise picture of the returns makes it easy for you to pay affiliates for the work done by them.

How do Affiliates Generate Profit?

Affiliates get commissions for the traffic which they generate for casino websites & there exists a plethora of models through which affiliates generate profit:
  • Revenue Sharing Through this model, a certain percentage from the casino’s net revenue which is generated through the affiliate’s referred players is shared with the affiliates. This model is preferred by most of the affiliates as it ensures long-term income. It proves to be a good option for operator’s as well because it motivates affiliates for bringing quality players who can help casinos in generating long term revenues. Percentage of revenue which is paid to the affiliates varies from casinos to casinos & is often negotiated between both the parties depending upon the leads generated.
  • Cost Per Action It is a model in which a fixed rate for players is offered by the casinos to the affiliates. It may be offered just for registrations by the players in the online casinos but most often, affiliates get paid when player deposits or wagers for a particular amount in the casinos. Most of the time, casino operators increase the rate depending upon increase in the referrals by the affiliates.
  • Mixed Models Customized approaches are applied by casino operators for different high profile affiliates. For instance, sometimes a mix of CPA and revenue share model is offered to the affiliates by the casino operators. It depends upon the relationship between affiliates and casino operators. Better relationships open doors for profit generation for both the parties and enable them to have win-win deals.

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How to Find the Right Affiliates?

Finding right affiliates is a crucial step of affiliate marketing as a good affiliate can help you generate quality leads & bring good engagement for your online casino business. Here are some tips for finding right affiliates for your online casino businesses:
  • Advertising Affiliate Programs You can use relevant media resources for advertising your online casino affiliate programs and place comprehensive information about your affiliate offerings which can entice the potential affiliates.
  • Visiting Affiliate Conferences You can visit affiliate conferences and exhibitions where affiliates come to share their industry experiences, acquire knowledge about the latest industry trends & also for making new partnerships with the casino operators.
  • Through Industry Networks You can contact people whom you know in the industry for expanding your network of affiliates and get connected with some of the best casino affiliates in the industry.

How to Get the Right Platform for Affiliate Marketing?

  • A strong technological solution is crucial for good affiliate marketing for an online casino business.
  • You can integrate an affiliate system or affiliate management module in your online casino software which can manage and handle different affiliates which are associated with your online casino.
  • The software must be easy to use for operators as well as affiliates.
  • You can build the affiliate system in your online casino platform as per your specific requirements.
  • You can ask your online casino software provider to integrate & customize the affiliate system as per your specific needs.
  • Online casino software providers usually have an idea of building convenient and advanced affiliate systems which meet the client’s expectations.
  • Using these affiliate systems for managing your casino affiliates network, makes it easy for you to generate maximum output with minimized efforts.
  • You can keep an eye or track the profit which you are generating through each affiliate and decide the affiliate marketing strategy which is working best for your business.
  • You can boost the growth of your online casino business by finding right affiliates for you and managing them efficiently.
  • Casino operators should find a good software provider who can offer an ultra-modern online casino software integrated with all the crucial functionalities including affiliate system.

Need an Advanced Online Casino Software Integrated with an Affiliate System?

GammaStack: Integrates Advanced Affiliate System in your Online Casino Software

If you are seeking a reliable online casino software provider who can offer you a feature rich online casino platform integrated with all the exclusive & advanced functionalities along with a ultra-modern affiliate system, then you must connect with GammaStack. We develop comprehensive casino software solutions which are wrapped up with all the futuristic features. We also integrate an affiliate system in our online casino platform which makes it easy for online casino operators to manage their casino affiliates network and handle it efficiently and conveniently. Our developers are well-versed with the trends of the industry and they provide the most trending and unrivalled solutions for your casino business. We can customize the affiliate system in our online casino platform as per your specific requirements. Our team is known for offering an array of casino software solutions including white label online casino software, custom casino software development, blockchain casino software, crypto online casino software, casino app development, casino management system and many more.


Who are affiliates?

The people who bring or generate referral traffic for client’s websites through their own websites by promoting client’s services or products are termed as affiliates.

What is affiliate marketing?

It is an advertising model through which online businesses get traffic, engagement or leads for their businesses with the help of various third party publishers which are termed as affiliates.

How affiliate marketing works for online casinos?

Casino affiliates get associated with online casino operators and promote their offerings on their own websites or platform & generate referral traffic for online casinos.

Which are the ways through which casino affiliates generate profit?

Casino affiliates get certain commissions for the referral traffic or leads generated by them for online casinos. Different models are followed by affiliates for generating traffic including:

  • CPA(Cost Per Action) Model
  • Revenue Sharing Model
  • Mixed Model

Which software provider can offer you an online casino software integrated with an affiliate system?

GammaStack is a renowned online casino software provider which can offer you feature rich online casino platform integrated with an advanced affiliate system.


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