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White Label Betting Exchange Platform

Get quick entry to the market with
White Label Betting Exchange Platform

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Next-gen White Label Betting Exchange Platform

GammaStack has got you covered with the feature-rich white label betting exchange platform designed for the next generation. Come equipped with a myriad of features, our betting exchange platform enables users to make the right decisions while placing bets for the back and lay. We cover all the features including multi-tier agent system, liquidity management and much more in our white-label betting exchange platform.

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Benefits of Our White Label Betting Exchange Solution


Zero or No Revenue Share

Boost your profit margins with our no revenue share policies.


Quick Time to Market

We have a ready-to-go launch white label betting exchange platform that comes with pre-loaded features.


Risk Management Tools

Our exchange platform comes with risk management tools to ensure that bettors play risk-free.


Back & Lay Odds

Both back and lay odds are supported by our white label sports betting platform to enable smooth betting.


On-demand Customizations

We make on-demand customizations with the branding.

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Sports betting software

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Sports betting software

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Sports betting software

White Label Sportsbook software

Features of Our White Label Exchange Platform

Handicapping a horse race depends on multiple factors, with just one or two factors you can’t decide the horse who will win. Hence, here are a few factors that our horse racing algorithm software covers the following features
Matching Engine
Our white label betting exchange platform comes with a robust matching engine which is designed to help in matching the odds and bets types.
Custom Commission Rates
Software admins can now get the rates as per their desire on the odds by adjusting their commission rates.
This feature that comes along with our white label software allows customers to withdraw money during an ongoing match.
Risk-free Live, In-play and Pari-Mutuel Betting
Our white label betting exchange platform supports live, in-play and pari-mutuel betting.
Customizable Affiliate Systems
With our white label betting exchange platform you get a fully customizable affiliate system where you can run, create and track affiliate marketing campaigns.
Player Identity Cards
Provode your players with unique identity cards that ensure security and safety on your
Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
Our platform comes with multiple payment gateways through which users can make their payment seamlessly.
Liquidity Management and Bet Limit
With our white label betting exchange software liquidity management becomes easy and simple to handle along with setting the bet limits.
Back/Lay Odd Types Supported
Our betting exchange software boosts engagement by supported Back and Lay odd types.
Loaded Admin Dashboard
Admin dashboards are specially designed for the admins that help them manage different users and their participation in betting.
Multi-tier Agent System
Manage vast and widespread networks of your agents seamlessly with multi-tier agent systems.
Flexible Commission Types
Get complete coverage of various commission types such as Tiered CPA, Tiered revenue share, mix FTD, etc on our white label betting exchange platform.
Betfair API integration
Our betting exchange solution comes with Betfair API integration to ensure your users can get the best data and services.
Diverse Odds Formats
Our betting exchange software covers various odd formats that attract a huge audience.
Multilingual Platform
A multilingual betting platform enables you to attract a massive audience on the platform.
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Sports Supported By Betting Exchange Software

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Tools Integrations & Customizations
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Launch & Support
Risk-free Exchange Software
Gorgeous Designs and Best Approach
Highly-equipped Betting Software
Seasoned Professionals

GammaStack is the leading white label betting exchange platform provider. In the 8+ years, GammaStack has delivered feature-enrich betting exchange platforms based on their business needs. We cover all the necessary integrations and features for a user-friendly betting exchange platform thus driving a lot of traffic on your website.

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Diverse Sports Betting Exchange Offerings of GammaStack


1. What is a betting exchange?

In this type of betting, there are two odds, namely, back and lay. One individual backs a selection, meaning they are betting on it to win; the other lays the same selection, meaning they are betting on it to lose.

2. What is the advantage of betting exchange over traditional betting?

In betting exchange it is easier to predict things that are going to happen than in traditional betting.

3. How many currencies are supported by your exchange platform?

Our betting exchange platform supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

4. Could you customize your white label betting exchange software?

Yes, we can provide customizations with our white label betting exchange software.

5. Do you also provide intellectual property?

Yes, we deliver intellectual property along with your betting exchange solution.

6. Does your exchange software support live betting?

Live/in-play betting is supported by our betting exchange solutions.

7. Do you build betting exchange mobile applications?

Yes, we also provide betting exchange mobile applications to clients.

8. Is live match tracker supported in your betting exchange platform?

Yes, our betting exchange platform comes with a live match tracker for seamless betting operations.

9. Do you provide 24*7 customer support?

Yes, we provide 24*7 customer support to ensure smooth and hassle-free betting exchange operations.

10. Is there a built-in affiliate model available in your betting exchange?

Yes, a built-in affiliate model comes equipped with all our sports betting exchange software.

11. Does your software come with CMS?

Our betting exchange platform comes with a CMS to support your website.

12. Are there multiple bonus and promotion system available in your betting exchange software?

Yes, there are a plethora of bonus and promotion systems available in our betting exchange solution.

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