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Video Slot Machine Software

Video Slot Machine Software

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All-Inclusive Video Slot Machine Software Development

Are you looking for video slot machine software development services that fulfil all your needs and requirements well? We at GammaStack focus on providing the best-in-class and trusted video slot software with the most immersive graphical reel support. Our video slot machine software services come with additional features like superb animation, custom tokens and themes, and a diverse range of slots in a custom as well as ready-to-launch software for slot games as per your needs. Get ahead in the industry by opting for the premium video slot machine software service from us ‘GammaStack’.


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Advance Features Of Our Video Slot Machine Software

Retail Gaming
Get armed with our retail gaming tools that come with our video slot machine software.
Skyrocket participation and engagement without any hassle with our gamification tool that includes tournaments, prize drops, cashbacks and more.
Web3 App Development
Experiemce world-class safety and security with our smart contacts, blockchain support, decentralization and so much more.
Diverse Value Assets
We offer low, medium and high value asset with our video slot game software to help you boost engagement among your customers.
Random Number Generator
Deliver unbiased, untampered and 100% random
results with our certified random number
Remote Gaming Server
Take the gambling experience up a notch with our remote
gaming servers that offer smooth gaming
Back-Office Administration
Get complete set of tools required to streamline
your business operations with our back
Customer Help
Offer 24/7 support to your customers with the help of live
chat bots, email systems, guidebooks and much
2 Factor Authentication
The 2 factor authentication feature offers you unmatched security and also allow you to minimize unothorized access to your slot game software.
Virtual Reality
Craft next-generation experiences for your
customers with our virtual reality
Live Gaming
Live gaming feature enables your customers to play the game of slot with their in real-time.
Full Kiosk Support
GammaStack’s slot games work on all variations of slot machines without any fuss.
Algorithms & Mathematics
The next-gen slot game software we deliver are
entirely based on maths and
Mystery Symbols
Maximize the thrill of slot with mystery
symbols that come with additional prizes
and perks.
Source Code
The video slot machine software we deliver allow
you to gain control over your business with sharable
source codes.
Delay Time
With the help of backend, now you can control the
time between two consecutive
spins with ease.
Base the RTP values on diverse factors such as
game type, level etc with ease and set the values
from back office.
In-game Purchases
In-game purchases allow you to monetize
game resources and facilitate in-app
Automated Slots
Allow your players to automate slot sessions seamlessly with automated slots.
Now you can enable your players to win with various patterns with our multiway feature.
Affiliate Management
From your affiliates to their commission, manage
everything with affiliate management
tool seamlessly.
Multilingual Support Feature
Our video slot machine software can be crafted in multiple languages that can ease your audience’s understanding and engagement in the game.
Effective Blockchain Support
With the effective support of our blockchain feature, get advanced security, gaming control, and flexibility altogether with the video slot software.
Flexible Gaming Integration
Enhance your gaming performance and flexibility with our video slot game development integration with other custom or ready-to-launch sot gaming services.
Enthralling Virtual reality Features
Our features of video slot machine software development include effective and enticing VR highlights that get the player’s excitement level at its peak.
RNG Library Integration
Integrate your video slot game with an RNG (random number generation) library such as Mersenne Twister, Fortuna, etc.
Custom Token System
We provide you with the best custom token system developed for your slot machine software for a higher personalisation.
CryptoWallet Integration
Ease the payment and wallet system for your punters
internationally by opting out crypto Wallet integration
Reel Hold
The reel hold feature provides players with ease
to keep a hold of their reels before another
2D and 3D Features Supported
Our video slot machine software can be developed in a way that efficiently supports both 2D and 3D features for more gaming adventures.
Engaging UI & UX
Hire our professional slot game developers to be assisted with the most immersive, easy, and flexible UI & UX designs for better engagement.
Play as Guest Mode
Grab the feature of ‘play as guest’ that allows your punters to take a trial of the video slot game services and offerings to speed their decision-making.
Customizable Paylines
Get your video slot games integrated with the customizable paylines which provide you with the flexibility to adjust your bets as likely as you want.
Custom Graphical Reels
The video slot machine software development service allows you to choose and customise the graphical reels as per your choice.
Autoplay & Free Spins
Our feature of autoplay spins benefits the players with the ease to automate their free spins and so reduces the manual hassle.
Facilitate your punters with the feature of retriggering that aids in relaunching the bonus games and maximise their wins.
Referral Rewards
Use our referral rewards feature to let your customers win free spins, coins, and much more for every referral made.
Various Reel Types Supported
Our video slot machine software supports various reel types such as rotating reels, cascading reels, tumbling reels, etc. for increased excitement.
Various Wild Type Supported
Our software for slot machine games supports various wild types such as sticky wilds, shifting wilds, nudging wilds, and expanding wilds.
Progressive Jackpots
Allow your customers or players to increase their jackpots by using our progressive jackpots feature in the slot machine software.
Outstanding Sound & Graphics
Our video slot machine software supports the feature of exciting and enthralling sound and motion effects to keep the punters attracted.
Blockchain Support
Our blockchain technology developed with software for slot games aids in secure playing and eliminated chances of being rigged.
Fiat & Cryptocurrency Supported
Our video slot machine software is crafted in such a way that it supports diverse currencies including fiat and cryptocurrencies.
User Management Tools
Our user management tool or feature enables easy management of user data and information.
Anti-Fraud Feature
Ensure a hassle-free and secure gaming experience for your players by using our anti-fraud feature.
Game Analytics
The feature of game analytics associated with the video slot machine software facilitates the punters to play more analytically and logically.
Social Media Modules
Use our feature of social media modules added with the software for slot machines that grows your social media presence and also boost your brand awareness.
Various Symbol Types Supported
Get different and diverse symbol types supported with our slot game software development, including bonus symbols, scatter symbols, and multiplier symbols.
Buddy Invitation Feature
Invite your players onboard to play using our buddy
invitation feature along with the video slot machine
Push Notifications
Get notified of every new game, update, enhancement, etc.
by using our feature of push
Game History Feature
Help your punters to stay updated with their previous game records, using the game history feature.

Slot Machine Specifications Supported By Our Video Slot Machine Software

GammaStack provides the best-in-industry video slot machine software to its customers which is supportive, flexible, scalable, and complied with different slot machines specifications.

Choose From Our Other Ready-to-Launch Video Slot Machine Software

Classic Slots

Classic Slots

Our ready-to-launch video slot software also involves three-reel slots or classic slots that are the basic and easiest slot games.

Six & Seven Reel Slot

Six and Seven Reel Slots

Get access to amusement and more challenges by using our ready-to-launch 6*3 and 7*3 video slot machine software.

Mobile Slot

Mobile Slots

Give your punters easy access to video slot games by choosing our customizable ready-to-launch mobile slots.

3D Slots

3D Slots

Get the three dimensional view with our video slot software that makes your customers more engaged and interested in slot gaming.

Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual Reality Slots

Get your video slot machine software added with our customizable ready-to-launch virtual reality slot that enhances your gaming experience.


Progressive Slots

Our ready-to-launch progressive slots come with multiplier jackpots that make you punters play more and win more.

Five Reel Slots

Five Reel Slots

The ready-to-launch five-reel slots come with five reels with increased paylines and more jackpots.

Penny Slot

Penny Slots

We offer video slot machine software that allows your punters to play on as minimum bets as one cent.

Key Perks Of Our Video Slot Machine Software Services


Hardware Flexibility

GammaStack offers you flexible slot machine games that allow you to switch hardware anytime.


Diverse Cryptocurrencies

Our video slot machine software solutions support 90+ cryptocurrencies and enable your players to stay anonymous while gambling.



The casino slot software we deliver offers an abundance of customization opportunities.


3rd Party APIs

At GammaStack, we offer you cmplete freedom to get the third party solutions integrated as per your business requirements.


Zero Royalty Aids

At GammaStack, we follow a no revenue share policy which allows you to maximize your profits.


Cryptographic Safety

Experience word-class safety through cryptographic protocols along with electrifying gameplay.


End-to-End Slot Solutions

Get benefited from our end-to-end video slot machine software development services which support different reel types, wild types, symbol types, etc.


On-Time Serviceability

Get an on-time service guaranteed by ordering your requirements regarding sot machine software development and other services to us.


Back-Office Support

Our video slot machine software service comes with complete back-end logic and back-office support to manage the punters’ data efficiently.


Round-the-Clock Assistance

Our team of slot machine software developers are available 24*7 for your effective assistance and resolution of queries.


Complete Ownership

We offer you sole ownership and access to the video slot machine software services to benefit you with complete gaming control.


Legal Compliance Assured

We maintain legal security and encryption standards as our priority while developing software for slot machines.


Additional Gaming Benefits

With the slot software development services, get rewarded with our additional benefits that include jackpots, bonus spins, more hits, etc. altogether with the game development.


Proficient Video Slot Machine Software Developers

GammaStack as a leading video slot machine software provider benefits its customers with the facility to hire skilled professionals for video slot machine software development.


Risk Management & CRM

Our video slot machine software development comes with the benefits of effective risk management and customer relationship management assistance for better data tracking.


A Myriad of Payment Gateways

Get access to a diverse portfolio of payment options including cryptocurrencies, token systems, and many more that are equipped with ease and security.


A Plethora of Exciting Game Software

Our video slot machine software developers also have a good pace over different exciting gaming software including Dice, Trash, Hi-Low, etc.


Scalable Slot Machine Support

Play hassle-free as our software for slot machines are developed in such a way that it supports and work well with all kind of video slot machines.

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Choose From Other Ready To Launch Casino Software

Dice Game Development
Diversify your gaming portfolio with our ready-to-launch casino crash software solutions that support your video slot machine software.
Get your punters involved in extra gaming using our ready-to-launch and easy dice games along with the software for slot machines.


Involve your punters into more gaming by giving them a boost of read-to-launch slot game software such as hi-low.
Diversify your gaming portfolio with our ready-to-launch casino crash software solutions that support your video slot machine software.
Dice Game Development
Get your punters involved in extra gaming using our ready-to-launch and easy dice games along with the software for slot machines.


Involve your punters into more gaming by giving them a boost of read-to-launch slot game software such as hi-low.

Our Custom Casino Software Development Solutions

Five Reel Slots
Classic Crash
Andar Bahar
Crash Game Development
Sic Bo
Classic Slots
Trenball Crash
Shake the Plate
Fan tan
Live Three Card Poker Online Casino Game
Standard Baccarat Game Development
Squeeze Baccarat
Craps Game Development
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Standard Roulette
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Texas Hold’em

Slots & Math: Let’s Explore

Games like slots are based on math principles suh as probability. The payoouts depend on the combination and these combinations include patterns such as straight, zigzag, diagonal, etc.

If a player is playing a three reel slot where each reel contains four symboles, the probability of win will be calculated as ¼*¼*¼= 0.015.
slot back office software

Choose From Our Other Slot Machine Software Services

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How We Develop The Best-in-Class Video Slot Machine Software

Idea Formulation
Idea Analysis
Wireframing & Sketching
Sketch Creation
Video Slot Machine Software Development
Developing Slot Game Solutions
Slot Software Design
Quality Analysis
Slot Software Development
Quality Analysis
Post-Launch Services
12+ years industry expertise
Completely customizable solutions
Ready to launch casino software
Backed by team of professionals

GammaStack is a pioneer in video slot machine software development. With more than 3000 electrifying games supported by more than 50 esteemed providers, GammaStak stands as the top-notch slot game provider on the global scale. Whether be a custom slot game development service or ready-to-launch software for slot machines, we provide an all-inclusive service from the very beginning to final execution and even till the post-launch assistance. Get the most catchy and alluring benefits linked with our video slot machine software services and leverage your business growth robustly.

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FAQs on Video Slot Machine Software

1. Does GammaStack provide video-based software solutions for slot machines?

Yes, GammaStack is a one-stop solution for all your slot machine software and other casino game needs. We can provide you with the best-in-class software for slot machines.

2. I want the graphical reels to be customized as per my choice. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible for you to select and customize your graphical reels, tokens, themes, etc. as per your requirements and choice.

3. I would like to hire developers from your company for video slot machine software development. Can I hire?

Hire slot game developers from us ‘GammaStack’ to get the best mix of proficiency, skills, and competence in one for superb video slot software solutions.

4. Can GammaStack help me with the earliest possible entry in the market with the latest and trending video slot machine software services?

Yes, our list of ready-to-launch video slot machine software solutions is the best option for you if quick market entry is what you aim for. Get in touch with us for ready-to-launch casino game development services too.

5. Can I get the RNG library integrated with my software?

Yes, get different RNG libraries or systems integrated with your video slot machine software, such as Mersenne Twister, Fortune, and many more.

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