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Sportsbook Software Development Company in Austria

GammaStack is an esteemed sportsbook software development company in Austria that employs a unique methodology to create best-in-class sportsbook software.

  • Ultra-modern UI
  • Realtime Betting
  • Multifarious Sports Covered
  • Content Management System

Esteemed Sportsbook Development Company in Austria

GammaStack is a well-known and esteemed sportsbook software development company in Austria, offering comprehensive yet easy-to-use software solutions. Our platform supports a wide range of sports, allowing your players to participate in a wide range of activities regardless of their location, region, or nation. With the aid of our advanced and in vogue technologies we tend to design marvelous software which can provide an extensive gambling experience to your players and boost your iGaming business.

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Advantages of our White Label Sportsbook Software Development Company in Austria

Intellectual Property Rights

With the help of GammaStack, you will gain ownership of your intellectual property, which includes source code, Github code, and extensive documentation, allowing you to independently own your customised programme.

Third-Party Integration

You may rely on our integrators, who have more than 8 years of experience. We've overcome a number of obstacles and problems over the years to supply our customers with faultless software solutions.

Customized Solutions

Our skilled programmers understand that you may have a few ideas for your sportsbook software. As a result, we offer our clients the option of customisation, allowing them to include all of their ideas into their programme to make it truly unique.

Zero Revenue Share

Our team is dedicated to developing high-quality sportsbook software that is rich in modern features and available at a reasonable price so that anyone may get started in the iGaming sector right away.

Risk Administration System

Our sportsbook software includes risk management measures, such as a caution function that alerts players to their betting limits, in order to provide safe and secure gambling to your gamers.

Quick Market Entry

In today's fast-paced environment, getting off to a good start is critical. Our team of connessiours ensures that your platform reaches your players as quickly as possible, allowing you to progress in this exciting market.


Peculiarities of Our Sportsbook Betting Software Development Company in Austria

Real Time Betting

Your players can also wager on live games using GammaStak's cutting-edge sportsbook software.

Multiple Betting Markets

Your players will be able to explore different betting markets with the help of our sportsbook software, which will enhance engagement on your website.

Multiple-Currency Support

To appeal to gamblers all around the world, our software supports a variety of currencies, allowing your players to select the most convenient alternative for them.

Odd Management System

Odds are one of the most important components of offering a safe and secure gaming experience, and you can deliver the correct odds to your players with the help of GammaStack.

Multiple Type of Bets

Parlay betting, H2H betting, and pool betting are some of the most popular bets, and our sportsbook software supports a wide range of bets so that gamblers may enjoy betting.

Pool Betting System

Wagers can set up their own manual event with their own rules and invite their friends to bet on it.

Multiple Sports Covered

Our software includes a large range of sports so that your gamblers may easily wager on their favourite sports.

Endless Customer Support

GammaStack gives unending support to its customers in order to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our high-quality services.

Admin Dashboard

Our sportsbook software includes a complete admin dashboard that allows administrators to manage many users and games.

Bonus & Referral Arrangements

Bonus and referral programmes are integrated into the sports betting software to offer fun and excitement to your users' sports betting experience.

Risk Management System

We include a risk management system into the sports betting software to handle any unanticipated dangers or defects that may occur in the software.

Advanced Analytics

Our programme includes complex analytics that allow users to make informed betting judgments.

Retail Betting

Our sportsbook software will help you manage your retail business, allowing you to reap various benefits from a single application.

Promotion Engine

Our programme has a marketing engine to help you keep your players longer, decreasing the amount of time you spend brainstorming.

Supports Multiple Languages

Our sportsbook software supports many languages, allowing you to attract a large number of gamblers from all over the world to your platform.

Agent System

Our sports betting software includes an agent system that enables agents to create their own network and conduct wagering activities with ease.

Content Management system

Our sportsbook software has on-demand and centralised content management features, allowing you to make simple, quick changes to your platform.

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Aspects of Our Turnkey Sportsbook Solutions

GammaStack’s turnkey sportsbook solution can help you achieve your goal of operating under your own licence, regardless of where you are located.

  • GLI, UKGC, and GDPR Compliant
  • 100+ Betting Markets
  • Rapid Market Entry
  • Zero Revenue Share
  • Pre-match and Live Bets
  • Brand-Specific UI
  • Extensive admin with agent and affiliate system
  • Multiple Payment Options with Fiat & Major Cryptocurrencies

Aspects of Our White-Label Sportsbook Solutions

Get a next-generation, up-to-date, and high-quality white-label sportsbook solution from GammaStack’s skilled and knowledgeable experts.

  • Online Casino Integration
  • Personalized Software
  • New Betting Markets
  • Loyalty and Bonus Programmes
  • Customized Ad-modules
  • Cluster of Features
  • Own the IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Up-to-date Bet Types

Sportsbook Mobile Application Development Service in Austria

Get your hands on durable, fusioned and novel sportsbook mobile applications with the help of GammaStack. We produce high-quality sportsbook mobile applications with the help of our groundbreaking technologies. You can increase player participation and utilise the abilities of our experienced developers for a nominal additional fee. Our mobile applications have a variety of characteristics, such as a beautiful user interface, quick navigation, and other functions that enhance the gambling experience of the players.

Highlights of Our Sportsbook Platform

  • 40+ Live Markets Coverage
  • CMS
  • Casino Integration
  • Bet in Play
  • Promotional Strategy and Consultant
  • Limits and Margins Adjustment
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Best-in-class Odds
  • Multiple Bonus Systems

Sportsbook software Development Process

Gammastack Brainstorming


Requirement Gathering

White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing


Project Planning

Gammastack Project Planning


Task Allocation

Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


Software Designing

White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing


Development Process

Gammastack API Integration


Third-Party Integrations

White Label Rugby Betting Software On-Demand Customizations


On-demand Customizations

Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


Software Testing

Gammastack Email Marketing Tools


Marketing Support

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


Sports Betting Software Launching

Need Customizations?

Exquisite design
Easy-to-use dashboard

Why GammaStack?

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GammaStack is your one-stop shop for all Sportsbook software requirements. We have been meeting the changing needs of gamblers for the past eight years, thanks to our innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies. Our software consists of bizzare features which include risk management tools and much more than can intensify the gambling experience of your players. We have a spotless record in the iGaming industry that will assist you in rising and shining in the iGaming industry.

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