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Sports Betting Exchange Software Provider

Sports Betting Exchange Software Provider

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Risk-free Sports Betting Exchange Software

Create a risk-free liquid market with our sports betting exchange software equipped with plenty of tools and features. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our betting exchange software is a highly dynamic system that lets gamblers conveniently match the bets that they desire to back with the respective bets that other punters want to lay. Our betting exchange platform is built by coming up with ultra-modern technology that enables punters an excellent betting experience.

Upsides of Our Betting Exchange Software


Zero Revenue Share

Our betting exchange software comes with a credible billing system and no revenue share.


Jurisdictional Compliances

All major jurisdictional compliances are being followed and taken care of.


Liquidity Management Tools

Manage liquidity hassle-free with different risk management tools.


100% Modifiable Solutions

Harness the power of 100% custom betting exchange solutions with unmatched designs and unique designs.


High-Risk Management

Facilitate risk-free betting exchange with different risk management tools


Third-party Integration Services

We integrate third-party solutions from reliable sources.

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Chief Traits of GammaStack’s Sports Betting Exchange Software

Matching Engine
For exact matching of the various aspects like bet types, odds etc of different players, GammaStack sports betting exchange software provider integrates a matching engine.
Modifiable of Commission
With the advanced settings, your admins can set commission rates that can be customized as per the requirement.
The punters on your platform can take out cash in between of the event without the wait.
Live, In-play and Pari-Mutuel Betting
Whether it’s about live, in-play, or pari-mutuel, your users can freely place bets on the odd type. of their
Strong Market Exposure
Our stable and exclusive betting exchange software makes you capable of expanding your business into new and unexplored markets and build a strong customer base.
Real-Time Bet History
Bet history can be generated in real-time in our betting exchange software to help you keep a track of all the bets placed by the users on your platform.
Diverse Odds Formats
A variety of odd formats including American, Hong Kong, Decimal, etc are covered in our betting exchange software. Thus, your users get the choice of their desired odd formats.
Back/Lay Odd Types Supported
Unlike the traditional bookmaker software, our betting exchange software covers back & lay odd
Loaded Dashboard
Our sports betting exchange software is armed with an admin dashboard for managing the accounts of different players.
Management of Liquidity and Bet Limit
Our safe and secure betting exchange software allows you to build a loyal following.
Live Video Streaming
GammaStack sports betting exchange software provider supports live video streaming to ensure maximum engagement.
Identity Cards
Verify the basic details about the different players. on your betting exchange platform through the identity cards allotted to punters.
Announcement Boards
For declaring the winning bets at various levels, an announcement board is integrated in GammaStack’s betting exchange software.
Multilingual Platform
In order to keep your users unaffected from the language barriers, we develop a betting exchange software that supports multiple languages
Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
For keeping the process of payments simpler and hassle-free, we integrate an array of payment gateways in our betting exchange software.

Sports Betting Exchange Software with Enticing Supports Coverage

GammaStack’s Software Development Procedure

Requirement Understanding
Idea Understanding
Concept Evaluation
Complete Planning
 Work Allocation
Work Allocation
Wireframing & Design
Wireframing & Design
 Software Development Process
Software Development Process
Software Integrations
Software Integrations
App Launch with Support
Complete Customizations
Testing and Go Live
Testing and Go Live
Software Integrations
Marketing Support
Professionals and Experts
Plethora of Sports
Advanced Technologies
Different Payment Gateways

GammaStack sports betting exchange software provider is an acclaimed for providing feature-rich sports betting exchange solutions. With a powerful team of dedicated professionals and creative designers, we build world-class solutions that comply with the latest trends in the betting exchange industry. With 8+ years of expertise, we have rendered sports betting exchange software solutions to businesses across the globe empowering them to generate high revenue streams.

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1. I need custom development services for my betting exchange platform. Do you provide similar services?

Yes, we provide custom betting exchange platform development services that allow you to get your software built with your vision and ideas.

2. What tools and features come with sports betting exchange software?

Our software solution includes tools and features like cash-out, back and lay odds support, multiple payment gateways, agent systems, admin dashboards, live video streaming, liquidity management, ID cards, etc.

3. How can I launch my bettinge exchange platform quickly?

With white label solutions, you can launch your business within a couple of weeks.

4. Does your software support cryptocurrency?

Yes, all popular and widely used cryptocurrencies are supported in our sports betting exchange platform.

5. What games does your software solution support?

Our sports betting exchange software supports tennis, cricket, basketball, soccer, baseball, football etc.

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