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Risk-free Sports Betting Exchange Software

Create a risk-free liquid market with our sports betting exchange software equipped with a plethora of features. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our betting exchange software is a highly dynamic system that lets gamblers to conveniently match the bets that they desire to back with the respective bets that other punters want to lay. Our betting exchange platform is built by coming up with ultra-modern technology that enables punters an excellent betting experience.

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Upsides of Our Betting Exchange Software
Development Services

Zero Revenue Share

Zero Revenue Share

Our betting exchange software comes with a completely transparent billing system and no revenue share.

Jurisdictional Compliances

Jurisdictional Compliances

All major jurisdictional compliances are being followed and taken care of.

Liquidity Management Tools

Liquidity Management Tools

Manage liquidity hassle-free with different risk management tools.

100% Custom Solutions

100% Custom Solutions

Harness the power of 100% custom betting exchange solutions with unmatched designs and unique designs.

High-Risk Management

High-Risk Management

Facilitate risk-free betting exchange with different risk management tools

Third-party Integration Services

Third-party Integration Services

We integrate third-party software from reliable sources.

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Key Features of our Sports Betting Exchange Software

Matching Engine

For exact matching of the different betting aspects including odds, bet types, etc of different players, a matching engine is integrated. in our betting exchange software.

Back/Lay Odd Types Supported

Unlike the traditional bookmaker software, our betting exchange software supports back as well as lay odd types.

Advanced Settings for Custom Rates of Commission

the advanced settings in our software, your commission rates can be customized as per the requirement.

Management of Liquidity and Bet Limit

Our safe and secure betting exchange software allows you to build a loyal customer base.


The users on your platform can cash-out the bets placed in the middle of the match.

Detailed Admin Dashboard

Our betting exchange software comes with a detailed admin dashboard for managing the accounts of different players.

Risk-free In-play, Live and Pari-Mutuel Betting

Whether it’s about in-play, live or pari-mutuel betting, your users can freely place bets on the odd type. of their choice without being worried about any kind of operational risks thereby eliminating the role of the traditional bookmaker.

Live Video Streaming

Our betting exchange software supports the amazing feature of live video streaming.

Strong Market Exposure

Our stable and exclusive betting exchange software makes you capable of expanding your business into new and unexplored markets and build a strong customer base.

Identity Cards for Players Insights

You can store and verify the basic details about the different players. on your betting exchange platform through the identity cards allotted to all the players.

Real-Time Bet History

A real-time bet history report can be generated in our betting exchange software so that you can keep a track of all the bets placed by the users on your platform.

Announcement Boards

For declaring the winning bets at various levels, an announcement board is integrated in our betting exchange software.

Multiple Odds Formats Supported

A variety of odd formats including American, Hong Kong, Decimal, etc are supported in our betting exchange software. Thus, your users get the choice of their desired odd formats.

Multilingual Platform

In order to keep your users unaffected from the language barriers, we develop a betting exchange software that supports multiple languages

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

For keeping the process of payments simpler and hassle-free, we integrate an array of payment gateways in our betting exchange software.

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Our Software Development Process

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Project Planning
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Task Allocation
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Software Designing
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Development Process
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Third-Party Integrations
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On-demand Customizations
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Software Testing
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Marketing Support
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Sport Betting Software Launching
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Gammastack is the leader when it comes to delivering sportsbook software services. Our 8+ years of industry experience has helped businesses to launch their sportsbook platform loaded with a plethora of features. Backed by a team of astute professionals, our sportsbooks are cost-effective and compatible with multiple devices. Whether it’s about the integration of different payment gateways or social media.
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Betting Exchange FAQs

What is a betting exchange?

Betting exchange eliminates the need for bookmakers. In this type of betting, there are two odds, namely, back and lay. One individual backs a selection, meaning they are betting on it to win; the other lays the same selection, meaning they are betting on it to lose.

What is the advantage of betting exchange over traditional betting?

Betting exchange provides the users with an advantage of betting on things that are NOT going to happen. This is easier than predicting things that are going to happen in traditional betting.

What is the disadvantage of betting exchange over traditional betting?

One of the disadvantages of a betting exchange is that the users are not always guaranteed to place their desired wagers unlike traditional sports betting where the bookmaker takes the wager up to a maximum stake.

What advice would you give for exchange betting?

Being among the top betting exchange platform providers, we can definitely advise users to wary of laying at high odds as it can put them in trouble and place bets before knowing the strategy of betting exchange.

Do you have a white label exchange software solution?

Yes, we have a ready to launch exchange software solution, all you have to do is purchase from us and make it available to the users.

Do your exchange platform support crypto and fiat currencies?

Yes, both fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported by our betting exchange platform.

Could you customize a betting exchange software?

Our developers build custom betting exchange software solutions from scratch based on your requirements.

Do you also provide intellectual property?

Yes, for all the software solutions we provide source code and GitHub code.

Does your exchange software supports live/in-play betting?

Yes, our betting exchange software supports live/in-play betting.

Have you delivered betting exchange mobile applications?

Yes, we have built and delivered betting exchange mobile applications to different businesses.

Is live match tracker supported in your betting exchange software?

Yes, our betting exchange platform comes with a live match tracker for seamless betting operations.

Tell us about your technical support.

We are available 24*7 for technical support and assistance you may need from our end.

Is there a built-in affiliate model available in your betting exchange?

Yes, a built-in affiliate model comes equipped with all our sports betting software solutions.

Do you provide a CMS to support your betting exchange platform?

Our betting exchange platform comes equipped with a CMS to support your website.

What are multiple bonus and promotion system available in your betting exchange software?

Yes, there are a plethora of bonus and promotion systems available in our betting exchange solution.

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