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Customizable Fantasy Football Software and Apps

Launch your fantasy football software and apps that are highly customizable and completely fit into your fantasy business. GammaStack designs the most thrilling and exciting fantasy sports app and software equipped with a plethora of features. With state-of-the-art software and app development services, we make sure to deliver client-specific business solutions. Our team of engineers and developers use the latest cutting-edge technology to create the most appealing fantasy sports apps and software.

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Key Benefits of our Fantasy Football Software and App

No Revenue Share

Zero Revenue Sharing

Our no revenue sharing policy acts as a distinguisher for us and keeps our clients away from any unwanted sharing in revenues.

Rapid Market Entry

Ready-to-launch Platform

Our ready-to-launch white label Fantasy Football software and app helps you to make rapid market entry without having to wait for the development process.

Multiple Device Support

Multiple Device Compatibility

Our fantasy football software and the app are compatible on all devices including mobile, desktop and tablet.

Scalable Architecture

100% Custom Fantasy Sports Apps

We create 100% bespoke solutions keeping in mind the business requirements for clients’ business.

Casino Blogs

Major Leagues Covered

Whether it’s La Liga or FIFA, we cover all the major leagues to cater clients across the globe.

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Features Covered in our Fantasy Football Software

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Achievement Badges

To keep the competitive spirit of the players high, we reward them with the achievement badges present in our fantasy football software.

Online Casino Software

Custom Ad-Modules

Integration of custom ad modules in the fantasy Football software can act as an additional revenue stream.

Online Casino Software

Multiple Drafts

Our fantasy sports apps support multiple drafts types consisting of auto drafts, salary caps, pick’ems and many more.

Online Casino Software

Different Game Types

Exciting draft game types including stock market games, predictors, oppo picks and many more are available.

Online Casino Software

Reliable Data Feeds

We have partnered with reliable data feed providers to curate the best-in-class content for fantasy sports users.

Online Casino Software

Referrals and Bonuses

Entice a massive audience with exciting referrals and bonuses to provide them with the best betting experience.

Online Casino Software


Players can make quick decisions with the leaderboards available for every sport on the platform.

Online Casino Software

Customer Support Services

24*7 customer support services are available to enable a seamless betting experience.

Sports Betting Software Solutions

Upcoming Football Leagues and Matches

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions league

UEFA Europa League

UEFA Europe League

UEFA Conference League

UEFA Europa Conference League

League Two

English League Championship

English FA Cup

English FA Cup

english carabao cup

English Carabo Cup


Spanish LaLiga


German Bundesliga

Série A

Italian Serie A

Ligue 1

Frence Ligue 1

Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer

FIFA World Cup Qualifying - AFC

FIFA World Cup Qualifying - AFC

FIFA World Cup Qualifying - UEFA

FIFA World Cup Qualifying - UEFA

FIFA World Cup Qualifying - CONMEBOL

FIFA World Cup Qualifying - CONMEBOL

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Fantasy Football Software and App Development Cycle

Requirement Gathering
Requirement Gathering
Quick Prototyping
Quick Prototyping
UI Designing
UI Designing
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Marketing Support
Marketing Support
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Cutting edge Technologies
Rewards and Bonuses
Multiple Payments Methods
Gorgeous UI

GammaStack is the leading fantasy football software and app development company that delivers outstanding software solutions to clients around the globe. Possessing 8+ years of industry experience, we create the world’s leading solutions backed by the latest cutting-edge technologies. Different payment methods and cryptocurrencies support enhance the user experience thus delivering ultimate results.

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Our Comprehensive Fantasy Sports Website Development Solutions

We offer multiple fantasy sports website development solutions so that you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

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Fantasy Data
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Gambling Commission
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Silicon India Company of The Year
Ethoenver 2020
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Global Brand Excellence Award
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Rising Star 2019
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    Trusted Fantasy Football Platform Provider

    GammaStack is a renowned fantasy football platform provider that develops the software solution that perfectly fits the demand of your iGaming business.

    Trending News About Fantasy Football

    Fantasy Football Software FAQ

    What steps can I take to start a successful fantasy football business?

    Starting your own fantasy football business is not difficult when you have the right guidance or knowledge. Hence, the very first step is to do a lot of research. Research about demographics, sports you want to include in your fantasy sports website, and the age groups you want to target. Once you have assembled all the information in one place, you can move onto the next phase, which is research on data feed providers. Looking for data feed providers that provide real-time data with low latency rates would be ideal. The next phase is to gain knowledge about the white label and custom solutions. Learning about the advantages of both can make a huge difference. Last but certainly, not least, look for an experienced and professional fantasy sports software provider that also provides you complete marketing guidance for the successful launch of your fantasy sports platform.

    How can I promote my fantasy football website to gain more users?

    An effective marketing strategy can help your fantasy football website a long way. When done right, it can help you gain more users and boost your profits. The very first step is to optimize your fantasy football website’s SEO. Doing this will help you become more visible on the web, and will also help you gain more users. The second step? Free sign-ups! This can help you acquire an effective user base. The next step is to create buzz around the ongoing and upcoming sports events, start targeting new audiences and promote your business on social media.

    What are the upsides of fantasy football mobile apps?

    Fantasy football mobile apps are often preferred by several users as they provide seamless access on the go. In addition to this, the apps are built to deliver an outstanding user experience as well as gaming experiences. This enables users to play and earn cash rewards from anywhere, anytime.

    Does your fantasy football software solution provide cryptocurrency support?

    Yes, the fantasy football software provided by us renders complete support for cryptocurrencies.

    Do you provide white label (ready-made) fantasy football software solutions?

    Yes, we offer you ready-made white label fantasy football software solutions that enable you to perform all the essential customizations and allow you to launch your platform within weeks time.

    Do you also provide custom development for fantasy football websites?

    Yes, we understand your business may have varying needs or you might need various other features. Hence, we provide custom fantasy football website development services to ensure you get all the tools and features you need.

    Can you add payment methods as per my choices?

    Yes, we can. We provide you payment gateway integrations as per your requirement to ensure your customers can carry out transactions seamlessly.

    In what geographical areas fantasy sports are popular?

    Fantasy sports are immensely popular in America, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle East, and Africa.

    Do you provide fantasy sports software for esports, stock markets, politics & celebrities?

    Yes, we specialize in providing you a fantasy sports website that covers all the above.

    Do you also provide ready-to-launch fantasy football sports website templates?

    Yes, we provide you a wide range of pre-built fantasy sports website templates to ensure you can get started as quickly as possible. In addition to this, we also provide you all the critical customizations to ensure the fantasy sports website gets built as per your needs and requirements.

    Can you integrate my data provider into your fantasy football software developed by you?

    Sure, we can. Whichever data provider you prefer, we can integrate it. Apart from this, we perform various tests to ensure there are no bugs or glitches in the fantasy football software.

    Does your fantasy football software get real-time data?

    Yes, with the lowest latency rates, our fantasy football software solution receives real-time data.

    How a feature-rich fantasy Football software can be helpful?

    A feature-rich fantasy Football software can help fantasy sports businesses to engage more users towards their platform and enhance the gaming experience of users.

    What are the necessary features in a fantasy Football software?

    Some of the necessary features in a fantasy Football software include state-of-the-art dashboard, multiple draft types, leaderboards, achievement badges, referral bonus and many more.

    Which are some of the popular Football leagues that can be supported in a fantasy Football software?

    Some of the popular Football leagues that can be supported in a fantasy Football software include NFL Season, NCAA Championship and many more.

    Which is a dependable fantasy Football software development company?

    GammaStack is one of the most dependable fantasy Football software development companies that is known for offering top of the line fantasy Football software that comes integrated with multiple crucial features with on-demand customizations.

    How to choose a trustworthy fantasy Football software development company?

    A trustworthy fantasy Football software development company is backed by a strong team of technically proficient individuals who are capable of integrating all the required features in the software and deliver the software solution within predefined span of time

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    GammaStack has a team of top programmers who design incredible fantasy football software that will provide consumers with a top-notch gaming experience. GammaStack's excellent work has wowed me, and I will gladly recommend their excellent services to others.

     by Philip Fritz, USA
    Date: 2022/03/25

    The greatest fantasy football programme is GammaStack. Their programme is chock-full of intriguing features and high-quality features that will captivate players' gambling experiences. I adore their programme, and it will undoubtedly assist me in attracting a large number of players to my site.

     by Martin Standall, Nigeria
    Date: 2022/03/25

    We were searching for a fantasy football software that would provide gamers with a fantastic gaming experience, given the growing popularity of online gambling platforms. GammaStack provided us with the opportunity to realise our dream of creating a fantastic lottery programme that will provide gamers with an unforgettable gaming experience.

     by Amro Paxton, USA
    Date: 2022/03/24

    GammaStack's qualified and experienced staff produced a fantastic fantasy football programme that will help us grow our business while also providing a fun gaming experience for a huge number of players. Their software is filled with best-in-class features that guarantee a wonderful gaming experience for players.

     by Angela Shapiro, Ethiopia
    Date: 2022/03/24

    We were looking for fantasy football software that would provide participants with a memorable gaming experience, given the growing popularity of online gambling platforms. GammaStack was able to grasp our vision of creating a fantastic fantasy football programme and created a first-rate product that would provide gamers with a memorable gaming experience.

     by Armenia Norris, Germany
    Date: 2022/03/22

    GammaStack's knowledgeable and experienced team produced an incredible fantasy football solution that will help us grow our business while also providing a fun gaming experience for a huge number of people. Their fantasy software is jam-packed with industry-leading features that guarantee a terrific gaming experience for players.

     by Rodriguez Samberg, France
    Date: 2022/03/22

    GammaStack, thank you for giving such wonderful fantasy football software. Your team is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of experience creating slightly more advanced fantasy football software. I've never seen so many great minds working on fantasy football software that is so good.

     by Alex Francis, USA
    Date: 2022/03/21

    GammaStack's fantasy football programme has never-before-seen high-quality graphics and background music, and it will undoubtedly generate a lot of traffic and profit. It will undoubtedly improve the gamers' gaming experience. I would certainly recommend GammaStack to anyone who wants to witness complete and integrated work.

     by Jarrod Parker, Canada
    Date: 2022/03/21

    We sought to design a fantasy football software that would provide gamblers with an excellent gaming environment, especially with the surge in popularity of online gambling platforms. GammaStack gives us the opportunity to realise our dreams by developing fantastic fantasy football software that will provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.

     by Kelvin Fisher, Canada
    Date: 2022/03/16

    For its high-quality graphics and ability to provide gamers with a thrilling playing experience, GammaStack's fantasy football programme comes highly recommended. Their developers are extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and they'll use that enthusiasm to enthral you with their high-quality features.

     by Henry Espinoza, France
    Date: 2022/03/16

    GammaStack's fantasy football software is created by highly skilled professionals who understand the needs of players and strive to be one of the best iGaming software providers. Their software is simple to use and has a variety of appealing and enticing features that will undoubtedly attract a large number of players.

     by Peter Larose, France
    Date: 2022/03/14

    GammaStack's fantasy football programme is one of my favourites. GammaStack's developers gave me the option of personalising my software, and their qualified and experienced mathematicians supplied 24/7 technical help, which was one of the nicest things I've ever seen.

     by Stephen Byrne, Canada
    Date: 2022/03/14

    GammaStack and its staff provided us with fantasy football software that enabled us to make significant earnings and overcome the requirements of the players. We are truly grateful to the engineers and designers for providing us with the opportunity to extend our company internationally.

     by Jeffrey Benson, South Africa
    Date: 2022/03/11

    We'd always wanted to work with a fantasy football software development company that could provide a robust platform for our users, and then we discovered GammaStack. They provided us with top-rated fantasy sports solutions, which helped us grow our business significantly.

     by Peter Weber, Germany
    Date: 2022/03/11

    I would strongly recommend GammaStack's fantasy football programme because it is rich in high-quality graphics and can provide users with an incredible gaming experience. Their developers are incredibly dedicated and experienced, and their high-quality features will enthral you.

     by Alister Schawan, UK
    Date: 2022/03/07
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     15 reviews