Horse Racing Handicapping Software

Horse Racing Handicapping Software

GammaStack has gained popularity over the years for delivering outstanding feature-rich horse racing handicapping software.

  • 200 different handicapping profiles
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform
  • State-of-the-art Features
  • Multiple Handicapping Factors

Best Handicapping Software

Are you looking for the best handicapping software equipped with different handicapping factors? If yes, then GammaStack is the right choice for you. We develop best-in-class handicapping software driven by artificial intelligence to cater all your business requirements.  Our software comes with saved handicapping systems that enable users to easily track the horses and their rankings with previous data. Get all the historical data for a plethora of race tracks and much more with GammaStack’s handicapping software. 

Benefits Of Our Horse Racing Data and Handicapping Software

Comprehensive Horse Racing Data

You receive the most comprehensive horse racing data with past events and history of races with different horses, jockeys, the colour of the team’s jersey and that not. We deliver you a complete guide to your horse betting journey.

Different Race Tracks and Races

We have got you all covered with different race tracks data and race from different geographical regions including the UK, the USA, Australia and Ireland. We ensure that our data fulfils all your business needs.

Quick Launch

We ensure quick delivery of your handicapping software enabling all the features and tools to work streamline in order to provide an ultimate user experience. Our developers use cutting edge technologies to make the software cost-effective and time-efficient.

Reliable Third-party Providers

We ensure to integrate from a reliable third-party provider to ensure that the users receive foolproof and reliable data. We have partnered with the industry’s best third-party providers to ensure smooth betting experience.

Types of Races Our Horse Racing Handicapping Software Supports

Flat Races

Flat races are run on flat surfaces or even terrain and have fewer obstacles than other races. That is why this race is comparatively easier. Kentucky Derby is an example of flat race.

Steeplechase Races

Steeplechase races are more common in the UK and Ireland. In these races, jockey try to jump over the hurdles with their horses.

Harness Race

In this race, the horse pulls a two-wheeled cart or sulky and the jockey is dragged by the horse to the endpoint. Hambletonian is a kind of harness race.

Endurance Race

Endurance race lasts for 3 days and can’t be watched from the stadium. Iron horse is an example of this race.

Looking for another race?

Features of Our Horse Racing Handicapping Software

Different Horse Racing Betting Wagers

Our horse racing handicapping software supports different betting wagers including straight and exotic bet.

Real-Time Betting

Our software allows users to bet in real-time providing them with all the previous records and saved data in no-time.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Now get a horse racing handicapping software with multiple payment methods that allow users to choose their own payment method.

Manual Event Creation

This feature enables users to create their own manual event on the platform and invite their friend to place bets.

A Plethora of Betting Types

We cover a plethora of betting types including parlay, para-mutuel, handicap and much more.

Types Of Horse Races Covered

Multiple horse racing types are covered from different geographical regions to attract a massive audience.

Detailed Admin Dashboard

We have a comprehensive admin dashboard that comes integrated with our horse racing handicapping software to allow users to manage different horses jockey and much more.

Risk Management For Betting

We design a completely secure and robust racing handicapping software to ensure secure handicapping software.

API Integration

We integrate different APIs of horse racing data from reliable third-party providers to provide the ultimate betting experience.

Horse Racing Live Streaming

Live streaming of horse races on the platform in HD quality so that users didn’t miss an opportunity to bet.

Advanced Analytics

We have advanced analytics to enable users to make the right and accurate decisions while placing bets on the platform.

Horse Racing Users’ Account management

We have a single sign-on feature for easy and hassle-free management of multiple users and much more.

Want More Features?

Horse Racing Handicapping Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers create top-notch horse racing betting mobile applications build using state-of-the-art features. We ensure to develop user-friendly and easy-to-navigate applications that are highly equipped with multiple tools and features. Get fully comprehensive and compatible horse racing handicapping mobile applications with us.
USA horse racing tracks

USA horse racing tracks

uk horse racing tracks

uk horse racing tracks

UAE horse racing tracks

UAE horse racing tracks

Australia horse racing tracks

Australia horse racing tracks

japan horse racing tracks

japan horse racing tracks

France horse racing tracks

France horse racing tracks

and many more

and many more

Highlights of Our Horse Racing Betting Platform

  • 24*7 Backend Support
  • Robust & Scalable Betting Platform
  • Promotional & Strategy Consultant
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • CMS
  • Bet in Play
  • Live Statistics

Our Software Development Process

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Project Planning

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Task Allocation

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Software Designing

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Development Process

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Third-Party Integrations

Gammastack API Integration


On-demand Customizations

Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


Software Testing

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Marketing Support

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


Sports Betting Software Launching

Need Customizations?

Innovative iGaming Solutions
End-to-end Custom Software Solutions

Why GammaStack?

User-friendly Handicapping Software
Seasoned Team of Professionals

GammaStack is known for delivering best-in-class horse racing handicapping software equipped with a variety of handicapping tools. With our 8+ years of iGaming experience, we have helped the business to bridge the gap between industry trends and the punters. Our user-friendly platform renders all your business needs helping you to thrive successfully. 

Data Partners

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Fantasy Data
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Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority

Payment Gateways

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United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
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  • World Pool betting will be available on 17 race days in the United Kingdom.
  • The thriving horse racing betting business in Japan is valued at more than $25 billion.
  • Foxboro lawmakers are working on a bill that would allow horse racing tracks to get more funding.
  • The Oakbank Carnival will feature $1 million in prizes and bonuses next year, according to Racing SA.
  • Corbin and Williamsburg's new racetracks and gambling parlours overcome another obstacle on Monday.


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GammaStack's services are appealing to me; they wowed us by developing top-notch horse racing handicapping software. It provides players with accurate information and odds, allowing them to compete with other gamblers in the pool of horse racing betting.

Thomas Ayres, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/26

GammaStack's horse racing handicapping programme launched without a hitch and performed as expected. Their crew is responsive and up to date, and they consistently provide high-quality software to their clients as per schedule.

Monica Velez, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/26

After using GammaStack's horse racing software, my players will surely receive correct odds and information to compete with other players without any hesitations. With the help of GammaStack, I was able to realise a long-held goal of mine: great handicapping software.

Alister Scott, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/25

Incredibly well-designed horse racing handicapping software, with many features that will draw a large number of players to my platform. Indeed, GammaStack's team includes many brilliant and skilled developers who understand the needs of gamblers and work hard to create outstanding software.

Nick Pulvar, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/25

GammaStack's horse racing handicapping software will certainly help me get into the iGaming industry.. It provides reasonable odds and a level playing field for gamblers to compete against. Furthermore, the risk management feature included in their programme will keep my players secure while they play.

Jordan Duerre, EthiopiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/22

I've seen and experienced GammaStack's high-quality work, and I'm blown away by their service. Their staff is meticulous in their attention to detail and is relentless in the pursuit of their objective. They are, without a doubt, the most talented horse racing handicapping software developers I've ever seen.

Rodney Stephenson, CanadaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/22

GammaStack's horse racing handicapping software is the simplest approach to provide participants with a safe and secure gaming experience by providing accurate odds and information from past races. Furthermore, its risk management system notifies players of their betting limits, allowing them to practise safe and secure betting.

Tenesia Faison, EthiopiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/21

What an outstanding horse racing handicapping programme! It is the best horse racing handicapping software in the world because of its unique design, innovative features, and top-notch graphics. GammaStack has gained a fan in me, and I will undoubtedly suggest their first-rate services to others.

Javier Holden, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/21

This is the great horse racing handicapping software. It's composed of multiple unique ideas that no one else has ever seen or encountered before. GammaStack's developers ensure that their customers are completely delighted with their high-quality service and work hard in order to achieve their goal.

Date: 2021/10/20

GammaStack's horse racing handicapping programme provides players with detailed and accurate facts and statistics, permitting individuals to contend with other online horse racing bettors. Their software contains high-resolution visuals and motions that will certainly assist me in amassing a substantial amount of money.

Jimena Rodriguez, GermanyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/20

GammaStack's geniuses have created horse racing handicapping software that will certainly help me break into the iGaming industry. It puts a premium on good odds and giving players a better chance to compete against one another. Furthermore, the risk management tool included in their software will keep my players secure while they play.

Date: 2021/10/18

GammaStack produces high-quality horse racing handicapping software; I've seen and used their work, and I'm impressed. Their team is conscientious in their planning and relentless in their pursuit of their goal. Without a question, they are the best developers I've ever seen.

Ewan Antonio, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/18

I adore the horse racing handicapping software created by GammaStack's skilled and dedicated developers. It's packed with useful information that will undoubtedly benefit my athletes. Furthermore, the developers at GammaStack have put in a lot of time and effort, and I am looking forward to working with them.

Date: 2021/10/15

GammaStack's horse racing handicapping programme, in my opinion, is the best. Their programme encourages fair competition among gamblers, so even a novice will have an equal chance to compete with an experienced player. GammaStack's intellectuals are really friendly and helpful, and they are always available to their clients.

Adam Hutton, NigeriaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/15

GammaStack's horse racing handicapping software is unquestionably groundbreaking and unlike anything else on the market. It is jam-packed with innovative features and unique ideas that will allow gamblers to get more thrills and excitement out of this enthralling activity.

Chad Robinson, EthiopiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2021/10/14
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 15 reviews