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Casino Management Software

casino management software

Features Supported in our Casino Management Software

Game Management
A variety of casino games including online casino games, live dealer games and virtual games can be easily managed through our advanced casino
management software.
Player Account Management
Our casino management software eases up the management of the accounts of multiple players along with facilitating easy user onboarding and sign-up. You can keep track of the player’s statistics and their various activities.
Back Office Handling
A powerful back office support enables you to manage the various casino games and their respective details. Admin can monitor and centrally manage various casino operations through a back office management module.
CRM System
A CRM system is also present in our
casino management software for management
and monitoring of sales, prospects
and leads.
Agents/Affiliate Management
Management of hierarchical networks
of affiliates as well
as agents is also done in our
casino management system.
Risk Management
Multiple potential risks can be
easily analysed and managed
through a risk
management system.
Finance Management
Various transactions carried out by your players on your online casino platform including deposits, withdrawals, bonus redemption, etc can be easily managed and analysed for security purposes.
Easy-to-use CMS
Our casino management system has a content management system that facilitates you to manage front-end website content & images without needing any expert coding knowledge.
Bonus Management System
An engaging bonus management system is present in our casino management software for monitoring and handling various bonuses, referrals, rewards and other loyalty programs.
Cryptocurrency Management
Our casino management system facilitates easy management of all the transactions carried out through major cryptocurrency payment options that cover bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and many more.
Multiple Payment Gateways Management
A variety of secure payment gateways can be securely managed through our casino management software for allowing your players to do seamless transactions in a safe and hassle-free manner.
Comprehensive Dashboard
Admin can monitor all the statistics of the players, games, finances, etc through various filters of duration, game type, etc. Real-time analysis and complete control of the operations is facilitated for the admin.
Reporting & Analysis
Admin can get detailed reports with comprehensive statistics including game reports, bet reports, finance reports and other custom reporting options are also made available on our casino management system.
Dispute Resolution
Our casino management software perfectly records all the payment slips, withdrawal & deposit details, gameplay details, winnings , bonus redemptions, etc that is used in case of any disputes raised by the players.
Ad Module
Additional revenue can be generated by you through a banner space for the ad modules that allows you to set up the sponsor logos or ads and manage them efficiently.
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Key Perks of our Casino Management Software


Mobile Responsive

Our casino management software is highly mobile responsive in nature and can be accessed on mobile devices


Full Ownership

Full ownership or 100% ownership of
intellectual property of casino
management software is
provided to you.


Fairness & Transparency

Fairness and transparency in the gaming operations get improved due to 360 degree tracking and analysis of the activities of players on your online casino platform.


Real-Time Monitoring

Our casino management software facilitates real-time monitoring of the casino operations including gaming activities, bonus redemption, player statistics and much more.



Our casino management software is perfectly compliant with the major gambling jurisdictions. Thus, you can count on us for a secure and highly reliable casino management solution.


Manage Multiple Casino Game Provider

You can easily manage multiple casino game providers and their gaming content on your online casino platform in a convenient manner through our casino management software.


Improved Security

Complete monitoring and easy management of casino game operations eliminate the chances of any risks and thus enhance the security of your Online Casino Platform. It helps you engage more audiences along with an enhanced retention rate of your players.


Reduced Maintenance Downtime

You need not spend multiple hours in keeping a track record of the user’s details or need not stay worried about any kind of risks or disputes among players. You can easily manage players, their activities, resolve disputes , etc through our casino management software.


Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

The efficiency and productivity of the online casino businesses improve to a significant level through incorporation of a casino management system that saves their time spent in the management and monitoring of the casino


Maximised Revenue

Security, reduced maintenance downtime, real-time monitoring, fairness, transparency & improved efficiency contribute to the maximised revenue of your online casino business.

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All-in-One Casino Management Software

GammaStack provides a comprehensive suite of casino management tools that ease up the task of managing different gaming operations in a hassle free manner. Our encrypted, secure and completely scalable casino management software facilitates real time monitoring, analysis and tracking of the gaming operations by your players. In-depth analysis of the player’s statistics and their gaming activities help you to detect the key players and target them for marketing purpose and enhance their retention rate on your platform. Our team of expert individuals have detailed knowledge and experience in the online casino gaming industry thus they implement all the key features in our casino management software. Casino management system has become an integral part of the online casino businesses as it becomes very crucial for them to manage the bundles of operations in a flawless manner. And GammaStack offers them the most innovative and all-in-one casino management software for enhancing the efficiency of their business.

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Additional Highlights of our Casino Management Software


Agent System

A strong hierarchy of different agents connected to your online casino business can be easily managed through our casino management software.


Affiliate System

Different affiliates associated with an online casino platform can be wisely and efficiently monitored and handled through our casino management system.


Kiosk Module

A kiosk module for customer service facilitates various operations such as checking of account balances by users, printing of reward vouchers or coupons, etc.


Coupon Redemption Module

The coupon redemption module in our casino management software allows fair and secure withdrawals of the bonuses and coupons.


Rewards Tracking

You can also track the rewards earned by your players in different game sessions through a reward tracking system.


Player’s ID Scanning

The ID of your players can be scanned through our casino management system for the security purpose.


Ticketing System

Our casino management software enables your players to go cashless and play their desired games without involvement of any cash or coin through a ticketing system.

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Admin Dashboard

Admin can visualise all the crucial statistics of the online casino platform in the form of charts or other UI visuals to track the necessary information such as :-

Our iGaming Platform Modernization & Extension Services

Our Casino Management Software Solutions

Our Casino Management Software Development Cycle

Gathering of Client’s Specific Needs
Idea Analysis
Analysis of Requirements
Project Prototyping
Sketch Creation
Software Specifications Documentation
Casino API Integration Plan
Slot Software Design
Software Designing
Slot Software Development
Features Integration
Quality Analysis
Back Office Configuration
Go Live
On-demand Customizations
Post-launch Services
Quality Analysis and Testing
Quality Analysis
Marketing & Promotions Guidance
Go Live
Final Launching
Innovative Solutions
13+ Years of Experience
Seamless Customizations
High Quality Solutions & Services

GammaStack is a reliable company with a strong team of professionals who have expertise in cutting-edge technologies and industry trends. Our team strives hard to meet the particular expectations of the clients and deliver them the casino management software that eases up their business operations and enhances their revenue. We focus on creating user-centric and trend-specific solutions which suit the standards of the industry in a perfect manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a casino management software?

A system used in online casinos for managing operations of the games and handling activities done by the players is called as casino management software.

2. Do you offer custom casino management software?

Yes, we offer custom casino management software.

3. Can you give a demo of your casino management software?

Yes, you can get a demo of your casino management software.

4. What are the advantages of a casino management software?

Enhanced security, boosted productivity, real-time monitoring, etc are some advantages of a casino management software.

5. Does your casino management software come with a PAM system?

Yes, our casino management software comes with a PAM system.

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